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Download the Flair Candy 2009 Wallpaper Calendar Now!

Posted by on Dec 8, 2008 in Announcements, Art & Photography, Featured | 22 comments


Ask… and you shall receive! Since I am just nothing but a novice in using Photoshop (believe it or not I edit my photos using Powerpoint hehe), I innocently asked for this wallpaper calendar and I got it, I got it, I got it!!!  Small things just make me happy and this is the first Christmas gift I have ever received! Courtesy of Jonas Diego of hellomictest.blogspot.com!

Flair Candy-Wallpaper

Click here to download Flair Candy wallpaper 😀

Hoping to infect your 2009 daily with a smile of a Candy – Happy Holidays!



it’s kinda narcisistic now that I thought of it haha but anyway… download as you wish!


  1. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
    I wish it contains more than one pic tho .. hee hee hee

  2. Wah!!! I have an **idea** lasker and i know you love IDEAS!!!! Make SHOUTOUTLOUNGE Calendar!!!!!

    Whatchatink????!!!!! 😀

  3. I was thinking of making those calendars, per month… hehe.. like those model covered calendars.. wheeee

  4. go and make one la 😛 first make one of yourself … just for fun loh… then see what happens 😀 aryty!

  5. wow ang cute!!! hahahaha.. astig to ah.. 😀 yay! gagaya kaya ako.. nyok :p hehehehe

  6. Cute Hannah….but pinkish and girl-ish! Can ya make one for the boys heh? I believe the download rate will go z000m!

    My 2 cents,

  7. hey hey hey! yes I absolutely missed that post of yours… But yes… i use powerpoint to crop, combine, or make a collage of my images 😀 I am more comfortable in the powerpoint environment as I am a powerpoint expert 😀

  8. Oh, i see your concern… hmm… alrighty I’ll try to make one.. probably just mask it with other color 😀 Thanks deepak!

  9. Oh! great. Thx for the tip :P. Can you please work on my Cloud Computing presentation for the weekend ? 😀

  10. cloud computing presentation???? O_o **faints** and what is that??? **double faints** (LOL)

  11. Download x3 !

    Haha~ very nice calender!

  12. hey Anston! 🙂 thanks for droppin by it’s been a while since I’ve shouted.. Take care yah!

  13. Hey Hannah!!!

    Long time didnt drop by here. Lots of new changes in here. I have a problem finding a cbox to drop by. So i guess i just drop in here instead. Nice calendar.

    It would be sweet to have a hard copy one! XD~~ Hahaha..

    Hehehe.. envying your blog layout… ^___^

  14. LOL it means “I don’t get it” 😀

  15. hahaha hmm… thinking about it now how costly would it be to produce one ^_^ then can mail it over Malaysia lol

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