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Hong Kong Candy Sneak Peek

Posted by on Jun 16, 2009 in Art & Photography, Featured, Travel | 12 comments


I just got back from the Hongkee getaway.

I think I’m back to my real life… the office life… anyway, I can’t blog now I’m too busy today. My office mail has been probably suspended again and out of memory and I have to clean it up. Anyway, here are some of the pictures of my Hong Kong trip with Startel and Lush Angel. More soon!

Oh and BTW! New lens for me baby! got the 70-300 telephoto for my F1 pics and Surfing stuff XD




  1. glad your back! mukhang enjoy na enjoy talaga kayo dun wah.. hehe.. nakita ko yung pics nyo sa flickr.. kakainggit! waaaaaaaaah…

  2. wow dude galing ka pala ng hong kong! wooooooot! 😀

  3. Waaah gusto kong bumalik sa HK! May pic din ako sa Avenue of the Stars nyahahaha…

    Nice shots! Esp yung sa Victoria Peak. 😀

  4. haha, nope I’ve been back in the Phil for a while and none of us got H1N1 🙂 AH1N1 is not such a big big scare there..

  5. Ang ganda naman ng pics! I’ve never been to HK. But will visit it someday if I found enough time from work. 1 month pa lang kasi so hindi pa entitled sa mga leaves.

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