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Hello Again Astoria Boracay!

Posted by on Aug 3, 2010 in Boracay, Philippines, Travel | 9 comments

I stayed in Astoria once and at that time, it was about 60% finished. Yet, I loved it.

We just arrived in Astoria Boracay now and it improved A LOT! Check out the photo below (taken by my BB Curve).

Love it!

It’s off season now at Boracay and there are less people here than usual. The weather is gloomy! But, for some reasone, I love it more! I can’t wait to just chill, enjoy the beach, the ocean, the waves (if it gets bigger I’ll surf here) :P. Check out my post about surfing in Boracay. It’s probably in one of the related posts linked down below 😀

As og the moment, I am on a budget. I am just going to enjoy anything that is free as much as possible. That means, I’ll just enjoy the pure shores of this island, take photos, capture the sunrise and the sunset. And maybe capture the moon by the horizon if I can. 🙂

The last time I went here, I saw the moon almost hitting the horizon. It was 2am at that time. I was just supposed to nap for 30 minutes then go out and capture it near the horizon… But I failed to wake up T_T

I hope I would have that second chance tonight. We’ll see 🙂



  1. ahhh! its hard to take good photos of the sun when the weather is gloomy, anyway, enjoy the beach! 🙂

  2. big waves scare me! hehe 🙂 take care and enjoy your stay, I’ve only been there once and I wanna come back if I have enough money! lol

  3. wow coolness gravy! Been there last May but I thought it wasn’t operational. But we had lunch at their restaurant and its the best!

    Wanna go back!

  4. holy shiitake mushrooms!!! OMG that was so great! how did you do that? can I embedd that thingy on my blog? anyway thanks for posting the link 😀

  5. Yeah, it’s the most relaxing Boracay stay ever 🙂

  6. aww planning to stay here next year. looks awesome =D

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