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La Union Aug Long Weekend – Day 2

Posted by on Aug 24, 2009 in Featured, Pilipinas, Sports, Surfing, Travel | 2 comments

La La La…

Potong Stim! (Malay expression) There still got no waves!  Actually, here were still some baby ones by afternoon and I still tried to ride it… ALONE!!!  And I got a wave, paddled, popped up, rode the board… ON MY OWN!  Without TULAK!!!  This is an achievement for me surf-wise and by this event I am just happy!

I had brunch at Surf Camp (quite expensive) but I was so tamad to go to Patubos because it was extremely hot and humid.  We then, swam, snorkeled and surfed and had dinner at Urbiztondo Grill.  At night, we just watched North Shore on my pc… Then Lush Angel had one funny blooper lol.  Then we slept… So tired!


  1. @Nick hahaha yup thanks XD 😉

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