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Back to the 80s

Posted by on Nov 29, 2008 in Events, Food, Music, Personal

Back to the 80s


Flair Candy Peace and Love 80s chic Gang 80s Jackson Jump

The employee engagement committee did an oh-so-gnarly job at the domain-wide event last Saturday night…

It all started with the obvious smiling and satisfied faces of the guests that arrived to take their pictures in the photo wall…

Now, you judge the most creative 80s pose 😛



 P1100355 P1100351 P1100348 P1100296 P1100284

The all anticipated Kalabasa Awards were held 80s style!!! Where deserving nominies were awarded and champions of the ERIS board games were recognized. Also, the group who had the most baby pictures guessed were rewarded for just the combination of imagination and sheer luck!


I am tipsy ipsy already Lush Angel and Flair Candy P1100135 Cam Whore P1100171

Meet the people of all ages as they transformed Makati Sports Club into a groovy place of 80s. If you missed the time machine as we went back there, fret not for I have captured awsomeness!!! 

(if you want to have some pictures removed, kindly send me a private message) 



I made it through the wilderness I love you Kristel P1100441 P1100388 Retro Candy

“get into the groove
boy you’ve got to proove
your love to me…
get up to your feet…
dance into the beat…
boy what could it be…”


P1100096cropped P1100197 P1100132 P1100486 P1100130

“Babe you make my love come down…
oh, you make my love, come down…
make you go all the way down…
oh, you make my love come down…”

Towers drinks The Sober Club Girls, just wanna have fun I got myself a glass

with the Sober Club

This night i think i had 50 effin shooters plus one glass of ocean vodka… Sry… I just have a reason to… >.< so thank you to my friends who took care of me in my twilight zone moment <3 Angela, Kristel (my fellow bangenge super sweet I love you!!!, Stepehn, Mich, Gretch, Ley, Melai, Brian… huhuhu me so touched

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It started with u, now it starts with Red

Posted by on Nov 19, 2008 in Announcements, Tech Chic

Last May I wrote about umobile just to share more about the techie curiosities I have… Looking back into my archives where this post is found, I have noticed that the date indicated May 22, 2008.  By this time I think it was just my 10th post yet 😛

Anyway, I used to want to have a code so that I could get a sim card to try this thing out.  The story behind me discovering this is that I was looking for a wireless internet service provider and this new mobile network popped out of the search engines.

I never got the code or anything by the way ergo, I never tested this service but then word came out that umobile is going to do some rebranding and the name will morph into “Red Mobile.”  As usual, I’m just the techie iCandy who loves technology and loves using it and the comfort it gives our urban lives right now… but, for the technicality behind it all… I would give the floor to the more expert techy people…  Here is an interesting post about umobile’s rebranding and some discussions on the comments to substantiate further any questions you might have…

Why the rebranding? I actually don’t know the in-depth reason why… but it is often confused with Malaysia’s umobile too..

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Rihanna and Chris Brown in Manila

Posted by on Nov 17, 2008 in Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Movies & TV, Music

Rihanna and Chris Brown in Manila

I was so tired by the end of the night but it was all worth it…

Visit my flickr page if the gallery below cannot be loaded.

Thanks to the 10x optical zoom of the Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ5. Without it, the shots would not have been possible considering the relatively far distance from where we were.

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Brat Pack – bags that match your personality

Posted by on Nov 16, 2008 in Art & Photography, Events, Fashion, Sports, Travel

Still sick and all, I carried myself all the way to Greenbelt 5 to be at the launch of the new BratPack store at GB5.

The new store is huge and all. Bloggers participated on the game and 10 lucky bloggers won! (Which I will update soon).

Here are some pictures of the event.

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Spying Over Burn After Reading

Posted by on Nov 15, 2008 in Career, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Movies & TV

Spying Over Burn After Reading

George Clooney and Brad Pitt in one movie starring together is <3 **heart**   Both of them are like hollywood hunks of all ages (like my mom could have a crush on them, and my little sister could have a crush on them too).

It would be a crazy sexy funny cool film!  This would be the first Nuffnang movie premiere event and I would love to mingle around other Nuffnangers as well…

The sexiest men in the funniest spy film of the year… definitely something we could all look forward to!  Spying starts November 18, 2008, 7pm sharp at Cinema 6 Robinsons Movieworld, Robinsons Galleria.  See you there fellow Nuffies 😀

Burn After Reading movie premiere is presented by Nuffnang Philippines in cooperation with Viva International Movies and Robinsons Movieworld, Galleria.

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Elation at Grand Terrace

Posted by on Nov 15, 2008 in Events, Food

Elation at Grand Terrace

Tres Marias

I was so happy when I knew there’s this new place-to-be near my home in QC!  I was so thrilled when I stepped out of my car and realized that party people filled all over the place!  One thing though, they were all like high school / college people and me being there got me saying “uh-oh wrong crowd?”

looks like prom

Anyway, as I stepped into the entrance I saw these two towers of pink and white balloons and it looked like some prom event was going on… so, I had to look twice at the event poster shown at the side!  Yep, I’m at the right place!

“Elation” well then I was there for the chocolate and shooters buffet and yummeh! for only PHP 250, I enjoyed this fondue buffet and it was my second time to try a white chocolate fondue!  Of course I loved the fondue in Max Brenner which is also at about 250+ PHP (without drinks yet).  So coming to this fondue buffet was worth it!  My favourite was pineapple in white chocolate!   Delicious, and for some reason it sums up my mood for that night… Sweet… and Sour at the same time… The sourness made my body tingle a bit.  Bringing my attention to reality and reviving the numb senses I had for the past few days.

The shooters were awesome!  for a complete list of the drinks go here.  My favourite was Melon Madness ! again, it tasted sweet but bland… sort of creamy… with a small percentage of alcohol… I think it described the kind of state I want to be… Just simple as the taste… Innocent as the creaminess of it… But keeping in touch with my youthfulness and being outgoing with that small shot of vodka in it!

…and I didn’t care if the dance floor was populated by “youngsters”.   I just pretended to be one… I just missed the dance floor… never forgetting who I am and how I just love to dance 😀

visit flickr.com/flaircandy for Elation flickr gallery.

Anton Hannah and Tiffy

Hannah and Anton

You - crank that soulja bhoi

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Belle de Jour Rendevous and Launch

Posted by on Nov 13, 2008 in Career, Events, Fashion, Life

Belle de Jour Rendevous and Launch

Belle De Jour Launch (3)

It’s November 11, and it was the much anticipated date for BDJ’s official launch at Powerbooks 😀

Backgrounder on the BDJ Planner

Belle De Jour Launch

It started in 2005 when Darlene (founder of BDJ) thought of having a planner and toured around the entire mall to search for the perfect one that suits her. Sadly, she could not find anything that matches her needs for a planner so she made one all by herself.

Right now, you see these planners at the palm of the hands of many girls and careerwomen. BDJ planner is just the ultimate tool that fits your lifestyle and gets you going through your daily activities – the fashionable way!

The first time I held hands on my BDJ planner was last year’s 2008 version. It served me well and it was the only planner that I used from the first month up to now!

… and now that I have laid my hands on the sweet 2009 version, I would definitely say that it has improved big time and these are the highlights:

  • the paper quality is much better
  • the pages are no longer crowded
  • more coupons! 60 of them! The planner comes with atleast Php 1,000 worth of freebies (no minimum requirement) and around Php 10,000 worth of discounts!! Click here for the complete list.
  • additional special pages (aside from Menstrual Tracker and Vacation Planner). It now has Health Checklist, Christmas Gift list, Dream Board Pages and more

The Belle de Jour Launch at Powerbooks

The Launch was gracefully held at the 2nd floor level of Powerbooks Live Greenbelt. November 11, 2008. The event was served with some cocktail food and oh, Candy loved the sweet treats they served. There were lots of cookies and brownies everywhere! Plus, there were free coffee from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Belle de Jour Rendezvous: Power Me Up

It was a meaningful experience and I really paid attention to the talks!

The Speakers oozing with girl power:

Chiqui Escareal-Go (President of Mansmith & Fielders, Inc.): DISCOVER YOUR TRUE PASSION

Donna Cuna-Pita (former Fashion Editor, Cosmopolitan Magazine): BE YOUR OWN STYLE ICON

Marge Apacible (Chief Make-up Artist, The Face Shop): EXPOSE YOUR NATURAL BEAUTY

It’s like having the *article of the month* article to read, but this time, there’s three of them live and animated! 😀

Useful Links:

Order Now

See the Inside Pages

BDJ Launch at Powerbooks Greenbelt Gallery

visit flaircandy.tk for the Belle de Jour Rendevous and Launch gallery.

The Dream Match is coming this December 7, 2008 Philippine Time. Watch De La Hoya Vs Pacquiao Online Live for free and be the first to witness results of this exciting boxing match. Pacquiao Vs De La Hoya Replay is also available if you’ve missed the live online streaming of this prestigious match.

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Flair Bratpack Bags

Posted by on Nov 12, 2008 in Events, Fashion, Sports

Flair Bratpack Bags

Bratpack Knows You Inside Out

The Bag People are in and they are about to turn you inside out.

Using only the contents of your bag, bag expert Bratpack can tell whether you’re the casual type who has a very laidback attitude, the sporty type who is always on the go or the adventurer whose wanderlust is insatiable.

With the help of Dr. Liza Manalo-Mapagu, Managing Director of Assessment Analytics,Inc., specializing in test development, competency-based assessment, training and consulting, Bratpack has made choosing a bag that complements your personality down to a science.

We don’t call ourselves the Bag People for nothing, jests Brian Kong, Marketing Officer for Bratpack. Bratpack carries a lot of brand of bags which have very distinct styles. I guess you could say we as much bags as there are personalities.

Like JanSport – founded in Seattle by three mountain climbing hippies – that produced the cult classic SuperBreak backpack, has remained a favorite among travelers, thrill seekers, and adventurers who want to get out and discover the world for over 40 years now.

Similarly, Timbuk2 is another brand that is fit for those that lead an active lifestyle. It’s this toughness that made it an instant hit with San Francisco bicycle messengers when it first came out in 1989 and it’s still the same quality that makes Timbuk2 popular among urbanites, students and young professionals until now.


There is also Belgian brand Hedgren that takes inspiration from the perfect symmetry of a cube. Its casual style emphasizes clean lines and elegant accents that create a stylish yet functional design to meet the demanding needs of the modern urban woman.

It’s not just bags we’re offering, but a lifestyle, says Kong. And on the opening of their flagship store at Greenbelt 5 – designed by multi awarded graphic house Team Manila- with new brands that cater to more lifestyles like skate brand DC and Sector9, Sanuk the surfers and beach bums, Skull Candy for music lovers, as well as Eastpak and Life is Good, Bratpack is conquering a new territory, more people and of course, much more personalities.

Bratpack is a member of the Primer Group that carries global brands that makes for a practical and personal billboard of expression for urban dwellers, promoted through collaborations with the indie art and music scenes’ finest. Inspire. Interpret. Express. For inquiries email [email protected] or visit their website at http:/packsforbrats.multiply.com. 

Bratpack has branches at Greenbelt 5, Robinsons Place Manila, Robinsons Galleria, SM Cagayan de Oro, SM Davao, SM The Block, SM Pampanga, SM Southmall and Ayala Cebu.


Made from bombproof Ballistic nylon, a synthetic nylon fabric used in World War II airmen’s flak (which is an abbreviation of the German word for anti-aircraft guns) jackets, it’s no wonder that Timbuk2 bags have been dubbed as indestructible.


Graphic design houses like Electrolychee, WeeWillDoodle, 27+20, Collision Theory, Pilipinas Street Plan and Osomundo partnered with Bratpack to create limited edition one-of-a-kind bags as part of its Graphic Remix line.


JanSport was founded in 1967 by three hippies – Skip Yowell, Murray Pletz and Jan Lewis – and is now one of the biggest pack manufacturers in the world using the tenets of the hippie code of conduct of love, peace and freedom.


Made with the modern urban woman’s eye in mind, Swedish brand Hedgren’s simple and elegant bags are inspired by the sublime symmetry of the cube that stands for fashion, comfort and functionality that’s sure to pull any outfit together.


True to its indie roots, the Bratpack flagship store at Greenbelt 5 was designed by renowned graphic design house Team Manila.

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Streets of EDSA – biggest gallery in ASIA

Posted by on Nov 2, 2008 in Art & Photography, Events

October 16, 2008 at Fully Booked (top shelf) – Bonifacio High Street Global City.

Bloggers were invited be part of the gearing up of the Art Auction and Cocktails. 2nd Media Communications (a non-stock, non-profit organization) aimed to make the public aware that outdoor billboard’s purpose is not just only for advertising but that it is a very effective way of communicating a message for the masses.


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