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From Banchetto to Tagaytay

Posted by on Dec 14, 2009 in blogging, Featured, Food, Pilipinas, Travel | 8 comments

One random boring Friday with all the energy still stored up in my body waiting to be released, I asked my good friends for a Banchetto night.

Banchetto is a food market bazaar every Friday night to Saturday morning in Ortigas Emerald Ave.  Banchetto is actually an itallian word for “feast.”  I’m so glad there’s a feast then in Ortigas once a week!  You’ll see a variety of foods and you must come to experience Banchetto yourself!  If you plan to go here, you must not eat dinner… or just eat a light snack before because you will really get your tummy stuffed!

Banchetto starts at 11pm Friday night and ends at 11am  Saturday morning.

What I love to eat there?

After that we hanged out at Ortigas Park and just talked about geek stuff :P  Ialso opened up about my career and these two friends are so supportive of it 😀

After Banchetto, I was supposed to drive them to somewhere where there’s taxi.  Then this song played on my car on SUPER BASS “Forgiveness” by Wamdue Project… Then I blurted out “PARANG I WANT TO GO TO TAGAYTAY.”  Then Jehz and Winston were like… “TARA”

So off we went to Tagaytay at 3am.  We arrived in Tagaytay at around near 4am and we looked for  24-hour resto.  Unfortunately there are not many 24-hour stores.  Lucky I know  24-hour place “Andanita Taj of Tagaytay” and we pitstopped there for some Indian ice cream and they ordered shake.  I had to power nap on the couch but I didn’t sleep really.  Win however slept on the couch like knocked down lol.  Jehz was awake the whole time takin a picture of us T_T  He’s a night owl fyi.

When the sun was up, we went to Leslie’s for some sight-seeing and yummy hot bulalo.  Before that though, we went to cam-whore with Jeh’z lovely LX3 gear with fish-eye and wide-angle lenses.

Here are the pictures 😀


  1. Bigla ako napadpad sa post na ito hehe 😀 Hindi kami bati ni yagit nito tsaka nasa Dagupan ako. Sana maulit tapos kasama naman kami nina Ada 😛 Miss you Hannah!

  2. pwede! kasya naman tayo lahat seksi naman ^_^

  3. ‘yung mga panahong payat pa sila hehehe

  4. hahaha!! YES!!! True that… pati ako rin mas payat ako dati

  5. ngayon lumolobo na, lalo na si Winston haha!

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