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Vigan to Baguio: Sta Maria Church, Banauang Bridge, Session Road, Bencab Museum

Posted by on May 28, 2010 in Art & Photography, Beauty, Featured, Fitness, Health, Pilipinas, Travel | 11 comments

I havent’t been here in ages.  Last time I was here was when I was 8 years old i think.

Anyway, it’s so nice here… So cool… and it’s just really a nice place to relax.

The weather is cool…

I was even surprised that a lot of people are living here.  There are houses everywhere.

Anyway, let the pictures tell the story 🙂


Started the day by applying Vaseline.

My skin is super dry and sensitive.  It needs to be moisturized, or else, my eczema might come out.

Also, I wouldn’t have to worry about getting dark while on tour and having photo shoots under the heat of the sun because it has SPF 24. Also, my mom would be happy because my mom wants me to be flawless white lol

See picture below 🙂 me and the girls love playing around different places.  We don’t need to worry about the sun ^_^


Playing along the stairs of Sta. Maria church in Sta. Maria.



But before that, we stopped over Bauang (or Bawang) Bridge :)  This is just right after Vigan.  The view is spectacular and it was so cold and windy!


Inserted portrait photo of me taken by Jeck… I love the green background! I’m one nature 🙂


This is outside the Bencab’s (Ben Cabrera) gallery in Baguio.


Nikki, me and Ada outside our hotel in Vigan – Hotel Salcedo de Vigan.


I was about to sneeze… then the shutter clicked LOL


Jump shot on Bauang bridge


Outside Sta. Maria church.  It was beautiful… The sky was perfect blue.


Lunch at Midway!!! I was so happy we dropped by here… I missed the baby back ribs ^_^…

I always eat here when I have surf trips in La Union


Really friendly dog outside the Bencab museum… He’s very friendly, I wanted to take him home.


I was WOW-ing :P  The individual paintings looked like Chinese characters.


We kissed Ada 😛


Trying to imitate the statues behind us 🙂


We love stairs for some reason lol


Bencab Museum / Gallery


Session Road – most famous road in Baguio


Time to kiss Nikki


Ukay-Ukay madness wee!

I will definitely miss this trip… I will miss the girls, the crew and everyone involved in this trip… it has been one great adventure 🙂


  1. hahaha ang cute nung picture nyo na ginagaya yung statues!

  2. so cute pic when you are about to sneeze! 🙂 it doesn’t look like though….

    …nice jumpshot on a bridge too…but just to correct it girl : it’s not bauang bridge 🙂 it’s BANAUANG BRIDGE! just a constructive 1! peace!

  3. Can’t wait for my 2nd time trip to Baguio next year! Lovely pictures there Hannah! 🙂

  4. ahhhhhhhhhh… Banauang thanks for correcting me dear… would need to edit that ^_^

  5. oh and yeah. hindi halata I was about to sneeze coz I have shades… without it I’d look uber funny lol

  6. teehee 🙂 thanks! ang kukulit rin kasi ni Nikki and Ada… join ka contest namin 🙂 malay mo

  7. hanep, byaheng artista dude! hehehehe ^___^

  8. Hannah Girl! I miss you na! I think we’re not the ones who like the stairs, it’s Jeck! Pakana niya yan! 😛 hahaha


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