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Day 3 Contest Question

Posted by on May 26, 2010 in Uncategorized | 48 comments

Day 3 and we had so much fun!  We went to many places, took lots of pictures… man, the Philippines is awesome!

Anyway here’s my question of the day:

“When we went to the Bangui Windmills, I realized that I left something.  What was it?  Give the specific brand item I forgot.”

Clue: good thing I had a plan B 😀 :P

Contest Guidelines:

1.  Answer on the comment section with your name and email address.  (If you don’t want to make your email address public, just make sure you provide a valid email address in the comment form.)

2.  Only 1 entry per person, per post. You can comment again and join the other question of the day’s, but you can only win once.

3. Only ladies are allowed to join (sorry boys, that was specific in BFAD registration).  The boys however are encouraged to let their girl friends join the contest.

4.  Entries with correct answers will be randomized and I will pick 1 winner per day.

5.  I will post the names of the winners on the day after our Flair Vaseline Road Trip adventure.

6.  Contest only open to local viewers (Philippines)

7. Read the Full Terms and Conditions here.

In addition:

You can join again the final contest (all expense trip) even if you won the contest for the gift. Yaye!

I’m so excited for you guys ^_^

Facebook comments:


  1. VASELINE Sun Block
    Erica Naranjo
    rush_erica04 [at] yahoo [dot] com

    wee! i’m first here! hahahaha 😀
    sakto, kakatapos ko lang basahin yung post na yun 😛

  2. You forgot your Vaseline Sun block good thing you brought with you your Vaseline Whitening lotion.

  3. Vaseline Sun block:)

  4. You forgot your Vaseline Sun Block. :)
    Joan Macawili

  5. Vaseline Sun Block 😉

  6. You forgot your Vaseline Sun Block!

  7. Vaseline Sun block

    Maribel D. Marquez

  8. Vaseline Sun Block

  9. Vaseline SUN BLOCK. :)

  10. you forgot your Vaseline Sun Block!

  11. VASELINE Sun Block

  12. your VASELINE SUN BLOCK :)

  13. You left your Vaseline Sunblock! 😮

  14. Vaseline Sun Block

    Kessa Thea
    kessathea26 (at) gmail (dot) com

  15. Vaseline Sun Block

  16. You forgot your Vaseline Sun Block! =)

  17. Vaseline Sun Block

  18. Vaseline Sun Block. :)

    Lolita Aguirre
    lolitaaguirre60 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  19. Vaseline Sun block

    Jaine de Guzman

  20. Was it your bunny rabbit?

  21. it’s VASELINE SUN BLOCK :) good thing you still have with you Vaseline Whitening Lotion SPF 24.

  22. Vaseline Sunblock. =)

  23. Vaseline Sun Block

  24. You forgot your Vaseline Sun Block.

  25. Vaseline Sun Block!

  26. Vaseline Sun Block

  27. hi hannah! you’re so excited on your trip and you forgot your Vaseline Sun Block! c;

  28. Vaseline Sun Block

  29. oh my! you forgot your Vaseline Sunblock!!! =)

  30. you forgot your Vaseline Sun Block :)

  31. VASELINE Sun Block

  32. Vaseline Sun Block :( 😉

  33. Vaseline sunblock =)


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