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Candy in the Sun

Posted by on Dec 31, 2008 in Pilipinas, Sports, Travel, Wall of the Weird | 25 comments


Candy In The Sun – Swirl 360

Song Lyrics | CANDY IN THE SUN lyrics 360 SWIRL

Please play the music while you read this post for more attitude! 😛

Now Candy’s got a new hobby!!!

What is? This is…

flaircandy’s now a Surf Candy! It was my first time surfin’ as I joined the Citisurfer’s trip to La Union and got caught up with gnarly awesome waves!!! I got a whole lot of adrenaline packed for this!

Surfin the Holidays away! It was my first Surf trip ever with the CitiSurfers!

Who: CitiSurfers
Location: La Union
Status: Addicted!!!
Medical state: got bruises everywhere!!!

For now, just sharing the experience we had last weekend… will be posting up more details of my first time surf within the week…

In the meantime, scroll along the pictures and get envious 😛 visit my multiply to comment on the photos!

Also, this is a compilation of some videos I had during the trip!  I will be looking forward to more videos in the future surf outings!  Also, I will soon be featuring surf videos from Pawie the surf dude who takes gnarly adrenaline-pumpin’ videos up close!

Come back for more Surf Action Updates!


  1. Goodluck on that new activity of yours… 😀

  2. whoa! villasis? the vegetable bowl of pangasinan? hehehe. .astig!

    teka.. first time mo mag surf at nakapag surf ka kaagad? galing naman! waaaaaaaaaa! kainggit!

  3. oo… basta may guide ka kayang-kaya… napapatayo nga nila kahit super tabachingching eh 😉

  4. wow, hehe, asteeg, haha, never ko pa natry mag surfing meron pala sa la union eh ang lapit na lang ng province namin jan hehehhe, masaya to’ sa summer 🙂

  5. wow, surfing looks fun but is not easy to master…. have fun!

  6. where’s your province? You should try it! the feeling can’t be explained when you stand up on your board… It’s just so freakin awesome!!! There’s a saying “only surfers know the feeling” so go on and try it!!! 😀

  7. I am a beginner 😛 It could be hard… and dangerous if you’re not told about the precautions when surfing… but you could always hire a guide or something. Prices for guides here are reasonable in Philippines. You should try it too!

  8. yay~!!! surfing gee! I love that sport yet I am not that good on it. 🙁

  9. where are you from Ayei.. just as long as you have a guide you shouldn’t worry! 😀

  10. Sama ako weee sama lang pero di ako talaga marunong mageswemeeennnggg eh 😛

  11. waaaaaaaa! di ko talaga makita anong dahilan bat bumababa yung sidebar mo dito sa post mo.. nyok 😀 hehehe

  12. oo ngaa weird.. umaandar ang OC side ko.. nyok. hahaha! di maayos ayos.. nyok.. 😀

  13. yep, everywhere there’s a “Villasis” 😀 easy lang to surf as long as may guide 😀

  14. wow. astig ng trip ah! 🙂

  15. Uploaded the vids 🙂 Water Babies La UNion

  16. ei! I wanna join too! I dunno how to swim, but surfing looks fun, perfect this summer. 🙂

  17. Miss Jing!!! ^_^ yes it is! It is not as complicated and as scary as it looks on tv, you could learn on day 1 on the very first hour if you would just hire a trainor for about 200PHP per hour and rent a board for PHP200 as well! Try nyo! and don’t forget to invite me when you guys are planning to go there! but, thing is, waves are dying by March already… so, in times like this, you gotta pray for a mini-storm if you wanna surf on a summer day


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