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FlairCandy Featured in Meg Magazine – Keeping Things Interesting

Posted by on Feb 28, 2010 in Announcements, blogging, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Featured

FlairCandy Featured in Meg Magazine – Keeping Things Interesting

I just realized that February is almost over but it’s not too late to buy Meg’s Feb 2010 edition!


Marian Rivera looks nice in the cover and they tackled more interesting topics than usual.  Check it out!

What’s more interesting is that I’m in it!!! 😀  Your favorite candy is mentioned on “guys 101” article…  Don’t be startled… I was tagged as a “Serial Dater” haha…  Well, you know how much of a roller coaster my love life is… Well, buy the magazine if you want to know what I have to say about guys keeping things interesting in relationships 😀

page0001 page0002

FlairCandy Featured in Meg Magazine – Keeping Things Interesting
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It’s About Time Men Wear the Pants Again

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It’s About Time Men Wear the Pants Again

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Calling all men. It’s time to wear the pants.

“Once upon a time, men wore the pants, and wore them well.  Women rarely had to open doors and little old ladies never crossed the street alone.  Men took charge because that’s what they did.  But somewhere along the way, the world decided it no longer needed men.  Disco by disco, latte by foamy non-latte, men were stripped off their khakis and left stranded on the road between boyhood and androgyny.  But today, there are questions or genderless society has no answer for.  The world sits idly by as cities crumble, children misbehave and those little old ladies remain on one side of the street.  For the first time since bad guys, we need heroes.  We need grown-ups.  We need men to put down the plastic fork, step away from the salad bar and unite the world from the tracks of complacency.  It’s time to get your hands dirty.  It’s time to answer the call of manhood.  It’s time to WEAR THE PANTS.”

Thank goodness Dockers thought of this campaign.  I mean where are my real men at???  It’s about time someone take the pants off me again.  Women have rights and we want to keep them, but we also love to be treated like princesses.

Here’s and intellectual conversation between me and a guy:

guy: “Are men and women equal?”

me: “yes?”

guy: “Wrong.”

me: “why?”

guy: “Women are special.”

Holler!!! So boys, it’s time to wear the pants…

Docker's Event at Manila Yacht Club

Thanks Michael Antonio for sponsoring my shoes.



Dockers Launched their Spring/Summer 2010 Products

Docker's Event at Manila Yacht Club

I was gladly invited to the Manila Yacht Club for the launch of Dockers’ Spring/Summer collection for 2010.  Khakis have been Dockers’ main product ever since the 19th century  up till now and Khakis have defined the men and story of their times.  This collection aims at liberating men from the old-fashioned concept of khakis.  Khakis have always been fashionable and offer a fresh and distinctly grown up alternative to denims.

Docker's Event at Manila Yacht Club

Real Men and their Khakis

The Spring/Summer Collection

Dockers D1 Clean Khaki Dockers D1 Signature Khaki Slim Fit

Dockers K-1 Khaki Dockers Soft Khaki

Docker's Event at Manila Yacht Club

Docker's Event at Manila Yacht Club

Docker's Event at Manila Yacht Club

Docker's Event at Manila Yacht Club

More Pictures

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Singapore Formula 1 2010 Early Bird Tickets Price and Password

Posted by on Feb 25, 2010 in Announcements, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Sports, Travel

Singapore Formula 1 2010 Early Bird Tickets Price and Password

It’s another interesting year for our formula one fans!  There is a growing number of formula 1 fans in the Philippines as well as I have been receiving many emails asking tips and questions and stuff on the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix.  So, here’s another blog post to hopefully answer your questions.  If you have any more additional questions feel free to give some love mail. :)

Singapore Formula 1 Bay Grandstand

Singapore Formula 1 Bay Grandstand Picture Best Seat

Looking Back at Singapore 2008 and 2009

I have covered the Singapore Formula 1 event for 2 years already.  My first coverage was the first ever Night Race in the history of Formula 1 and I was there to witness!  Second was interesting for me because I had access to the pit stop! Lucky!!!  Also, I bought a DSLR just for this purpose… I bought a Nikon D40 kit and I bought another 70-300mm G Nikkor lens when I went to Hong Kong and it was just for Formula 1!

Here’s a sample of my awesome shots of the 2009 Formula 1 in Singapore:


The Brawns passing by the Bay grandstand

At the pitstop with the BMW-Sauber practice

Yes… those shots are mine… ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!

The Singapore GP Formula 1 2010

To go… or not to go?

This year, it’s another interesting season… a very interesting one indeed.  We won’t be seeing Kimi Raikkonen race though as he has dropped out of Formula 1 and joined the World Rally.  Although, what’s special about this season is the comeback of the super F1 legend Michael Schumacher!  I have not seen him in person yet so this would be the only push I’d have to watch the Singapore GP again this year!

Unless of course there would be sponsors for my trip and if I get a media pass for this event then I would definitely love to cover again.  The only reason why I am thinking of not going is financial constraints huhu.

Special Tickets Email and the Password to Singapore GP 2010 Ticketing

Anyway… It’s a new season and I have received another special email to book my ticket earlier than the “early bird” tickets.  It’s the same price as the early bird ticket really but the advantage is, I could get good seats.  Last year (2009) I was able to get a very good seat at the Bay Grandstand area.  I did not get the best seat but let me tell you about the best seat for grand stand later.

To those who received the special e-mail, you may book now!!! So hurry and get good seats before they open the ticketing to the public!  To those who have not received the email but would really want to buy NOW, then drop me an e-mail through my contact page and I will tell you the password which will only work until March 1!

Brace Yourselves for the Singapore GP 2010 Tickets Price

I have access to the ticketing now and I viewed it of course.  For those who are planning their trip to Singapore now to watch the F1, good for you!!! It’s the way to go to get cheaper tickets and trip!

Below is the chart of the prices from the Singapore GP Ticketing.  Notice that there is a new ticket available “Premiere Walkabout” which is very interesting because it will give you access to all Zones at a lower price.  Notice that I also converted the SGD prices into PHP for my Filipino friends… you need not convert.

Singapore F1 2010 Price converted php

Singapore Formula 1 GP 2010 Map

Here’s the new map.  Last year I compared the 2008 and 2009 Singapore GP map and I was frustrated that the walk-about area was changed on 2009 and had limited access.  This made me decide to purchase a seat at the Bay Grandstand instead.  There is not much difference between the 2010 and 2009 Singapore F1 map on the other hand.  All is basically the same (the zones and gates) except for the Premiere Walkabout tickets that would give access to all zones at a cheaper price.

Here’s the Singapore F1 2010 map:


Want to watch the Singapore GP 2010 on a budget?

Please find some of my posts before on how I watched the Singapore GP 2008 with a PHP 20,000 budget (4 days, 4 nights and Sunday walk-about ticket) and the Singapore GP 2009 with a PHP 30,000 budget (7 days, 7 nights and Bay Grandstand ticket).

Buy Cheaper Singapore GP Tickets

Watching the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix on a budget


Media Pass and Sponsorship

I have been covering the Singapore Grand Prix for 2 years straight and if my financials would allow, I would go again this year.  Unfortunately, I’m running out of moolah and I could not watch this very exciting sporting event again which is very close to my heart, until I get sponsors (tickets, accomodations, airfare, media passes, Digital SLRs and video cams).  If you are interested in sponsoring flaircandy.com, kindly contact me at my contact page or email me directly at [email protected] .  I definitely promote my sponsors well on my blog and, depending on the case, I put links and a premiere slot on my sidebar.

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New Kiley Pumps from Michael Antonio

Posted by on Feb 24, 2010 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Fashion, Featured

New Kiley Pumps from Michael Antonio

I used the Michael Antonio Kiley Pumps in our photoshoot and I love it! This is just a sneak preview. I love how the pumps looked classy, made me feel sexy and gave accent to my wardrobe.

Michael Antonio is the brand of affordable, fast-fashion footwear that offers the ultimate shoe value for fashion-conscious women around the world. Frequently worn by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and featured on runways at New York, Miami, and Los Angeles Fashion Weeks, and in the pages of Elle, Glamour, Lucky, and Essence, Michael Antonio’s sexy, modern, and edgy designs are a favorite among the fashion elite.

I will post more pictures about this sleek shoe so keep updated and subscribe if you like my posts.

Michael Antonio stores in the Philippines are located at the following malls:

  • 2/F, The Annex at SM City North EDSA (NOW OPEN)
  • Anthem, 2/F Powerplant Mall, Makati City (tel no: 02 896 9534)
  • Anthem, 2/F Greenbelt 5, Makati City (tel no: 02 728 4049)


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With Sitti, Love en Juris

Posted by on Feb 20, 2010 in Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Music

With Sitti, Love en Juris

After the Playboy Lounge party, we headed straight to sober up at the pre-Valentines event that featured a back-to-back performance of the Queen of Bossa Nova and the Queen of Acoustic Pop.  Thank you so much Mica for inviting us to be with you.  It’s actually not the kind of music of Vince lol, but I respect that he’s a gentleman to accompany me there :) Thanks dude!

Sitti’s voice is luring… she’s like a fairy or something… It’s the first time I actually heard her sing.  Juris has a very lovely voice as usual and she sang the popular love ballads that made the crowd go all mushy… except of course for the bad-a$$ mofo Vince on my side lol.

Anyway, it warmed my heart though, and set me in the mood for Valentines day (ehem-ehem)…

Here are the pictures from Mica (thanks dear):



And here are pictures from my camera 😀

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Playboy Launch at The Lounge

Posted by on Feb 19, 2010 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Movies & TV, Pilipinas

Playboy Launch at The Lounge

This is my first time attending a sexy magazine’s launch.  Playboy just launched its its Jan/Feb issue at The Lounge with the legendary director Peque Gallaga and their Playmate of the month Amber Dy.

Starting off 2010 is our tribute to Philippine Cinema, featuring iconic director PEQUE GALLAGA front and center as our first male cover model and sitting for a no-holds barred 20 Questions.

We missed the Press Conference though as they really started on time!  WOW!  But, we didn’t miss the fun and the party.  We stayed for a while at The Lounge and mingled with people.  I love the hip-hop music being played! Also, the music is not so loud and it allowed people to talk without shouting.

I was in the mood to dance really… the music was just awesome… but… there was no dance floor, and no one was dancing so I shied out… 😛

Anyway, here are the pictures at the Playboy Party! (Most of them are from Vince’s camera)

Everything At Steak - Playboy Lounge 001 (14)The Bunnies

Everything At Steak - Playboy Lounge 001 (23)

Peque Gallaga with the Playmates

Everything At Steak - Playboy Lounge 001 (30) Me with the playmates teehee

Everything At Steak - Playboy Lounge 001 (28) I kinda look like a twelve-year-old next to them lol

Everything At Steak - Playboy Lounge 001 (34) Cam-whore

Photos from Jeff Saw:

jeff saw photography 2

Bunny, Vince, Me, Amber and Bunny


Me and Vince … nice pictures… nice background…

Pictures from Doc Red:

Doc red 3

Carl, Me and Vince

doc Red 1

and a candid shot of me… I’m holding an iced tea *SWEAR*

From my camera:

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Everything at Steak! Everything Cheap! Everything Yummy!

Posted by on Feb 18, 2010 in Art & Photography, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Featured, Pilipinas

Everything at Steak! Everything Cheap! Everything Yummy!

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Wilson street in Greenhills area has been one of my favorite stop-over for delicious food.  Once we went to Luna and enjoyed the Filipino-Spanish fusion cuisine there.  Fran, a foodie, recommended us to visit “Everything at Steak” for a very delicious experience at a very affordable price, without the quality of taste being compromised. (Now that is unique!)

One day, we searched for this place along P. Guevarra street in San Juan.  It was traffic.  Good thing it was, for if not, we would have missed this restaurant, situated at a gas station!


Coming from Greenhills shopping mall, make your way to Wilson street.  Turn right at P. Guevarra and look for Petron station at the left side.  There you’ll see Everything at Steak situated.  In front of the restaurant is North Park.

Everything at Steak 17

The Place and the Ambiance

The restaurant is pretty small and chic.  The theme of the place is Pastel colors of yellow, orange and green making the ambiance look clean and leaving you to feel comfortable.

Everything at Steak 02


Really Delicious Affordable Food

Where do I start?!?

We started ordering the Moo Fries as our appetizer.  The pictures looked really appetizing and we couldn’t wait like little kids to judge if the pictures justify themselves.  The Moo Fries arrived and we could smell the melted cheese and spices!  My stomach initially churned like it immediately went on an “emergency-hungriness-must-eat-now-mode.”  BUT!!! I am a professional blogger and it is a must to take pictures first before eating!!!  This made my tummy very very angry… I mean hungry… but I must tame it down…

Alas! Picture taking was over and I finally had a bit of the fries with the very special meat sauce… WHAPPPAAAAKKK!!!! I almost fainted as I was overwhelmed by the perfect texture of the fries and the taste of the cheese-yoghurt-tomato-beef sauce… *tears of joy* I recommend you to try this if you visit this place.  They put it in a big bowl good for sharing for 2 – 3 people and it only costs P120.  (If you are being greedy you can have it all by yourself :P)

Moo Fries

Moo Fries P120 (USD 2.5)

Vince was craving for some soup and he found his perfect match!  He ordered the Country Squash soup.  The soup is made up of freshly pureed squash and vegetables for a very country experience.  It is served with garlic French toast topped with bacon bits and melted cheese.  Now isn’t that an eye-candy.  Vince and I loved the texture and the art of which it was presented.  The taste was good as well as it is not too salty or sweet or bland… It was just right.  This is good for sharing too.  One person might have too much of this when he/she eats it alone.


Everything at Steak - Country Squash Soup

Country Squash Soup P95 (USD 2)

Next came the main dish.  It’s actually a set.  You can enjoy one whole meal from P185 – P220.  The steak set includes your choice of steak cut with your preferred flavor, the gravy, rice and a generous amount of side dish (you have a lot to choose from!)  It is very flexible really.  You get to choose which steak part… the way it was prepared (marinade or peppered) the side dish and the gravy!

Vince ordered the Original Marinade Rib Eye steak (medium rare) served with original mushroom gravy with rice and a generous amount of mac n’ cheese siding all for P195 (USD 4).  He has a classic taste to everything and he loves everything simple and basic.  Nothing beats the Classic tastes… this combo is a sure winner especially if your stomach is not so adventurous and it doesn’t want more spice or anything.


Everything at Steak - Original Marinade Rib Eye

Original Marinade Rib Eye with original mushroom gravy with rice and a generous amount of mac n’ cheese siding all for P195 (USD 4)

I love simple and classic taste too, but I ordered a different combo so that we can compare.  I tried the New Orlean Rub Rib Eye (well done) served with Country Style gravy with rice and a generous amount of meatball pasta.  The New Orlean flavor actually gives the steak a more “grilled” and “peppery” taste.  The waitress told me that the best gravy for this is the Country Style gravy.  It was pretty good indeed and it has more spice and more flavor than the Classic mix.

Everything at Steak - New Orlean Rub Rib Eye

New Orlean Rub Rib Eye (well done) served with Country Style gravy with rice and a generous amount of meatball pasta. P195 (USD 4)

Our Bill

So here’s the breakdown for two people.

Steak Meal – Classic      P195

Steak Meal – Country    P195

Moo Fries                     P120

Country Squash Soup   P 95

TOTAL                         P 605

P 300 per person!!! and our stomachs were really really full by then that I had to take out half of my steak and 3/4 of my meatball pasta!  **faints** what a total FOODGASM!!!

The bill does not include service charge so make sure to leave some tip if you’re happy :)

More Pictures of the Food and Gallery

Everything at Steak - Meatball Pasta

Meatball Pasta – tastes like mac n’ cheese but with a tasty meatball

Everything at Steak - New Orlean Rub Rib Eye

New Orlean Rub Rib Eye steak (well done)

Other Blog posts

Everything at STEAK (best steak house in Manila) – a video coverage by WhenInManila.com

Everything At Steak by shopcrazy.com.ph

Everything At Steak by man-mecha-monster.blogspot.com

Everything At Steak by tripkolang.com


Name of venue: Everything at STEAK

Address: 5 P. Guevarra St. (corner V. Cruz ),  San Juan, Philippines (right next to the Petron gas station)

Phone Number: (63 2) 726-2386

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The First International Pyromusical Competition in SM MAll of Asia 2010

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The First International Pyromusical Competition in SM MAll of Asia 2010

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Thanks to Winston of batangyagit.com for honoring me VIP tickets to the first ever International Pyromusical Competition held at SM Mall of Asia.  I swear!  The traffic was really bad!  Not only cars, but people!  It’s traffic everywhere… It was Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year at the same time and people were off to the mall to celebrate.

I just parked at the middle of the street where other cars were parked as well.  I asked the police politely if it is okay to park it there since everyone is parked anywhere! He was like… “andjan na yan eh, sige maam, lock nyo nalang po ng maayos ang kotse” (make sure to lock the doors properly).

Anyway, I rushed to Giligans to meet Winston and Mica.  I missed the Philippine’s exhibition.  I was there to capture US’ show though.  Here are the pictures taken from my Nikon D40.  Click on the pictures to be directed to my Flickr page and view settings I used for the shots!

I also have a video as I test the Sony HDR-XR520 but I will need to tinker on the device and edit the videos first.  This to follow.

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The Singapore Chicken Rice in the Philippines

Posted by on Feb 17, 2010 in blogging, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Food, Pilipinas, Travel

The Singapore Chicken Rice in the Philippines

You know why I’m travelling around asia… It’s because it’s fun, it’s awesome and best of all I love the food!  I have been in and out of Singapore and I keep coming back because I miss the street food and hawker centers!  Of course, how can I forget the milk tea?

Sometimes, I am just craving for authentic Singaporean street food but I could just not find my satisfaction here in the Philippines.

When I heard that there’s a Singapore Chicken Rice blogger event, I begged Vince to drag me there with him!

singapore chicken rice 01

As we arrived, I almost ignored the other bloggers 😛 I was so excited that when I entered I immediately looked at the menu! Nasi Lemak, White Chicken Rice, Laksa and that Dinosaur drink looked very very luring!  When I realized that I was not the only person there in the restaurant, I said “hi” and mingled with the other bloggers.


They served the White Chicken Rice first as this is their specialty of course!  The rice looks plain in the pictures but as you can see, there’s this glossy texture to it.  The rice is made with natural chicken oil and the aroma is so good… It tastes even better than it smells!  They served the white chicken rice with hiananese sauce.  I am not a fan of this sauce really and did not eat much to it.  The first sauce (yellow) is made out of ginger… the taste is really distinct.  The second sauce (red orange) seems to have tomato and some chili.  Anyway, I tried the chicken with the sauce but did not eat much on it.  I ate the white chicken, which is steamed (healthy!), with only the chicken rice and I was super satisfied with the taste.  The chicken rice meal is also served with veggies on the side and a soup only for P99!

singapore chicken rice 03

steamed chiken

singapore chicken rice 07

hiananese sauce

singapore chicken rice 06

White Chicken Rice (P99)


Next they served some Curry Chicken sauce.  We passed it around to taste the curry sauce and poured some on our chicken rice.  Their curry sauce is made of real curry leaves and not those powdered ones.  They actually get this outside of the Philippines as there is not much curry leaves here.

(i forgot to take pictures – stay tuned for my 2nd blog post about this)

Curry Chicken combo (P78)

The next dish is the Laksa noodles.  There are different kinds of Laksa.  The one I tasted in Malaysia is the “Asam Laksa.”  I don’t know what it means and how it’s supposed to differ but it tasted a bit different here.  Their laksa is cooked with the Filipino taste in mind adjusting the flavours to our taste.  The soup is not as spicy as well as compared to the laksa in Singapore or Malaysia

singapore chicken rice 12


Laksa (P75)


As if our stomachs were not full yet, they served Pancit Chino.  The noodles is very different from what we ordinarily use here in the Philippines.  It is stir fried with egg which produces a great appetizing aroma.

singapore chicken rice 17

Pancit Chino combo (P55)

The one dish I have been dying to eat since I arrived at the restaurant is the Nasi Lemak!  It’s actually a Malay dish.  I have been dying and craving for this for months already! It’s a good thing Shyan served us with the Nasi Lemak next!  He explained how the dish should be eaten.  We pinoys love to separate our food.  But when eating this meal, we must mix every ingredient with the rice to experience it.  Did I mention that this meal only costs P35?  It is usually good for breakfast!  and since I am a heavy breakfast eater… this is a sure winner!  I hope I can have it delivered to my house just at that instant!  The Nasi Lemak’s rice is special as well as they put coconut oil in it.  You will notice once you smell the food, the aroma is very distinct.  On the side, they have dilis, chili sauce, peanuts and eggs.  It must be wierd hearing peanuts being mixed with rice… but it tastes really good on this meal!

singapore chicken rice 15

singapore chicken rice 21

Nasi Lemak (P35)


Dessert time!!!  This desert is not yet on their menu as they will launch this new menu next month.  This sweet treat is called “Oni.”  This is a famous Chinese dessert and if you eat this anywhere else, this is expensive.  I asked about the price of it here but Shyan said they haven’t discussed the pricing yet as this is a new product to be launched.  He then said, this must be cheaper than the ones being sold in Singapore and anywhere else.  The Oni is made of real gabi mashed and sweetened.  On it’s side is ube ice cream… This dessert is fantastic as it is not super sweet unlike other desserts.  and I am not a fan of super sweet desserts.

singapore chicken rice 13

Oni (price TBA)


The food trip didn’t end here.  Just when everyone is saying their goodbyes, I still could not take my eyes off that “Dinosaur” in the menu.  The event is supposedly over but I bought the Dinosaur drink 😛 The sad thing though is that I had it prepared “to-go” (for take-out) so the picture below is not that nice.  It’s actually a chocolate chiller made of Milo topped with Milo powder overload!  The mix of the drink is just awesome and I boldly said to another blogger that this tastes better than the chocolate signature frap in Starbucks!  (that’s just me but seriously… I almost **fainted** with goodness)  The powdered Milo on top actually gives texture to the drink… as the mix is super cold already with crushed ice and cold water, the powder can’t be really dissolved anymore – thus giving a nice texture.

singapore chicken rice 25

singapore chicken rice 26

Dinosaur P60

Anyway, you have to go there and taste it to believe it!  Me and Vince actually went back the second time around after 2 days.  We were craving for that curry chicken rice and nasi lemak and dinosaur that we had to go back there.  I have better shots of the Dinosaur (unlike above).  Will make a separate post about our second time around.  Anyway… do visit Singapore Chicken rice, details are found below.




singapore chicken rice 24

singapore chicken rice 23

singapore chicken rice 22

Blog Posts about Singapore Chicken Rice

Singapore Chicken Rice – Healthy Fastfood Restaurant in the Philippines by WhenInManila.com (video blog)

Singapore Chicken Rice

Unit 00051 Shopwise Arcade, GenRoxas Ave.

Brgy. Socorro, Araneta Center,

Cubao, Q.C.

opens at 7am to 10pm daily

Delivers for free with a minimum order of P300


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Microsoft Bloggers Event – Manila

Posted by on Feb 16, 2010 in blogging, Career, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Personal, Tech Chic

Microsoft Bloggers Event – Manila

A lot of bloggers attended this event and it’s Tech Time for Gadget Candy!  It’s the first time that Kristel and I are together on a blog event.  I introduced her to all of the bloggers and the other bloggers thought we were sisters.  I told her before that she has some bit of similarity with my sister Snow.

Anyway, the event was one of the most organized events I ever attended.  They introduced Microsoft Office 2010 (beta) and distributed CDs for us to test the new and latest spankin’ Office!

I am a heavy user of PowerPoint, Excel and Word.  Those tools I used everyday for my previous job at the bank.  I knew every single detail about them and I consider myself as an expert 😛  I really appreciated the upgrades of the 2010 and will blog about it soon.  For now, satisfy yourselves with a sneak peek of what happened on the event.

And oh… Thank you to all who put the “L” sticker (for like) beside my name :)  If only I can share the Jacket **hugs**

Here are the pictures from Rico (that technogra.ph dude) using the TX1 I was supposed to borrow.  Cool gadget BTW, I’m so surprised at how compact it is but it has HD Video capabilities and it does a pretty good performance on low light conditions!!! Pang-GIMMIK!

Here are pictures from our MS friends Phils


Here are pictures I grabbed from Jon Limjap


Here are pictures from my gallery:

Oh, and BTW, Kel amazed the bloggers with his magic XD check out the spankin’ video.

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My Pink Thong Contest Winners

Posted by on Feb 15, 2010 in Announcements, Contests

My Pink Thong Contest Winners

First of all, Happy Valentine’s day and Happy Chinese New Year!

Congratulations to the winners of My Pink Thong Contest!  It was so hard to pick the winners as there were a lot of comments.  I picked the most interesting comments and then from that pool I picked the winners randomly!  Expect an E-mail from me as I will need to get your contact details (delivery address).

The winners are (in no particular order): Denise, Rain, Diana S, Lady Mendoza, Vera Paola Reyes, Jeniffer, Kessa Thea, Marife Melicio, Rem, Cerise, Teresa Hundana, eRLyN, Zoan, Kate and Steffi.

Congratulations ladies!  Expect my e-mail (kindly check your spam folder) and email your (1) full name and (2) delivery address.

*Failure to reply to my e-mail for a week will cause me to choose another winner.  So check your spam mail or reply to this post if you have not received my email.

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The 15th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010 Coverage

Posted by on Feb 14, 2010 in Art & Photography, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Pilipinas, Sports, Travel

The 15th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010 Coverage

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15th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010 067 Today is just the perfect day for a colorful adventure!  It’s Valentine’s day and Chinese New Year at the same time!  To add up to the flavour,  The last day of the 15th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010 happens today!

Vince and I packed our gears at around 2am.  We have to thank Sony for lending us a very powerful video camera – the Sony Handycam HDR-XR520, and Marquee Mall /Ayala Malls for the Passes!

I drove from the house to Clark while the monkey sleeps… (‘coz I know it’s harder to drive on our way back home kekeke)… It took us only about an hour and a half (including Restroom breaks and snacks).  No traffic at this time!  We arrived at the grounds at 4:30.  We got hungry again so we ate at the kiosks around… The sun wasn’t still up and the whole area is still covered with a black blanket at some glittery stars.

15th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010 066

Then, we heard the song “?!?!?” — I forgot what… but I liked the song and it kinda signaled that the balloons are being prepared for flight!  Off we went and take pictures!  I don’t know how to estimate as to how many people were there but It filled the area!

There was a complete list of activities for the day… but I think, our lack of sleep yesterday made it hard for us to keep going.  I would have wanted to see the fireworks as well at night… but we figured… we really were getting restless and tired so we decided to go home instead.  I slept for a few minutes… then I heard the monki slapping himself (lol) He was way to SLEEPY!  We needed to pitstop at a gas station at got our coffees from Gloria Jeans.


Anyway, here are my pictures of the Hot Air Balloon Festival… ^_^15th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010 005

They are starting to get ready!  See the burning flame at my back

15th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010 007

The Candy is trying to get a nice angle… There were so many people!

15th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010 019

Ahhh… a very colorful balloon… I wish I could ride one…

15th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010 036

I love taking pictures of this balloon!

15th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010 061

Up! Up! and AWAY!!!

15th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010 052

Sun is shining… the weather is sweet!

15th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010 063

I love this picture! I look so tall!

15th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010 066

I’m getting slimmer ^_^ This shot was taken with flash… Click on the pictures and get directed to my flickr pro page to view the settings of my camera 😀

15th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010 071

I see turtle!!!

15th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010 075

I was telling Vince to “tilt” the camera some more… I guess it worked pretty nice :) with the Flash firing as well 😀

15th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010 070

LOOK! It’s a toirtle! and There’s a Farmville balloon too! lol

15th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010 093

Who wanna mess wifff Candy? yarrrr!!!

15th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010 098

10 kilo bazooka … heavy… but I can haz muscles to carry it 😀

15th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010 096

LOL FTW!!! You gotta love our ARMY

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Funny Valentines

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Funny Valentines

Valentines should be full of romance and love is in the air… Some people focus on romance more that they forget to have fun!!!

Wether you are single-icious or you you have a date for a special day the most important thing is FUN!  Here are some new Tees from David and Goliath that will sure give you a smile this hearty season.

Buy from David and Goliath and the top 3 buyers for February will be awarded with a gift pack containing a David & Goliath Tee and a premium item.  Promo from Feb 1 -28, 2010.



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It’s Time for Financial Literacy

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It’s Time for Financial Literacy

Feb 27, 2009Buenissimo at Eastwood Mall at 5 PM

Pia Magalona and Bam Aquino talks about Financial Literacy – Sun Life Financial’s advocacy helping out to educate Filipinos on ways to make their money work for them and having it to beat inflation.

Also, there will be nice freebies for the guests.  Take the IT’S TIME challenge for a chance to win a trip for 2 to Switzerland!

Drop your details on the form here.

*closing this form on Wednesday, Feb 17 – EOD



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Sony Vaio Prestige Spring Collection 2010 Launch

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Sony Vaio Prestige Spring Collection 2010 Launch

Sony has always mixed fashion, art, and technology with their products.  The reason why I love Sony laptops is because they are gadget candies and you’d feel proud carrying one.  Not only do Sony produce laptops with all the eye-Candy designs, their laptops also ooze the right quality you’d need for a computer and thus, emphasizing the Prestige it gives to us – where performance is always in mind.

Sony Viao Prestige Spring Collection 2010 Launch

I also like the fact that Sony is also committed to producing more products that are eco-friendly.  As much as possible, they make their operations and production less harmful to the environment as possible.


Sony Viao Prestige Spring Collection 2010 Launch


The Launch

The setting of the event was perfect for an intimate discussion where you can choose to go around and tinker around the products being launched.  I had my hands busy testing some of the products on display and you can never go wrong with speed.  I also love that most of the products are light-weight, which is very attractive to me, since I hate carrying heavy laptops.

Sony Viao Prestige Spring Collection 2010 Launch


Spring 2010 Collection


As Sony Philippines unveils its new line-up of VAIO models, the global brand is doing more than simply broadening the options available to Filipino customers. It is defining a new standard for selecting one’s PC – one that values a personal encounter with uncompromising quality and premiumness, and an intimate understanding of who you are and what your needs may be.


The Sony Viao CW Series (starts at P49,999)

High Fashion Meets High-Powered 3D Gaming and Multimedia Entertainment.

CW series

The newest version of VAIO CW Series features new Intel Core i5 / Intel Core i3 CPU’s and the new generation of powerful NVIDIA GeForce graphics.  It allows easier photo and video-editing and better 3D gaming experience. It is also available in 5 glossy colors.

Max CPU:  2.53 GHz

Max Ram: 8GB (WOW!) – for maximum gaming and multimedia experience

Screen Size: 14”

Max Battery : 4 hours – decent enough

Max Storage: 640 GB (WOW!) – would not need an external hard drive with this

Weight: 5.3 lbs (WOW!) lightweight for a 14’”

OS: Preinstalled Windows 7 Professional


The Sony Viao S Series (starts at P89,999)

The All-Around Mobile PC.

vaio S

I would want this model especially that I travel a lot!  Weighing just 2kg, the VAIO S Series is designed to be your perfect partner whenever and wherever you use it. It features an innovative backlit keyboard which is very useful for travelers.  It is equipped with Intel Core i5 CPU to handle multiple tasks efficiently.  It also has NVIDIA GeForce 310M GPU with 512MB of dedicated video memory supporting CUDA technology to run video and graphics smoothly.

Max CPU:  3.06 GHz

Max Ram: 8GB (WOW!)

Screen Size: 13.3”

Max Battery : 6.5 hours (WOW!)

Max Storage: 500 GB

Weight: 5.3 lbs

OS: Preinstalled Windows 7 Professional


The Sony Viao F Series (starts at P89,999)

Full Definition at your Command.

F series

F Series is one of the interesting new models Sony shared to us.  This series is one of my favorites and it would be perfect for my cousin who is into multimedia arts.  This series is perfect for those who do a lot of Photo and Video editing.  I held this unit myself and as big as it looks in real life, it still is light enough!  Lighter than my 15” laptop now!  For its specs, you can’t go wrong even with it’s price and it includes Blu-ray Disc!

The VAIO F Series is the ultimate Full HD studio, offering comprehensive entertainment and multimedia solutions ranging from professional-grade Full HD video and RAW image editing to Blu-ray Disc playback and 3D gaming.  It is equiped with Intel Core i7 (quad core) (WOW!) processor which enables effective parallel processing and ensuring faster processing speeds even when multitasking.

It also incorporates the latest Dolby Home Theatre v3 sound system and you could just imagine clearer sound for your cinematic experience.  The Blu-ray Disc Combo on the VPCF116FG bring the F Series to the top of the industry, delivering the smooth, cinematic playback of Full HD movies.

Ideal for movie playback and multimedia editing, the VAIO F features the top-of-the-line NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M graphics chip with CUDA technology and 1GB DDR3 video memory, maximising your entertainment experience with Full HD movie playback, detail-rich graphics and high-resolution 3D gaming. Its superior processing power and graphics performance also cater to professional video editing needs, enabling you to edit files ranging from Full HD video captured with a Handycam to RAW files from your Alpha DSLR camera. The energy efficient VAIO F Series also features a light sensor that automatically adjusts screen illumination to conserve power in dim conditions.

Max CPU:  1.73 GHz

Max Ram: 8GB (WOW!) – for maximum multimedia experience

Screen Size: 16.4” – for better editing and playback

Max Battery : 3 hours – decent enough

Max Storage: 640 GB (WOW!) – enough to store HD files

Weight: 6.9 lbs (WOW!) for a 16.4” I’d still say it’s light enough

OS: Preinstalled Windows 7 Ultimate


The Sony Viao W (starts at P24,999)

Showing compassion for Mother Earth – Sony Viao goes green.

W series

This series is a winner in FlairCandy’s heart.  You know how green minded I am and how I love the environment.  Going green is one of Flair Candy’s personal advocacies.  Anyway, I really appreciate the initiative of Sony to start considering the environment in their operations.

Sony Philippines unveils the new VAIO W Series, which features a number of environmentally friendly elements in its design, production and packaging.  The VAIO W’s top cover, palm rest, and bottom cover contains approximately 20% reprocessed plastic made from DVD and CD waste. By using the recycled plastic parts, carbon dioxide emissions within the production process are reduced by approximately 10% compared to using regular plastic.

This series isn’t pricey as well!  Another winner points go to the packaging of this model.  You will receive this notebook in a carrying bag instead of the traditional cardboard box packaging.  The unique styling (as you can see in the pictures) are very eco-friendly as the brown exterior fabric is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles (PET) material.

*Tears of joy… I am touched at the heart Sony gives to the environment… :) :) :)

Max CPU:  1.66 GHz

Max Ram: 1GB

Screen Size: 10.1”

Max Battery : 8 hours (WOW!) – this works for me as I always cover events and loves to be online mobile! (should be perfect with my Sun mobile broadband) 😀

Max Storage: 250 GB

Weight: 2.96 lbs (WOW!) (almost only 1 kilo) – this is good for my Candy back…

OS: Preinstalled Windows 7 Starter


The Sony Viao Y (starts at 54,999)

Superb Mobility for Both Work and Play.

y series

VAIO Y Series’ sleek and compact body has plenty of power with its standard bundled battery that is designed to last 6 hours, while its optional L battery can last up to 9 hours, allowing you to use the new VAIO through a full working day, plus some extra private time. An ideal mobile PC, it merely weighs 1.77kg, while the AC adapter weighs just 0.2kg.

Furthermore, the VAIO Y Series provides a range of powerful features, such as a 13.3-inch wide WXGA LCD display with LED backlight for a clear detailed view of documents and photos, WLAN/Bluetooth for wireless connectivity, a webcam for a video conferencing and HDMI output for connecting to a large screen TV.  Daily multimedia tasks such as making of reports, taking notes, blogging or catching up on important assignment are so easy as the new VAIO Y is equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo Processor SU7300 (1.30 GHz) and 320GB of 2.5-inch HDD, and pre-installed with Windows 7 operating system.


Max CPU:  1.30 GHz

Max Ram: 4GB

Screen Size: 13.3”

Max Battery : 6-9 hours (WOW!)

Max Storage: 500 GB

Weight: 3.9 lbs (WOW!)

OS: Preinstalled Windows 7 Professional


The Sony Viao Z (P150,000)

Usability Enriched by Prominent Technology.


Ah yes… the price looks very alarming!  Before you turn your heads away, take a look at what this series has to offer.

Despite the slimness of the VAIO Z, it is equipped with powerful CPU and SSD, which makes its performance almost equal to a desktop PC. Tough and challenging tasks will be no more with Intel’s latest and top-of-the-line Core™ i5 CPU incorporated in the VAIO Z.

Making sure that no time will be lost, VAIO Z is now outfitted with SSD (solid-state drive) which performs significantly faster than the conventional HDD (hard disk drive), making transferring of data easy and quick.

Max CPU:  2.80 GHz

Max Ram: 8GB (WOW!)

Screen Size: 13.1”

Max Battery : 7.5 hours (WOW!)

Max Storage: 500 GB

Weight: 3.3 lbs (WOW!)

OS: Windows 7 Professional

More Specs about the Sony Viao Z here.


Gallery and Pictures

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Let’s Get Physical with Technology!

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Let’s Get Physical with Technology!

As some of you might know, I have been running lately.  It’s kind of the “in” thing to do lately.  Which is a good trend because I have noticed a lot of people waking up to the reality that if they don’t exercise, they won’t get any fit at all. 

Anyway, I’m back to being a Gadget Candy… I haven’t written a Tech post for the longest time but it doesn’t mean I have divorced myself with my lovely gadgets!

W760io and the features that I love

Back to our topic… The W760i phone has been a darling.  The phone is full of features that I love.  First, it plays awesome music (better sound quality than my iPod if same mp3 song is played and same headphones are used).  The headphones is gnarly nice as well… and the phone’s built-in external speakers are also superb!  The phone is also like a cousin of the iPhone and it has an accelerometer shake control. 

It also has TrackerID music recognition!  Ever heard that lovely song in the radio but the DJ did not say the title nor the singer?  Use this tool and record like 10 seconds of it and it will find the music online and return to you the title and singer and artist.

Did I mention it has GPS?  With a GPS feature you can do A LOT of things!!! – A LOT!

Let’s Get Physical! – W760i GPS Tracker

I tinkered on my device out of boredom… Then one time I discovered that I can run around the Fort and track my route, time, kilometers and stuff!

Here’s how I made use of the GPS Tracker while running:

tracker 1

1.  Hit the menu and click on the Satellite Icon (Location Services)

2. Click “Tracker”

3. Start training.

4. Choose your training mode

a. Time based – If you want to run for 30 minutes or an hour more than kilometers then use this option.  The phone will vibrate once you hit your desired time

b. Distance based – This is what I normally use.  I usually run for 5 kilometers.  The phone will vibrate once the target distance is hit.

c. Route – This works only if you have a recorded route before.  I have not tried this yet, but I suppose it will give directions like (turn right, or turn left) not really sure… will update once I’ve tried.

d. No limit – This option will just record the time you ran and the distance you covered for as long as you want.

5. Pick your goal (km or in minutes)

tracker 1

After all has been set, hit “start”.”  Initially it will prompt a message saying that it is locating satellites… once the prompt disappears then you’re good to RUN!!!

After you achieved your goal (time or distance) your phone will vibrate to let you know you have achieved your goal.  It will then display the results!

tracker 1

The results will show you a calendar of your activities, time you spent on a certain kilometer goal, your average speek, calories burned, you’re visual route, and a graph of your speed at a certain time!

Love the gadget enough? YES YES YES!

I know a lot of you have this phone… so use it some more and have fun while staying fit!

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Neutrogena Promo for Valentine’s Season

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Neutrogena Promo for Valentine’s Season

Ladies, celebrate the Valentine’s season by showing your skin some love! Neutrogena®, the brand recommended by dermatologists, is now offering a special promo for its revolutionary facial cleanser – the Neutrogena® Wave.

Get a 50% discount on Neutrogena® Wave’s Deep Clean Foaming Pad Refill pack of thirty (30) foaming pads! Simply purchase a Neutrogena® Wave starter kit from January 28 to February 24, 2010 in all Watson’s and all Beauty by SM outlets.

The Neutrogena® Wave starter kit includes the power cleanser gadget, two-week supply (or 14 pads) of single-use foaming pads and one AA battery. Proven to clean the skin ten times deeper than traditional facial cleansers, the Neutrogena® Wave’s tingly cool foam penetrates deeper into pores while the gentle vibrating motion stimulates and opens the skin’s surface to remove more dirt, oil and make-up. At the same time, the softly textured Deep Clean Foaming Pad sweeps away layers of dead skin cells for visibly softer, smoother skin after just one use.

Avail of the thirty-day (30) refill packs for half the price at Php 200.00, with the Wave starter kit, and experience a deep clean for a refreshed and remarkably softer skin that you will surely love! After all, providing superior cleansing for your skin will help you look your best as you spend Valentine’s with your special someone or your best friends.



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