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Obsessing on Fergie’s Futuristic Shoes on Imma Be Video

Posted by on Mar 31, 2010 in Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Fashion, Music

Obsessing on Fergie’s Futuristic Shoes on Imma Be Video


I think there’s a new trend in the music videos lately, I’ve noticed the longer videos.  Like up to 10 minutes worth of music… Have you watched Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce’s ‘Telephone’ video?  It was 9 minutes long.

Black-Eyed Peas also just released their music video Imma Be.  It’s 10 minutes long… T__T


What I noticed were the shimmering futuristic shoes of Fergie.  Since I wasn’t able to find any high resolution pictures from the internet of her shoes in the video, I just grabbed some caps from YouTube.

Anyway, the video’s setting is supposedly in Three Thousand and Eight (3008)…


*love it*

side view

hmmm sexy sexy Fergie!

Ooooooohhhh La la! I’m talking bout the motor cycle…

oh wait…

you didn’t notice that?

lol… anyway… OMG nice booty!!!

I also noticed the futuristic highly fashionable visor :) nice!

Anyway, watch full video here:) Enjoy!!!


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Yearly Earth Hour Coverage 2010: Seven Suites Hotel and Observatory

Posted by on Mar 28, 2010 in Advocacy, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Pilipinas

Yearly Earth Hour Coverage 2010: Seven Suites Hotel and Observatory

I am an advocate for the environment and every year I cover the Earth Hour.  Last year, 2009, I was alone hanging out by myself at Bonifacio High Street.  I blogged about it here and I was happy and amazed :)  I also blogged about the Dark EDSA – it was very very VERY TOUCHING!

This year, I’m glad I was invited at the Seven Suites hotel for their Notre de Carnival party!  What’s nice about this place it’s that it’s eco-friendly!  They have a garden of vegetables and fruits and we got to taste the fruits of the garden at the party itself as they served fresh salad 😀

Seven-Suites-Hotel-and-Observatory (1)

Makeup check at home 😀 and got hair curled… again, no mirror… so the curls looked a bit untidy

Seven-Suites-Hotel-and-Observatory (2)

Artistic shots in low light…

Seven-Suites-Hotel-and-Observatory (3)

Lots of dessert served!

Seven-Suites-Hotel-and-Observatory (4)

nothing much but cam-whore

Seven-Suites-Hotel-and-Observatory (5)

full body shot of meh

Seven-Suites-Hotel-and-Observatory (6)

They had programs all night

Seven-Suites-Hotel-and-Observatory (7)

It’s Earth Hour!  At the horizon on the left side is supposedly the fort… but can’t see it well… On the middle horizon is supposedly Makati skyscrapers.

Seven-Suites-Hotel-and-Observatory (8)

coffee and hot chocolate atop the observatory

Seven-Suites-Hotel-and-Observatory (9)

This is the best doughnut I have ever tasted!!! It’s ube and macapuno!  I am not sure why I got addicted but when you taste it, you’ll know man…

Seven-Suites-Hotel-and-Observatory (10)

This is the 4th biggest telescope in the Philippines!  It showed me Saturn, Mars and a close up of the moon!!! It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen!  I had goosebumps when I saw Saturn at first!  I wanted to view Jupiter but they said, it’s not viewable at that time since it’s on the other side of the road.

Seven-Suites-Hotel-and-Observatory (11)

I think I was looking to Mars on this… 😀

I also learned how to look for the Big Dipper and the North Star!  I learned something that night… thanks to the staff of the Seven Suites Observatory

Anyway, it was an awesome night!

Thank you Seven Suites for inviting us to be a part of the feast!

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Exclusive Interview with Jojo – Baby It’s You!

Posted by on Mar 27, 2010 in Announcements, Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Featured, Movies & TV, Music

Exclusive Interview with Jojo – Baby It’s You!

Thanks to Divan Media Group for organizing this very intimate chat with Jojo and inviting us over!  Watch out soon for the exclusive interview as Vince Golangco asks the craziest questions to Jojo… and hear Jojo’s humble replies ^_^ Anyway, Jojo is very pleasant and I love her more than ever! Tonight, I will be dropping by the SM MOA concert grounds to watch the Timbaland ShockValue concert with Jojo and Justin Timberlake…

Anyway, watch out for the full video of the interview as we will post it ASAP.  If you will miss the concert of Timbaland feat Jojo and Justin Timberlake tonight, you can still catch Jojo live again on May 15, 2008 for the Then and Now Massive Music Festival 2010!  This will be on SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

Ticket details are P4400, P2860, P1650, P770.

Tickets are now available at all TicketNet and TicketWorld Outlets.

Singing with Jojo will be SWV, Frankie J, PM Dawn, Diana King, Baby Bash and more surprise superstars!  It’s MASSIVE!

For more details, you may go to www.thenandnowconcert.com

Here are pictures of the intimate interview.  Thanks again to Divan Media Group for inviting us for this exclusive one-on-one with pop international artist – Jojo!

Thanks to Oleic Fashion Gallery for my earings (that Jojo liked! – see video soon)!

jojo-exclusive-interview-manila (1)

was excited to wear makeup because I just had a makeup class by Oleic Fashion Gallery!

jojo-exclusive-interview-manila (4)

Cam-whoring first!

Jojo arrives!!! It was just a chilling session… Jojo is very very pleasant and humble but she’s a whole lot of fun too!!! Somebody taught her how to curse in Tagalog ^_^ She’s so cute… stay tune for the video to be uploaded soon if you want to hear her say “Pu*ang In*” 😀

jojo-exclusive-interview-manila (7)

I’m glad she took off her jacket :) She has nice curves!

jojo-exclusive-interview-manila (10)

she also loves makeup!

jojo-exclusive-interview-manila (9)

jojo-exclusive-interview-manila (11)

very pretty… can’t help but get mesmerized (*_.*)

jojo-exclusive-interview-manila (24)

Jojo and me!!! YAYE!!! I love her more when I met her in person! 😀

Here are more pictures!!! Thanks again to Divan Media Group… and feel free to grab your photos!

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F1 Australian GP 2010 Practice Highlights and Fastest Laps

Posted by on Mar 27, 2010 in Formula 1, Sports

F1 Australian GP 2010 Practice Highlights and Fastest Laps

Obviously, Kubica did a really good job as his near appeared many times in the Top 10 alone. This means, he’s just really really fast! **faints** He’s also the one who just made it to the 86 lap time.   On the other hand, Mark Webber did a very bad performance here.  Tomorrow, I will also be covering the F1 Qualifying race for the Australian GP 2010.  Today is just a practice.  Tomorrow is totally a different thing and it’s tomorrow that counts.  Teams compete for the 1st position in grid!  Let’s hope for a nice weather!

Want to always be updated on the F1?  Click here to see all of my archives and latest updates on the Formula 1.

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A Very Special Nuffnang Dinner

Posted by on Mar 26, 2010 in blogging, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Food

A Very Special Nuffnang Dinner

The Nuffnang team invited us to a very lovely treat.  Tim and Ming are in town and it’s time for a little break from work and a little get together.

It was a nice setting at Jay’s house and I swear, the moment I stepped inside the door I thought I was in a resort XD

Food was everywhere and I think there were 20-30 people for dinner :)

We were seated at a very very long table and I’m lucky to get seated with Tim and a Top Tech blogger 😀

Jeng Jeng Jeng… Blogger’s names are everywhere! and this is my seat ^_^

I curled my hair that afternoon btw ^_^ There were no mirrors from where I am so I used webcam as a mirror kekeke

We are honored by the presence of Heny Sison, one of the top chefs in the Philippines… She’s like the “Martha Stewart” of the Philippines 😀

She taught us how to make pizza! We were given aprons and chef hats XD

We had to earn our dinner and Tim put very much effort in making the pizza lol

Ferdz, Jehz and Maki kneading the dough 😀

Ferdz blogs at ironwulf.net and he is Asia Pacific’s Best Travel Blog :) We were joking around saying he’s not only IronWulf but he has also become an IronChef lol

I was trying to imitating Jehz’s signature smile… and I think he’s also imitating me… but we are very bad at this lol… Again with the exchange of name tags to confuse people har har har XD

Margarita pizza (not sure of spelling) but this is my fave pizza of all time coz it’s simple… I get to taste this yum yum okay okay!  Heny is just pouring olive oil for the final touch 😀

BTW, I got so excited that I forgot my own camera so I was just grabbing pictures from everyone!  Above pictures are from Jehz… Now, I’m waiting for Boss Ming to upload photos coz he bought a very nice camera and a very nice lens XD *still waiting… waiting… waiting…* upload soon lahhhhhh XD

These pictures grabbed from Tim’s LX3… I need to buy one T___T


We just realized that it takes muscles to make a pizza

Words from the Nuffnang bosses XD and bloggers were listening intently

at the end of the night contest on “who turns the most red when drinking alcohol… Tim won! XD good thing my makeup did a good job of concealing it XD

It was a fun night and still looking forward to pictures from Ming’s camera ^_^

It will be maybe another year or two or whenever I will meet these guys again.

It’s fun being part of the Nuffnang community ^_^ Now that I am blogging full time, Nuffnang is definitely a partner in my blogging 😀


I know I forgot my camera, but I still took pictures with my Nokia N95 ^_^ and not bad for mobile pictures! I’m glad I have a good emergency camera ^_^ check it out!

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Details of Changing Lives – Timbaland feat Justin Timberlake and Jojo

Posted by on Mar 22, 2010 in Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Music

Details of Changing Lives – Timbaland feat Justin Timberlake and Jojo

I am watching the concert!!! Yaye!!! I don’t dare want to miss Timbaland – his songs are like my club favorites and I always go to the spinner and request this song.  And JT! I think some people would go just for Justin Timberlake… I love Jojo too!!! So, it’s a triple treat and I am just way too excited!!!

Anyway here are the details of the concert.

  • Justin Timberlake is coming and he’s performing AT LEAST 8 songs (and he’s not singing through LCD screen lol)
  • Rumor is he’s bringing Jessica Biel (**faints**)
  • Ticketworld Pricing
VIP PhP 4,651.20
GOLD PhP 3,100.80
SILVER PhP 1,550.40
BRONZE PhP 310.08


Now available. 
Mosh pit or VVIP section for TIMBALAND concert PhP8,268.80. 
Not available via website purchase. Call TicketWorld @ (+632) 891.9999

  • There are only a FEW TICKETS LEFT, you can still buy c/o Ticketworld
  • No DSLRs allowed as with any concert. Point and shoot allowed.  (so grab your super zoom compact cams!)

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Makeup by Ria Redor

Posted by on Mar 21, 2010 in Beauty, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Fashion, Featured, Health

Makeup by Ria Redor

Hey guys… You often told me I look bad wearing make-up.  I grew up in a humble green and friendly place called Bacolod.  It is quite a province if you compare it to Manila.  The fashion, technology, media, advertising and all other things have not yet matured there as much as Manila is adapting more to Globalization.  Ever since I was a kid, I was exposed to makeup due to my constant dancing and participation in many plays.  Since, as a child, I technically don’t know how to dress up myself and apply makeup on my own, we often hire not-so-professional make-up artists.  Just those who work at the parlor and technically not a pro in what they are doing.

With this, I had a phobia in makeup.  It seemed like, no matter where I go and no matter who I hire, I look bad wearing makeup.  I would look like a clown!  Often, people will tell me “You look better without makeup on.”  I wasn’t sure if this is supposedly a compliment.  I mean, I look good even without makeup.  But still, the depth of the sentence doesn’t still seem right.  I have not captured my dances before.  This is a big regret since I don’t have any pictures nor videos to look into.  All of my long gone dancing days are just in my memory.

I carried this phobia until now, but one makeup artist really changed my mind about makeup.

No exaggeration…

For the first time, I felt comfortable with make-up.

For the first time, I can look into the mirror and say “I look prettier with makeup!”

For the first time, a heavy makeup complimented my features.

And it amazed me big time!

Unplugged Photoshoot.

Recently, I just had a photoshoot.  The pictures can’t be released though as we are reserving it for a very gnarly purpose!  Therefore, I can’t blog about it YET!  BUT!!! I was itching so much to blog about my makeup artist!  So here you go, this is just a sneak preview and I cannot release more pictures.  This is just one of the pictures of the behind-the-scenes.  We don’t want to expose too much footage so here you go.  Just me and the makeup and my twins (lol)

Hannah Villasis

P2230273 P2230278

I had a few more other looks that I can’t blog about anymore.  But in all those looks, I looked pretty well.  Not only was my face made-up, they touched my hair as well!  These are just behind-the-scenes.  Will post more pictures and my different looks soon!


Behind the scenes with Ria and Chris.  They’re a tandem!  Not only did I enjoy their artistic skills, I enjoyed conversing with them as well lol

Makeup by Ria Redor

I’m writing about Ria because I want to share my discoveries.  A lot of girls don’t know where to look for a very nice makeup artist.  Some aspiring photographers who need some eccentric, out-of-the-ordinary makeup don’t know where to find a good one as well.  In portrait photography and fashion photography, I must say that makeup and photography go together.

Here are some of her works that I grabbed from her multiply page.

Click here to view her official website and compare before and after pictures.

Click here to go to her blog and be informed about her tips about makeup. 😀

jay go

Photography by Jay Go


Photography by: Ronnie Salvacion – advert for Samsung




photography by Jim Go Yarisantos

IMG_4614 Photography by JR Velasquez


ina2 Photographed by: Norwegian Photographer Eric Fagerheim which was published in a European mag


More about Ria

Professional Hair and Makeup ArtistAirbrush and Traditional

Print/ Glamour/ Fashion/ Weddings/ Debuts/ Events etc.



Ria’s Official Website

Ria’s Portfolio on Multiply

Ria’s Blog


Contact Details:



[email protected]

Facebook: [email protected] (ADD ME UP :))

YM: ria_alintanahin



– La Salle College International (Artistic Makeup) by RB Chanco

– MAC Cosmetics (Makeup Techniques) by John Stapleton – MAC Senior Makeup Artist, based in Hollywood

– MAC Cosmetics Bridal Workshop by Erika Saenz – MAC Senior Trainer

– MAC Cosmetics Training with Mikee

– Airbrush Training in Hongkong

Also worked as a guest Makeup Artist for MAC Cosmetics


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Star Gazing on Earth Hour with Seven Suites Hotel

Posted by on Mar 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Star Gazing on Earth Hour with Seven Suites Hotel

Hi guys! There’s an upcoming event for you! I personally love star-gazing and it is a rare hobby to do here in Manila City itself. I’m so excited myself to star-gaze on Earth Hour on Seven Suites Hotel. It would be cool witnessing the whole city turning off their lights from a good vantage point.

Registration closed :) see you guys next week!




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Picture with Matt Mullenweg with my Panasonic Lumix TZ5

Posted by on Mar 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Picture with Matt Mullenweg with my Panasonic Lumix TZ5

RIP my Panasonic Lumix TZ5… you took great pictures… I will miss you…

Oh, I almost ignored the fact that Matt Mullenweg (Mr. WordPress) was so amazed with the camera ^_^ teehee.

And… another trivia… this was my first blogger event ^_^ EVER!

I blogged about it here: http://www.flaircandy.com/2008/09/wordcamp-philippines/

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I Can’t be the Next PLDT Watchpad Crew *sadface*

Posted by on Mar 16, 2010 in blogging, Career, Celebrities

I Can’t be the Next PLDT Watchpad Crew *sadface*

I can’t join…



That’s because I’m not in the age bracket of 16-20 years old (I’m only fifteen) **sniff** **sniff**… So… I’m just sharing these to you guys. 😀


PLDT is searching for their next PLDT Watchpad crew.  Get famous and and submit your audition videos here now!  You could also get a chance to win a laptop, 1 year subscription with PLDT myDSL and 100,000 pesos PLUS FAME!

If you are 16-20 years old, internet savvy, looks good and have a certain flair (ehem) and want to make a difference… go to the link and fill up the application form and upload a video on why you want to be a part of the Watchpad Crew.  You can be the next Rhian Ramos, Isabel Oli or drift king Alex Perez.

Like I said, I’m so qualified… except for the age part  **ahhhhmmmmffff**

So, don’t miss this opportunity guys if you think you can make it… No wait… Just don’t even think about it… just join and apply now! You never know…

Again, visit this link to join: http://www.pldtwatchpad.com/watchpadcrew/default.aspx

Time to rise and shine! Don’t forget to bring the flair with yah! 😉

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Pacquiao Fight at Greenhills Promenade Theater

Posted by on Mar 15, 2010 in Featured, Sports

Pacquiao Fight at Greenhills Promenade Theater

Yesterday, it was my first time watching a Pacquiao fight – EVER!  I don’t watch it even on TV at home nor the replays or whatever.  It’s not that I don’t care, of course I do!  It’s just that I only want to know if Pacquiao won the fight and how it went.  I don’t like to see people fighting and even if this is a sport, I still am hesitant to watch.

But, since I’ve matured over years, I decided to watch the game and be one with the hype.  I watched it with friends at the Greenhills Promenade theater.  I didn’t like the fact that I can’t blog *snif* *snif* but at least it’s good to have the company of friends.  The whole experience makes it much more fun!

Anyway, for the next Pacquiao fights, take note of this before booking any reservations.

Do watch a Pacquiao fight in a movie theater if:

  • you are with friends or family
  • you are not alone
  • you want to watch on big screen

Don’t watch a Pacquiao figh in a movie theater if:

  • you are a blogger – they won’t allow cameras nor laptops!!! **Faints**
  • you want food – they didn’t even serve popcorn
  • it’s okay for you to watch it in a not-so-big screen

Oh well that’s it for now, here are some of the pictures of the Pacquiao fight taken by Vince.

Image0060 Image0057 Image0056

Since I haven’t watched the other Pacquiao fights, then I could not compare.  However, my friends said that it was a boring fight.  To me it was okay… good thing I didn’t see enough blood yet **Faints**  Clottey got intimidated in round 1 and he carried it out throughout the game and he looked like a sturdy crab.  He seems to be unhurt from the 1231 punches that Pacquiao threw on him… If only he let lose of his hand and punched more than just the 399 he gave to Manny, I think the fight would have been more interesting.  Clottey was very strong and only if he punched more, I think Pacquiao would have had a harder time beating him.  Pacquiao said that Clottey was very very strong and it was hard to knock him down.  The end result – judges scored 120-108, 119-109, 119-109 in favor of the PacMan Manny Pacquaio and Manny won by unanimous decision.

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Results of the F1 Bahrain 2010 Grand Prix

Posted by on Mar 14, 2010 in Formula 1, Sports

Results of the F1 Bahrain 2010 Grand Prix

I’m sorry guys, I’m am a very vary hardcore F1 fan and I have been updating LIVE everything that’s happening on Bahrain… Expect my blog to be F1 heavy every weekends where there is an F1 event! 😀

Here are the preliminary results of the F1 Bahrain 2010 Grand Prix as I watched it live (See previous post)

#1 Fernando Alonso – Ferrari
#2 Felipe Massa – Ferrari
#3 Lewis Hamilton – McLaren Mercedes

Will update with the official results of the rankings but let me just give you a piece of my mind regarding the race 😀

The Ferraris are back! Did they make a right decision of replacing Kimi Raikkonen with Fernando Alonso? It looks like it… But really, I think the Ferraris improved their cars better this season. Massa was struggling with the car as well last year. They should have given Kimi a chance but oh well seems like Alonso could be our 2010 champion again since 2006! Everytime Schumacer is there, Alonso kinda wins… isn’t it?!?!?! Alonso beat Schumacher before and Alonso became F1 Champion… We’ll see this year as a lot has still yet to happen! In F1 there is a lot of politics and drama… it’s always fun to follow and watch…

On the other hand, Schumacher had a great comeback… #6 position is definitely not bad at all and he seems to be pleased with this at least.  We are sure to see more improvements from this legendary champion!

I will be also live blogging about the next game so please do visit my blog again if you want to watch the live streaming of the F1 online with me :)

Till next time folks 😀



Top 10 Drivers

#1 Fernando Alonso – Ferrari
#2 Felipe Massa – Ferrari
#3 Lewis Hamilton – McLaren Mercedes

#4 Sebastian Vettel

#5 Nico Rosberg

#6 Michael Schumacher

#7 Jensen Button

#8 Mark Webber

#9 Vitantonio Liuzzi

#10 Barhichello



Here’s the complete list of F1 drivers standings:

1. Fernando Alonso – Ferrari
2. Felipe Massa – Ferrari
3. Lewis Hamilton – McLaren
4. Sebastian Vettel – Red Bull
5. Nico Rosberg – Mercedes
6. Michael Schumacher – Mercedes
7. Jenson Button – McLaren
8. Mark Webber – Red Bull
9. Vitantonio Liuzzi – Force India
10. Rubens Barrichello – Williams
11. Robert Kubica – Renault
12. Adrian Sutil – Force India
13. Jaime Alguersuari – Toro Rosso
14. Nico Hülkenberg – Williams
15. Heikki Kovalainen – Lotus
16. Sebastien Buemi – Toro Rosso
17. Jarno Trulli – Lotus


Pedro de la Rosa – Sauber
Bruno Senna – HRT
Timo Glock – Virgin
Vitaly Petrov – Renault
Kamui Kobayashi – Sauber
Lucas di Grassi – Virgin
Karun Chandhok – HRT

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F1 Bahrain 2010 Grand Prix Livestream Coverage

Posted by on Mar 14, 2010 in Formula 1, Sports

Hi guys! I just got home and I am just in time for the live streaming of the F1 Bahrain 2010 grand prix. Like earlier and as always click “play” below to get live updates of the Formula 1 Bahrain 2010 in action as it happens! After the event, I will also blog about the highlights and the summary and what we should expect for the next race :)


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Watch Manny Pacquiao vs Joshua Clottey Livestream Updates

Posted by on Mar 14, 2010 in blogging, Sports

Hi guys, I’m currently watching the Manny Pacquiao vs Joshua Clottey fight at Greenhills Promenade movie theater!  They won’t allow laptops so I will update via twitter!  Please do follow live updates… I will be updating everything that’s happening LIVE!!!!  Blow-by-blow updates people!!! Like a livestream.. Click below to watch the Live Stream updates via twitter, from Dallas Cowboys Stadium


Don’t forget to Click “PLAY” Below… You can send in your updates and chat with other people as well :) Enjoy!

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Watching Alice in Wonderland in Ali Mall

Posted by on Mar 13, 2010 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Food, Movies & TV

Watching Alice in Wonderland in Ali Mall

After Vince got done with his deejay-ing, we planned to use the tickets that Globe gave to us and watch Alice in Wonderland in Ali mall :)  We were supposed to watch it in 3D.  So, I went to SM MOA’s IMAX Movie Theater at around 10 am to buy our tickets for Alice in Wonderland 3D.  I was disappointed because they did not have Alice in Wonderland in IMAX. T___T They said Alice in Wonderland is just in digital 3D.  I don’t know the difference  between digital 3D and IMAX but anyway I just went back home and we decided to just watch it on the normal movie screen.

I was live blogging on my other blog earlier when we were eating at Signapore Chicken Rice – AGAIN!  It’s yummyliscious!  One of our friends visit Singapore Chicken Rice restaurant 3 times a week!  Imagine that… the Chicken Rice and Chicken Curry are just the best!


After eating we headed straight to the newly renovated Ali Mall.  I don’t often go here.  In fact the last time I went to Ali Mall was last year and trust me, the mall did not really appeal to me a lot.  This time however, it’s newly renovated!  We strolled around and I liked how the mall looks now!  The nice part is that the movie theater looks like the one in greenbelt where the chairs are stacked up way above each other so that you won’t see any irritating heads of other people.  I’m not sure if they have any movie theaters here before but this one is just nice, clean and I love it!  This is one of my new favorite movie theaters now since it’s clean, nice, well-designed and not a lot of people know about this yet.  But since I blogged about it now, this theater could get more viewers… HARRR!!!

They were not showing the 3D version of Alice in Wonderland though.  It’s all fine still because I still enjoyed the movie!  I know movie critics have graded this movie half and half (some like it, some don’t) but I appreciate the movie and I love how it went :)  I’d give it a 9 out of 10.

After the movie, we strolled around and ate at Big Better Burgers.

Then when we got home, I just had to write for a news article and write about the Formula 1 Qualifying results in Bahrain 2010.  Do read if you are a fan! ^_^

Then, I shall retire to sleep now because tomorrow I will watch the Manny Pacquiao vs Joshua Clottey fight live!  I will bring my laptop of course for live blogging purposes.  I just hope I don’t run out of battery!  I need to upgrade to a more high-powered laptop!  Sponsors? Anyone? 😉

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