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I miss being the Candy in the Sun

Posted by on Nov 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

I miss being the Candy in the Sun

I was browsing through my surfing pictures… and I just want to share how I miss surfing when I was viewing them… I seriously can’t wait for another surf trip! Who’s with me?



getting ready to Surf. I believe this was my first time.



I have tried surfing the big waves.  Big swells usually happen after a storm or during surf season (Oct – Feb)


It’s surf season… the boards are out! Time to display “Gone-surfing” sign on my Desktop

Bruises-all-over Ouch

Battle Scars… nail polish chipped… 😛


I finally learned to surf on my own 😀


I started learning with long boards

Then I tried to ride a short board…



Then I bought my own board 😀 yaye!

by telthewanderer.blogspot.com

This is me and my board… I have yet to name it… but yes, it’s not really a shortboard, it’s a “fun board” actually.  I just got it since it’s small enough for me and I can carry it around without breaking my shoulder :P  You can paddle it like a longboard.. it’s nice 😀

BTW, It’s a Bonga Schaper 6’10” I bought it at Roxy for PHP 15,000

by telthewanderer.blogspot.com

ahhh yes… alone in the ocean… this time, without a surf guide… 😛 I htink I’m trying to do either a cross-step here or practicing my “wipe-outs” lol



by telthewanderer.blogspot.com

I <3 my Board … and I miss it… it needs to be used soon!!!

Can someone actually try to sponsor me and my surftrips? 😛 because it could get really expensive if you do it on a weekly basis.


When in La Union, and I’m not surfing… I sun bathe… eat ice cream… get enough energy to surf again! Chilin’ at the beach… what more can you ask for?


at night… I pray to the seas…

LOL I’m kidding… while everybody else is drinking… I isolate myself and sit at the beach… and think about nothing… and just chill and listen to music… ahhhh… life is good 😀


This is Jeffy surfer and me.  Jeff is my surf guide! I learned because of him… so, If by any chance you’d want to try surfing in La Union.  Please go to Surf Camp and look for Jeff to train you… other guides are good as well, all of them, but Jeff is the man who taught me how :D 



I long to see this sign again…

I definitely must plan a surf trip soon… who’s coming with me?


Please comment below if you think I should organize a surf trip for bloggers, and if anyone wants to help me… I’m planning it on December hopefully… so buzz me up y’alls

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Globe Tattoo – Project Headshot Clinic

Posted by on Nov 17, 2009 in Advocacy, Art & Photography, blogging, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Pilipinas

Globe Tattoo – Project Headshot Clinic

After the Nestle Fitnesse program, we headed to Cava Somerset for the project Headshot.  One of the best things about being a blogger is that you can reach to people and influence them.  And, if you know me, I’m a pro-environment person.  So when we were asked to choose our advocacy, that will be shown at the bottom part of our headshot, I chose to vote for environment sustainability.

To promote Youth causes in the upcoming national elections, Youth Vote Philippines and Globe Telecom have partnered to use the collaborative power of the Internet in a program called One Youth.

Under One Youth, young Filipinos promote their advocacies online by joining discussions and by using their profile pictures in …social network sites as a way of endorsing of their causes of interest (i.e. education, reproductive health, etc). These photos are collectively called One Youth Project Headshot Clinic – The Youth Vote Series, and will be taken by Fashion photographer Niccolo Cosme.

So yeah, for a day, I was a model! 😛  I went to Cava, Somerset with Sire, Cathie and Earth.  But then when we arrived there Vince followed and then I saw more familiar people like Flow and my other friend from Iloilo and hey, I finally got to meet Noelle! :)

Globe Project Headshot 01


You think you missed your chance to be a part of this?  Well, just check out their website from time to time, or subscribe to their updates because I don’t think this is the last.  They’re like everywhere.  They have even reached Davao, so please do check out http://headshotclinic.com

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Vanity Brats join the Nestle Fitnesse Challenge

Posted by on Nov 16, 2009 in blogging, Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Fashion, Featured, Food, Health

Vanity Brats join the Nestle Fitnesse Challenge

Pictures were taken using Panasonic Lumix LZ10

Nestle Fitnesse at Greenbelt 58

Nestle Fitnesse challenged us to loose 2 pounds in 14 days! My teammates are Sire and Cathie. We are known as Vanity Brats! I named it in tribute to my dead beauty blog url vanitybrat.com :( I can haz no money to maintain it anymore :(

Nestle Fitnesse at Greenbelt 57

Since I’m trying to loose 10 more pounds, accepting this challenge would be one of the things that would motivate me. What do we need to do to win? Loose 2 pounds in 14 days… This can be done! We need to be weighed in again after 2 weeks 😛

Nestle Fitnesse at Greenbelt 43

Oh, and I will make another entry for this, please do vote for us 😛 Please and thank you!

Day 1
To be honest, I really didn’t diet :( Because it was Sunday and I had dinner at Nomnomnom restaurant and Dezato Cafe (blog post soon)

Day 2
That’s today, and yes, I shall replace either lunch or dinner with Nestle Fitnesse Wheat Cereal 😀 I love cereals and this shouldn’t be a problem!

The Prizes

Nestle Fitnesse at Greenbelt 25

Michi Calica dress – I like!!!

Nestle Fitnesse at Greenbelt 27 7 for All Mankind jeans

7 for All Mankind jeans

Nestle Fitnesse at Greenbelt 28

which costs around PHP 11,000 **faints**

I want this jeans! I just hope I can fit in it!!! This could be like my “Traveling Pants”

Nestle Fitnesse at Greenbelt 29

Jun Escario Top (left) and Kate Torralba dress (right)

Nestle Fitnesse at Greenbelt 30

Religioso dress

Nestle Fitnesse at Greenbelt 31

Rhett Eala gown (left) and Chanel dress (right)

Nestle Fitnesse at Greenbelt 26

Hermes belt 😛

Hopefully, the Vanity Brats win and we get to have these ZOMG!

Pictures of the Nestle Fitnesse event at Greenbelt

Nestle Fitnesse at Greenbelt 19

Nestle Fitnesse at Greenbelt 18

Nestle Fitnesse at Greenbelt 54 Nestle Fitnesse at Greenbelt 39

I’m having my makeup done by Carmen Reyes

Nestle Fitnesse at Greenbelt 36

Yes, we needed to weigh ourselves.

Nestle Fitnesse at Greenbelt 23

Cereal overload 😛

Nestle Fitnesse at Greenbelt 48 Nestle Fitnesse at Greenbelt 21 Nestle Fitnesse at Greenbelt 21 Nestle Fitnesse at Greenbelt 06

Contest mechanics

Nestle Fitnesse at Greenbelt 40

More about the 14-day Fit and Fashion Gains

nestle omnibus

You want to shed weight for an upcom­ing event. Do you (a) accept how you look and de-tag Face­book pics later, (b) stop eating, or (c) make small tweaks in your diet? Yeah we thought so.

And diet experts say that you can kick start your way to a healthier shape in 14 days. Yes, that’s shedding off a couple of pounds in two weeks—and you can do it without crash or taking in unhealthy supplements if you follow the NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-day meal plan.

Myra Garcia, Consumer Marketing Manager of NESTLÉ FITNESSE explains that in this meal plan, you only need to replace breakfast and one of the main meals – either lunch or dinner – with NESTLÉ FITNESSE for 2 weeks. NESTLÉ FITNESSE comes in three variants – Original, Fitnesse & Fruits, & Fitnesse Honey Almond. She adds that exercising as well as eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and low-fat, carbohydrate rich foods is the best way to complement this 14-day regimen.

“ Following this means you’re making real effort to eat more whole grains, reduce the fat and saturated fat content of your diet, while boosting your carbohydrate intake,” says Garcia. “With this you’re definitely on the right track to showing off your shape.”

So what’s the secret behind the NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-day meal plan? Two words: whole grain. Garcia shares that independent studies show that women who regularly eat whole grain as part of a low fat diet and healthy lifestyle, tend to weigh less and are less likely to gain weight over time.

Whole grains such as brown rice, whole wheat cereals, or oats, contain all the parts of the grain, thus retaining its fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals,” notes Garcia. “And coupled with a low fat diet and healthy lifestyle, whole grain can really be a woman’s bff – best fitness frien,” she quips.

And if sleek bod is not enough reason for you to go gaga over the NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-day meal plan, the fact that it can be a ticket to the most coveted designer wardrobe in the Philippines might just do the trick.

In NESTLÉ FITNESSE’s Show off Your Shape Promo, fashion and fitness come together to give style mavens a crack at the most coveted designer wardrobe to hit Manila – and this, while getting in tip-top shape. Here, fashionistas only have to form a team of 2-8 members; follow the NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-day meal plan; post and promote their 14-day regimen online; ask their friends to vote for their entries and then finally cross their fingers for the most coveted designer wardrobe to hit Manila. To see who’ll walk away with the fit and fashion gains of NESTLÉ FITNESSE, just visit http://www.fitnesse-14days.com. You may also log on to vote for your fashionista favorite.

Indeed, with the fashion and fitness gains of the NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-day meal plan, everyone’s on their way to being fashionably fit. And yes, definitely no need to de-tag Facebook shots anytime soon

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TV5 movie premiere – 2012 at Glorietta

Posted by on Nov 15, 2009 in blogging, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Movies & TV

TV5 movie premiere – 2012 at Glorietta

Burger King

picture taken by Jehz using LX3 and wide angle lens

After the Digital Filipino Web awards Jehz, Mica, Ada, Vince and I stopped by at Burger King for some nourishments 😛  We just hang out there as Vince gets to know the other “Nyokers.”  One thing I realized though, Jehz is way OC than I thought!  He kept on cleaning his LX3 Lenses! Oh and his LX3 is a gadget candy!!!  I want to save enough money for that next year… or wait, maybe I’ll just wait for the LX4 to come out 😛

picture by Jehz using LX3 and fish-eye lens

The 2012 movie

After that we went straight to Cinema 1 of Glorietta 4.  We met Myk and he gave us the tickets and PR XD yayez!  Now it’s movie time!

OMG The movie’s cinematography and the effects are gnarly nice!  There’s a whole lot of action too… the action never stopped and the whole time I had this tight grip on my seat!  I think it would be better to watch this though in a 4D cinema… I would love to feel the seats shake every time there’s an earthquake 😛  Wouldn’t it be nice? 😛

Anyway, after the movie I got dragged and interviewed by TV5 😛 it was a LOL moment because I really don’t know what to say… but I really did enjoy the movie and I recommend you guys to watch it!!! Worth it!!!

Thank you Myk and TV5 for the premiere tickets!

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FlairCandy Blog Won Best Personal Blog

Posted by on Nov 14, 2009 in Announcements, blogging, Career, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Personal, Pilipinas

FlairCandy Blog Won Best Personal Blog

I posted this earlier, because I was not sure if we were allowed to word out the winners…

I received an e-mail from Janette Torral last Monday, November 9, stating that I won the “Best Personal Blog” in the Digital Filipino Web Awards.  I had to read the email at least five times just to make sure that I read it right!

Digital Filipino Web Awards 2009 11
Digital Filipino Web Awards 2009 13

I was happy to present five slides, prior to my awarding, about the best blogging practices for personal blogging.  My presentation did not take long (2 minutes) because my general message is that in personal blogging, you just need to be yourself.  You are your own niche!  People read your personal blog because your audience can relate to you.  Maintain your personal brand.  Fortunately, Vince videotaped my presentation so please do watch the space below for updates and uploads.

Patay Gutom wins Best Food Website

Just in case you don’t know, I am a Patay Gutom (english translation: dead hungry people).  Yes!  That means, I am always hungry… I love food… and I’d be dead if you don’t give me food!  Food has been our passion and we have a url specifically for this pataygutom.com


Digital Filipino Web Awards 2009 26

Mica was supposed to get the award for this but she was late >.<  Jehz was also nowhere in sight at this time, so I had to get the award for the team…  The first question they asked me when I got the stage was “What does Patay Gutom mean?”  so I had to answer the question and explain it the Patay Gutom way.

My Brute Cheats!

Remember this plurk of mine?

mybrute plurk

This was actually the first time I introduced My Brute to the plurkiverse :)  Click on the picture to view the comments 😛  Jehz and Fitz are genius and mybrutecheats.com came to life!  You have to check their site out because the whole layout and everything and the content of the cheat site is amazing!  That’s why they super deserve to win the “Best Gaming Website” award!

Anyway, back to my first question… Dare to challenge the candy? Fight my brute! 😛


Digital Filipino Web Awards 2009 36

Congratulations to all winners and to my fellow nominees!  Congratulations again to Miss Janette Toral for a successful E-commerce summit!

Thank you!

to Jehzeel Laurente for letting me grab the pictures

to Alvin a.k.a. cheftonio for taking pictures of me when I was presenting

to Vince Golangco of wheninmanila.com for the video coverage of my presentation.

to Dhina Lieva for nominating me.  Without this nomination, I never would have won in the first place :) BIG HUGS and THANK YOU 😀

and lastly, to the sponsors of Digital Filipino E-Commerce Summit and Web Awards:

Digital Filipino Web Awards 2009 08

Pictures and Video Galleries

FlairCandy Digital Filipino Web Awards 2009 Gallery

Jehzlau Digital Filipino Web Awards 2009 Gallery

Vince Golangco Digital Filipino E-Commerce Summit pictures (soon)

Video coverage of my Personal Blogging presentation. (soon)

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This award definitely inspired me to share more and do better on my blog 😀 Thank you!

Digital Filipino Web Awards 2009 24

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FlairCandy blog will Accept an Award

Posted by on Nov 12, 2009 in Announcements

FlairCandy blog will Accept an Award

This Friday, I will be somewhere to accept an award for my Flair Candy blog :)  It is the first BIG award that I will get for a BIG category!  Right now, I’m just super happy and excited and all hyped up!!!  I will tell the whole story once the awarding is done.  This is so AMAZING!

Please click here for my blog post about the Digital Filipino Web Awards.
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The Nuffnang Blog Awards – first international blog event

Posted by on Nov 9, 2009 in blogging, Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Travel

The Nuffnang Blog Awards – first international blog event

I know this post is super delayed!

Anyway, I’ll just let you go through the most elegant blogging event I have ever been – The Nuffnang Blog Awards. How elegant? It was held in Singapore!! ! – at the grand ballroom of Pan Pacific Hotel.  I think there were around 400 bloggers from the region (Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and the Philippines).  20 bloggers represented the Philippines (and it includes me) LUCKY!!!  I was one of the lucky winners of the Pringles and Uniquely Singapore contest and I was sent to Singapore with other Nuffies!jane

As you know, I just arrived from my Formula1 Singapore trip as well and yet I’m back? There’s just much to love about Singapore! and this event is definitely my chance to finally meet Tim, Ming, Mike, Robb, and Jessica!!! They are the ones I frequently talk to or stalk with online hahaha! and I finally got to meet them!

First of all, Thank you to the Nuffnang, Pringles, Uniquely Singapore, Canon and Link Hotel for making this experience possible!

You know how much of a Nuffnang fan I am… I have my whole Nuffnang story (even before they came here in the Philippines) all over my blog.  See my posts about Nuffnang  here, here and here. 😛

In this trip, I also had many firsts.  It was my first blog event outside of the country.  It was my first Nuffnang Awards.  It was the first time I am with Nyoks outside the country…  For the first time I met Mr. Poe… also I got to meet the other bloggers… first time in Mint Museum… first time to finally have a Singaporean friend… and so on and so forth!

I considered this ONE BIG Birthday gift for me!  This trip has been symbolical.  It’s like the celebration of a “New Me.”  With a lot of new stuff in my life… car, career, friends, possibly love…  What else could get better?  While I’m lucky, I’m gonna make the most out of it :)

At the Awards Night, I didn’t bring any camera *paiseh* … I had a really tiny bag and I thought I’d rather mingle around.  All my companions have cameras with them anyway so all the pictures below have been grabbed from Ada, Maki and Ms. Noemi.

10-26-2009 8-25-14 PM

This is me … in 10mm wide angle.. so I’m stretched horizontally T__T


Mica, me and Maki all dressed up 😛 (all the single ladies :P)


All the Filipina ladies at Link Hotel Lobby… ready for the glam party!  This is also the first time I met Alodia, Ashley, Fran, Jen and Frances :)

When I say ELEGANT… well this is how it looks!  I can’t help but feel super lucky!  This was held at one of Pan Pacific’s ballrooms.

Frances and me at the registration

from noemi

I finally met Tim!!! (co-founder of Nuffnang)  I’m surprised he recognized either me or my blog.  That’s what I get if I comment too often on his blog LOL.  If he’s so nice online, he’s definitely nicer in person!  He never tires of smiling… the whole night he just had that friendly grin! :)

Thanks to miss Noemi for this special picture!

with the Nuffies, Jane, Ashley and me

I somehow found myself posing with the Malaysian bloggers :)  To bad Mike didn’t introduce me to them, I would have wanted to get to know them 😛  yah… If you find yourselves here, please drop a comment by so that I can link you 😉

We were at Table 7 :)


Audrey (Tim’s Princess) and me. :) I kept on calling her “Princes” because she looks like one :) she’s really adorable, approachable and friendly :) very very pretty too!


I think we’re both 4-feet something haha

9527_160973036126_560746126_2758980_594125_n Rob Chew and me :)

I don’t know if he knows that I have a crush on him hahaha… and I finally have a picture with him!!! I’m such a fan girl lol… Ladies, IKR… too bad for us he’s gay… a very hawt one woot!


me with Kenny Sia – very famous Malaysian blogger winner of “Most Entertainment Blog”  … Look at me… so starstruck lol


Another photo of Jehz, Mica and me with Kenny Sia


with Wendy a.k.a. Xia Xue 😀 she’s a doll

Wendy won THREE awards! She won most influential, best original blog design and Region’s best blog.


me and Jess a.k.a. Benjicajess my Malaysian friend and fellow shouter

Nuffnang Blog Award 2009

and of course.. Mike Yip and me.  This guy I’ve been stalking so that I can get access to Formula 1 drivers lol… anyway, he’s a good buddy online I’m so glad I was able to meet him finally!


Patty and me when the event’s almost done and we were just waiting for the bus :)

pictures grabbed from Jane Chua:

me and Anton of ourawesomplanet.com

me and Jonel of letsgosago.net

me and Penton who works for Nuffnang Malaysia 😀

The complete list Nuffnang Blog Awards 2009 of winners:

Congratulations to all winners and to all the nominees as well!  Being a part of the final set of nominees is honoring enough, you are one of the best – in the Region! Congratulations!

Best Blog Shop – bonitochico.livejournal.com
Best Food Blog – ieatishootipost.sg
Best Fashion Blog – ladymelbourne.blogspot.com
Best Parenting Blog – childhood101.blogspot.com
Best Travel Blog – ironwulf.net
Best Celebrity Blog – joannepeh.com
Best Entertainment Blog – kennysia.com
Best Geek Blog – mrgadget.com.au
Best Original Blog Design – xiaxue.blogspot.com
Most Influential Blog – xiaxue.blogspot.com
Best Hidden Gem – dedoodle.blogspot.com
Region’s Best Blog – xiaxue.blogspot.com

Congratulations to Ferds for winning the Best Travel Blog!

Ferdz of IronWulf.net

List of Galleries to the Nuffnang Blog Awards:

Official Gallery

Flair Candy Gallery – Uniquely Singapore tour

Maki Eduardo Gallery

AdaPhobic Gallery

Jehzlau-Concepts Gallery

Yoshke Dimen’s Gallery

Noemi Dado’s Gallery

Alodia Gosiengfiao’s Gallery

Ivy Baldoza’s Gallery

Blog Posts about the Nuffnang Blog Awards

Timothy Tiah


Mike Yip (photos)

Benjicajess (video and photo coverage)





Ada Lajara


Noemi’s Post and Video Coverage with interviews

Jane Chua

Anton Diaz

Mr. Gadget

Got a blog post or gallery of the Nuffnang blog awards?

Please do leave a comment below and include the link to your blog post or gallery and I will include it in my list! :)

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