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Posted by on Jul 13, 2008 in Announcements | 2 comments

This blog was originally intended to be private or at least open for public but my identity concealed. But along the way, things didn’t go as I planned and… fulllamaks!… my blog got publicized already. swt


Just like tearing a masterpiece novel into pieces and throwing them into the fireplace, I did the same for some of my controversial posts. Some involved the office (no offense co-workers hehe)… and some… (surprised at myself as I couldn’t think of anything else) so I must have to say erase! erase! Controversial posts involved office stuff.

So, with this I’d have to open a new private blog. Access to this blog is private only! Deep deep thoughts of mine and secrets, frustrations, highs, sighs, retardation nation and pure autism. I don’t know how invitations would be given yet… hmm depends… depends… I’d have to think of it first.

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  1. ola new candy world!

  2. Yep! my private one is called Dark Candy. and nobody else will have access to it hehehehe.. curious aren’t we?

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