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Clumsy Candy

Posted by on Mar 3, 2010 in Life, Personal, Wall of the Weird | 3 comments

Wherever I go, I always stumble and fall.

In whatever I do, I have super duper *minor* accidents.

I believe in Guardian Angels.

For if not, I think I would have died because of my clumsiness…

Even if I just walk barefoot, I’d still slip-trip-and-fall…

Sometimes I just don’t know what to do with myself anymore…


I used to get embarrassed all the time…

But now, I just could not count the many instances of my fall…

So I just laugh at myself – apologize to the crowd if they were distracted…

I swear I did not seek your attention…

It was just me – clumsy as usual 😛


So here I am…

Standing Four Feet Eleven


Yet I still bumped myself into a very sharp edge…




… and had a **BUKOL** in my head



a very big one that I burst into tears like a 5-year-old… ahuk… ahuk… ahuk…


It was too painful even for a clumtard like me…

I checked if my brain’s logic is still functioning – 1 hamburger + 1 large fry + coke = McDonald’s Value Meal for lunch

I checked my memory – I remembered that I was hungry and I needed food.

— no wait… That’s not a memory, that’s just my stomach being a b*tch telling my brain what I need to do… at least I know my reflexes and my nervous system is still fine… neurons are working fine…



I remembered to camwhore though… so I think I should be fine 😛

ktnxbai 😛

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  1. hahahahaha.. ang cute naman ng bukol mo dude di ko makita. 😛

  2. pano mo sinabing cute di mo naman kita? XD sino kasama mo? XD XD XD kitakits later!

  3. ouch although wala naman naging problem. you still had the presence of mind to take some photos on scene. hahaha.


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