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New Haircut and Hair Color with David’s Salon

Posted by on Mar 13, 2010 in Beauty | 12 comments

I had a haircut last Monday from David’s Salon in Robinson’s Otis.  Here’s the result: (thanks to Carlos for taking this portrait)

OMG So nice right?  But I have a problem… I need to dye my hair again because the color is running down!

Just this day, Friday, I had the time to go to another David’s Salon branch.  This time it’s near my house in California Garden Square.

New Hair Cut and Hair Color at David's Salon

yeah… look at the colors of my hair.. so uneven already… These girls have been doing my hair every time I go there.  They never fail to assist me and suggest colors and treatments that are right for me.

At night, we went to Dampa – Seaside to eat with friends.  I was too hungry and I enjoyed my food too much that I forgot to take pictures of myself and my new do.  I only remembered to cam-whore when I arrived home.

Here’s the RESULT!


New Hair Cut and Hair Color at David's Salon

New Hair Cut and Hair Color at David's Salon New Hair Cut and Hair Color at David's Salon New Hair Cut and Hair Color at David's Salon

I had a different color than before.  Before I had the dark blonde iridescent color.  Now, I just have the copper dark blonde… something like that… I forgot the codes… anyway… it’s a bit lighter but little less red than before…


Till the next hairstyle…

I’m hoping Davids could sponsor me soon ^_^ I really enjoy their service and my I love how they always do my hair consistently nice even if I go to different branches.  Stylists are very trained well.

Enough blabber, I shall go sleep now as it is raining outside and it’s so nice to sleep and cuddle ^_^


  1. yah the first photo was taken by a professional.. the rest, it was just me cam-whoring lol

  2. nice hair do and color…bagay sayo=)

    dapat nga sponsor ka na nila kaze I would definitely go there when I am back home…

  3. woooooooooot! ganda dude! hehehe 😀

  4. Ang ganda! Can’t wait to see you again 😛

  5. Love ur new hairstyle! Suits u! Pwetty 😀

  6. you look great with just about any color! 🙂

  7. how much is the hair coloring?

  8. Ano tawag sa hair style n yan?

  9. anong hairstle po nyan?

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