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Singapore Formula One Night Race Daily Update

Posted by on Sep 28, 2008 in Art & Photography, Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Sports, Travel, Uncategorized

Day 1

It’s just crazy, anywhere we go along the streets of Marina bay, we could hear the “ZOOM” – ing of those Formula One cars!!!

Watching it in the TV is one thing… Sometimes it might seem dragging and boring…

But watching it LIVE, is the whole best thing! Even Vinz, who’s not F1 Fanatic, seemed to have glued his feet on the side ground and had his eyes on the track and to those Formula1 cars!

Oh, and if you’re planning to watch it live, make sure to buy the kit and have your earmuffs on!!! Because the action is so wild, the drifts are crazy, and your eardrums would just be overwhelmed with stardom Zoom!

I am loving this and this event tops my prom night and my 18th birthday!!! 😛

More updates for Day2 below (scroll down!!!) 😛

If you could not view the gallery below, kindly go to my Flickr Page in my travel set.


It’s the day of the most awaited Formula 1 Night Race here in Singapore and I’m one of the 100,000 who’s going to view the action live!!!

My legs are killing me from all the walk from one viewpoint to another but it’s all worth it seeing Kimi Raikkonen up close.

Final result of the game concluded Fernando Alonzo (2005 overall champion and the man who brought down Michael Schumacher on 1st place cruising through spot 15 on the grid to being the number 1! His drift is coming back and our street boy Alonzo did it this time!

On 2nd place is Rosberg and 3rd place goes to Lewis Hamilton.

The crowd went crazy when Kimi Raikkonen’s Formula 1 vehicle crashed into the walls of one tricky corner during the 3rd lap of the race.

More updates, official facts, pictures and videos SOON!!!

Now I have uploaded the many pictures already… Thank you very much for being patient!  But, these are only day 1 pictures… I will document more on my Singapore / Formula 1 experience and my personal budget on how I made it fit to a 20,000 Php budget… ALL IN!

If you could not view the gallery below, kindly go to my Flickr Page in my travel set.

kimi’s unfortunate crash

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A lap of Singapore Night Race with Mark Webber

Posted by on Sep 24, 2008 in Art & Photography, Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Sports, Travel

One lap of Singapore’s Formula1 racetrack in Marina Bay!!!

I got goosebumps all over as I watched this… Are you gonna be there?

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Candy’s first Philippine Blog Awards experience

Posted by on Sep 22, 2008 in Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events

Candy’s first Philippine Blog Awards experience

It’s my fifth month being in the blogosphere and yet, I drove myself all the way into another fantastic blogxperience! All of my support being put on Batang Yagit to have the “Blogger’s Choice Award” title.

Pictures speak lounder than words so for this post I’d rather hush the texts and let the pictures talk.. (or rather let the comics talk :P) Enjoy!!! 

 PBA 1













More of Candy’s Philippine Blog Awards experience here.  Check it out! You might see your face there >.<

 I will still be updating this post!  So please do come back for more! 😀

By the way… to all my plurk-blogger friends… I wasn’t able to have my hair cut… (Okay, that was random)… I was just happy to meet my ka-plurks face to face at the evet! Wishing we could chitchatity-chat more soon.




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Why Nuffnang?

Posted by on Sep 15, 2008 in Announcements, Pilipinas

Why Nuffnang?

There are many cool stuff nuffnang can do to a blogger’s blogxistence! Most of these I have personally witnessed and envied from my friends in Malaysia! Now that Nuffnang is here! This is my chance… my time… my turn…


How I knew about Nuffnang??? It’s these people who introduced it to me…  My Malaysian friends through ShoutOutLounge! =)



Here are some of the blog entries they made about their Nuffnang experience:

Nuffnang really know how to make people happy by Mac_Bone

First Nuffnang Cheque by Danielctw

Meanwhile I am the outgoing Nuffie who likes to go to events and participate in many contests! Here are some events hosted in Malaysia and I would, if I could, want to be a volunteer if there are events also for the blog community.

Clickon the image above to be directed to Nuffnang’s blog about the Pajama Party!  That was a very nice prestigious and most-awaited event for them and *wooot* how would you want to have these events too eh???  Them being hosted in a gnarly hotel and lots fo prizes :) ok now I’m blabbing again… eh, that’s what I do when I’m excited.



Another thing I like about Nuffnang.ph is the analytics gosh I just like to many stuff eh? The Analytics thing is really helpful. I mean there are other webtools but having to see Nuffnang’s in a cool groovy and sassy layout is just a plus for me… 😛


See I’m a new blogger (4 months only) and I’m shy shy to show to y’all my analytics board but I don’t know what happened during that 2am on that specific day but my views spiked like crazy =.=…  With this tool you could also view the keywords that drove traffic to your blog… the referrals and Country where they came from =)  My traffic mostly comes from here, Malaysia and US =)


Also, there’s this new feature that could let you see Nuffnangers who viewed your page ehehe.. It’s like mybloglog… =)


ehehe, now sorry If you see your faces here =.=” 


Cool right… now the question is… How to sign up??


Signing up is just as easy as 1, 2, step…everybody… 1, 2, step… sign up with Nuffnang PH at and get it on!

See my Nuffnang page is so cute and sassy =)

So, what are you waiting for… add some spice to your blog! Add Nuffnang that could convert your traffic into cash! Or add Nuffnang to increase your traffic! It is indeed a blogging social community after all, so make friends with fellow nuffies, bloggers and surely enjoy this truly new blogxperience!!!

Hold on, I just sounded like I’m advertising for an advertising company! Ho, Ho, Ho! But seriously I’m just so psyched for Nuffnang to be here and I just would like to share what I know about Nuffnang to all pinoy bloggers.

I wonder when could I meet the shouters in Malaysia though, probably sometime in the future also Ciao!!!

Nuffie Candy

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Not so Batang Yagit?

Posted by on Sep 15, 2008 in Announcements, Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events

Not so Batang Yagit?

BATANG YAGIT…. of batangyagit.com

Philippine Bloggers Award…

Batang Yagit? (Child Trash – as translated by stars21.com)

Sino yon? (Who is he?)

At bakit ko siya i-v-vote? (Why should I vote for him?)

Batang Yagit

Awww… see, he looks so “kawawa”, cute and hopeful kaya vote na kayo for Batang yagit here!!! 

The main reason and my very own personal reason why I’m voting Batang Yagit is because he’s the only one I know nominated there!

*plak* I know it sounds Palpak (failed attempt)  of a reason but hell that reason is the very juice of why he should win!!!

The fact that I even know him… at all… among all the many bloggers out there… means he is so popular (^_^)  He is among the first Pinoy bloggers i have known and met.

Reaching out to a new blogger like me made him a very noble blog ambassador =) Seriously, I wouldn’t have been in the WordCamp if it weren’t for him suggesting to Jehz too.

I am not sugarcoating my words or anything… He just basically is a truly original pinoy blogger.


Another awsome reason to vote for him is innate in his name!!!


Because he puts the WIN in WINSTON! Not only WIN but TONS of WINS!

Blogging to vote bout him is not easy for me since I barely know him yet… and he barely knows me too but see, he helped me when I was a stranger to him I am so grateful deep in my heart to have met such an inspirational blogger.


What’s more to come is for us to get to know more of each other along with many bloggers I have yet to see.  Hence, my third reason to vote for him!!!

He said he’ll fly again here to Manila if he won PBA!  See, by then we’d de-strange ourselves so please, vote for Batang Yagit…  


By the way, the picture above is not Batang Yagit… That  picture is taken from “Mana House” – an orphanage freaquently visited by the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants-USLS.  That batang yagit, like Winston, hopes and dreams of an inspiring future, the inspiring future that us adults should never let go of… 


Now here’s the not-so-Batang-Yagit Winston with me, starstruck, beside him 😛


Yes, he does not look like a “Yagit!”  In fact he looked so clean, neat and he looks “mabango (fragrant)”… “looks” ok because I didn’t really intentionally smell him (^_^)  But you know even if you look at this digital picture that he’s so mabango cz I’m smiling by his side (*-*)… Hahaha… did I sell Winston enough here! 😛 I think he’s ready for a date Auction right now… minimum bid starts at 100 votes!!! Minimum ha… 😛 


To vote for Batang Yagit, click here.  Please be guided accordingly with PBA’s instructions.  What’s in it for you?  Every post you give entitles you to a raffle coupon for a secret prize!!!  After you’ve written your entry, please submit your vote here.

To Register for the Philippine Blog Awards, click here.  I’m already registered… are you?

Get to know Batang Yagit more by visiting his blog here.

Addicted to online games? Play free online games and dress up games now!

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Wii Night at Frii Spirit

Posted by on Sep 12, 2008 in Uncategorized

The night was totally fantastic! It was my first night ever to have had my hands on a guitar hero and dang! I felt like I’ve been playing a guitar since forever. Also, we played the Mario Kart game and we were wobbling the wii control from right to left and it was just as crazy as it could get as we scream as we bump into corners or stumble upon those annoying bananas or falling off the bridges.

I would want to host my party here (omg it’s coming soon!) Or, I would want to convince my team mates to have fostering here :) Now, ain’t this a nice place to just hang out and go away from your stressed corporate life?

For more information about Frii Spirit kindly visit their blogsite at www.friispirit.blogspot.com/

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Friendster Blogs Migrates Powered WordPress 2.6

Posted by on Sep 9, 2008 in Tech Chic

Friendster Blogs Migrates Powered WordPress 2.6

Heads up friendster folks… Ever since I started blogging I seldom check my friendster anymore… But say what’s the good news to our friendsters who maintain their blogs their? Yes, Friendster Blogs went into total overhaul and got into some newly spankin’ blog juices…

Now blogging is much easier, more flexible and more classy… Thanks to WordPress powering it!

Here’s a preview of my own juiced-up friendster blog…

Nice isn’t it?

forever and ever,
Flair Candy

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A Time for Us Pinoys and Malaysians

Posted by on Sep 9, 2008 in Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Pilipinas

A Time for Us Pinoys and Malaysians

Ever since I started blogging, I have been crossing virtual bridges with Malaysia. Once I declared myself as a blog ambassadress but I know that all of us bloggers have been installing virtual linkages within our nation and extending the lines to our neighboring countries and to the entire world as well.

These international linkages are not only happening virtually in the World Wide Web, it has now opened doors for all other media as well.

September 15, 2008 is the premier date of the asianovela TV series “Kahit Isang Saglit” or “A Time for Us” a partnership between ABS-CBN and Double Vision starred by Philippine’s very own Jericho Rosales and Carmen Soo, model/actress of Malaysia.

It airs on September 15, 2008 in the Philippines primetime every Monday – Friday, and in Malaysia every Saturdays and Sundays .

I found a fancy blogsite all about Kahit Isang Saglit so visit here for more details, pictures and wallpapers kahitisangsaglit.blogspot.com

I personally have Malaysia close in my heart though ironically I haven’t been there yet. But the people I have known online are people worth going there for. Probably it’s because their values are close to ours here in the Philippines. There was even a time where we discussed in Shout Out Lounge about Pangaea and how we all once were linked by land. Now, even if that land bridge is gone, in my heart I know this virtual bridge we have will stay forever.

Always and forever, your blog ambassadress
Flair Candy

*picture taken from kahitisangsaglit.blogspot.com*


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WordCamp Philippines – a WordCandy experience

Posted by on Sep 8, 2008 in Events, Featured, Pilipinas, Tech Chic, Uncategorized

WordCamp Philippines – a WordCandy experience

Those who have known me for a long time would vouch for my craziness. They say I’m a dare-devil. Seeking for new things at a rate of speed of light! But cherishing still the old things I love to do.


What indulgence did I do this time?


Nope, I didn’t pose for FHM or Playboy Philippines…




Nope, I didn’t try skinny dipping yet…


skinny dipping


Nope, I’ve never eaten fire yet…

fire eater


And I definitely didn’t join the Circus!





Now what did I do this time?



I have just attended this amazing boot camp-ish kinda thing called WordCamp! It has been held in many countries and now, it’s the Philippines’ turn!




with Matt Mullenweg - founder/creator of WordPress

with Matt Mullenweg - founder/creator of WordPress




WordPress has been a leading blogging platform for bloggers all over the world and has a large number of users here in the Philippines as well… I just migrated to WordPress from blogger didn’t I??? And I didn’t regret having so for if not, then I wouldn’t have been in this event! With WordCamp, bloggers found time to share, network and learn more about WordPress.


Now to be honest, I went to this event – unprepared! See most of the bloggers brought their laptops with them…  Good thing i have my trusted p910i PDA, i could still plurk through mobile and take down notes easily with its rubber qwerty keypad…


with Jehzeel Laurente
with Jehzeel Laurente



Thanks to Jehz again, to batangyagit and to Bloggie for helping me in this WordCamp. You just don’t know how much it meant to me… *tears*


With Winston Almendras a.k.a. Batang Yagit
With Winston Almendras a.k.a. Batang Yagit




Why did you say this was a challenge I had to face? Imagine me not knowing anyone there just appear all of a sudden… Good thing Jehz was so friendly and accommodating, if not for him, my WordCamp experience would be a total disaster or I wouldn’t have even made it to the registration… And me, being new to the blogging world, I’m just at blur for many things! And the people who have attended this event (around 300++ – ish) are like already pros!!! In the meantime me… a lowly, conceited, personal blogger who blogs about nothing but what happens to her vain self in this crazy world playing the role of a Crazy Candy!


But! … A very BIG BUT! This challenge was one I enjoyed the best and this event definitely tops in the events I would never forget in my entire life!


I only attended half a day so I only got to attend two classes and they are:

1. WordPress Themes (and customization) by Gail Villanueva

2. WordPress and SEO by Hans Koch


Other speakers were Jayvee Fernandez, Markku Seguerra, Elymar Apao, Kring Elenzano, Karla Redor, Danilo Arao, Aileen Apolo, Regnard Raquedan, and Matt Mullenweg, the founding developer of WordPress. Too bad though I wasn’t able to attend all.


This is where I also met the Nuffnang Ladies: finally!


with Jing


And also, the after-party at Magnet – Bonifacio High Street:



with Roanna

with Roanna



More Pictures here at my multiply gallery.

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Download Solitaire Champ free.

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Naked Candy

Posted by on Sep 3, 2008 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Personal, Wall of the Weird

Pardoneme but I could not find any more title worth clicking for 😛 … and nope you ain’t seeing any naked Candy here! ;P


Today was the Medical Exam day for our company and boy-oh-boy the physical exam was unexpected!  The breast exam was quite bearable for me since I have had surgeons cutting through it (including a cute anesthesiologist *shy* *shy*).  For those who do not know what happened to me click here.  But then again, breast exam is not so invasive or not even so scary at all as compared to having the doctor ask you to drop your pants and bend over!  So uncomfortable experience!


The funnier part about that is when she asked me to do that, her cellphone rang… and her ringtone goes…


“I feel you creepin I can see it from my shadow… *blah blah* … and possibly bend you over… look back and watch me smack that…”


Oh jeeeezz and the stool sample I am just not so intended to comply with…  Why force us to submit anyway huh?


This day, there was a positive correlation between the long queue in the toilet and the number of patients having their medical examinations this day!  So grossness and haosiaoness!  Stool and Feces all over *faints!*


I know I know this is no ordinary experience and this post is definitely not Rated triple X!  It’s Rated G (without the P) for Grossness!


till next time,

Naked Candy

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Art In Site Magazine – Chance for Pinoy Artists to get Cover

Posted by on Sep 2, 2008 in Uncategorized

Art In Site Magazine – Chance for Pinoy Artists to get Cover

Calling out all Pinoy Artists!  This is your chance to get your art on a Magazine cover!  Art In Site Magazine needs 3,000 artists!  As of now, 1,500 artists have registered!

Click here to view the guidlines and to register at once!

They collaborate with all artists including:  writers, filmakers, sculptors, painters, digital artists, photographers, jeepney painters, poets, essayists, choreographers, directors, playwrights, set designers, dancers, graffiti artists, novelists, composers, performance artists, anyone and everyone with a Filipino artistic soul.

So, are you one of the artists mentioned above?  I actually registered for this already… Meaning, there is 1 cover reserved for me… [O.o]  Oshkoshbgosh now… I fall under ehermz ehermz photographer, poet, writer, choreographer especially, dancer and used to sketch and paint a little but I believe that side of me has died now.  Though I am not so sure how to make a cover if you are a choreographer, or a dancer… a playwright or a writer… but hey you could go to their website and read their guidelines or you may actually contact them.

Art In Site coming to the Philippines soon… be a part of its history.


Art Candy


I have asked a query from Art In Sight and to all non-graphic artists (choreographer, dancer, poet etc..) you could provide a printed picture depicting your art.  Be Creative! :)

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Watch Gossip Girl Season 2

Posted by on Sep 1, 2008 in Featured, Music, Uncategorized

I know GG fans! Today is the day we have been waiting for!  Today, September 1 2008, is the season 2 Premiere of Gossip Girl!  What’s to be expected from GG2?


— more OMFG moments!


— more juicy controversies!


— more twists!


Watch Gossip Girl’s Season 2 here.

or just go to www.flaircandy.info/gossipgirltv for a complete set…

If you want to view the previous episodes and well upcoming episodes that are to be updated every Monday *wink* *wink* see gossipgirltv page!  Pardon though if they load slow because they are hosted by foreign servers *double wink*



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I Think I Just Killed a Chicken

Posted by on Sep 1, 2008 in Personal, Wall of the Weird

It’s not like I don’t eat Chicken (which you have to kill first so that you could eat it).  But yes, today is the first tragedy I ever had in my 5 years of driving already. It just appeared all of a sudden!  Out of nowhere along the road that connects East ave and Quezon ave.

This event makes me want to be a vegetarian..

Seriously boss S, I know you’ll be laughing and teasing me when you read this.  I hate vegies, that’s why I just drink an expensive supplement.

OK, fine now, at least for the day I’m not gonna be eating any Chiken!

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