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9 Artists, 1 Night – Video Gallery of the Then and Now Concert | Flair Candy

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9 Artists, 1 Night – Video Gallery of the Then and Now Concert

Posted by on May 18, 2010 in Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Music, Pilipinas | 3 comments

Here you go guys…

All videos are here!!! Find yourselves 🙂

It was the BOMB!  Worth the money to see these top international artists in one stage!

Check out this post for a very detailed review of the concert by Cheryl Golangco.  It was her first time watching the concert, and in VIP!  Check out her in-depth description of each performance and how she felt during the night 🙂


Hover your mouse to the bottom part of the YouTube video to toggle list of songs contained in the playlist.  There are about 29 (ish) songs in this playlist titled properly.  Click on the videos you want to see and maybe find yourselves there 🙂

You can also watch the video in HD if your bandwidth is fast enough 🙂 ENJOY!

Photo Gallery

*photo credits to Cheryl Golangco and Vince of

Me and Vince Backstage


Lucky Cheryl ^_^ Jared waved at her!


And of course, Asher – the guy from Fame 🙂


Jojo singing “How to Touch a Girl”


TQ is just hot! You’ll know how hot he is when you touch his muscles… *faints*


Me and Dani with All-4-1 !!!


I’ve been to one Baby Bash gig before with the Boys of Boys Night Out at Alchemy!

We talked about that night again before this picture was taken 🙂

He was one hell of a performer and made me go – JUMP! – JUMP! – JUMP! – JUMP!


Us, getting some food on the VIP section area


3 for 1 with PM Dawn hehe… one All-4-1 member was still inside


Me and Dani on a platform backstage 😀


Me at the bottom of the stage area… Good thing there were no pyro thingies… Or else, we would not be allowed in this area.

All access ROCKS!


OMG!!! This is what I’m talking about… He just came down after his performance…

he was sweating…

but he smelled so SWEET!

The muscles, the teeth, the smile *faints*


me with Frankie J 🙂

I love most of his songs… They make a girl feel nice and chill 🙂


and of course… the very friendly hotties of VFactory!!!

People in the Philippines might not know them yet, but I bet they gained more fans after they performed and opened the concert!

You have seen some of them in Glee, High School Musical and Fame!

I interviewed them twice… the first one is up on the playlist… the second one is here.


Asher of VFactory 🙂 Really nice voice – you have seen him on the movie Fame 🙂


Diana King looked intimidating at first but she is just the friendliest person ever 🙂

She signed all the autographs and had that nice smile.

I bet she wanted to stay a little bit more in the Philippines for a while.


PM Dawn played one of my favorite songs back in the 90s!

He is very very friendly and event went to the VIP area to check out the crowd.

He also gave roses to the audience while performing 🙂



VFactory!!! Very talented guys and very charming too… Heavy fan base in the US…

Watch out Philippines!

with the lovely girls of SWV 🙂

very powerful vocals!

Thanks to Dani for these photos


Me and my officemates 🙂 I miss these guys ^_^

More pictures:

just click on the thumbnail to enlarge 🙂


  1. Ang ggwapo ng VFactory shit lalo na yung Asher holy moly droools


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