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Surf’s Up 2009

Posted by on Aug 31, 2009 in Featured, Pilipinas, Sports, Surfing

Surf’s Up 2009

Surf Season’s coming!  Usually it’s starting now but lately there’s just no waves on the beaches.  Hopefully by September there would be some swell coming up!  Definitely the months of October to December got really big crazy waves!

Preparing for surf season

1.  Buy Sunblock or Tanning lotion!

It depends whether you want to stay fair or get tanned, the important is, get protected from the Sun’s UV harmful rays!  Also, you might want to buy an anti-jellyfish lotion as well!

2.  Check out the swell forecast before planning your surftrip!

magicseaweed or wetsand

3.  Where to surf in the Philippines?

  • La Union – ideal for beginners

In the Philippines, LU should be the first beach you visit if you’re just trying out surfing.  The beach is friendly because it’s just sand bottom.  You can surf here without really knowing how to swim because you can surf at around 5 ft.  Plus, there are a lot of surf instructors available.  There’s a Surf School there called Billabong Surf School and I am a student of this school until now XD

Accommodations, Room rates:

+63 72 720 0340
Tel. & Fax. +63-72-888-4075; Cel. +639107395698
(072) 888-55-28
Cp#/Contact Person: +639205486112 / Sie

Siargao is a tear-drop shaped island situated 800 kilometers southeast of Manila. It has a land mass of approximately 437 kilometers. The east coast is relatively straight with one deep inlet-Port Pilar with a coastline marked by a succession of reefs, small points and white sandy beaches. There are similar neighboring islands and islets with similar landforms. The reefs and points are excellent for picking up any swell that comes along turning into clean, fast waves.


The pros of surfing from the Philippines and all over the world pick this spot for clean big waves building up from the pacific ocean!

This place is not famous for a surf spot before until the movie “Apocalypse Now” (foreign film) was shot in this area.  The “soldiers” and the crew surfed on their break hours.  After the movie was done, they left their surfboards and surfing became “IN” or the Locals

This place is quite far and not many really go to trouble all the way to go up here when people can just stop and be satisfied by La Union waves.  It is situated at the higher tip of Luzon near Vigan I think.

Samar’s waves are built up from the pacific too and they have a nice surf camp resort in this area.

2-hour drive from Manila and this is famous for advanced surfers as well.  They don’t have many surf instructors here though as compared to La Union.  This place is ideal if you want to plan a day trip surfing!

4.  Surfboard

You can definitely rent at surf resorts!  If you’re a beginner, you should ride a long board first!

5.  Surfing Outfit

For the ladies, you would need rash guards if you don’t want anything private become public! I bought mine for 800 at R.O.X. at Bonifacio High Street.  You can always surf on your bikini alone especially if the waves are just small and a little less violent.  If they waves are aggressive though, you would definitely need a safer outfit.

For men, rash guards are really not that required.  You can surf topless but it won’t protect you from any rash you might get from friction.

Happy Surfing!

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Singapore Grand Prix 2008 vs 2009 F1 circuit

Posted by on Aug 27, 2009 in Featured, Formula 1, Sports, Travel

Singapore Grand Prix 2008 vs 2009 F1 circuit

The difference between the Singapore Grand Prix 2008 and 2009 Circuit.

…and where to strategically position yourself for the race day!

**This is actually a re-post from my previous entry Buy Cheaper Signapore Grand Prix Tickets. The reason I reposted it is because people tend to get lost in my blog and they keep on asking me where the best seats are but they didn’t know I created this post long long ago.  Plus, I added a little bit more information by the end of the post.

Yes indeed this is one of my dissapointments. The main difference between last year’s ticket sales and this year’s is that they no longer offer seats to the Singapore Flyer. This was a total dissapointment for me because to last year, this was where I was stationed.

singapore map where i was
Fully utilized my walk-about Sunday ticket and was stationed here in 2008 at the Singapore Flyer area for great photo ops

There were great photography opportunities here too since F1 cars slow down on the dangerous curve at Turn 22.

turn 22
Where I was

Singapore Formula 1 Night Race (68)
Whoohoo! I was posing in front of many many professional photographers XD embarrassing much

Kimi Raikkonen
Kimi Raikkonen (i think) or Filepe Massa (hehe) they were just coming too fast. This is the view from the bleachers for the walkabout pass.

view of turn 22 at another angle (photographer’s platform)

I had the walkabout tickets but they provided here bleacher seats and I deemed myelf lucky!!! I have made the most out of my ticket.

2009 walk-about area vs 2008 walk-about area

sing 2009 circuit
2009 Singapore Grand Prix Circuit Ticketing Map

Notice the green area for tha walk-about tickets above and compare it with the walk-about tickets on the yellow area below. It’s sad for me that’s why I considered buying the Bay Area Grandstand. If the walk-about area is the same as last year’s I would have still bought the same ticket (only for three days). But potong stim this is >.< I guess it’s one of their marketing / sales tactics. oh well, back to reality.

2008 Singapore Grand Prix Circuit Ticketing Map

Advise to tho who have walk-about tickets

Position yourselves near the turns or the corners!  You would get a better look at the cars decelerating.  In the event itself, you will be provided with helpful maps and you won’t be lost here trust me!  Just get your feet ready for all the walking! Also, you might want to position yourselves near a TV screen.  This way you will be updated with what’s happening everywhere!  Last year, I watched the cars pass by me like 10 times, then after that I went out to look for a wide screen!  Because I don’t know what is happening generally.  But! If you’re gallant enough you can rent a Kangaroo TV!  You can bring this device anywhere you are and get updated on the standings, time, I think you would even hear the radio of the different teams and the commentators’ chatter.  The weekend rental costs 75 euros I think.

Summary links:

1. Purchase Singapore Grand Prix tickets here.

2. Singapore Grand Prix Ticketing Release Details.

3. Singapore Grand Prix Early Bird Savings Off 2008 & 2009 Regular Ticket Pricing.

4. Download the 2009 Singapore Grand Prix night race Circuit map here.

5. Play Formula 1 online.

6. View the parade of the stars video captured by me. XD

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No Woman No Cry – Unlocked

Posted by on Aug 26, 2009 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Featured, Music

No Woman No Cry – Unlocked

He’s not Bob Marley!  But he just made a very good cover of it… so listen first and enjoy…

So what does the song mean???

Bob Marley’s song “No Woman No Cry” has brought confusion to the listeners.

I have always thought that “No Woman No Cry” is an if-then statement.

[IF] there’s no woman, [THEN] There’s no cry… and I was like… I don’t dig this song so much!  It’s like erm, Bob wants no woman?

But then Jamaican English is different from the standard English and it should be interpreted as “No, Woman no cry” and not “No Woman, no cry”.

Translation in standard English, “Woman, don’t cry.”  *phew* way to go Bob, you’re my raggamuffin hero!

It makes perfect sense if you interpret it  as “Woman, don’t cry” if you read the lyrics below..

In this great future you can’t forget your past, So dry your tears
I say and to my peeps who passed away,
No woman, no cry, no woman no cry, say, say,say.

My drink’s my only remedy
For pain of losing family, but while I’m gone Shorty,
Everything’s gonna be alright, everything’s gonna be alright,

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La Union Aug Long Weekend – Day 2

Posted by on Aug 24, 2009 in Featured, Pilipinas, Sports, Surfing, Travel

La La La…

Potong Stim! (Malay expression) There still got no waves!  Actually, here were still some baby ones by afternoon and I still tried to ride it… ALONE!!!  And I got a wave, paddled, popped up, rode the board… ON MY OWN!  Without TULAK!!!  This is an achievement for me surf-wise and by this event I am just happy!

I had brunch at Surf Camp (quite expensive) but I was so tamad to go to Patubos because it was extremely hot and humid.  We then, swam, snorkeled and surfed and had dinner at Urbiztondo Grill.  At night, we just watched North Shore on my pc… Then Lush Angel had one funny blooper lol.  Then we slept… So tired!

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La Union Aug Long Weekend – Day 1

Posted by on Aug 21, 2009 in Featured, Pilipinas, Sports, Surfing, Travel

Disappointing Loser waves today

At least there are some baby waves towards the late afternoon so I better not complain before the waves completely turn their back on me.

We are staying at San Juan Surf Camp now.  We are like 20 people plus DKS friends and their friends (6).  They are staying in Sebay though because Surf Camp is full-booked the weekend.

It’s the first time that I am here on a Friday.  Friday is actually the “Green Zinc” project clean-up day where the locals clean the shores from seaweed and unwanted trash just to keep and preserve the La Union shore.

There’s nothing more sexier than seeing Luke Landrigan raking those seaweeds out of the shore!  **Faints**  You gals should be here on Fridays lol.

Playing on the Surf Camp music now is “Somewhere over the Rainbow” in Ukelele… It’s a lovely tune, relaxing and chillin ^_^

Absolutely amazing sunset at La Union today… but I didn’t take a picture of it because I was too lazy to get my camera in our room!  But it was so colorful and beautiful in shades of orange, yellow, sky-baby-blue, and lush pink!

I am totally starving as I type and I’m off to grab some dinner… I just do hope that tomorrow will be a better day to get Stoked!

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Same Stuff Blogging, Random Thoughts and a Jet-Setter September!

Posted by on Aug 20, 2009 in Announcements, blogging, Featured, Life, Personal

I have an issue, I can’t really blog when I know many people are blogging about some certain topic or that someone blogged about something first before me, unless it would make my blog totally different from them.  That’s why sometimes I don’t blog-hop even though I want to.  I don’t want to find out what other people are blogging.  Well not yet, until I think I have released the clog in my blog bowl.

Seriously, at this stage my project in my office is just getting a little bit more stable.  With this, it’s just now that I had the time to breathe, to look at my blog again… to blog again… attend events again… redesign my blog (layout, content-wise and ads positioning)  See I don’t earn much from this blogging.  That’s because I don’t have much time.

I have declined many event invites and I have witnessed plurk updates and I totally got jealous lol.  Anyway, I hope to be back in action…  But this weekend, I’ll be surfing again baby!  No big waves in the forecast tomorrow but I’m still hopeful…  If not I’ll just paddle paddle until I burn all my fat out haha.

So what’s it gonna be?  What’s next?

I have yet to blog my Hong Kong trip and my Surf trips!  So please do watch out for that.  If you liked my Singapore budget post I’ll be doing the same thing for surfing so to all the rookie bloggers I know who just tried surfing, and got addicted to it the first time, I’ll be posting out tips to plan your own surf trips.

It’s a Jet Setter September for me!

I will be going to:

1. Cebu – I will just do a heritage tour (cheap free tours and just take photos and cam-whore)  I will be with Mica, Winston, Ed and Ada!  We might bump into AJ there as well.

2. Kuala Lumpur and Penang – I need to meet my dear shouters whom I have had a deep connection with despite the miles.  I need to finally try the Bah Kuh Teh and the Khoay Ziap whose pictures I have been drooling with over and over again!

3.  Bacolod – I haven’t been home in 2 or 3 years.  I need to visit my dad’s peaceful place ^_^ but since I think my budget is a bit tight, I might not push through with Bacolod, unless I have a sponsor I guess…

4.  Singapore – Another adrenaline-rushing Formula1 event!  I was there to witness the first ever night race in history last  year!  I’m gonna be there again the second time around! this time in BETTER SEATS!  and I will stay Longer!  I shall be budget trippin’ and back packin again for 7 days!

Enough Blah, I know you’re sleeping already with boredom from this all-text post haha… but hopefuly I’m back for good this time!


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Tuesday Bliss and Kiss and TV5 @ mag:net

Posted by on Aug 19, 2009 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Movies & TV

My bladder is all painful due to the alcohol I have been drinking these days >.<  And worse, I got my monthly visitor and I have to update my calendar on anewyou.com.ph The website usually sends me an SMS reminder 3 or 2 days before my period but I got mine early this month… weird…

Anyway, more work today…  Partied heavy last night though I missed one event that I so wanted to go because Mo Twister is the host.  It was Freeway’s event but sadly my work got in the way so, paiseh to Freeway’s PR I would have really wanted to be there!

I went to TV5’s launch at mag:net though.  They launched their late night shows and TV5 is really rockin’ the TV industry!  They are growing and I love all the well-thought shows they have.  I met quite a few new people, some old ones and new acquaintances.  Jojo A is really funny and I must watch that late night show if I can go home at 11pm which is not often!

The musicblogger and I also worked our way to the stage to try the rockeoke thing and it’s a first to both of us.  I don’t know if I sang well or not because I could not hear myself!  I could just hear drums, guitar, and “clapping” but not my voice T___T

I will be uploading pictures of the event soon so watch my Gallery for event updates! CIAOZ!

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I need to blog!

Posted by on Aug 17, 2009 in Life, Personal

Someone told me I need to blog at least once a day!  So, i’ll do my best despite the busy times…  Which reminds me, I better get rid of my blog’s RSS to my Facebook before my friends there flag me as a “SPAMMER”

I just got back from my Let’s Go Sago Surf Trip and I just want to say Congratulations Jonel!  It was a very successful event!  I shall be posting the pictures soon!

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Let’s Go Sago SURFTRIP!

Posted by on Aug 5, 2009 in Advocacy, Announcements, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Sports, Surfing

Let’s Go Sago SURFTRIP!
Lets Go Sago Surf Clinic

Let's Go Sago Surf Clinic

This is a quickie post.

I’m promoting my friend’s event: Let’s Go Sago Surfing Clinic in La Union

Why? Because I also want to promote sports to you alls! Don’t just sit on your laurels! Go out! hear the waves! stand on the waves! SURF!

It’s the awesome-est event of the year organized by Jonel Uy of Let’s Go Sago.    It’s a surf clinic catered to beginners to surfing and the first-timers!  But don’t worry if you are a surf pro already, I think you can still join since it’s a charity event and portion of the proceeds will go to the WWF-Philippines!

Main objectives of this project are:

• Financially assist WWF-Philippines in their local endeavors & operations.
• Further promote Philippine tourism.
• Strengthen the local community of Philippine bloggers through this project.

Click here to view more detalis about the project.

Click here to register now!

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KFC Krushers

Posted by on Aug 3, 2009 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Featured, Food, Health

KFC Krushers

I haven’t noticed that they have these!  Lately I have a growing affection for shakes.  I’m not a shake lover but the shake shake journey started just early this year when I was in Boracay sipping a Mango shake at Jonas.

Also, I have this new habit of buying a shake after every surf…  It’s just that I feel so exhausted, tired and dehydrated that I need to sip on something.  I usually buy one especially when I’m waiting for my other surf buddies to finish showering.  Surf Camp – San Juan’s wifi plus the sound of the waves, plus shake = <3

It’s cold rainy season lately but it doesn’t stop me from finding means of satisfying my craving!  Good thing we passed by a KFC store in SM Mega Mall last Saturday!


The KFC Krushers comes in three flavorsKookies n’ Kream, Karamel Krunch and Strawberry Banana.  I had a hard time choosing which to try first!  In the end I resulted to trying the Strawberry-Banana first.  It’s because it is PHP 10 more than the two other flavours so I thought that this might be the “Nicole Scharzinger” of the Pussycat Dolls.

DSC00352 DSC00351

The shake was smooth enough, no rough ice that shocks teeth.  It is creamy, milky and sweet even for a yogurt drink and mild enough for acid-freak stomachs like mine.  It’s healthy enough since it has yogurt (which means live lactobacilli something or just call it good bacteria hehe).  The strawberry-banana isn’t that luxurious but that’s what you get for paying only PHP75.  Some say that it might be pricey but for my standards, this is okay for a big cup serving.  I think it’s just all balanced.  Put more fruit and it should get more expensive.


I am quite impressed that a fast-food chain can think of better more things to sell… If you think of it, Chicken … Gravy … plus Krusher … not such a good combination!  You also don’t want to buy softdrinks for your meal and make it a dessert drink… I suggest that once you order this with your meal, just drink it after eating instead for a more satisfactory experience.   That was what I did since I think it would be weird gulping on creamy milky yogurt shake after I swallow chicken and gravy… eeekz! did I loose your appetite there? sorry! 😛

*pictures taken by Sony Ericsson W760i

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Massa and Schumacher

Posted by on Aug 1, 2009 in Formula 1, Sports

Massa and Schumacher

If you noticed, I had a little bit of an F1 hiatus. 



1.  I was surfing every weekend so I wasn’t able to watch any.

2.  Even if I catch up and see the results online, I still don’t have the luxury of time to blog about it.

3.  I am so caught up with my current project migration in our company.

4.  I izzzz jinxed!  Everythime I watch F1 2009, the Brawns win… all the time… I would love for them to win (but not as much as my team Ferrari) but them winning consecutively makes F1 b-o-r-i-n-g!  I missed watching the Chinese Grand Prix and the Redbulls win… every time I don’t watch F1, Brawns don’t win…


I regretted not having seen the Hungarian Grand Prix… this was the grand prix that Massa got into a critical accident.  He’s okay now but he can’t go back to the race track in the near future…


Massa’s replacement


Hiya!! I'mma rawk teh streets!


I could only wish it was me!  Imagine, a lady F1 driver hahaha (dream on lol)

anyway, not me but Michael Schumacher!  He’s un-retiring!

I am just so ecstatic with him coming back and that would mean I would see him in the Singapore GP!  I would see a legend!


TAFN, more soon…



More about the F1 grand prix and Michael Schumacher on f1fanatic.co.uk – the ultimate F1 blog!

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