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Blog Clogged – Writing from Windows Live Writer

Posted by on Feb 3, 2010 in Personal, Wall of the Weird | 11 comments

As much as I wanted to publish one blog post per day, I wasn’t able to.  Now, I have a blog clog.  Anton of ourawesomeplanet.com advised me to publish events and blog post as it happens as much as possible because a lot of things happen in a day.  Next thing you know, you’re blog clogged.

Shame, and it is my situation now.

Suddenly, I miss my MSI Wind UMPC.  The really light net book that I can bring anywhere.  I have a sun mobile broadband pen right now and it is really a handy tool.  I am using a very bulky 14 inch laptop right now though.  I figured, if I partnered my sun mobile with my UMPC, that would be perfect.  But, I gave it to my aunt for her use… T___T

Anyway, I love technology and it has been quite a long while since I’ve made a blog tech post.  There were a lot of events in January and I now that I am feeling well, I’m off to publishing everything…

Today, I just feel like writing… no pictures… no whatever… I have been using Windows Live Writer application and it has been a very convenient tool for my blogging.  You should try it out by yourself if you want because you would never know how comfy it is to write a blog post and arranging pictures etc. until you try it out yourself.

Let’s work hard…


  1. yeah! Live writer user here since beta days. The best offline blog publishing tool for me. ikaw din pala, since 2008. 🙂

  2. wow ambaet mo naman sis, u gave away ur lappie to your aunt. and thanks for sharing that tip to counter blog clog 🙂

  3. haha oo love ko siya talaga super convenient ^_^

  4. never pa ako naka punta ng gym *faints*

  5. Not really gave… she kinda paid for it a bit XD.

  6. Yun pala tawag dun – blog clogged. lol

  7. hey patty.. oo hahaha 🙂

  8. Blog clogged I super hate you, antamad ko kasi! hahaha

  9. oh yes… we all get this at times

  10. Me too! I’m also blog clogged! Hahaha Busy work and social life. I’ve been a live writer user ever since I started blogging and I’ve never used any other blogging client. I still find it the best.

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