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The Expendables in 3D

Posted by on Aug 22, 2010 in Celebrities, Movies & TV | 4 comments

I’m just bluffing of course.  The expendables is not in 3D and if it is, prepare yourself for the “attack of the lips.”  I had trouble watching the 2D movie in theatre because it seemed like Sylvester Stallone’s lips wanted to get out of the screen!

image image





Let alone watch it in 3D… the lips will surely pop out and get you!


*jumps off a cliff*


Take a look at Sylvester Stallone’s then and now picture.

image image

I know it’s also aging, but I think the procedures weren’t necessary… I think he had his lips done, he had browlifts and full facelift.


He looks pretty much exactly like her mother now… His brows are more well-groomed than mine lol.


I like my men with *battle scars* it’s sexy…

not plastic surgery scars lalala…


*Cleansing Time*


oh snap! wrong photo…


Here you go…



ahhh… Rambo <3

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  1. Lol.

    His lips bothered me too.

  2. Whatever his mother undertook to free herself of eyebags, he also should have taken. And with all the advances in aesthetic surgery these days, can’t old people just undergo (young) skin transplant? I mean, doctors can now transplant hearts or lungs. Why not young skin for old people?

  3. haha, yeah… how did you find the movie though? I thought it’s old school too

  4. With lips like those, think of all the facial expressions he invented!


  1. Francis San Luis - Apparently, I missed noticing this after watching The Expendables haha! RT @flaircandy: The Expendables in 3D http://bit.ly/bM4rYl

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