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OMG There’s a Fake Flair Candy!

Posted by on May 17, 2010 in Featured, Personal, Wall of the Weird | 27 comments

Thanks to Regie who mailed me on Facebook about this FlairCandy poser!


Here’s a screen shot of the poser’s page:

Obviously, she/he/it used my picture.

It is a fake account.

I am not really mad or whatever, I’m just *shocked*

O_o <– this shocked


Anyway, so far, this faker is harmless…

And she is not using my name…

but she is using my picture…

but my face still is up that profile…


So if she F*cks it up like what she’s trying to do

“So hot, I want to take my clothes off”




Just don’t add this poser guys, it ain’t me…


Or, you can still add her/he/it if you want to…

Just for fun T__T


but still, I have reported this as a fake account already.

This is how you report someone who is trying to impersonate you, using your name or using your photos.

At the bottom of the impersonator’s page, click report/block this person.

Seriously, I don’t get it…

Why are they creating fake accounts, and using other people’s photos.


Can you give me top reasons why someone would create fake profiles on Facebook?

Also, what are the dangers of this?

What do you need to do about it?


I don’t really know much what to do myself as this is the first time.  If this happened to you, let me know what’s best to be done so that we can all protect each other whenever your identity is being stolen online.


I’m an idiot… I forgot to put the link to the fake profile.

Here it is:


Please help me report the fake profile by clicking on the link below and hit report on the bottom of her page and did exactly what I did in the screen shot above 🙂

Thanks guys 🙂 and thanks to Gem who made me realize people other than me can report it 🙂

Thanks ^_^



  1. Positive thinkers say, imitation is a form of flattery.

    However, I think it’s still right to report the fake profile.

    I did my part in reporting that.. the screenshot was helpful!

  2. For some, that’s how they hook up with the boys. The danger is when these fakers use your name/photo/property. They, most of the time, make a bad reputation to the real person who owns the name/photo/property that they (posers) are using. I’m glad you reported this to Facebook right away before she makes any damage to you and to FlairCandy.com

    (edited my previous comment. I had some typo errors hehe)

  3. awww.. thanks Gem… 🙂 so other people can report it as well? I didn’t realize that.. Updated my post to include the link *fail* that I forgot to do lol

  4. IKR, it’s my face out there… thanks Sai

    (deleted your previous comment… didn’t notice typo lol)

  5. I actually found the profile link by searching through facebook.

    I think it’s more convincing for FB to take that down if you can get more people to report that fake profile.

  6. Your writing says WTK…. What The Koala?


    Already reported.

    They’re probably going “What The Koala!” over there at Facebook Headquarters too! =)

  7. hmmm…annoying and aggravating for anyone to use your image or identity to fool other people. Glad someone caught it before it got worse. Ingat palagi Hannah…by the way…still surfing?

  8. The fake profile with your pic is definitely being used as bait to get guys who unwittingly click on anything that resembles a hot chick.

    Probably the next thing to appear on that wall would be an affiliate link to a dating or porn site where the scam artist would then make be able to money.

  9. sikat ka na ibig sabihin, kaya may posera ka na

  10. Echoserang palaka. Wahehehe. Ewhoring ginagawa nya, tsk tsk. Will report that posera Hannah!

  11. hahah.. I wish I have my own copycat as well. 🙂 jokes..

  12. naku sis daming gumagawa nyan, kukuha ng pic na maganda sa web and magpapanggap. minsan just so they can ask male peeps to give them a load. anyway sana matanggal na ung account.

  13. Yikes! Scary! Reported.

    Uso sa multiply yan. Posers. Lumipat na pala sa FB. O_o
    Sana magrespond kapag ang FB and delete the account before she does damage to you.

  14. er why does she need to use other photo? wala ba syang fez? haha! buti nalang your friend saw it.

    • oo nga eh… buti nalang I had many friends who reported it… but facebook acts slow… until now the profile page is still up. 🙁

  15. I reported na din Hannah girl!!! 🙂

  16. I have the same problem. May gumawa rin na fake account using may name pero fake naman ang mga photos. This someone knows my birthday and schools. Nakakairita talaga kasi she wrote nasty profile against me na hindi naman totoo. Ilang beses ko na ‘to ni-report sa FB pati mga kakilala ko ni-report din pero until now andun pa rin yung fake page. Bakit mabagal ang FB sa mga ganitong issue?


  1. Maki Eduardo - Tsk tsk posers! RT @flaircandy: OMG There’s a Fake Flair Candy! http://bit.ly/9wU5rQ http://bit.ly/d85lSr #Faceboo
  2. fardan faisal - OMG There’s a Fake Flair Candy! http://bit.ly/9wU5rQ http://bit.ly/apcBTE
  3. Gem - RT @flaircandy: OMG There’s a Fake Flair Candy! http://bit.ly/9wU5rQ http://pi.pe/-pyr5i5 #Facebook
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