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Tuesday Bliss and Kiss and TV5 @ mag:net

Posted by on Aug 19, 2009 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Movies & TV | 12 comments


My bladder is all painful due to the alcohol I have been drinking these days >.<  And worse, I got my monthly visitor and I have to update my calendar on anewyou.com.ph The website usually sends me an SMS reminder 3 or 2 days before my period but I got mine early this month… weird…

Anyway, more work today…  Partied heavy last night though I missed one event that I so wanted to go because Mo Twister is the host.  It was Freeway’s event but sadly my work got in the way so, paiseh to Freeway’s PR I would have really wanted to be there!

I went to TV5’s launch at mag:net though.  They launched their late night shows and TV5 is really rockin’ the TV industry!  They are growing and I love all the well-thought shows they have.  I met quite a few new people, some old ones and new acquaintances.  Jojo A is really funny and I must watch that late night show if I can go home at 11pm which is not often!

The musicblogger and I also worked our way to the stage to try the rockeoke thing and it’s a first to both of us.  I don’t know if I sang well or not because I could not hear myself!  I could just hear drums, guitar, and “clapping” but not my voice T___T

I will be uploading pictures of the event soon so watch my Gallery for event updates! CIAOZ!


  1. Sama ako next time, pwede ba yun? Hehe. See you!

  2. ZOMG TELLY!!! I had no girl drinking buddy last night ABSOF*CKINLUTELY YOU CAN! haha!

  3. and telly I hazz an Idea… can we like not work nalang and build our own PR something? haha… Can we attend events and live the good life nalang hahaha

  4. Sayang hindi ako nakahabol! 8pm na kasi uwian namin sa work T_T

  5. Hahaha, we actually can. But it is going to be difficult and I wouldn’t know where to start. If you have an idea, let’s talk this weekend! Hehehehe.

  6. I am not actually the perfect drinking buddy. You might end up really sober at the end of the night because of me. =P

    Yay, tag me along next time please. KTHANKSBYE! (I’ve always wanted to use that) =P

  7. oh Dang! ako nga 11pm pero tumakas muna onti hehe.. pero tapos ko naman mga deliverables ko.. pero bumalik rin ako sa office after..

  8. Telly, but to me, you are perfect awww haha… I’ll watch out for you and no drinkin too much darling… haha good applications of the kthanksbye 😀

  9. Pero Quezon City pa ako galing haha Phail 😀

  10. this is a nice idea 😛 Sama. LOL

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