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Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Posted by on Feb 20, 2009 in Movies & TV

Vicky Cristina Barcelona



Reason why I watched the film:

1. It was shot in Barcelona

2. I love Penelope Cruz

I love all of her movies (Vanilla Sky and Woman on Top) She just adds flavor to the movie.  She’s always the accent of the movie.  In this movie, she portrayed a really crazy role and she’s the woman for it!

 3. I appreciate art, literature and humanities.

Love it? Hate it?
Absolutely lurrrv it! Very witty lines and great casting! I really enjoyed the intellectual jokes that might not be as funny to some other people but I really found myself laughing out loud.

This movie introduced me to the works of Woody Allen (writer and director) and for now, I’m a fan!

Watching the movie makes me want to travel to Barcelona and see for myself the works of Gaudi.

Verdict: Highly Recommended

Vicky – Rebecca Hall
Cristina – Scarlett Johansonn
Maria Elena – Penelope Cruz
Juan Antonio Gonzalo – Javier Bardem


There’s just something about these memorable quotes from Vicky Cristina Barcelona that will forever be embedded in my heart :)

Vicky Cristina Barcelona Quotes:

You’re still searching for me in every woman. 

Only unfulfilled love can be romantic.

A world that has not learned how to love does not deserve my art.

I’ll go to your room, but you’ll have to seduce me.

We are meant for each other and not meant for each other. It’s a contradiction.

The trick is to enjoy life, accepting it has no meaning whatsoever.


**pictures found in this post are not of my own.

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Posted by on Feb 19, 2009 in Art & Photography, Pilipinas, Travel


While we were in Tagaytay, we dropped by Paradizoo. Entrance fee is cheap at around 150-200 PHP and you could get to see many gnarly animals 😀 RAWR!

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Dude Magnet: Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ5

Posted by on Feb 10, 2009 in Art & Photography, Featured, Tech Chic

Dude Magnet: Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ5

This favorite compact camera of mine has been a fantastic tool!


1. It takes super great photos (close to DSLR)

2. It’s a genius in its intelligent auto! – a true point-and-shoot and I don’t have to know all those photo lingos such as apperture and white balance because it does all the work for me! All I need to have is my “vision” and “imagination” and capture it **click**

3. It’s a dude magnet! It’s a handy tool to attract boys! You know how boys love their toys and most of them are into photography these days! In the events I go to, I just get my camera out of my bag and click the shutter **flash** then them-boys always notice “ey, that’s a cool camera you got!!! It’s a leica lens… etc..”

Even Matt Mullenweg Mister WordPress himself, noticed my cam ^_^ see evidence! 😛


Boys also get turned on when I tell them about the specifics of my cam…

  • It has a 10x “optical zoom” (28-280mm equiv.) plus a 4x digital zoom. (I hear “whoahs” and “nice”)
  • It’s a 28mm wide angle camera…
  • It has a High Resolution (460,000 pixel) 3.0-inch LCD (Then they all comment on how clear the pictures appear)
  • 9.1 megapixel
  • MEGA OIS image stabilization
  • 22 scene modes and a clipboard for travelers (scene modes include: Portrait, Soft Skin, Scenery, Sports, Night Portrait, Night Scenery, Self-Portrait, Food, Party, Candle Light, Baby 1, Baby 2, Pet, Sunset, High Sensitivity, Hi-Speed Burst, Starry Sky, Fireworks, Beach, Snow, Aerial Photo and Underwater) — How more intelligent could it get???
  • Venus IV Engine processor (then I’d say I don’t know what that really is then them-boys again would fill in the details for me… “Well, it’s a … dot dot dot…”
  • It can also record movies up to 1280 x 720 pixels (HD) @ 30 fps. It’s a high resolution movie for a compact camera and the best ever among all others of its kind. Of course you shouldn’t compare it to a digital video camera.

4. It may look bulky to other digicams but if you consider the 10x zoom packed in it’s body… phew! innovation really! Hands down to Panasonic and the makers of this cam!

5. It fits in my bag as compared to my D40 obviously and this cam is always with me to take out-of-the ordinary spur-of-the-moment shots!

6. Who said it takes bad night shots? Actually, all digital cameras don’t make such good night shots… but this camera of mine takes decent ones! Check out the pictures below. Samples of landscapes from Greece at the Acropolis!


This picture was shot in Greece by Cisqo

Visit Cisqo’smultiply.

more pictures of Greece, Acropolis, Santorini, Ancient Thira, Monolithos, Kamari, Pharos and Fira  here.

7. I have an art gallery all captured by TZ5 (except for those mentioned are not)

8. I bought it for only php 18,000 last year (May 2008) from my supplier, but now it only cost 15,000 flat. If you want to order click here! Don’t forget to mention me when you buy one!

He is a trusted supplier of mine and check out his Product list here.

9. The newer model Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ50 has wi-fi and you can instantly upload pictures from your camera to flickr or to any supported web gallery!

Visit my photoblog (which I will update soon) and my flickr art gallery.

Helpful links to Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ5

1. dpreview.com’s high recommendation result from it’s review of the TZ5

2. Camera Lab’s video tour of the TZ 5

3. Where I bought my TZ5.

4. dpreview sample shots of TZ5

5. my flickr art gallery

6. my photoblog

7.  Panasonic Lumix TZ5 Full Specifications

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Mobile Blogging, Mobile Surfing Test

Posted by on Feb 10, 2009 in Tech Chic

This is a test.

I am blogging through http://m.wordpress.com

I am making the most out of every technology I can use!

Mobile blogging is definitely a handy tool especially with people like me who doesn’t wanna be doing nothing while waiting for something. I also hate how we are always stuck in traffic here in Manila! I can be productive during these times now, thanks to mobile blogging, mobile surfing, mobile emails and IMs!

I love technology! I love WAP, GPRS, 3G, 3.5G, HSDPA and free wifis (ligaw na wifi)! I am so thankful for technology!

Thank you Smart, Globe and Sun! Yes, I have all 3 networks… Whoops… Was red mobile (formerly umobile) left out? Hehe, sorry but the reality is, I don’t have their sim card. I don’t think I would need one either… Although, I have a spare phone in my drawer.

Anyway, back to my point… You would love browsing mobile! Here are the list of sites that I often visit online a mobile:

1. Flaircandy.com (of course!)
2. Batangyagit.com (Winston suggested that I should make my blog mobile friendly)
3. Jehzlau-concepts.com (learning how to make money online on the go)
4. Ourawesomeplanet.com (so much I can learn about our country here and of yummyliscious foods on restos I wanna pre-taste)
5. plurk.com/m (microblogging in an instant!)
6. Facebook.com (know what’s happening to my friends, get invites, etc.)
7. Multiply.com
8. Friendster.com
9. Twitter.com
10. Google reader (comprehensive rss on the sites that matter to me)

Mobile technology… It’s addicting!

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How can Fast Food get any Faster?

Posted by on Feb 9, 2009 in Food

How can Fast Food get any Faster?

When you can order online!


I just love everything that makes our lives more easy and comfortable to live with… don’t we all love technology?  I am not exactly sure if this website has been live for such a long time already but I’m just sharing this to those who don’t know yet.  I bet my officemates have no clue to this yet because we still use our landline for a delivery.



You simply drag and drop your order as you clickity-click your mouse… So effortless!!!  There’s a menu online of course so that you would know what’s available.


Filling up your details is much easier if you’re the one encoding it!  Don’t you just hate spelling your name letter by letter to the call representative?  “So that’s ech-eh-en-en-eh-ech for Hannah mam? eh as in ehpple?” LOL I’m just kidding, McD’s call representatives speak decent english just to make it clear 😛 My point is, when you’re super hungry, you just don’t want to spell your name over and over again ^_^

Order now you lazy and hungry ones! mcdelivery.com.ph for 24-hour online delivery.

** P165 Minimum order
Payment in cash shall be made upon delivery. Delivery Hours – 24hrs for Metro Manila and Metro Cebu only.
Service currently available in Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, Davao, Lipa, Pampanga, Laguna (San Pedro and Sta Rosa) and Tarlac.
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Brasilipinas this Valentines day

Posted by on Feb 9, 2009 in Celebrities, Events, Food, Music, Pilipinas, Sports

Brasilipinas this Valentines day

I got an invite to celebrate Valentine’s Day Brazilian style at Rockwell. There will be samba, capoeira, futbol, Brazilian jiu-jitsu workshops and demonstrations, a fashion show, and of course, music by Nyko Maca + Playground, Eileen Sison & Guarana, Aquarela and Brigada!

Brasilipinas 2009

Drop by rockwell too!!! I will be there experimenting on my DSLR as I capture Brazil in the Philippines live in action!!! Click here for more information.

See you there!

Obrigada! Veja-o lá!

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Nokia e63 Budget Blackberry

Posted by on Feb 7, 2009 in Tech Chic, Uncategorized

Nokia e63 Budget Blackberry

I am so happy with my new Phone — the Nokia e63!

I was just plurking one day asking for a phone that has the following:

1.  Wi-Fi (very very important for a blogger on the go)

2.  Qwerty pads

3.  Reasonable price (meaning I’m paying for the right stuff)

4.  3G

Thanks to Miss Jane (Yogajane) and Fritz for suggesting e63!  I was vying for the e71 but they said the downgraded version would be a nice alternative for me.

What you won’t pay for in e63 that you are paying in e71:

1. 3.0 megapixels (as compared to e63’s 2mp)

2. e71’s built-in GPS

3.  e71’s made of metal or steel (I think) and has nicer more corporate colors while e63’s made of plastic (not sure again)

*not inclusive of all differences I just mentioned ones that matter to me 😛

So, I was hoping to buy a new phone because my Sony Ericsson P990i is kind of busted already!  To justify, here are my reasons: 😛

1.   The wifi’s busted and can’t connect already.

2.  The web browser itself is super slow… like opening a single WAP page would take like 2-5 mins… or the page won’t simply load at all!

3.  The software is just busted even if I updated it… It just hangs all the time…

4.  Did I mention it yet that it’s 2 to 3 years old already?  I don’t think I did 😛

5.  Bulky much? I have scoliosis and I need to lessen stuff I load in my bag

6.  The flip thing is busted also…

That’s it… but at least even after 3 years the phone can still send and  receive sms and call.  The applications installed on it are also still working (at least some that doesn’t need an internet connection :P)

Another thing…

Nokia must be giving me a commission or something now because I indirectly sold like 3 phones already! (excluding mine)

I have been really giving a great review for the e63 to my officemates and friends that the 2 actually bought one for themselves already and the other is about to buy it!  I guess they trust my judgement and “expertise” when it comes to gadgets **ehemz** **ehemz**  I think I’m not really an expert to gadgets, I’m just the #1 gadget consumer 😛

When I test products, I’m output based.  I mean, I don’t care what software verision or what platform the software is made of, or the hardware they used to create these gadget things… I test based on the final product these companies produce and just judge… Love it? … or… Hate it?

I bought the e63 for 14,000 PHP on a 0% interest 12-month installment.  My friend bought hers at 12,100 in Greenhills theater mall 2nd floor on that tiangge facing the magazine stand who sells all Nokia phones only 😛  My boss bought his for 12,500 at Ambassador in Park Square.  See, It’s value for money!!!

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The year 2008 summary

Posted by on Feb 6, 2009 in Announcements, Personal

The year 2008 summary

Every blogger has a year-end post and I thought I’d jump into this bandwagon…

So, I don’t want to bore you all with the heavy details in my life (though I am so tempted to), because I think my life is interesting (to me at least…)… hehe but just to let you know, I have had the most mood swings in my life this 2008.   From being goofy to happy, clumsy, half-autistic, neutral, indifferent, pessimistic, optimistic, workaholic, blogaholic, shopaholic, gadget-a-holic (for lack of better word), to draining my bank account, to having my heart broken and went suicidal, to finding my true love and my soulmate, to meeting new fantabulous friends from Malaysian, Singapore, India, Australia, US, and Pinoy Blogosphere, to my awesome career (I love my job I love my job I love my job) which I can’t blog about here, to the old and new friends, to friendship that stands strong, from hating spicy food to loving it, to experiencing new adventures… and many more…


Early in January I had my first Belo experience… I had my mole removed.  During April, I thought I almost had cancer.  I love hospitals… (I am weird)  Anyway, after that major surgery, I was amazed at the surgical procedures and I overcame my fear of blood and needles already!!!  This was what hindered me to take med before… But, during my recovery time, I watched a lot of House M.D., Grey’s Anatomy and Nip Tuck that I thought I wanted to go to Med School… I had a long thinking process about deciding if I really would want to… I even talked to my boss about it because I was so serious about it… But the end result and I decided first week of May that I would not push through with it…


I told you I think my life is interesting… so I thought of starting a blog — anonymously…

Why FLAIR CANDY?  That’s supposedly my annonymous nickname…  There are many search results on Kung fu Candy and Midnight Miss Suki on google, but Flair Candy – is only unique to me 😀  Brilliant! 😛  Click here if you want to know more about flaircandy.

I can’t disclose the main reason why I blogged in the first place because it’s controversial 😛 so just drop some mail love here to me if you really wanna know.

Shout out Lounge

Ever wonder why I speak “Singlish” or “Engrish” sometimes?  Why some of my plurks include Bahasa Malaysian texts?  That’s because I got awesome Malaysian friends \m/>.<\m/.  I dedicated one blog post for them before.

Pinoy Blogosphere

At first I really didn’t know that there are many Pinoy bloggers.  I mean I only know that pinoy bloggers are really professional bloggers and don’t blog like me (I blog about non-sense stuff that crosses my mind).

Well, thanks to shoutoutlounge for letting me gain new friends in Malaysia, who happened to have placed Nuffnang ads on their blogs, and got me excited when I heard rumors of Nuffnang coming in the Philippines, and I made a controversial post about it, on which that post was found by Jehz on google search, then he found out I got plurk, then I added his friends and so on and so forth and I found many many pinoy bloggers in the process!!!  Then Jehz and Winston got me in wordcamp as a walk-in (my first event ever attended) then they introduced me to different bloggers by their URLs.

Anyway, really long story but my point here is… My life went more interesting when I met my blogger friends… *tears*

Jehz and Winston have always been saving my ass in the blurrifying world of html tags and css codes!  Jehz of jehzlau-concepts.com hosts my blog (my sponsor if you guys don’t know that yet).   Winston, saved my site from being hacked by dubaiboy!  I got hacked 3 freakin times!!! … from different kind of hackers!  But I’m super glad I have them — two bodyguards of flaircandy.com weeee!


I could not just count the events I have attended for this year…  Social Candy, I aym…

The events I have attended are so many… please check out this link for a complete list of albums of blog events for 2008!

I think that’s it for now… I have written this way before but I didn’t post it yet because I have so much to put in here!  This is just a blast from my not-so-past!  So, thank you to all who have touched my life,

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Is Nikon D40 Fit for Candy?

Posted by on Feb 1, 2009 in Art & Photography

Is Nikon D40 Fit for Candy?

Ok so I am quite shy to post this because I really don’t know how to use my new DSLR…

These are just test shots, all unedited hehe…

I don’t really have the nicest subject because I am hiding this camera from my mom she doesn’t know I bought one yet… 😛

And btw, the process of deciding which camera to buy was just hell crazy @_@ I have been checking out dpreview.com several times, asked friends, co-workers, professional photographers and photo-bloggers and the majority recommended this (since I am on a budget and output-based). So there… Yikes… I hope this would be the last gadget I’d buy for the year… me hopezz… me hopezz..

Camera: Nikon D40
Lens: I don’t know @_@

So SLRs have many buttons… @_@ small and big.. and they’re everywhere!!!

… and they’re all in symbols!!!

… It’s like an alien language or something!

… then the menu has some texts but it has these numbers.. all numbers and letters combined that I just don’t understand at all!!! @_@

good luck to me!!! haha



Wired Doll House

Wired Doll House

The two pictures above can’t be done “majestically” by my Panasonic Lumix TZ5. That’s the only downside of any Compact or Digi-Cams… Night shots aren’t really so gnarly… 😛



Steel Vines

Steel Vine



So this is definitely a challenge for me! Too bad flairphoto dot com domain is already taken :-/ Will I be able to create more beauty with Flair Photography? I think I can, because I have just so much inspiration… So much that my creative side is just all boosted up!

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