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iBlog6: May the Force be with You

Posted by on Apr 22, 2010 in blogging, Events, Pilipinas | 4 comments

I attended my very first iBlog two years ago and learned a lot from the speakers. I am the kind of person who takes down notes 🙂

For this year’s iBlog6, I was very honored to stand up and share what I can to the new bloggers and remind those who have been blogging for a while about the basics of blogging.

20 minutes summarized my story on how I accidentally did the right thing from the start. I did not do everything right, I also had to learn from other bloggers and make mistakes by myself. All I’m saying is, blogging is a learning process and up until now, I am still learning.

It was nice meeting new faces and being approached. 🙂 Thank you all! We all start somewhere and congratulations on being a part of iBlog6 and finishing a two-day rich course offered to you all for free 🙂

Since I have been busy with our new TV show “Tek Tok TV“, I had been very busy as we are at the initial stages. Also, I have a list of events coming up the last days of April and this would really put me into work.

I have more to share 🙂

I will upload my iBlog slides for those who missed it, and probably have a voice-over ^_^

To all who were there, hope you remember the basics of blogging. Earn Google’s love, SEO, Content, Links, Adsense… you learned from different speakers…

It’s time for you to have a hands on exercise on your own blogs 🙂

Happy blogging! ^_^


  1. Nice meeting you in person and see you in the next summit! 🙂

  2. The next time I see, I’ll make sure that I’ll approach you na 🙂 hehehe

  3. btw, i’ll wait for your slides with voice over 🙂 sayang nalate kasi ako 🙁

  4. Hi Hannah! Nice meeting you. you and Vince. Hope to see you again sa mga susunod na events. im the one from Jomar Hilario’s workshop..

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