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Pacquiao Fight at Greenhills Promenade Theater

Posted by on Mar 15, 2010 in Featured, Sports | 4 comments

Yesterday, it was my first time watching a Pacquiao fight – EVER!  I don’t watch it even on TV at home nor the replays or whatever.  It’s not that I don’t care, of course I do!  It’s just that I only want to know if Pacquiao won the fight and how it went.  I don’t like to see people fighting and even if this is a sport, I still am hesitant to watch.

But, since I’ve matured over years, I decided to watch the game and be one with the hype.  I watched it with friends at the Greenhills Promenade theater.  I didn’t like the fact that I can’t blog *snif* *snif* but at least it’s good to have the company of friends.  The whole experience makes it much more fun!

Anyway, for the next Pacquiao fights, take note of this before booking any reservations.

Do watch a Pacquiao fight in a movie theater if:

  • you are with friends or family
  • you are not alone
  • you want to watch on big screen

Don’t watch a Pacquiao figh in a movie theater if:

  • you are a blogger – they won’t allow cameras nor laptops!!! **Faints**
  • you want food – they didn’t even serve popcorn
  • it’s okay for you to watch it in a not-so-big screen

Oh well that’s it for now, here are some of the pictures of the Pacquiao fight taken by Vince.

Image0060 Image0057 Image0056

Since I haven’t watched the other Pacquiao fights, then I could not compare.  However, my friends said that it was a boring fight.  To me it was okay… good thing I didn’t see enough blood yet **Faints**  Clottey got intimidated in round 1 and he carried it out throughout the game and he looked like a sturdy crab.  He seems to be unhurt from the 1231 punches that Pacquiao threw on him… If only he let lose of his hand and punched more than just the 399 he gave to Manny, I think the fight would have been more interesting.  Clottey was very strong and only if he punched more, I think Pacquiao would have had a harder time beating him.  Pacquiao said that Clottey was very very strong and it was hard to knock him down.  The end result – judges scored 120-108, 119-109, 119-109 in favor of the PacMan Manny Pacquaio and Manny won by unanimous decision.


  1. Don’t watch a Pacquiao fight in a movie theater if:
    * it is against Joshua Clottey

    Yeah this fight just became the most boring pacquiao match pinoys have to bear with. While it was always a treat to watch Manny’s fight with other spectators (in a cinema, covered court, arena, etc) as everyone goes wild when Manny hits the opponent with a nice combo. But in this fight, Manny wasn’t able to provide the quality head hits or combos to Clottey to excite people of a K.O.

  2. I haven’t really tried watching a Pacquiao match in the cinema. Paano kaya kung 3D? LOLOLOL 😛

  3. wasnt able to watch it myself , but i heard clottey is so “bading” lol, i dunno. heard the fight was boring.. *i shouldve watched it. tee-hee*

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