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I Can’t be the Next PLDT Watchpad Crew *sadface*

Posted by on Mar 16, 2010 in blogging, Career, Celebrities | 2 comments

I can’t join…



That’s because I’m not in the age bracket of 16-20 years old (I’m only fifteen) **sniff** **sniff**… So… I’m just sharing these to you guys. 😀


PLDT is searching for their next PLDT Watchpad crew.  Get famous and and submit your audition videos here now!  You could also get a chance to win a laptop, 1 year subscription with PLDT myDSL and 100,000 pesos PLUS FAME!

If you are 16-20 years old, internet savvy, looks good and have a certain flair (ehem) and want to make a difference… go to the link and fill up the application form and upload a video on why you want to be a part of the Watchpad Crew.  You can be the next Rhian Ramos, Isabel Oli or drift king Alex Perez.

Like I said, I’m so qualified… except for the age part  **ahhhhmmmmffff**

So, don’t miss this opportunity guys if you think you can make it… No wait… Just don’t even think about it… just join and apply now! You never know…

Again, visit this link to join: http://www.pldtwatchpad.com/watchpadcrew/default.aspx

Time to rise and shine! Don’t forget to bring the flair with yah! 😉


  1. nice! pwedeng pwede ako dito. i want to be the next rhian ramos. crush ko yun eh.

  2. Pde ako sa internet savvy part.. pero yung iba.. iwan ko lang.. hahaha..


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