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Bore not your Nokia e63 and Nokia e71 e72

Posted by on May 31, 2009 in Tech Chic | 18 comments

Many are asking me personally and through my personal mail if I know where to get themes, games, applications etc for Nokia e63.  Now, I took the time to compile this list of downloadables for nokia e63 and nokia e71.  A bunch of my friends have been an e-series convert especially the e63 since it’s just affordable for a whole bunch of functionality it has.  Nokia e71 apps and nokia e63 ones can actually be used on either phones as I believe they just have the same platform.  I am not sure about some apps but I have installed some e71 apps on my e63 phone and it just works fine.  Enjoy downloading and browsing through these free stuff… ciaoz!


Free downloads for Nokia e63 and e71:


1. Helpful free E63 applications for download here.

2. Tons of free E63 games for download here.

3. Downlaod top rated mobile phone softwares for e63 here.

4. Download nokia e63 themes here. If you are not satisfied by the list there, you can check zedge.

5. Download nokia e63 wallpapers here.

6. Chat and log in to Yahoo messenger, Facebook message updates, twitter updates, google talk, ICQ, AIM and you may call your friends using fring via MSN and skype voip calls! Download Fring for e63 here.

7. Freewares for nokia e63 can be downloaded also at getjar.

8. Download free nokia games, applications and softwares here.

9. Download nokia e71 wallpapers here.

10. Tons of nice Nokia e63 and Nokia e71 themes here!

11. Gameboy emulator for Nokia e63 and e71 here. You got that right! You can play gameboy games on your mobile… But you need to have gameboy roms as well.  This gameboy emulator only plays .gb and .gbc roms (gameboy classic and gameboy color roms).  I was trying to find some free roms for .gba (gameboy advance) but I still could not find a decent mobile emulator for that.  Just watch this space to find out if I found that perfect emulator.  In the meantime, JMEboy 1.3.1 works fantastically on my e63!  So go on and give it a try 🙂

12. For nokia e63 and e71 ebooks, just download pdf ebooks… you can read it through the inbuilt pdf reader.

🙂 enjoy maximizing the use of your e63 and e71 to the limits!



  1. I want an E63 but still no money haha:P

  2. thanx so much for your list url’s,thats help a lot.

  3. thnx 4 all the links,
    but how does the JMEboy 1.3.1 workd? :S
    cant find any games i put on my e63

  4. every link takes me to this stupid andy moore page grrrr,…

  5. hey 🙂 you need to download Gameboy roms 🙂 they’re like softares of the chips you buy to play in real gameboys 😀

  6. Andy Moore? who is he/she? hmm… Thanks for that comment ^_^ seems to me that that page is annoying and I will check it out 😀 thanks yah!

  7. I’m gonna be getting my Nokia E63 later. I downloaded softwares from above’s link. And I hope It works. Thanks! By the way, camera niya ba isa good quality? sounds? memory?

  8. I HAVE A PROBLEM: .SIS dont work, i dont have any themes!

  9. hey man, thx for making this list, its totally awesome!!

  10. your a retired CPA and your 23!that,to me, is just awesome…im 20 and still trying to get through college(would have graduated by now but ran into some problems*which are not problems anymore*LOL

    anyway,thats all i wanted to say..maybe someday ill be like you..hopefully very soon:)

  11. Retired as a CPA but still working hard on life as always 😀 there’s always hardwork in everything you want to achieve 😀 good luck buddy!

  12. I`m going to buy a black e63 tom,hope i dont have any regrets buying it.

  13. the link for games requires you to click ads…

  14. hey man, thx for making this list, its totally awesome!!

  15. i had gba emulator working on my e63 although some games are not working but most of all are working and its really very addicted especially pokemon games ..lol

  16. hey, would you happen to know how to save the number of an unregistered contact’s SMS? In other Nokia phones, you just have to press the call key and all the numbers, emails, etc will be displayed. Doing the same thing on the E72 on the other hand calls the number :-/


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