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To date or not to date – a blogger

Posted by on Dec 22, 2008 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Life | 17 comments

This idea actually came from my blogger friend ah Leang whose blog posts really are entertaining to me! 

Initially he blogged about not wanting to date a blogger… but a few days after, he blogged about the reasons why you should date a blogger!

Well, dating a blogger has its advantages and disadvantages of course.  But the bottomline is, blogger or non-blogger, it wouldn’t matter as long as you love him/her.  It’s just a nice entertaining read and I LOL-ed reading it and wanna share it to you all!

Blog Candy

Covergirl for this post is Lush Angel 😀 thanks in advance Tangela! 😀


  1. Kinda fun topic also…

    dating or not dating a person is depend on how much you wish to see him/her….

  2. uy si lush angel naging cover girl ulit 😀 yay!

    to date or not to date = AHMMMMMMMMmmmmmm..!?!?! 😀

  3. I definitely agree with this blog post… hahaha..

  4. thanks for sharing! My take is… there’s more to bloggers than meets the eye..

    I think I watched Transformers too many a times already…

  5. hahaha yep yep lolz… ay… hahaha dude, honestly ano say mo??? sige na make comment…. puh-lease…. 😀

  6. ung blogger na maganda ang earning sa adsense para libre…hehehehehe

  7. Interesting read. 🙂

    I think it will be more advantageous if both of you are bloggers.

  8. Yes, that’s a win-win situation I guess, or if not it would just be “fair” for the both of them ^_^ welcome to the CandyWorld 😛

  9. well if it’s only a friendly date, why not? Just worry when he/she lures you into a room. He/She might blog it the next day, lol.

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