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It started with u, now it starts with Red

Posted by on Nov 19, 2008 in Announcements, Tech Chic | 9 comments

Last May I wrote about umobile just to share more about the techie curiosities I have… Looking back into my archives where this post is found, I have noticed that the date indicated May 22, 2008.  By this time I think it was just my 10th post yet 😛

Anyway, I used to want to have a code so that I could get a sim card to try this thing out.  The story behind me discovering this is that I was looking for a wireless internet service provider and this new mobile network popped out of the search engines.

I never got the code or anything by the way ergo, I never tested this service but then word came out that umobile is going to do some rebranding and the name will morph into “Red Mobile.”  As usual, I’m just the techie iCandy who loves technology and loves using it and the comfort it gives our urban lives right now… but, for the technicality behind it all… I would give the floor to the more expert techy people…  Here is an interesting post about umobile’s rebranding and some discussions on the comments to substantiate further any questions you might have…

Why the rebranding? I actually don’t know the in-depth reason why… but it is often confused with Malaysia’s umobile too..



  1. i don’t know why din 😀 pero may sim na ako na may tatak na U 😀 yay! collector’s item na to kasi nag extinct na ang uMobile! hurray 😀

  2. haha I guess so 🙂 keep it well

  3. aga nagising ah.. good morning dude 😛

  4. Red Mobile will only work on 3g phones.

  5. Nagkaroon ako ng code pero inemail nila ako na ubos na daw ang SIM nila for the month. May quota ata ang pagdistribute ng SIM nila.

  6. I see, this was when it was still umobile pa right? XD

  7. buti pa kayo ang swerte at nagkaroon kayo ng sim ng umobile ako hindi :(( sobra kung malas, lols… 😀

  8. actually di rin ako nagkaroon ng umobile sim >.<

  9. Did you get a sim card? :p

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