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Posted by on Oct 28, 2008 in Life, Personal | 9 comments

It has been a bumpy two weeks for me. I felt weaker than ever and I abhor the fact that I can’t gather myself all along. Then it hit me that I am needing some soul nourishment. I sought for God and he sent instruments of peace.

Then and only there I found a peace of mind, a calmer approach and a lesser negative outlook.

Among the thoughts, realizations and meanderings I have realized these past few days, some lessons are just seem so important that I could not get off my mind:

…that you cannot have everything nor can you please everyone, and in life you always have to make critical decisions. And, in making those decisions, most often than not, you’d have to make some sacrifice.

…that it is only now that I understood contentment. To not want many things and be content of what you have, before you take for granted what you got that you would lose them eventually and regret it…

…that only in content can you be happy… and it would have changed everything and not end up like this…

…that you must learn to harness your intuition and that by being sensitive you will be able to fathom the signs that God throws…

I was surprised by myself at how “sagely” I sounded but those things are really just quite important in my life right now that I wish to impart to my readers and friends…

You never know what you have until it is lost…

The only choice is to let go… If it’s meant to be, God will find a way.


  1. God will always make a way 🙂 uv learned a lot of lessons dude 🙂

  2. i just read ur post in your blogspot blog… ang lungkot ng nangyari sayo dude T_T… but always remember that good things will happen to those who trust HIM.. ok dude 🙂

  3. Why… I never really have gotten to understand the reason why… I ask patience from God to not rush the answer to this… but the longer I wait… the more agonizing this is…

  4. You’ll find out soon why 🙂 Then you’ll thank God for what He has done 🙂

  5. you’re definitely right.. always remember that God has a higher plan for your life more you’ll ever know… you have talents and one thing na mawawala sa yo cannot break you. in the long run you will notice that God is doing something to replenish the things that are lost…

    trust God..

  6. Wow… super heartfelt words … Seeing that this blog entry is quite old, I am sure you already know why things had to happen the way that they did … and it certainly looks like you are in a much better place now …

    I hope you have already found that happiness and contentment that you were searching for before = )

  7. oh wow, thanks for the comment. that’s why I love writing because it puts my emotions into a capsule. reading this now, I’m like surprised at myself that i wrote this haha.. cheers!

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