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Is Nikon D40 Fit for Candy?

Posted by on Feb 1, 2009 in Art & Photography | 35 comments


Ok so I am quite shy to post this because I really don’t know how to use my new DSLR…

These are just test shots, all unedited hehe…

I don’t really have the nicest subject because I am hiding this camera from my mom she doesn’t know I bought one yet… 😛

And btw, the process of deciding which camera to buy was just hell crazy @[email protected] I have been checking out dpreview.com several times, asked friends, co-workers, professional photographers and photo-bloggers and the majority recommended this (since I am on a budget and output-based). So there… Yikes… I hope this would be the last gadget I’d buy for the year… me hopezz… me hopezz..

Camera: Nikon D40
Lens: I don’t know @[email protected]

So SLRs have many buttons… @[email protected] small and big.. and they’re everywhere!!!

… and they’re all in symbols!!!

… It’s like an alien language or something!

… then the menu has some texts but it has these numbers.. all numbers and letters combined that I just don’t understand at all!!! @[email protected]

good luck to me!!! haha



Wired Doll House

Wired Doll House

The two pictures above can’t be done “majestically” by my Panasonic Lumix TZ5. That’s the only downside of any Compact or Digi-Cams… Night shots aren’t really so gnarly… 😛



Steel Vines

Steel Vine



So this is definitely a challenge for me! Too bad flairphoto dot com domain is already taken :-/ Will I be able to create more beauty with Flair Photography? I think I can, because I have just so much inspiration… So much that my creative side is just all boosted up!


  1. Waaah picture picture taym! 😀

  2. ok naman

    i master mo lang yung focusing at mag target ng subject sa focus….. ok naman yung kuha mo…basta practice makes purrrfect!

    i surf mo mabuti yung mga settings ng camera..

    play with it..and have fun

  3. mas mataas ang shutter, mas madilim at less blurry.
    mas maliit na aperture mas maliwanag.
    practice practice lang, wee.

  4. Very nice first shots, actually. I started with perspective myself. I just clicked endlessly and tried to learn the technical stuff on the way. As they say, shoot lang nang shoot. You’ll get the codes while doing it. 😉

  5. oo kailangan nga.. mejo naka auto yang lahat! parang feeling ko point-and-shoot pa rin hahaha…. but yeah… I’ll take it slow kse mejo info blur blur ako haha THanks!

  6. **takes down notes** Thanks Ada!!! 😀 practice and konting coaching from people… 😀

  7. congratulations with your new camera! for starters try shooting in Av setting sa dial. thats usually the most creative one.shoot tayo minsan with the others para cool.

    my photostream:



  8. Nice shots. I’ve had my D60 for half a year, it’s my first DSLR. I used it mostly in auto mode and got some really good shots with it. I just started taking a course and learned to shoot in manual mode. Wow, what a difference it has made. Don’t let the camera intimidate you, you’ll figure it out. The one piece of advice I’d give is to really read the user manual. I didn’t do that for 6 months:)

  9. u can do it~!!!…

    anything jz gimme a buzz… u know where to find me *wink*

  10. But they’re so alien @[email protected] and the numbers and letters all together… I think I’m gonna faint! But then I guess these are the things you really have to learn to create beauty… Thanks

  11. Whoah! Thanks for the awesome tip! 😀 yikes, so I really have to read? **gulps** I so lazy to read @[email protected] but oh well I think it’s necessary with this kind of hobby

  12. congrats! try to avoid using the automatic settings. use the P or Program mode instead. read the manual. and don’t forget to post your pics in the camera club forum! 😀

  13. Welcome to the Nikon clan.. btw, take care there

  14. wow congrats for having a new camera 😀 yiheeeeeeee!

    P.S.: may diperensya ba blog u? kasi kala ko ini edit mo date nung candy in the sun, hindi pala.. weird nasa latest parin sya. wah! kahit dec 2008 pa yung date ~_~

  15. hey D, thanks ^_^ you too ayt?

  16. hindi no .. inayos mo na ba now? parang ok na siya ah? january 1 2009 ang orig date niyan! pero indedit ko na nga na dec… ewan ko ba ayaw niya bumaba.. ano ginawa mo wooot +_+ mukhang maayos na siya 😀

  17. hehehe Nikon good brand! Hope to see you take more photos and put at your blog.

    by the way, when you want to tell you mum about it hehehe 😛

  18. yay you have a Nikon DSLR na din.. apir* .. have fun with it!

  19. :whee: one more nikonian in ShoutOut. :whee:
    :whee: one more Nikon D40 user. :whee:
    this is one good SLR for beginners.
    some might sugg D60, but from wat i learnt from ppl, save those money for lenses.
    I just got my own 50mm lens recently. well spent money i can say.

  20. i also checked dpreview before kasi naghahanap ako ng magandang digicam. dami kasi sample pics dun.

    ganda ng mga kumaha mo 🙂

  21. yeay ikaw rin pala! *hi 5* 😀

  22. yes, even kimrockwell.com would prefer d40 over d60 and d40x even if they’re of the same price I love it!!! I just need to learn it to be good.. thanks for droppin by chewygummy!!! 😀

  23. I dropped by your site btw XD thanks for droppin by… if you want a nice digicam I say go for Panasonic Lumix TZ5 it sells for 15K flat from my supplier… let me know if you are interested.. the pictures in my photoblog are taken by lumix tz5 check it out aht http://flaircandy-photoblog.blogspot.com 😀

  24. thanks for dropping by.

    buti na lang hindi ako nagiisa hehehe 🙂

  25. Wow. Very nice that you have a new camera. Wee.

    Your sample shots is good naman. Kulang lang ng practice. hehe. And wow ha! Inspired ka ngayon? haha. Fully booked na ba this Valentines? Haha 😀

  26. @mcbilly yeah 😀 inspired 😛 and no always spending my Valentines day with family 😛 but yes I am inspired 😛 You, on the other hand must have a hectic sched! 😀

  27. Av is short for Aperture-priority Automatic Exposure. You set the Aperture, the camera selects the right Shutter Speed for the indicated exposure level.

    I think Canons use P-Tv-Av-M for Program, Shutter(Time)-prio, Aperture-prio and Manual, respectively. But, Nikons use P-S-A-M instead. 😀

  28. Just dropping by, I know *OLD* post, haha sorry. Nikon D40 is good Hannah. 🙂 I just have one this May 2010, refurbished by Nikon in the States (Adorama.com).

    By now, you’ve learned a lot already. 🙂 Cheers!

  29. Louie, oh yess… I’m adept with using the D40 na 🙂 thanks for commenting even if it’s still an *OLD* post lol


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