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CURE’s umobile: new mobile service provider

Posted by on May 22, 2008 in Tech Chic | 1 comment

I just found out last monday (May 19, 2008) that there is this new mobile service provider who gives free load and free mobile internet for those priviledged ones who have “the code.” Umobile is the first ad-funded mobile service in Asia. So, as you know now, there’s really no such thing as “free” here since you would be annoyed by sms ads that suite your lifestyle, likes and personality.

But, for those who wouldn’t mind some advertisments then you might want to aquire “the code.” How do get one is not as simple as it sounds though. Even I don’t have one yet.

First, you need to be aged 15-35. You’d have to be a yuppie! Now for the hardest part to many of us, you would have to get invited. Go to their website to learn how by clicking here.

1 Comment

  1. uMobile is now Red Mobile


  1. It started with u, now it starts with “R” at Flair Candy V2.0 - [...] May I wrote about umobile just to share more about the techie curiosities I have… Looking back into my…

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