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Testing Windows Live Writer

Posted by on Oct 1, 2008 in Uncategorized | 18 comments

I am offline most of the time (that is, if I’m cruising EDSA traffic for 2 hours).  That’s why I need to do some offline blogging!  Now let me see if this thing works up to my standards.


Ok testing the picture I just added here… Thought, I can’t seem to find the button to position that picture at the center…


There you go, it seemed to be successful!  Looks like I’m even gonna be blogging (even online) with this writer thing!!! Here’s the screenshot of my writer application as I write this post:


There you go see you get to Edit, Preview it and view the “source” where you put your html codes.


You get to put tags down there and select options 😛


on the right bar you could get to see some stuff related to your webposts and you could even re-edit your post already published as writer retrieves it again for you so that you could make some adjustments and can post it again.


Voiala!!! It’s just easy as A-B-C and it’s so user-friendly, you’ll have no problem with your blogging at all. 


I think I’ll be posting stuff via this from now on!  Enjoy Windows Live!


  1. Click on the picture and there should be some sort of helper bar on the right which allows you to align it.

  2. Hightech na si hannah! Wow! Btw, Hannah, just a little favor, dba navideo mo ung magic show nung blog awards? pwde pahingi ng copy. haha akala ng mga officemate ko lasing ako kaya ko nakwento un hahaha 😛

  3. @Jehz I think so 😀 But I haven’t fully explored it, I will blog about it as soon as I can 🙂

  4. @Allen, whoops!! di ko pa nga yon na upload 😀 I’ve got loads to upload to… say, gusto ko nga rin may telekinesis eh 😛 During my autistic modes… It’ll be awsome!!!!! 😛

  5. meron ako kaso pag upload ko nag e error 😀 text kita pag na upload ko na.. hehe

  6. ohhh… 😀 astig yan.. explore ko nga din.. kaso tamad me.. bwahahaha 😀

  7. @Jehz, yes dear it supports html and may preview pa and may tags pa!! wooot I’ll be updating this it’s a nice feature!!!

  8. Midnight blog cruisin lang ahehe ayus sa layout ganda!!!

  9. thanks Jerson hehehe 🙂 Jehz helped me here with the coding and stuff 😀 after all i’m just a lowly CPA who’s just learning thanks 😀

  10. an extremely talented CPA who is half autistic, 100% genius and 100% creative.. hehehe 😀

    trivia: si jerson hindi nakapunta sa PBA. Si Silkenhut hindi registered sa PBA. Si Silkenhut ay nag panggap na si Jerson para makapasok sa PBA 🙂 hehehehe… kasi wala sa list si Allen kaya Jerson ang name ni allen para makapasok.. woot! 😀 haha

  11. sayang nga 😀 sa PBA3 cguro makaka punta na ang tunay na Jerson.. hehehe 😀


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