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Polarizer Test Shots

Posted by on Mar 2, 2009 in Art & Photography | 10 comments

D40 with Circular Polarizer

I don’t know why I’m just so obsessed with blue skies and “no-reflections” I just think I’d love to take pictures wihtout having to edit them because I just really don’t know how to do that. hehe

I was awed to know that Cisqo’s car’s wind shield has got a polarized magic tint and hehe… that’s why even without polarizer, the sky looks blue-er XD

And polarizer over polarizer just looks weird, take a look below ๐Ÿ˜€

I also have not tested the polarizer on shiny surfaces yet. I also want to test the effectivity of polarizer on the clarity of the water and what it should be used for XD

Thanks to Nan, and yoshzen and kaotep for giving me tips on my photography… I’m just learning from the pros ^_^

using circular polarizer (unedited)
Marbled sky

Testing the Polarizer

I know I didn’t quite have a proper framing for this shot, I was in a hurry and just trying to test the blue sky effect XD

The Peninsula Manila

I think the CPW did fine, It’s my photo skills that are flop for now, as you can see the exposure thingy is not properly set as the Manila Pen building is under exposed XD

Rainbow effect

This happens when you use a polarizer over another polarizer. I shot this with the CPW filter plus the car’s magic polarized tint, and got this effect – unedited.ร‚ย  Still, even with the rainbow effect, you could not see any reflections of my leg that the glass normally makes in taking these pictures like the shot I had below.


This was taken without the Polarizer.ร‚ย  It still has the deep blue effect due to the polarized tint of the car, but it shows reflections as you can see my leg on the upper right ^_^This is because the tint polarizes the image outside but the reflection inside is just made by the glass.ร‚ย  I hope you get what I mean because I don’t know how to explain it >.<


That’s all for now… more shots to take…


  1. pro? i wish! haha! i didn’t see the last one in multiply. love it much more. ๐Ÿ™‚ i had a similar shot too but in BW

  2. Woah.. the polarizer plays a big important part in a photo. Impressive.

    How’d ya doin there H

  3. Heya D, living my life one day at a time… howryah doin D? ^_^

  4. can’t stalk you no more huh XD

  5. Wow! the shots are really great but I love the one with the rainbow effect. It’s actually my first time to see a photo with this kind of color effect.

  6. haha thanks Raiza, that happens when you put 2 polarizers all together XD it makes weird colors and it’s unedited XD


  1. hannaherika - shares http://tinyurl.com/ctz6v2 (Polarizer, Polarizer you're a pola pola - rizer) (dance) mi test shotz ... http://plurk.com/p/hwdw3 #plurk

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