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Playboy Launch at The Lounge

Posted by on Feb 19, 2010 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Movies & TV, Pilipinas | 12 comments

This is my first time attending a sexy magazine’s launch.  Playboy just launched its its Jan/Feb issue at The Lounge with the legendary director Peque Gallaga and their Playmate of the month Amber Dy.

Starting off 2010 is our tribute to Philippine Cinema, featuring iconic director PEQUE GALLAGA front and center as our first male cover model and sitting for a no-holds barred 20 Questions.

We missed the Press Conference though as they really started on time!  WOW!  But, we didn’t miss the fun and the party.  We stayed for a while at The Lounge and mingled with people.  I love the hip-hop music being played! Also, the music is not so loud and it allowed people to talk without shouting.

I was in the mood to dance really… the music was just awesome… but… there was no dance floor, and no one was dancing so I shied out… 😛

Anyway, here are the pictures at the Playboy Party! (Most of them are from Vince’s camera)

Everything At Steak - Playboy Lounge 001 (14)The Bunnies

Everything At Steak - Playboy Lounge 001 (23)

Peque Gallaga with the Playmates

Everything At Steak - Playboy Lounge 001 (30) Me with the playmates teehee

Everything At Steak - Playboy Lounge 001 (28) I kinda look like a twelve-year-old next to them lol

Everything At Steak - Playboy Lounge 001 (34) Cam-whore

Photos from Jeff Saw:

jeff saw photography 2

Bunny, Vince, Me, Amber and Bunny


Me and Vince … nice pictures… nice background…

Pictures from Doc Red:

Doc red 3

Carl, Me and Vince

doc Red 1

and a candid shot of me… I’m holding an iced tea *SWEAR*

From my camera:


  1. I miss The Lounge!

    Saw this Carl’s autographed copy of Playboy. How I envy him having his copy signed by Peque Gallaga T_T Nasa akin pa yung mag now di ko na lang ibabalik LOL!

  2. haha, yeah.. mine wasn’t signed by Peque Gallaga 🙁 coz they gave them to me too late 🙁 Sa anak nalang niya ako magpapa-autograph XD

  3. Somehow the playmates look scary to me. LOL
    No offense 😛

  4. lol, I understand haha

  5. mas maganda pa yung mga nakabunny suits kesa the playmates themselves. or are they playmates as well?

    OT: were you able to register for the superbods run?

  6. they’re bunnies lang ata… 😛 but yeah.. those girls are pretty young (younger than me) 😀

  7. hehe nakakaloka ung bunnies 🙂

  8. Wow, parang isa ka sa mga playmates ah.

    Hindi kayo nagkakalayo.

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