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Surfing Photography

Posted by on Jun 30, 2009 in Art & Photography, Featured, Pilipinas, Sports, Surfing, Travel

Surfing Photography

I used my nikon D40 plus 70-300mm…  I need to buy a new body in the next 2 years… meanwhile the manual focus is kind of a hassle… but if I ihave a D90 perhaps I would have the autofocus working for me…  anyway, my manual focus is not bad take a look at the shots… although some are still blurry I didn’t remove them coz they’re like one hell of picture perfect moment!

Stoked in La Union
Body Boarding dude

Stoked in La Union
subtle waves

Stoked in La Union
paddling power

Stoked in La Union
the Reverse Surfer

Stoked in La Union
Surfer Girl

Stoked in La Union

Piping it up

Stoked in La Union

Surf’s up!

skim boarding in La Union Stoked in La Union Stoked in La Union Stoked in La Union Stoked in La Union Stoked in La Union Stoked in La Union Stoked in La Union Stoked in La Union Stoked in La Union Stoked in La Union Stoked in La Union Stoked in La Union Stoked in La Union Stoked in La Union Stoked in La Union Stoked in La Union Stoked in La Union Stoked in La Union Stoked in La Union Stoked in La Union

more pictures here.

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First time on a short board

Posted by on Jun 30, 2009 in Featured, Sports, Surfing

First time on a short board


I’m a beginner surfer but this was my first time to try and ride a 6’10” short board. Riding the short board is more difficult and wobbly than the long board… you need to get used to it!

I’m no pro… I’m just a beginner who likes to video my surfs so that I know what mistakes I have been doing and stuff XD

Thanks to Doy for the board and to my Rockstar, Francis for the video and to my surfing guide Jeff 😛

more surfing videos and pictures soon!

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You’re the 1, Goldilocks

Posted by on Jun 25, 2009 in Career, Featured, Food, Personal, Pilipinas

You’re the 1, Goldilocks

Dear Goldilocks,

What memories we have had…  I remembered being so young and motivated as I was reviewing for my CPA board exams in CPAR.  I came from the province, Bacolod, and I was a shy girl in a wild world of Manila.

I came in Manila this time to fulfill one of my dreams, and that is to pass the CPA Board exams. Take note, my dream is not to become an accountant… but just to pass the exam (LOL, ok I’m kidding!!!)

I rented a room in the Immaculate Conception dorm and we call it “IC” for short.  This dorm is just literally a few steps away from my review school building and they are just adjacent to each other,  and it is just a few blocks away from Goldilocks!  How lucky was I to have one nearby?  I always had to satisfy this craving tummy of mine!

My daily routine was:

6:00 am –  wake up and bath

6:30 am –  breakfast and chitchat with Bacolod accountancy batchmates and newfound friends/dormmates (If I don’t like the food for breakfast, I go to Goldilocks, it’s already open around this time)

I usually have this for breakfast: twistix, ensaymada hamonada (for both carbs and protein), banana loaf (i lov it!!!), and cinnamon roll which is super good for my coffee!

7:00 am –  change clothes (powerdressing)  I “power-dress” even when I was just reviewing because sometimes I believe that if I didn’t do good in an evaluation quiz, I still look pretty and I still should feel happy about it.  So powerdressing is a must and I pick my clothes well, but I had to sacrifice a bit of my allowance just for fashion T_____T


7:30 am –  visit to the Chapel

7:15 am –  read the news on our dorm lounge (I also read the daily horoscope just to have some bit of fun since I am technically single during these days, I was hoping for a flourishing romance from ehermzz… secret and secret) ;P

8:00 am – 12:00 nn blah blah Review class time here XD

Sweetst thng3

12:00 nn Lunch at sir Valix’s office.

JRs bday

We just love sir Valix.  We also have luch served at our dorms (it’s part of our monthly payment) but we love to eat with sir Valix since we get to bond with other reviewers and get updates direct from the source.  We were just close as well because he knows how to converse in Ilonggo!  During this time it was just too hard for me to communicate in Tagalog because I had this akward ilonggo accent!!! T___T  Anyway, he is one of my greatest motivators in passing the board exam.  I didn’t want to let him down if I didn’t pass… sniff sniff…

If our food at the dorm is not my type, nor did sir Valix invite us for lunch, I buy food in Goldilucks.  I always buy the barbeque meal when I am on a tight budget.  Either that or just a spaghetti meal, lumpiang shanghai and chicken meals! :)

I had to live with my budget since I just rely on my allowance T___T… I usually have the above for lunch: pork barbeque meal, lumpiang shanghai, chicken barbeque and spaghetti only if I’m pretending to be on a diet lol.

1:00pm chika time/date time (hehe later in my reviewing I kinda sorta dated T____T)


1:30pm sleeping/siesta time I gotta recharge

2:00pm study in my room or at CPAR library (if I wanna review with my date but this is not adviseable ladies… dont date and review!)

5:00pm mass and Novena at UST Chapel yep .. daily… it’s my chance to be together with the whole batch (girls and the boys) coz the boys got separate dorms…  Here we get to go and meet there together.

strike a pose
At UST campus…

5:30pm meryenda at Goldilocks!  well not really everyday but at least one of us go there at least once a day!  And for me, I go there for meryenda about 4 or 5 times a week!  They just had too many selection and it’s just too near my dorm!  I so love their Sansrival and it is my favorite!  I also love their sago gulaman which really is a thirst quencher!  I also buy some polvoron and puto and many other chichirya/snacks so that I could munch on it while I was reviewing!

6:00pm review again

7:00pm dinner

8:00pm answer assignments and review while I eat my goldilocks snacks ^_^

11:00pm prepare to SLEEP

and the routine goes on and on… with Goldilocks on our side :)

Goldilocks memories:

Some weren’t documented in pictures since before I don’t have a digicam and I wasn’t blogging yet.   I just had my cellphone and most of the time I didn’t bother taking much pictures hehe.

Anyway, here are the ones I managed to scrap out of my archives.  Warning! You will see me in braces! with a mole on the left side of my nose near my eyes! and thinner! hehe!

We celebrated each other’s birthdays by buying the birthday celebrant a cake! Thanks Goldilocks for giving us a variety of cakes at really affordable prices at a really yummilicious experience!

I even celebrated my 21st birthday with my other batchmate Shawa, at the boy’s dorm lounge with Goldilocks! 2 cakes there and our favorite is the black forest and the Brasos de mercedes one! :) sigh I miss these guys!

Well, I’m afraid that’s about all the pictures I got when I was reviewing :) Fact is, Goldilocks has been my comfort food when I was really super stressed in my review. It helps me stay awake when I review coz I had to munch on something to keep me awake. And their food is technically not a junkie unlike chips so it’s a healthier option for me as well. I also loved their bread sticks and ooh.. have I told you I love their sansrival? I probably have consumed a whole cake of sansrival on my entire review or probably more of it lol…

anyway, thanks for the good times Goldilocks!

You’re the 1 Goldilocks, because you were with me when I took the board exams, you were an ingredient to my success, and you continue to bring those memories everytime I visit a branch!  You keep me coming back for more becaue you have many to offer that suits my pinoy taste buds!

Sincerely yours,

Hannah Rika A. Villasis, CPA

*food pictures from goldilocks.com.ph
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My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009

Posted by on Jun 23, 2009 in Featured

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009

Busy times and I made this quick post to list my picks for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009.

Lush Angel Blog

Fashion is in her DNA. She knows where to shop wisely on bags, shoes, clothes and even gadgets!  This blog started new and gained many followers for her tips in fashion, latest fashion updates and sale alerts in the metro!

Tel The Wanderer

This is a fresh one in the blogosphere!  The blog is all about her many travels and her love of food. Try reading one of her food posts and you’ll find yourself drooling with saliva… This blog has a great potential of adding much contribution to the WWW for her unique adventures.


The travel blog of the influential 2008 Bloger’s Choice awardee Batang Yagit.  The blog with a juice of travel and photography combined.  It’s a new blog with a whole lot of potential.  Talk about travel and capturing every place with a heart of a photographer.

Buhay Basketball

This is a fresh one in the blogosphere as well!  This blog is dedicated to basketball. I don’t see much blogs about sports and this is blog always has the latest buzz in the world of basketball.

Lets Go Sago

This cute Sago is everywhere and he’s like a pied piper, you’d follow his travel and adventures!

Through The Focal Glass

Patay Gutom


The extraordinary kiddo



That completes my top 10!  I picked Video Chops because it is the first one to comment here hehe.  and I have always admired the writer behind it, Coy.  Anyway, it’s hard to choose only 10 because I know many are deserving!  Well, see you guys soon!

I have room for one more and I can’t decide which blog to include…  This will be updated again soon!

Special thanks to:

Absolute Traders, My Brute Cheats, Business Summaries, Fitness Advantage Club, Events and Corporate Video, eventsatwork.com, Dominguez Marketing Communications, Red Mobile, Budget hotel in Makati, and Blog4Reviews.com


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Astro Nuts – As Strong As the Sun lyrics

Posted by on Jun 22, 2009 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Featured, Music

Astro Nuts – As Strong As the Sun lyrics

Play this song while reading… tgst… tgst… tgst… tgst…

This is the unofficial lyrics ermmm kinda decoded by me (playing it over and over again to capture the lyrics yow!)

I just heard this over the radio while I was driving and it helped me calm down while I was stuck in traffic.  It was raining and EDSA looked like a parking lot and this played and I wuz like


Anyway I was searching for this song for the longest time!!!  I even bothered everyone at plurk because I was desperate to know just the title or the singer!  It’s because I could not find a decent search result in google for “you are the one for me lyrics”…  Fortunately, I remembered that I have a friend who is a music lover of this genre by the name of Kishtelly-yow-wee! XD

I could not find any lyrics on the web and I am so addicted to it!  So I made an effort to capture it!  Like the ones I did with Click-B’s “Baek Jon Mu Phae”  (undefeatable) which is in Korean. This was before I knew how to read and type in Korean.  So, I won’t have any problem looking for any Korean songs in the future… If you are looking for some lyrics of a Korean song that you can’t find romanized (english characters) give me a buzz over the contact me page and I’ll try to find out for yah… (if I have time lol)

I can’t find the official video for as strong as the sun though let me know if you have seen this on MTV or MYX or something.


I’m not sure about the second stanza though lolz about the plague line ROTFL bear with my ear… If you think the lyrics is wrong, kindly correct me and comment.

Thank you!

Astro Nut – You are the one lyrics


The one, the sun, the one for me

Sun never seems to shine that day
‘Coz you are not here
Sun never seems to light my way
and at night, it kills

You were my life…
You were, you were….

You are the one for me
The one as strong as the sun
The one who’ll light up my life
You are the one for me
The one as strong as the sun
The one who’ll light up my life
you are…

The one, the sun, the one for me

When midnight slowly fades to gray
and black skies, stand still
If you could only see the plague
Don’t let it come
I need your call

Coz you are…

You are the one for me
The one as strong as the sun
The one who’ll light up my life
You are the one for me
The one as strong as the sun
The one who’ll light up my life
you are…

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70-300mm G Nikkor Sample Shots

Posted by on Jun 18, 2009 in Art & Photography, Featured

70-300mm G Nikkor Sample Shots

Since I have a D40 body and I bought a non-VR lens, I need to get used to doing manual focus. Auto focus is much of a big help but the pros lived without it before XD Many don’t like this lens and reviews say, it’s better to buy the auto focus one (with VR) but I got it for a really cheap bargain that’s why I bought it and it still serves my main purpose of taking great pictures.  Or, you might find me buying a new body after 2 years XD.

Why telephoto zoom… I need it for my surfing and Formula 1 Photography. I don’t know if the f/4 – f/5.6G would suffice my need to take sharp pictures but we’ll see! Follow my blog and I will upload surfing pictures about last week of the month since I have a scheduled surfing trip baby.

Tsim Sha Tsui – Hong Kong gadget shopping

suntek camera shop

What I bought: Brand New 70-300mm G Nikkor Lens

Made in: China

Price:  1000 HKD (actual PHP 6,000 at 6.00 PHP/HKD Forex Rate)

Where:  Suntek Electronics at Haiphong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Be really very careful in shopping around this area because there are many scammers.  Suntek shop was suggested to me by my friends and this is where I bought my lens.  and OH!  I am so planning to go back…

They were selling fisheye with macro fliter thingy that can make your lens wide-angle summore… and assist in better macro-ing as well!  Daym I regret not buying it coz if converted, it only costs PHP600!


Without the fish-eye filter  


With the fish-eye filter

wide angle filterwide angle filter

See the difference? I didn’t move when I put in/removed the filter… see those ipod nanos at the sides as guides.


The night race in Singapore.

I am worried that my lens can’t capture the race since it is at night! This lens definitely can’t take indoor or night photos much. If taking night pictures I must use a tripod and a remote shutter trigger. But, then again, I have been to the night race before and there are spotlights everywhere so I don’t think I will have to worry about light source next time.

I can use this lens for portrait.

I was supposed to buy another lens – the prime 55mm f/1.4, or they say I won’t need an f/1.4 that would be much expensive than the f/1.8. They said the f/1.8 would suffice. My friend said that I won’t need a portrait lens coz my 70-300 could do that.


70-300mm G Nikkor Sample Shots

Office Pictures 70-300G Office Pictures 70-300G I heart Edward (paparazzi shot at avenue of the stars HK) Office Pictures 70-300G Office Pictures 70-300G Office Pictures 70-300G Office Pictures 70-300G Office Pictures 70-300G Office Pictures 70-300G Office Pictures 70-300G Rest Hong Kong Avenue of the Stars - Hong Kong Office Pictures 70-300G Office Pictures 70-300G 

**thumbnail photo of 70-300mm nikkor lens by stevec77 under creative commons license.
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Hong Kong Candy Sneak Peek

Posted by on Jun 16, 2009 in Art & Photography, Featured, Travel

Hong Kong Candy Sneak Peek


I just got back from the Hongkee getaway.

I think I’m back to my real life… the office life… anyway, I can’t blog now I’m too busy today. My office mail has been probably suspended again and out of memory and I have to clean it up. Anyway, here are some of the pictures of my Hong Kong trip with Startel and Lush Angel. More soon!

Oh and BTW! New lens for me baby! got the 70-300 telephoto for my F1 pics and Surfing stuff XD

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A Necessary Hiatus

Posted by on Jun 8, 2009 in Health, Personal

May was my blog’s month. It was my anniversary. I got featured in Nuffnang as blogger of the month. I had many event invites which some I really had to decline because it is conflict with my new work shift. I met awesome bloggers from Cebu… and many more awesome things happened!

May is also the peak of my new project assignment at work and I’m tellin yah… It is pretty brutal for those who do not have the heart of a workaholic.  (does that mean that I’m a workaholic) DUH-HUH…  I guess I am **faints** but my body hazzz limits so… **faint** I go…

May is also the time where we got a lot of visitors! Like really a-lot and that always means that I don’t sleep at my room. Sigh. So even at home, instead of me regaining energy and rest, I had to feel more stress and uncomfort…

I think I just had too many demands from everything (work is 70%, home 20 %, blog 5%, others 5%). The thing is, I have to prioritize right? And what do I care about??? — my HEALTH! Hehe :) it’s my ultimate priority for now!

I have never been this sick just because of acute tonsillopharyngitis!!! and the doctor said fatigue might be an added ingredient T________T  **uhhmffff**  Yeah, I have to rest a while. My new project is just demanding so much from me that I had to extend some of my personal time just for me to get through the deadlines imposed upon me. I honestly say it’s no fun anymore but I’m being paid for that so I’d have to deal with it… for now…  I think I need to manage my time more gracefully.  Just like dancing, you need to be in the rhythm to perform well.  You need to be in the zone, and you need to love what you’re doing.  It’s a state of mind I am learning to transport in…  Dance my work out… yep… but first… I have to rest…

I hope you all would understand why I need to stop for a while, I will be going to Hong Kong and Macau in 4 days… And I have to get better by that time! I don’t want my body to be vulnerable and catch some swine while I’m there! Hopefuly, this bacterial infection I have right now with my tonsilitis is a blessing in disguise… I hope my immune system got exercised and it should be ready for the deadlier ones hehehe.

Anyway, as of now, I just got better! Yesterday, I felt like a vegetable! I was almost admitted to the hospital! My fever was so high and I was shivering! I had no appetite coz I felt like I just wanna vomit it all! I could barely walk and I could not carry myself well. There’s pain in my neck and in my head…

At least rigjt now, my fever is down. :)  But my tonsils are still keeeeeling me like hell… like I wanted to die yesterday coz I could not bear the pain… plus the fever, it was just crazy…  that’s why I wanted to admit myself to the hospital.. No kidding that infection was unbearable for me…  Maybe I was just such a weakling that time.

I still need rest and I hope to be back again from hiatus around june’s end… In the meantime, help yourself with my backposts :) You may have a quick glance at my archives.

P.S. Mom is overriding my control over myself now and she instructed that I must not open my laptop while I’m sick! So I wrote this in wordpress wp-admin using my e63 and opera mini.   Andrew is right, Opera mini is such a sweet bliss for my moblile!  Why? It loads fast – nuff said!  So download it for your mobile! tata!

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