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Happy to Wake Up

Posted by on Feb 4, 2010 in Life, Personal, Wall of the Weird | 2 comments

There are times when you wake up and you feel relieved that you are living in the *real* world.

I seldom have nightmares… and usually, it doesn’t involve ghosts and monsters…

My nightmares involve some of my biggest fears,

The one that can hurt me most…

My nightmares play with my emotions…


And so, I woke up with sweat all over…

Unsure if some were tears or sweat in the pillow.

I see the sunshine…


and hums a tune in my head…

“Don’t worry, bout a thing… Coz every little thing… is gonna be alright”


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  1. surprisingly i was glad to wake up today as well. Weird nightmare where the world I was living in was err not the same. 😛

  2. Yes, after all… It’s awesome to live in a world where a lot of people love you ^_^ sending some online karma to you from Manila XD XD XD

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