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You May Have Seen These On TV

Posted by on Jun 29, 2010 in Announcements, Beauty, Contests, Featured, Pilipinas, Travel

You May Have Seen These On TV

I have appeared in TV before, but this is my first TVC ^_^

We had so much fun during our Vaseline Road Trip!  You may check out my sidebar on the right (—>) to view my blog posts about our adventure.

If you are a girl, 18 years old and above, and you want to experience the same fun we had… go to vaselineroadtrip.com for a chance to win a road trip for you and your friends 😀



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Is Chris Brown the Next Michael Jackson?

Posted by on Jun 28, 2010 in Featured, Music

Is Chris Brown the Next Michael Jackson?

I have been a fan of Chris Brown ever since I saw his first video “Yo (Excuse Me Miss)” video.  Until now, I am not tired of that song!  I also watched his concert with Rihanna even if it meant I had to super save for the expensive tickets!

I was saddened by what he did with Rihanna but I do truly hope that he’s renewed because he’s such one talented artist and I just can’t bear to watch him going down the hill.

Michael Jackson’s death anniversary just happened days ago and Chris Brown made a stunning performance with his Michael Jackson tribute at the BET Awards.

Also, watch the finale of the video where he was trying to finish the song “Man in the Mirror” but he just broke down into tears and couldn’t properly sing anymore…

He’s maybe internalizing and maybe thinking of “change” within himself 😛

Isn’t he amazing? :)

He sings well… and dances superb! He’s a performer and I will watch his concert again if he has one.

What do you think?



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Top Reasons Why Windows Live Writer Rocks!

Posted by on Jun 27, 2010 in blogging, Featured

Top Reasons Why Windows Live Writer Rocks!

I have been using Windows Live Writer for the longest time :)

Ever since I got introduced to the Windows Live Writer, I have been writing my blog posts through it.  Nothing is much easier now than to have Windows live writer as one of the tools you use for blogging.

Top reasons why I love Windows Live Writer.

1.  Easy to setup.  You don’t need to be an html/css/php guru to understand and learn how to use it.  Even my little sister could do this on her own.

2. It supports many blog platforms.  Blogspot (the one I am using for this blog), Livejournal, Xanga, WordPress.org, simply wordpress, wordpress self hosted blogs and many more.

3.  You can blog offline.

4.  It automatically uploads the photos for you.

5.  You can crop, edit, rotate pictures while blogging inside Windows Live Writer.

6.  You can add your watermark in your photos.

7.  You can add different kinds of frames for your pictures and videos

8.  Adding a photo album has never been easy.

9.  Easy editing for your hyperlinks.  Easy options like you can have the link open to a new window, set up a no follow, add more captions etc.

10.  add maps easily!

11. Tables are a headache in html-ing… this one, Windows Live Writer creates a better table for you.

12.  Easy switching from “Edit” view to your actual blog’s “Preview” to viewing your “Source” code.

13.  The source code looks neat!

14.  You can preview your blog’s template.

15.  Last but not the least, it’s so easy to use yet it has many advanced options!

Download your very own Windows Live Writer now and check out the application for your own good 😛 It’s free!



It's Summer! (2)

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Nestle Heaven Ice Cream: Heaven Is Where the Fridge Is

Posted by on Jun 24, 2010 in Events, Featured, Food

Nestle Heaven Ice Cream: Heaven Is Where the Fridge Is

Last June 23, 2010 Nestle just launched a new brand of Ice Cream that took as all to Heaven!

Heaven Ice Cream 006

Angels guiding us to the doors of Heaven :)

Nestle Heaven Ice Cream is a line of premium ice cream with different kinds of flavors you probably have never tried before in commercial ice cream brands. We definitely got a taste of Heaven!

Heaven Ice Cream 052

My favorite flavor is Butter Pecan Obsession! I swear, I couldn’t count the number of scoops I ate during the event


swear… They served the mini scoop of ice cream with butter cookies… which made it more yummy!

Here are more flavors you can try!  What’s best is that these Ice Creams have no artificial food colors

image image image image

Heaven Flavors:

Belgian Chocolate Bliss

So tempting and sinful, it’s utter decadence.
Transcend all earthly pleasure and give in to the
riches, most sublime chocolate ice cream smothered
with the finest Belgian chocolate bits.

Vanilla Almond Secret

Reveals an absolutely pure, delicate and intensely
flavorful experience. Get caught in the rapture of
creamy vanilla ice cream softly-kissed with chopped
almonds, all draped in flowing caramel ripples.

Strawberry Dream

Fulfill every creamy and delectable desire when you
lose yourself in luscious strawberry and cream ice
cream, affectionately adorned with only the freshest,
most succulent strawberry pieces.

Butter Pecan Obsession

Prepare for complete obsession as you satisfy your
deepest, most indulgent cravings. Witness a mouth-
watering explosion of irresistibly soft buttery ice
cream alluringly strewn with the finest roasted

Sizes available and Prices:

800mL – Php 175
450mL – Php 115

Heaven Ice Cream 047

This is their chocolate flavor with scrapings of chocolate and cherry.

I actually have yet to get a list of their full flavors and will update you guys

Heaven Ice Cream 029

Angels are flying everywhere 😛

Heaven Ice Cream 011

Sorry it’s blurry… but this Angel is really pretty ^_^ I just love the lighting effect…

Heaven Ice Cream 016

There were also people flying on strips of cloth.

Shot this using Blackberry Curve zoomed in… (I forgot my camera :P)

Heaven Ice Cream 017

They are trained to do this… They didn’t have any harness while dancing on air…

Heaven Ice Cream 042

I think she’s their main angel model.

Heaven Ice Cream 010

Silver confetti everywhere.

Heaven Ice Cream 035

Me = Angel 😛

Heaven Ice Cream 037

Human statue 😛

I want to steal the chocolate from him.

Heaven Ice Cream 050

The only alcoholic beverage they served.

Heaven Ice Cream 051

Strawberry cream non-alcoholic cocktail

Heaven Ice Cream 025

Reunited with Nikki :)

Heaven Ice Cream 018

Nikki, Earth, Shen and me :)

Heaven Ice Cream 019

Female bloggers wee

Heaven Ice Cream 026

The room is very foggy… like we are in a fridge 😛

More Pictures

now, you can get a taste of heaven yourself ^_^

so stock some Heaven in your fridge :)

Taste heaven here on Earth…



*photos taken using Blackberry Curve 8520 and Vince’s Olympus Digicam 😛 Want to know which camera to which photos? Click on the photos to find out. Blackberry’s camera is not bad for an emergency camera

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It’s Raining in San Juan Without Rain

Posted by on Jun 24, 2010 in blogging, Pilipinas, Travel

*video taken using Blackberry Curve

Make sure to close your car windows and lock your doors… They will splash a bucket of water on you!!!

It’s a fun festival though :) It’s San Juan Day and people get wet! It should be fun if you’re ready for it…

It should be more fun for the guys if girls wearing white get splashed with water woot woot? woot woot!

San Juan Day is the feast Day of St. John the baptist… Today, we celebrate the baptism of Jesus.

Have fun y’allz.

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Manila Bulletin Blog-O-Rama Features FlairCandy Blog

Posted by on Jun 23, 2010 in Announcements, blogging, Featured

Manila Bulletin Blog-O-Rama Features FlairCandy Blog

OMGee you guys!  FlairCandy blog has been featured on Manila Bulletin’s Blog-O-Rama by Annalyn Jusay :)

*tears of joy*

I was so excited when I received a note of invite from Annalyn to be featured in Manila Bulletin!  Never in my life would I have imagined as a child that I would appear in newspapers!!!  The very first time I saw my name on a newspaper was when I passed my CPA Board Examinations WOOOHOO!!!.

I thought it would end there… To my surprise, Vince also mentioned me last week on his first article for another newspaper.

This time, Me, Myself and my Blog – GOT FEATURED!!! Wee!

I’m sorry if I’m super hyper while writing this post but I am just so happy to get featured on one of the most popular newspapers in the Philippines.  😀  This is really a big deal and this I share to you all. :)

The article got published last Monday.  I was out of town so I asked my mom to buy a copy for me.  When I got home, I called her and said that I would need her to take a photo of it and send it over to me through email.  Good news is, people in our office made a big buzz about it 😛 Bad news is, the newspaper got lost somewhere… T___T

It was only on the next day (Tuesday) where I finally got a hold of my own copy of the newspaper.  Thanks to Kacy for giving us a tip about back issues of magazines.  Here’s the tip – National Book Store sells back issues of the newspaper for at least one day back.  I’m lucky Vince found me one on National Book Store in Greenhills where we passed by *phew*

Here you go, newspaper feature immortalized 😀


I just had to take photos 😛

Here’s the close-up 😀


You can also read the full article on Manila Bulletin’s official website here.

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Hapontukin Memories and A Fun Anti-Hapontukin Online Contest

Posted by on Jun 22, 2010 in Career, Contests, Featured, Health

Hapontukin Memories and A Fun Anti-Hapontukin Online Contest

P6150195I was sitting at the press conference of Enervon with Ramon Bautista and Sam YG and I couldn’t be entertained enough!  Ramon Bautista is one of the ambassadors of Enervon and I think that he fits into the role perfectly for Enervon’s anti – “Hapontukin” campaign!  I couldn’t think of anyone who could do a more better job than him. Maybe Shivaker is a nice contender to the role?  Nah, I don’t think so.  What do you think? Teehee!

When I was a kid, Enervon was something that my mom would feed me with breakfast.  I am proud to say I that I was an Enervon kid.  That probably explained why I was able to maintain my spot in the honors list while being the president of the class, and at the same time being active in sports and cheerleading!  Sometimes my mom doesn’t even know where I get my energy lol.  image

Well mommy, you should be one proud momma! *muacks*

Enervon is actually not only a vitamin brand for kids but also for adults!  It would actually help the battle against hapontukin since it has special combination of vitamins called Steadi-Energy Complex that helps provide consumers with lasting energy throughout the day.

I admit, sometimes, I am also a victim of hapontukin!  Remember this blog post?  Oh yes, that was my post about “hacking time” in the office.  In other terms, “sleeping in the bathroom” 😛  When I was working as a Financial Analyst at a bank before, I always feel sleepy after lunch.  There’s a certain ambiance after lunch and you see everyone around you are getting sleepy as well.  The room is quiet, and this made me more sleepy.  I don’t like drinking coffee often.  So what I did was, I slept in our clean comfort room where my boss couldn’t see me 😛

Bad idea though, what if I dozed off for 4 hours or something?  *faints*

I couldn’t help but remember all of my hapontukin moments!  I guess hapontukin happens even to the best of us especially if we don’t eat right, or we ate too much of something, we lack sleep and lack the nutrients our body needs.  Now that I’m blogging full time and I host a TV show on the side, the more I realized that I need steady energy.  I live a very physical life now and I get invited to events, seminars and press conferences from morning ‘till night.

If you are working at an office, be creative and make fun perky exercises when you get sleepy.  You don’t want to get caught by Ramon Bautista hapontuken-ing in your office chair, don’t you?  That’s right!  Enervon’s Hapontukin Campaign extends beyond radio and TVCs.  Their campaign also has a physical “office raid” with Ramon Bautista’s Hapon Wake-Up Action Team (HWAT).  They visit offices in the afternoons with one objective: To catch hapontukin (sleepy) employees.  Could it be you? 😛

Anti-Hapontukin Exercise: Water Cooler Hurdle

One way of beating sleepiness in the afternoon is to do some whacky exercises.  When I say whacky, I mean belly-hurting funny… like you would totally look ridiculous if you follow the exercise but hey, those are the kinds of exercises that will really wake you up!

This is one of my favorite hapontukin excersise by the HWAT team.  Check it out guys, laugh trip… 😀 try doing it in your office too!  You’d definitely wake up!

Get a chance to win 1 of 5 iPhones

You will have a chance to win awesome prizes by joining the Anti-Hapontukin Online contest.

It’s a fun contest really and all you need to do is:

1. Invent and shoot a video of your unique Anti-Hapontukin exercise (like the one above)

2. Upload it on the internet (YouTube)

3. Register the video via  hapontukin.com

For qualified videos, the Hapontukin Administrator will then upload the video to Hapontukin’s Facebook Fan page as an official entry for the contest.  Get your friends to like your video on Facebook.  If you have the most likes for a video uploaded in that week, you get to win a cool camera phone!  You would also get a chance to win an Apple iPhone through a random Raffle amongst all video entries at the end of the promo period.

Even if you didn’t upload the video, you can still win prizes!  You just need to participate by “liking” your friends’ video on the Hapontukin Facebook fan page.  You will get a chance to win a camera phone weekly and in the grand draw.  Throughout June to July, there will be 1 draw per week.

So squeeze your creative juices guys.  Think funny.  Think whacky.  Think ridiculous!

You may visit the Hapontukin official website to view contest mechanics and guidelines.

Don’t get caught 😛

much love,



**This is an advertorial for Enervon’s Anti-Hapontukin campaign.

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The Search For New Music

Posted by on Jun 22, 2010 in Featured, Music

The Search For New Music

June 21, before the clock struck 12, my mood was set for some acoustic sound trip.  I browsed through my iPod and noticed that my playlist is so outdated!

I decided to get new songs, and update… But what?  I was so clueless on what to listen to.

Here’s the thing, sometimes, I like the music when its rare…  I mean, the melody, and the lyrics and the overall rhythm and all that stuff must be present in the music I like.  But if I frequently hear it (like on the radio) I’d get tired of it, except for some exemptions like Wamdue Project’s “Forgiveness”.  It’s always being aired on 103.5 fm max radio and I still am not tired of hearing it over and over again.

Anyway, if I have a question, I usually just Google it online… but since I don’t know what to search for (lol), I asked my friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. 😀

Anyway, I have great friends and followers!  They suggested to me new songs for my Poddy 😀  I listed down some of their suggestions and I guess I just want to share as well, two songs that stole my heart.  Here they are :)

1. Sky – Joshua Radin and Ingrid Michaelson

I couldn’t put into words, the meaning of the song, any better than this commentor on songmeanings.net

I think the song is about two lovers who have bad dreams and wake up worried that their dreams were real, only to see they’re not. It’s ultimately sweet in that it is talking about how when you’re in love, you want to wake up to that person, and waking up with them makes everything all right, no matter what. (“This is the way I need to wake…”)  Also, having that bad dream makes you realize how important it is to let that person know how much you love them, hence the “keep me on my toes.”


I immediately searched for the lyrics of Sky by Joshua Radin and Ingrid Michaelson (again a new artist to me).  I’m struck by the lyrics because I think, almost everyone can relate to the lyrics. Especially me, at this time lol. :)

I also like Joshua Radin’s other song – “I’d rather be with you.”  Do check it out here if you want to listen 😀

*Thanks winterheimhdd and Renzie for the suggestion :) love it!

Renzie also suggested Feist but I knew about feist and blogged about them before as well 😛

2.  Bruised – Jack’s Mannequin

This song… is so emo! but I love it!  This song was released a couple of years ago.  I just discovered it for my own… 😀 Thanks Barney for recommending this song!  It’s originally a punk-ish song, but it also had an acoustic version wish I love… The original was amazing!  But the acoustic, to me, is just perfect (at least perfect for my mood now :D).

As for the song’s meaning, it’s all about… *sob* *sob* leaving someone behind :(  My favorite lines are:

“sometimes perfection can be- become the perfect hell”

“I had to give it away, had to give you away.”



Till the next soundtrippin’



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Technology Triggers My ESP

Posted by on Jun 19, 2010 in Featured, Personal, Tech Chic, Wall of the Weird

Technology Triggers My ESP


That’s a bold statement up there… but yep, I think that I am super techie even for my own good that what triggers my ESP (if I have one) is Technology.

Last year, I wrote one dedicated blog post about how I think I had ESP.  You can read about it here if you are masipag enough :P.

I freak myself out a lot of times!!!  I gave examples of situations that are totally creepy but cool on my ESP post above.  One thing about my ESP is that I can only feel something to happen within the next minute.  The most I think is 24 hours.  Other than that, I don’t think I can feel what happens in the distant future.

Another thing that I noticed lately that most of it is “Technology” related!

Jeng… Jeng… Jeng…!

Situation #1  The Cellphone

Most of the time I have my phone lying around and I am busy and so engrossed tinkering with my computer or watching TV or DVD, then all of a sudden I panic thinking “whoah where’s my cellphone someone might text me” a second or 2 later it rings / alerts me of a new message.

– SometimesI think my brain detects radio signals or has an invisible antenna of its own lol.  Sometimes I think that it receives sms signals and it alerts me before it alerts the phone for a message.

Situation #2 The Radio

Another thing that always really happens to me, like I thought at first this is always a coincidence but it just really is happenning too often for my skepticism to this idea melt, is when I say I am in a car driving while listening to music.  Suddenly I just feel like looking to the right and I see a billboard with the word “vacation” then synchronized with the lyrics of the song (or sometimes what the dj says) is also the word “vacation.”

– again with the radio signals lol

Situation #3 The Internet

About 2 years ago, I was heartbroken like mad.  I’m over it but if you will notice my archive 2 years ago, it’s super emo like I want to slap myself now reading it lol.

I plurked saying “I think I need to go to Church.” and Sonnie suggested me to join a Christian Group that he suggested if I’m interested.  Later that night I asked him about the Christian Group and he gave me a link to their site. I was about to type the url address of the site when I noticed that, the site was open on my window already @_@…

– from this blog post

– this one, I got really freaked out a little bit lol.  It was a bigger sign more than anything.  I even tried to click “back” on the website but it had no “history”  You can read the rest of that story by clicking the link above.

Situation #3 The Globe Event

Okay, so this time, it’s a Globe event… you know what it means… cellphone everywhere, techie people, 3G, GPRS, EDGE network of globe… more radio signals and everything tech!

So this ESP thing happened just recently and I was getting more and more convinced that my ESP is triggered by technology.  Vince and I were invited to Globe’s launch of their Flagship stores.  Thanks Coy for always inviting us to super cool Globe events :)

Will talk about the event in details later :)

Anyway, there’s a raffle at the end and when they said that, I immediately just had the super strong feeling that I will win something!  I don’t usually get that feeling but that night, when it was announced, it was super strong.  We were supposed to go to another event but I really felt I need to stay for the evening.  Vince had to go to the other awesome event as well, but I decided to stay on the Globe launch.  I also kinda missed hanging out with my other blogger friends who were there and it was also one of the reasons why I stayed (NUKS!)  Pero totoo guys! SWEAR! I miss you gaisss!

So Vince said goodbye to me… When he said goodbye… I didn’t want to let go of his hand for some reason!!!  (Let’s not get mushy guys lol)  That same time he was leaving, I had a feeling that it WASN’T ME who is going to win… but HIM!  I tried to convince him to stay… but he failed…

“Sige, kung gusto mo, iwan ka nalang dito” he said.

“Okay.” that’s was all that I can say… Malay ko ba that my ESP(n) is telling me something.


“Wait a minute” – I said to myself.

The feeling of me not winning and Vince winning was getting strong… the whole night after he left, I felt kinda nervous for some reason… my hands were cold and my heart was palpitating a bit fast and normal…

The names are being raffled out already… some people already won…

Hindi ako mapakali! (I couldn’t stay still) “should I text him?” eh what if he won’t win rin naman… what basis do I have?

“wag na.”

and the host goes “Next item will be a _____” I didn’t hear the item they were raffling out but at this time, they were all cellphones already.  Someone said “iPhone” so I thought it was an iPhone…

and the lucky name is… yep… that’s right folks… I saw his name on the TV Screen…



that’s my story…

If you want to know how Vince felt… read this.

So I told Vince the whole ESP(n) story I had… I told him about my other ESP(n) moments before but he was just laughing at me lol.  I guess after this incident he somehow acknowledged some little bit of possibility that I could have the tiniest bit of psychic in me… 😛

“From number 1 – 15, what number am I thinking?” He blurted randomly while he was driving us home.

“13” – it was the first number that came into my mind for some reason.


was all he can say… I got it right 😛

‘Till the next ESP(n),



*Photo credits to Yoshke Dimen.

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Philippine Star Mention

Posted by on Jun 19, 2010 in Announcements, blogging, Featured

Philippine Star Mention

Today’s Philippine Star edition (June 19, 2010) mentioned yours truly of FlairCandy.com wee!


Here’s the close up.

6-19-2010 12-19-45 PM




Vince just started writing for The Philippine Star and his first article is all about “Vlogging Your Way to The Top”!

Check out his article and his experience about being one of the writers of the Supreme section of the Philippine Star here.

You can also read the full article online here.



As of now, I’m super busy like crazy.  But it’s nice to write for a newspaper like Vince.  Maybe someday, I hope to write at least one article too. ^_^

Till the next blog post,


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Riding The Taming Sari – 360 Degree View of Melaka Malaysia

Posted by on Jun 16, 2010 in Featured, Travel

Riding The Taming Sari – 360 Degree View of Melaka Malaysia

It was the afternoon and it was perfect to ride the Taming Sari.  Later you will see what I mean 😛

Melaka - Menara Taming Sari (1)

Behold, the Taming Sari

*I actually don’t know what “Taming Sari” means… paiseh*

Melaka - Menara Taming Sari (2)

Clear blue skies… green trees :)

Melaka - Menara Taming Sari (3)

I tried using the polarizer… it kinda darkened the corners coz the CPL I bought was a bit thick T_T

(I didn’t know that thickness or thinness matters)

Melaka - Menara Taming Sari (4)

Cute buildings near the Taming Sari

Melaka - Menara Taming Sari (7)

This overexposed shot looks nice as well 😛 looks artistic to me at least… can be used as wallpaper 😛

What do you think?

Melaka - Menara Taming Sari (8)

Trying to capture Aaron taking photos of McBone 😛

Melaka - Menara Taming Sari (9)

Aaron seems to be satisfied with his shot lol

Melaka - Menara Taming Sari (10)

We are going to enter the Taming Sari next XD

Melaka - Menara Taming Sari (11)

wee! We’re inside!

Melaka - Menara Taming Sari (13)

Satkuru Kawaii!


Melaka - Menara Taming Sari (15)

View from the top… You will see the Portuguese ship

Melaka - Menara Taming Sari (16)

OMG that’s a long lap pool I want!

Melaka - Menara Taming Sari (17)

I am not sure where the North part is but if I knew, I can tell the time when this was taken without looking at the digital time stamp 😛

The shadow of the taming sari is like a Sundial hehe

Melaka - Menara Taming Sari (18)

Pahlawan mall top view :)

Looks like an alien space ship parked in Melaka lol

Melaka - Menara Taming Sari (19)

The buildings look like doll houses and the cars look like toy cars 😛Melaka - Menara Taming Sari (20)

I believe this is the *Eye of Malaysia*

Melaka - Menara Taming Sari (21)

Cute park 😛

I bet it’s nice to cam-whore here 😀


Melaka - Menara Taming Sari (26)

View from the insides of the Taming Sari

Melaka - Menara Taming Sari (28)

Eh? Bone, you got dizzy?

Melaka - Menara Taming Sari (30)

They were taking photos of the reflection in my shades

Melaka - Menara Taming Sari (31)

After the ride wee!

Aaron Woolala still manages to do his signature *eyebrow* look 😛

Melaka - Menara Taming Sari (33)

Everyone was trying to capture the reflection from Sat’s shades as well.

That’s how we roll guys :) All of us had DSLRs 😛  All of the bloggers I know in Malaysia have a passion for both blogging and photography

Get to know my Malaysian friends who toured me.

Here’s some link love and shoutout to them!

Satkuru, Aaron, Alvin, Wiliam, Jess, Steven, McBone

till the next blog post 😛




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Destination: Melaka (Malacca)

Posted by on Jun 15, 2010 in Featured, Travel

Destination: Melaka (Malacca)

Melaka (Melakka, Malacca) is known to be a town rich in culture.  It’s only about roughly an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur.  I was so excited to go to Melaka as it is one of the historical city centers that are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site.  This city had some Portuguese influence in it and you will find Churches built for Christians.

Satkuru, Aaron, Alvin, Wiliam, Jess, Steven and McBone took me to Melaka 😀  This post contains the many things I saw and experienced while we were walking around Melaka.

Destination Melaka (1)

Me and William waited for Sat, Jess, Steven, McBone, Aaron and Alvin at Asia Cafe.  I ate some Asado Beef noodles I think (you know how heavy of a breakfast eater I am)

and of course, my favorite, Milk Tea 😀

Destination Melaka (3)

I look different and weird here… I look 10 pounds more lol

Destination Melaka (4)

This is Jess ^_^ One of the sweetest Malaysians I know :)

My first impression of her when we finally met “Wow, she’s tall”

Her first impression of me “Oh, she’s small”


Four Feet Eleven baby 😛

Destination Melaka (5)

On Williams car with Me, Aaron and Alvin.

No cam-whoring inside car lol

We kinda all wore read.

It wasn’t planned.

Destination Melaka (7)

I didn’t know how to spell “Melaka” at first.  There seems to be different spellings like “Melakka” and “Malacca”

Good thing I grabbed a snapshot of this signage.

“Melakka” – is just a misspelling

“Malacca” – appears to be the English word counterpart of the place

(I remembered Malacca from our Asian History Studies in High School)

Destination Melaka (8)

Entering the City of Melaka 😀

Destination Melaka (10)

Outside “Christ Church” a dozen of Pedicabs decorated with flowers were parked nicely 😀

Destination Melaka (12)

A busy street in Melaka.  It had really tiny roads.

Destination Melaka (13)

Aaron’s shirt says “I’m Surrounded by Idiots”

>.< grr

“Selamat Tahun Baru Cina” which means…

(I don’t know really :P)

Destination Melaka (14)

Sign pointing to “Eye on Malaysia”

Destination Melaka (16)

Me taking a picture of William taking my picture, who also is taking my picture while I was taking a picture of him.

Get it? lol

Destination Melaka (17)

Aaron behind me has a “wtf” face as I cam-whore lol


Destination Melaka (19)

I don’t know what this is, it was just nice taking photos of it because it is red.

The structures and buildings around Melaka are painted with the same shade of red.

Destination Melaka (20)

Even the Church is Red.

More about the Christ Church on my next blog post 😀

Destination Melaka (21)

Guess who 😛

Destination Melaka (22)

We headed to Pahlawan mall to chill 😀

Destination Melaka (23)

Fountain inside the Pahlawan Mall in Melaka

Destination Melaka (24)

Lovely Plane, GGP alert lol (inside joke)

Destination Melaka (26)

Train for display (doesn’t work)

Destination Melaka (28)

I am not quite sure what this wall is, but it looks like our very own Intramuros.

Destination Melaka (27)

Close up 😀

Destination Melaka (36)

Silhouette of the Portuguese Ship Museum.  Shooting against the light is a challenge.

Destination Melaka (30)

This is actually a part of the Portuguese ship.  I think they used this river as ports before 😛

Looking back at it now, I could feel again how relaxing it is just to sit under the tree 😀

Destination Melaka (31)

The old school Portuguese Ship looks pretty.  It’s like I’m being transported into a time capsule or something.


When traveling Melaka, make sure to bring light colored clothes and very comfy ones like spaghetti strap, sleeveless tops, shorts and sandals.  It is very hot in here!  I wanted to wear a bikini lol.  Just bring water as well to prevent dehydration.  But remember, do not take too much water too!  You don’t want to have the urge to pee all the time while traveling. 😛

On my next Blog posts: Christ Church, St. Paul’s Church Ruins, Bowling in Pahlawan Mall, Taming Sari and Dinner in Melaka (Satay Celup)

Till next time :)



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An Open Letter From DJ Issa

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An Open Letter From DJ Issa

Hi dear friends :)  As you know (or may not know yet), the search for the next MYX VJ is on!  While we were much entertained by VJ Greg’s audition way back (search it on YouTube), we still need real VJs!

My friend Issa is one of the finalists!

You may have heard her on the radio! Yes, she’s DJ Issa on the “Wake Up Show” / “The Men’s Room” of Mellow 94.7.  She wrote an open letter to all of you stating the reasons why she wanted so much to be the next Ambassadress of MYX.  (By ambassadress I mean VJ :P)

So please guys, would really appreciate if you vote for DJ Issa to be the next MYX VJ! yaye!


Key in MYXVJ (space) 4 and send it to 2366.

You can vote as many times as you want/can.

Here are the contents of her open letter:

“Hi! This is ***** ****** from MYX. Please make yourself available on May 31 2PM and proceed to Rm. 1302 ELJ Building, ABS-CBN. This is regarding the MYX VJ Search. We trust that is will remain confidential at this time. Please Acknowledge. Thank You.”

And this is how I found out that I was one of the Top 12 Finalists for the 2010 MYX VJ Search. That one cryptic text message announced the start of something so big that it will probably change my life.

I still can’t believe it.

I auditioned on May 14. That was a Friday – their second day for try-outs. I was in there at 10AM on the dot with just a handful of other people. Chloe had swapped timeslots with me that day because she had to host an event at night so it left me pretty much free to head on over to ABS-CBN.

I told next to nobody of my plans. I suppose I was afraid of the shame of rejection in case I didn’t get a callback. I mean, I do host for a living – I should know what I’m doing. “SHOULD” being keyword in that sentence.

I sincerely felt my heart was going to fall out of my ass the whole time. I was so nervous. Thank God I made friends in the line (yes people, THIS is where I “picked up” Jordan Sparkles) because it took my mind off things… slightly. And thank GOD I was number 9 because 9 is my favorite number and that means I didn’t have to wait for too long.

I totally blabbered through my whole audition. If you can imagine it, I talk about a zillion times more when I’m nervous. I felt like I was making only about 5% sense. I tripped up a few good times, attempted to make pa-cute upon every opportunity and even performed some unnecessary acrobatics. They must’ve thought I was a freak of nature.

The whole thing felt surreal. It was so very different from when I was trying out for radio. Radio was always like an extension of myself – I just naturally fell into place. TV though, was like… foreign territory – I felt like I had to wear army fatigues and combat boots.

I couldn’t help worrying about what I looked like on screen. I couldn’t keep my eyes on the camera. I felt like I was sweating like a pig.

I came out with no expectations at all – just the knowledge that even though I made a complete fool out of myself, at least… I was myself. So when I got that fateful text message, I was literally jumping up and down, screaming my lungs out like an idiot.

I mean, GOD – around this time just two years ago I was a Junior Nursing student, resigned to the fact that I was going to fly to the States after graduation and practice a profession I had no zeal for whatsoever. Now I’m a radio DJ and a VJ finalist for the #1 music channel in the country.

My favorite music teacher and chorale instructor back in highschool once told me that there’s no hiding from passion – that it would keep popping up in your life until you couldn’t ignore it anymore. I am living proof of that.

I knew what passion was when I fell inlove with music at the age of 3 and I would keep making my mom play Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous” album over and over again. I knew passion when I got up on stage for the first time and performed a song I helped write when I was 15. I knew passion when I first turned on my mic last year and reached out through the airwaves to speak to an unknown number of listeners.

For some people, their purpose in the world is to save lives, lead others or keep the peace. I think my purpose is simpler: I just want to make you smile. I know that’s cliché and maybe it sounds fake but I assure you, it’s completely true. I love talking and I love music but I especially love the fact that when I put those two together, I somehow brighten up somebody else’s day.

A lot of people might think that being a VJ is cool because you get to be on TV. To me, it’s always been so much more than that. In the end, I think I should be the next MYX VJ because aside from the fact that I’m 100% passionate about it, I also think I represent all the other people out there whose life was mapped out for them but their heart told them to follow a different path. I’m just a girl with a dream. I hope you help me make it come true.



View Issa


Key in MYXVJ (space) 4 and send it to 2366.

You can vote as many times as you want/can.

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Test Blog Post Using Blackberry Bold 9700

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This is a test post.

I am using a Blackberry Bold 9700 with very nice qwerty keypads for easy typing. So far so good. If you want to blog using your blackberry just download the wordpress app from your Blackberry aps world :)

The WordPress app is only available to Blackberry as of now. Sorry iPhone users 😛 You might need to wait for an iPhone wordpress app :)

Till the next blog post :)

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Road Trippin’ Malaysia

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Road Trippin’ Malaysia

Last September 11-14, 2009, I went to Malaysia for the first time.  Technically, I was just in the country for 2 days.  Just enough to meet and greet my long distance friends from Malaysia for the first time!

These guys are my friends from Malaysia and I met them all online.  Yes, we EB’d (eye ball) in Malaysia lol.  I’ve known them for more than two years now and it all started here.  Before there was Facebook and Friendster was getting a little bit “jeje-ish”, I chat on this specific chat room when I was bored at work or in my house 😛

This chat box could be embedded in your blog and what’s great about it is that the url of your blog is linked at the bottom of your every chat.  Shoutout Lounge was previously called PenangPenang.com.  Penang is an island in Malaysia known for its great food 😛 (I am going there this August :P).  Envy me?  Bec a blogger lol.  Through my first years in blogging, ShoutOut Lounge gained me more than just traffic.  It gained me friends and I became a part of a fun community.

These friends of mine from Malaysia will be touring the Philippines finally!  I really wanted to share to them how beautiful the Philippines is.  10 Malaysian bloggers will roam around Northern Luzon.  I’m also looking for sponsors for their trip.  10 bloggers are also photo-journalists in their own way who take the most awesome photos from their annual travels :)  If you are interested to sponsor their trip give me some love mail, and I will tell you what we can do for you 😀  With blogs averaging PR3, oh we can do so much!

Anyway, these are just road trippin’ pictures.  I have yet to upload separate blog posts for our trip in Melaka, and my solo trip in KLCC.

By the way, I went to Malaysia ALONE!  My first international trip alone!  How is it so far? Lovely!  But, since I’m a girl… it can be a little bit scary travelling alone.

Anyway, here are pictures of Malaysia ^_^ I couldn’t even believe I went here to meet them already!


Road Tripping Malaysia (17)

Thank goodness I have friends here.  I was sitting pretty inside William’s car.  I didn’t realize that commuting in Malaysia is a bit more difficult than I thought.  The airport from KLCC to the main streets of Malaysia proper takes about an hour.

Road Tripping Malaysia (16)

Woohoo!!! MALAYSIA!!!

Road Tripping Malaysia (15)

I had a nice view from the car.  I knew I had to take pictures of streets and signage that say “Malaysia” or Kuala Lumpur or any popular landmark :)

Road Tripping Malaysia (14)

I just realized that Malaysia looked like Manila, Philippines.  The roads and the buildings typically look the sam-ish.  I felt at home.

Road Tripping Malaysia (13)

Except for these structures… you won’t see this in Manila 😛

Road Tripping Malaysia (12)

Malaysia is also Toll heavy like here in the Philippines.

Road Tripping Malaysia (11)

of course, there are many signs that I don’t understad as they are either in Malay or Chinese Characters.

Road Tripping Malaysia (10)

A signage with the Major cities ^_^ wee!  Still, I don’t understand lol

Road Tripping Malaysia (9)

This is Alvin Chew (left) and Aaron Woolala (right).  Aaron is the one driving!  YES!  They drive on the left side of the road and drivers seat at the right side of the car.  British influence.

Road Tripping Malaysia (8)

This is William’s phone 😛 It’s a Nokia E71.  The E71 has a built-in GPS.  William installed a Garmin Software and voiala!  GPS guiding us wherever we go!

Road Tripping Malaysia (7)

I am not sure where to download Garmin map for E71 or E72.  You can install a Garmin software for your E63 too, but you need another phone with GPS and you connect to the other phone’s GPS via bluetooth.

The look of the Garmin map is very similar to the stand-alone GPS device Vince has.

Road Tripping Malaysia (6)

KLANG!!! Klang is very famous for Bah Kut Teh!!! My favorite!

Road Tripping Malaysia (5)

more Malaysia Road photos behind the wind shield…

Road Tripping Malaysia (4)

William gases up!  In Malaysia, you put your own gas to your car just like in the states T_T

I kenot do this lah… I dowan smell like gas or anything and I don’t think I know how to do this.

I’m used to being serviced by people who work for gasoline stations and operate the gas pumps for us 😛

Road Tripping Malaysia (3)

While William is getting some gas, I cam-whore 😛 lazy bum lol

I have shades because I barely had sleep 😛 and we woke up early for Melaka!

Road Tripping Malaysia (2)

Malaysia Flag 😀

Road Tripping Malaysia (1)

Malaysia has different states by the way, just like in the US.  And different states have different individual maps.

I believe this road is in Subang…

More about Malaysia, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, KLCC, Malaysian food and more soon!  I will be uploading a series of my Malaysia trip this week… do watch out 😀



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Celebrating the 12th of June

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Celebrating the 12th of June

It has been a hectic day for me.  Since it’s the weekend, I felt lazy to move.  I got sick last Thursday and I still felt like I haven’t fully recovered my strength.  But oh well, publicity is publicity and I love it.  I see it as a part of my job now – that is, to fully develop myself in so many ways I can think of.


I supposedly had two shoots for the day.  One is for Chalk magazine.  I won’t tell what it is all about but I am so excited!!! The shoot was a big deal to me and I hope you could give your love by buying the next issue of Chalk magazine for August.  I will be there.  I met cool people too.  It was fun doing the shoot with young, driven people ^_^  You will get to know them on the next issue of Chalk on August 😀

Blog Na Pinoy

I was supposed to go to the blognapinoy shoot but my first shoot ended at 2pm.  I wasn’t able to make it to the other shoot which I am also very excited about!  Check out the awesome Blog Directory project of bloggers here.  I have to wait till the next 2 weeks to have my shoot scheduled.


I have 4k worth of Rustan’s GCs 😛 labor of love from being one of the blogger judges of the PLDT myDSL watchpad.   I just got myself dizzy looking around the store.  Shopping without my boy toy isn’t the same.

When it comes to shopping, girls have different preferences.  I used to prefer shopping alone.  But, I just realized that this boy I am dating is a handy tool!  He’s more than the girl friend that would shop with me.  He actually sees and picks the best outfits for me.  Not that he’s gay, trust me he is not lol, he just knows what looks good on me and is very honest about it!

So I stopped shopping because I feared that what happened on Thursday might come back.

Fifth Sense Spa at Kingswood Arcade

It was 3pm and my next appointment was with my lovely bloggers at Krispy Kreme Greenhills at 5pm.  I was super sleepy and a bit tired.  I didn’t want to go all the way to my house to nap so I went for a massage instead 😛  I had mine at 5th Sense in Kingswood Arcade (Pasong Tamo cor. Vito Cruz extension).

I used to live here for 6 months back when I was working for Deutsche Bank at The Enterprise Center.  I kinda missed those days… hmm…

Anyway, I always go to this spa because it’s super convenient.  I must say it’s a small boutique spa but I have my favorite masseuses there 😀

I had a very nice relaxation time.  I think I took a quick nap while being massaged.  I thought I caught myself snoring lol.


Trunk full of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

After the relaxing soothing massage.  I dropped by Krispy Kreme Greenhils to fetch Mica, Lizette and Winston who picked up the 34 (or is it 32) half dozen boxes donated by Chloe (the Krispy Kreme Girl).  My trunk was loaded with Doughnuts *evil laughs* 😛


Film showing at PenPen Restaurant

The main event for our 12th of June is the film showing of Micaela Rodriguez’s films.

Kuya Bunso

Kuya Bunso was Mica’s first short film.  It’s about something close to Mica’s heart and it’s all about autism.  No, Mica is not autistic, his brother is and she often mentions about how he misses his brother on her blog posts once in a while.


The second movie we viewed was “Positive” .  It’s a story about a wife living a promiscuous life who later on, suffers the consequences of her actions with a twist. 😛

I was a “doctor” in this movie lol.

12th of June

The last movie that was shown was Mica’s 2nd movie.  It’s about the life of a Virtual Assistant who celebrated her independence day on June 12 (same as Philippine’s National Independence Day) by finding and losing her true love at the same day.

This short film is an entry to “Your Indie Film” contest.  I humbly ask for your help to vote for the 12th of June here. Wee!

Pasta love!  It was pasta overload and is perfect timing because I was craving for some Pasta lovin’  Blogger’s attached the Pasta Buffet table 😛

PenPen - Carbonara Fetuccini

Feticcini Carbonara

PenPen - Penne Meatballs

Penne Meatballs

PenPen - Spaghetti Sardines

Spaghetti Sardines

PenPen - My Plate

My plate

Pen Pen let me line up to get some more

2nd round 😛

A whole lot of Krispy Kreme

Sugar Rush!

Directions to PenPen de Sarapan Resto:

Do you know where ABS-CBN is? From there, go to T. Morato Avenue. Go straight. Eventually you will see a 7-11 store. At the 7-11, turn right. PenPen Restaurant is on the right. 105-C Scout Castor, Brgy. Laging Handa, QC :)

Check out their Facebook page here.


Till the next independence day,

Flair Candy

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Last Thursday, I felt like I was dying.



1. Intolerable headache

2. Bothered eyes (might be cause of headache)

3. Nausea

4. Vomiting like no other.  Vomiting even if nothing comes out…

5. A little movement and I get dizzy… then I vomit again.



New contact lenses… I haven’t worn contact lenses for a week.  I had my eye check if I still have the same grade, bought new ones, then drove home.

Traffic was crazy.  The glare of the 4pm sun was sickening.  I could feel my eyes being bothered.  When we arrived home, I felt the headache.  I removed my contact lenses and slept for 30 minutes to rest.  When I woke up, I was feeling much better, but a slight hint of headache was still there.

I wore the contact lenses again and we were off to the Playboy event.


Playboy’s 5th year anniversary at the Hyatt.

It wasn’t a blogger event nor anything that I need to cover so I was grateful WEE!  It was just a party and the tickets were expensive 😛  We were not allowed to write or to get media coverage so whatever happened there, stays there 😛


The only thing that triggered my headache again was the smoke.  I tried to fight it and tried as hard to stay.  I forgot to bring the container of my contact lenses.  The lenses are new and they cost about a thousand good for a year.  I could not just throw it like the other disposable lenses.

So, I had to wait.

This aggravated the pain.


We finally went home, but all was too late.  I felt super worse.  The driving made my motion sickness trigger as well and I vomited in the car, in the house.  I tried to take care of myself as much as possible.  But I was so glad that someone was there to take care of me.


Lessons Learned.

Do not leave container of contact lenses.  Always bring them.

Avoid smoke when wearing contact lenses.  Take them off if ever.

Make sure your grade is correct, consult with the doctor.

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Win the Road Trip of a Lifetime – TVC

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Win the Road Trip of a Lifetime – TVC

Hey y’alls.

How have you been doing… :)

Do you visit my blog everyday?  Yes? Good for you! If not, don’t worry, you can read my blog’s archive 😛

If you have been reading my blog you would have seen how fun it was for me and my friends Nikki and Ada to explore the Northern Luzon sponsored by Vaseline :)

If you’re not envious of us yet then you probably haven’t been following us 😛

Check out this TVC instead 😀

This video is now being shown on TV 😛 Not sure which channels but I’m pretty sure some saw it in ETC, Lifestyle Channel, 2nd Avenue, Studio 23, Cinema One. I’m pretty sure it’s shown on other local channels too wee ^_^

Now, it’s your chance to have your very own Road Trip with your friends.

Visit vaselineroadtrip.com now to win this all expense paid Road Trip of a lifetime for you and your friends!




photography by: Jeck Simbulan

videography by: Orange House

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PLDT myDSL Watchpad Crew Judging at MCafe

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PLDT myDSL Watchpad Crew Judging at MCafe


*Photos taken with Panasonic Lumix LZ10 and Nikon D40 with 70-300mm G Nikkor Lens.

MCafe is my favorite restaurant/bar.  It serves my favorite drink – Rockstar.  We arrived at MCafe at around 4-ish.  Everyone was wearing white.  I was wearing black.  Uh-oh, I forgot that there was a dress code!

Anyway, I just carried on and met with another blogger Liz :).  We were seated on one table together with Isabel Oli *faints* and Ton Vergel De Dios (PLDT Watchpad TVC’s Pianoman).  What’s cooler is that we will be judging the new Watchpad Crew alongside these stars 😀


It’s my first time being a judge of something this big and when I received the invite to be one of the judges for the bloggers I immediately said yes!  It’s so nice being the judge 😛 the contestants wanted to impress us 😛

There were only 8 contestants at to be judged ^_^  It was a gloomy day outside and it was drizzling a bit around Greenbelt when we arrived.  When the event was about to start, the rain poured like crazy!  They had to transfer everything inside :)  I loved how the PR and the organizers were so calm with crisis management.  The show continues!  Having the event inside brought about a more intimate setting 😛

Day started woith the makeup of the day.

PLDT myDSL Watchpad Crew Judging at MCafe

Since I was wearing navy blue and black, I applied same color for my eyeshadow.

Forgive me, I haven’t tidied up my brows.  I was super in a rush to the event we were late!

PLDT myDSL Watchpad Crew Judging at MCafe

On our way to MCafe…

PLDT myDSL Watchpad Crew Judging at MCafe

The ladies of the final 10 :)

PLDT myDSL Watchpad Crew Judging at MCafe

They look like stars already!

PLDT myDSL Watchpad Crew Judging at MCafe

The final 8 :)

PLDT myDSL Watchpad Crew Judging at MCafe

Me and Liz judging…

PLDT myDSL Watchpad Crew Judging at MCafe


PLDT myDSL Watchpad Crew Judging at MCafe

He didn’t know I got him a candid 😛

PLDT myDSL Watchpad Crew Judging at MCafe

Pretty Rhian Ramos.  I didn’t know she’s good at hosting as well she’s witty as well ^_^

PLDT myDSL Watchpad Crew Judging at MCafe

Rhian Ramos

PLDT myDSL Watchpad Crew Judging at MCafe

Kate Toralba and Tim Yap awarding Yassi a special award

PLDT myDSL Watchpad Crew Judging at MCafe

At the end of the night, these five fantastic people are now your PLDT Watchpad Crew for 2010!

You can check out the PLDT watchpad’s official website here to get to know the new ambassadors of PLDT MyDSL Watchpad.

PLDT myDSL Watchpad Crew Judging at MCafe

Seriously, it was so hard to judge, 8 of them are so unique and have great talents.


Me and Liz awarding the Blogger’s pick special award which we awarded to Nikko


DJ Scottie of Jam 88.3 is cheating! Hey, no peeking at my judging sheet 😛


Hmm… do I look impressed? 😛


Did lady in Red Blinky and Nikko survive on my sheet? BTW, I’m surrounded by DJs.  Nikko is actually DJ Tyler of Magic 89.9, Scottie of Jam 88.3 left already by this time and of course DJ Vince G of Mellow 94.7 on my side.


Gino and Rhian Ramos, PLDT Watchpad Crew 2009 were asking me and Liz of our top picks 😛

Thanks to Michael Antonio for the shoes! :)

(See all of them are wearing white T__T)


Yassi Pressman – one of my favorite watchpad crew finalist.  I had her special mentioned on my other blog post here.

What made her stand out?  Follow my next blog post because it’s going to be ABOUT HER ^_^


Also check out more videos and photos from Vince Golangco.

Here are more photos of the event:


*some pictures from Vince Golangco and Benjie Tiongco of Imagine Nation.

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