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Bored Board Part 1

Posted by on Jul 20, 2008 in Events, Personal | 12 comments

*click on the pictures to enlarge*

The day started with our board of the bored. Why are we bored? Our team transferred from the Penthouse to the Basement! Basement = 20th floor, we just call it one because that floor is reserved for ?future? expansion. Hence, no people there yet, except us! Click “more” for more pictures

Test Shot…

Guess where this is… a Garden? Park? but why are there mannequins in bikinis far there? … yep we’re at a mall! (I am right am I… Bonifacio High Street is some kind of sort of a mall… right?)

Philip Stein! See Ezra and Angela and me window shopping! Angela’s got nice nice hair…

Another angle of Bonifacio High Street… The heat makes me want to jump to this pond/fountain… see somehow we get lucky being close to this mall strip that I adore so much… But unlucky enough if you know prices here are $$$… But still, welcome to the good life people…

Ok… Lunch here we are at New Orleans… It’s actually my first time eating here. Facts about this resto: the other restaurant adjacent to this one is “Claw Daddy”; Claw Daddy and New Orleans have same owner. So, you could ask the waiter for two menus.

Candy Cutie and Flair Candy… hmm… How bout creating a Fansite for this candy cutie… hmmm… Candy Cutie won’t mind internet exposure… Especially if pretty girls and hot ladies would want to be his fan… By the way, Martin is called candy Cutie because he appeared in the pages of Candy magazine, a local magazine who’s market targets teens. How hot is it you say being a candy cutie? Check this out:

yes.. very familiar celebrities you say… Most of them are from Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition (1st batch)

Also this one… Aaron Agasi is Carlos Agasi’s little bro by the way…

but this one is our Candy Cutie!!! ain’t we all proud to be his teammates lolz 😀

Camwhoring we are…

ok now I’m hungry over oysters with lots n lots of cheese!!! I’m so hungry I could eat its shell… better not look at me now… look up instead…

yep, wish I had these in my room 🙂

Lovely fountain you must say… but pretty Angela adds the final touch to the picture 🙂

yep… Fridays are actually desperate times for us. Almost weekend yet still many stuff and meetings to do. Until next Friday then…

(emoticon courtesy of penangpenang.com


  1. Wow .. wow .. bored is good .. can ShoutOut more 😀

    Bored Board .. hmmm .. 😀

  2. 😀 lasker glad you liked our bored board lolz… Can shout more indeed! 🙂

    hmm… what’s with the “hmmmm… :D” got lightbulb on top of your head… ? hm…. 🙂

  3. i wan that cool board in the office tooo…

    *steals hannah’s food and runzzzz*

  4. 😀 hahaha Will I Am! no stealing mi oysterzzz!!! no stealing my food unless willing to feed me! 😛

    AA hahaha, I get lazy sumtimes uploading picz! gracias senyor!

  5. Hey Hannah cutie! Yeah, bored ka nga. 😀

    Teka.. “world peace”??? How… Miss Universe!! ROFL!

  6. awww.. nabasa ko na pala to dati.. kala ko new post 😀 andyan parin ba si candy cutie? 🙂

  7. the good old days.. 😀 I remember this post nung di pa tayo close dati.. wahehehe.. 😛

    naligaw lang ako bigla dito while googling my name.. O_O

  8. aww haha oo matagal na to super! dito palang ako nag sstart mag plurk! dude, mag plurk mobile ka na ulit! or mag facebook mobile!

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