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the DARK EDSA: when billboards turned of their lights for Earth Hour 2009

Posted by on Mar 29, 2009 in Pilipinas | 5 comments

See this video now!!!


Do you know where this is?

Does the scenery look familiar?

Yes, you know where this is…


Guadalupe Bridge without the bright lights

But you won’t believe your eyes because you think that this is not possible…


Well pinch yourself my friend because you are not dreaming! XD


This is reality!!!


EDSA billboards voted for Earth


A very very good reality!

Billboard companies shut down their lights for Earth Hour!  … sacrificing one hour’s worth of revenue to vote for EARTH!  Touching isn’t it… I was at awe when I witnessed this as I drove along these once well-lighted streets.  Touched that many indeed care… It’s so awesome enough that it made me really really happy tonight!


  1. wow! saludo ako sa ginawa dito.. ^__^

  2. I know… It’s so touching 🙂

  3. astig ah.. tulog ako nung mga oras na to.. hehehe

  4. first photo is near guadalupe station. the blue light is the GA bldg 😉

  5. at least you had your lights on, so you’re still a participant to earth hour XD


  1. hannaherika - shares http://tinyurl.com/dcmoqt (billboard companies voted for earth) (rock) http://plurk.com/p/loici

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