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Swedish Music

Posted by on Jul 21, 2009 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Music | 11 comments

Sharing to my readers my music discovery… Open your ears to some Swedish Music!  In the Philippines, foreign songs from US, UK, Mexico, France, Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea have been becoming recognized.  I have not heard of any Swedish songs on the radio though.

Listen to the Swedish beat, this song is one of my favorites.

Here’s the live performance:


and the remix:




  1. this is the first time ive heared about swedish music po..maganda po ba???

  2. I like the songs from Lykke Li and they’re quite awesome. Actually there are lots of popular bands or music groups that are from Sweden like ABBA and A*Teens to name a few.

  3. Hey Chef! thanks again for visiting. wow ^_^ I didn’t know that, thanks for that info 😀

  4. Hannah! Hindi mo alam yun?? Ako rin eh! hehe Pero astig ito ah! Yung una kala ko parang mag “Poker Face” eh..Uh oh oh..basta parang ganon! hahaha:P

  5. You’re welcome! I didn’t know that before until I moved to Scandinavia.

  6. Nice bouncy song. She’s like a teddy bear with that two flat mini-bell she’s playing.

  7. Hey, yes… get your earphones and listen up ^_^ it’s soothing to the ears ^_^

  8. hahah! hey Ed… sorry this is a very late reply.. but I’m nagging you and Ada with one thing! LET’s GO SURFING!!!

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