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Chili’s Food Shots

Posted by on Feb 6, 2010 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Featured, Food, Pilipinas | 13 comments

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Last Jan 21, 2010 we found ourselves working at Chili’s Greenhills for a different environment.  We love the free wifi and the yummy food!  It’s a great venue for, among many other things, business meetings.  We were here to meet a possible intern and while waiting, we mucnhed on some goodies.

I usually don’t bring my Nikon D40 SLR anymore unless the event would require *artistic shots*.  I usually take my Panasonic Lumix LZ10.  Yes, I made the LZ10 a substitute to my dead TZ5 which I drowned while surfing *sniff* *sniff*.  Anyway, I bought this gear when I went to Singapore last September 2009.  It only cost SGD 160 (around 5k – 6k PHP).

The TZ5 is way better though when it comes to the quality of the pictures and the features of the gear itself but for it’s price, I’d say it’s a winner budget camera. What I also like is that it is powered by two AA batteries.  Just in case of emergency or you left your charger, you can buy AA batteries anywhere!

I bring this gear always and it’s in my bag all the time!  You never know when you’d need a very handy one.



Not sure what this appetizer is called but I think it’s the South Western Egg Rolls… So delicious and the sauce gives the perfect flavour!



Close-up macro shot of the Egg Roll’s salsa



But oh… all yummy goodness… The texture of every bite is superb!  You will feel and taste the rich beans with egg around sprinkled with green vegetables, chicken meat (I think) and corn.



Of course, all time favorite ng *barkada* – the bottomless Nachos with salsa!



I added PHP 150 to get the cheese dip for the Nachos.  It’s worth the Php 150!

Oh well there you go…  I just didn’t think I could get any decent food shot in kinda low light with the LZ10.  But right now, I’m just so proud of what a 6K camera can do ^_^


  1. it’s been a long time since i went to chili’s. meron pa pala yung bottomless nachos. 🙂 perfect talaga for groups.

    panis yung TZ6 ko sa LZ10 mo. may manual kahit papano.

  2. Compact camera is lighter & easier to carry no? I’m lazy to carry my SLR camera at times too! Hee 😀 Pero those food in Chili’s still looks masarap para sa akin though. 🙂

  3. yup ^_^ perfect ang bottomless nachos for barkadas… it’s only Php300 lang ^_^ drinks nalang then solve na… nakaka busog rin 😀

  4. Wow Eudora! You’re tagalong is so geng!!!! XD I’m amazed XD yeah… compact cams are easy to carry.. especially for us girls… we have lots of stuff in our bag…

  5. yeah… the manual settings comes handy sometimes 🙂 too bad wala sa TZ series

  6. The Nachos is mouth-watering!!!

  7. oh yes… and it’s super yummy with the Cheese dip nomnomnom XD

  8. No lah! Where got! My Tagalog is only a so-so. *shy* Will need to learn more from you Pinoys. Any volunteers? 😛

  9. wow they surely charge a lot for that cheese dip. i hope they provided you with lots of cheese dip in exchange.

  10. Why am I seeing food pics in the middle of the night? I have no food around me 🙁

  11. whalao… why did I see this post again at midnight… now makes me hungry again too haha…

  12. sarap! droppin some love! 😀

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