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With Sitti, Love en Juris

Posted by on Feb 20, 2010 in Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Music | 4 comments

After the Playboy Lounge party, we headed straight to sober up at the pre-Valentines event that featured a back-to-back performance of the Queen of Bossa Nova and the Queen of Acoustic Pop.  Thank you so much Mica for inviting us to be with you.  It’s actually not the kind of music of Vince lol, but I respect that he’s a gentleman to accompany me there 🙂 Thanks dude!

Sitti’s voice is luring… she’s like a fairy or something… It’s the first time I actually heard her sing.  Juris has a very lovely voice as usual and she sang the popular love ballads that made the crowd go all mushy… except of course for the bad-a$$ mofo Vince on my side lol.

Anyway, it warmed my heart though, and set me in the mood for Valentines day (ehem-ehem)…

Here are the pictures from Mica (thanks dear):



And here are pictures from my camera 😀


  1. Hey guys thanks for coming! That was a real ‘o ano, pwede ka bang pumunta? tara na let’s go!’ moment LOL 😛 Next time dapat planned or if our budget permits, tayo na producers woot!

  2. Still found the time to blog in Cebu! Hope you are enjoying the sights.

  3. oo nga dude.. sayang eh… but that was fun! ganun dapat! live the life! Welcome to the good life!

  4. haha yeah.. but after this did not blog anymore lol … Thanks Nick… I actually enjoyed the food.. lechon is nice yum!

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