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Posted by on Sep 3, 2008 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Personal, Wall of the Weird | 11 comments


Pardoneme but I could not find any more title worth clicking for 😛 … and nope you ain’t seeing any naked Candy here! ;P


Today was the Medical Exam day for our company and boy-oh-boy the physical exam was unexpected!  The breast exam was quite bearable for me since I have had surgeons cutting through it (including a cute anesthesiologist *shy* *shy*).  For those who do not know what happened to me click here.  But then again, breast exam is not so invasive or not even so scary at all as compared to having the doctor ask you to drop your pants and bend over!  So uncomfortable experience!


The funnier part about that is when she asked me to do that, her cellphone rang… and her ringtone goes…


“I feel you creepin I can see it from my shadow… *blah blah* … and possibly bend you over… look back and watch me smack that…”


Oh jeeeezz and the stool sample I am just not so intended to comply with…  Why force us to submit anyway huh?


This day, there was a positive correlation between the long queue in the toilet and the number of patients having their medical examinations this day!  So grossness and haosiaoness!  Stool and Feces all over *faints!*


I know I know this is no ordinary experience and this post is definitely not Rated triple X!  It’s Rated G (without the P) for Grossness!


till next time,

Naked Candy


  1. I hack my time no more with all the stool around (>.<) hehe 😛

  2. haha
    i tot really got naked hannah here.LOL

  3. Oh. That was awkward. O_O

  4. ewwwwwwwwww! 🙂

  5. awwww… i was expecting something LOL

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