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The Reveal: Pantene is the Mystery Hair Care Brand

Posted by on Aug 16, 2010 in Announcements, Beauty, Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Fashion, Featured, Health, Movies & TV | 27 comments

I was invited to watch The Buzz for the unveiling of the Mystery Hair Care brand.  It is all new Pantene Pro-V.  At that specific episode of The Buzz, three teleserye princesses talked about their transformations.  It was not my first time at ABS-CBN, but it was my first time to sit in as an audience for one of their shows.


Left to Right: Shayne me and Vivian.

Shane and Vivian are participants for the I Commit to Change page.

DSC02599 DSC02600

Pictures of us with Erich and Andi

*Thank you to Vivian for these pictures!

The Buzz Segment

If you are watching this, I am seated at the left side 😀


yep, that’s us lol

The New Pantene Pro-V

A few days after the Reveal, Jane and I made a testimonial about the all new Pantene Pro-V in a TVC.

you try, you decide 😛


also in print 😀

Behind the Scenes

Pantene Behind the Scenes (6)

This was shot after my part.  Then it was Jane next 😀

Pantene Behind the Scenes (12)

I was soooo mesmerized when I saw this.  Pretty Jane <3

and since they grabbed me hurriedly for the shoot, I did not have the time to ask someone take photos of me…

and so, I did what I do best – camwhore time!

Pantene Behind the Scenes (14)

and since they grabbed me hurriedly for the shoot, I did not have the time to ask someone take photos of me…

and so, I did what I do best – camwhore time!


  1. Congratulations again to you and sis Jane! Gaganda niyo grabe! 😀

  2. so Happy for you and Jane!!! 🙂 Gorgeousness kayo sa commercial 🙂 See you soon WOOT!

  3. Congratz again! Wooohooo! Dumadami na ang TVC ah yihaaaa! 🙂

  4. hahaha! ayun! yun pala yung commercial! hahaha! iba itsura u sa tv dude! :p

  5. Wow! I saw you on Sunday when watching Us Girls sa 23! Pretty nio ni Jane. 🙂

  6. Ate Hannah I was about to plurk to you what I saw in TV ahahahahaha!! 😀 so I’ll put it here na lang, I SAW YOU IN TV!! hahahahahaha actually I was watching Showtime then the pantene commercial was shown, and I saw you there lol I screamed so loud coz I recognize you ahahahahaha!! :)) anyway Ate Hannah I want to ask you a private question…well kind a relationship with family thingy I have a family relatives who asked me several question about this someone if you are related to them or whatsoever 😀 because of your surname XD

  7. i’ve read ferdz shared about this on fb this morning; congratulations to you and jane! wow, certified celebrity! 😀

  8. hey!!! hahaha thanks Ayei hahaha talagang *screamed* eh noh… woot! who asked you?

  9. oh hi ms. hannah do you remember me?

    i’m jake one of the sponsored student of young focus and how are you?

    I always watch your commercial, first I was shocked when I saw you on the Pantene commercial,
    then I was amazed…

    And I only say is this….

    THANK YOU>>>

    for all

    and you’re such a nice,pretty and gorgeous girl..

    and ‘im so happy because were met together…..

  10. ahahahahaha yup ate Hannah!! 😀 😀 😀 super scream :))
    anyway my auntie po, she just asked me if you know daw po Atty. Elmer Villasis daw po 😀

  11. i have already saw your commercial sis and nung nakita ko i said na parang familliar yung dalwang girl untill i saw nga yung url nyo dun la lowerpart ng name nyo, ang bongga bongga nyo sis!!!!!

  12. hey!!! I visited your blog and I am so proud of you!!!… Thank you too and just keep writing ^_^ spread the love!

  13. Congrats! Di ko pa nakita yung TVC! :p

  14. wow..now ko lang to nabasa!

    hehhehe..galing! may commercial n pala..You are soo pretty!

  15. Thanks cherie.. I believed though that they could have picked a better angle haha

  16. this is soooo cool! kudos hannah! 🙂

  17. You guys look great, Hannah and Jane. 🙂


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