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Looking Good, Always with Vivere Salon

Posted by on Sep 30, 2010 in Beauty, Featured, Health

Looking Good, Always with Vivere Salon

Is it true that when a girl wants to change something in her life, she starts with her hair?  To me it is!  Some of my friends celebrate a semestral break vacation with a new hair cut.  Others want a new hair do after a break-up.  Whatever it is, we girls feel that our hair is a big deal and going to a Salon is a therapy for all of us.  We feel more confident if we look good and the hair contributes a lot to how we look.  That’s why, going to a salon I trust is very important!

My usual trip to a hair salon is traumatizing.  I am not a hair expert myself so I wouldn’t know which styles are best for my face.  It’s always a dilemma expecting to see a beautiful change  then all of a sudden, the hair stylist screws up.  That’s why I am very keen in choosing the right parlor for me.

Oh well, I have a new discovery folks!

Vince and I went to Vivere Salon to get our haircut together Smile with tongue out Their tagline is “We just don’t cut, we DESIGN your hair!” True enough girls, I went inside not knowing what to do with my hair.  All I know is that I have my own hair problems.

My problem with my hair is obvious.

(1) Uneven color!!! YIKES!!! Look at that ugliness.

Vivere Salon (22)

(2) My hair looks boring! It needs a new hair style!

Vivere Salon (5)

Luster, shine, split ends and hair fall weren’t my problem though, Pantene takes care of that Open-mouthed smile

Time to go inside Vivere now Smile


The head stylist examined my hair.  I just told him to surprise me.

Vivere Salon (23)

I just wanted to be more beautiful and less boring.


And so he did say that he needed to re-color my hair (obviously) with some treatment and a stylish layered do for my naturally thin hair to give it a more bouncy feel (even without blow dry).

Vivere Salon (25)

The dying part Smile

Vivere Salon (26)

The washing part… They always massage my scalp everytime they rinse my hair.

Oh… and they also massaged my back… It was the best back massage ever.. I almost slept!

A guy massaged me.  A real man… I’m starting to think I’d get a male masseuse on my next spa time lol.


The stylist also noticed my wild eyebrows so he did some threading to make it more neat Smile

Vivere Salon (27)

This part is almost done, it’s just time to cut the hair!

Vince also had his hair done Smile

That face means he likes his hair ^_^

Vivere Salon (28)

TA-DA!!! Hair cut done!!!

Look at the head stylist Mr. Leo! He looks intense man… He’s definitely determined to make me more purrty!

I always chat with the stylists and I found out he did lots of make-overs for some magazine or a TV show (I forgot)

He’s at the Vivere Salon at Robinson’s Place Ermita so if you don’t have a clue what to do with your hair, let him handle it. Smile

Vivere Salon (29)Vivere Salon (30)

Ta-da!!! I forgot to ask what color because I was just too excited! I was so happy!!!

Look at the shine and the color!  At this point, my hair is still half wet!


Many girls love their hair really straight, but me, I just love natural waves Smile Look at that happy monki Smile

Vivere Salon (35)

and of course, posing inside malls is no biggie… I’m a blogger, it’s my right! Smile with tongue out

Vivere Salon (36)

Love it!

Vivere Salon (34)

Vince and I were so happy we had to take a family picture ^_^

I would like to give all my thanks to Bea Chua who hooked us up with wonderful Vivere Salon Smile It was a great beauty discovery for me!  Also thanking our stylists Leo Antifino and Peng Guevarra for our make-over!

Do check out Vivere Salon at the different locations below!


VIVERE SALON WEBSITE: http://viveresalon.com

VIVERE SALON Facebook Fan Page:







Vivere Salon Robinsons Galleria, 3/L West Wing
Tel. No: (02) 910 5489

Vivere Salon Robinsons Ermita, 4/L Midtown Wing
Tel. No: (02) 567 1955

Vivere Salon SM Megamall, 5/L Mega B
Tel. No: (02)501 2158

Vivere Salon SM North EDSA, The Annex, Lower GF
Tel. No: (02)501 2158

Vivere Salon MarQuee Mall, 2/L
Tel. No: (045) 304-0627

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F1 Singapore Grand Prix Day 2 Qualifying Pictures

Posted by on Sep 28, 2010 in Featured, Formula 1, Singapore, Sports, Travel

F1 Singapore Grand Prix Day 2 Qualifying Pictures

sssThe pictures describe themselves Smile So this post is all about my photo coverage of the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix Qualifying.  Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel were both battling for the Pole Position.  Vettel had the fastest lap on the practice sessions but Fernando Alonso was very determined to get that pole.  Vettel has always been doing a good job in the Signapore circuit.  But, of course, it is not good enough.

*Pictures taken by Nikon D40 with 70-300g Nikkor zoom lens and 18-50mm kit lens.  Pictures are copyrighted. Contact me if you want to use some of my photos.

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (1)

This is the view outside our window at Hotel Re!

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (2)

Glass elevator of Hotel Re! with a pink shadow of Marilyn Monro

Re! for Retro!

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (3)

Another nice church I saw while roaming around the city

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (4)

Ilumo mall – The lanterns lit up at night Smile

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (5)

Bugis Street where you can find lots of great fashion buys, lots of durian and drinks and pasalubong to take home.  They also have a s3x shop inside too lol

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (6)

Albert Centre – Hawker Center with plenty choices of local dishes (to blog about this separately)

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (8)

I can’t help but notice great architectural structures in Singapore.  The buildings are eye-catching.  This is the La Salle building.  I think it’s a new mall, not sure though.

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (10)

My favorite place to eat Duck Rice and Char Siew Rice (Roasted Pork / Asado Rice).  This is Leang Seah street corner Northbridge Road.

Yu Kee Duck Rice (the red resto on the left side of the picture) is where you should go Smile with tongue out

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (11)

Marina Bay Sands is finally up!  They also have that cracked egg thingy on the side which bursts with inviting disco lights that reach the sky at night.

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (12)

A close up view of the egg thingy.  It still looks unfinished.

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (14)

Sexy gal, eager to watch the cars zoom in front of her!

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (15)

This picture is a little bit blurry but people here can do crazy fun stuff Smile


Like I said, you don’t have to be an F1 fan to watch it.  It is just one of the sexiest experience in my life ever!

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (57)

Bumblebee Lamborghini!

Fullerton Hotel always has nice cars parked outside it.

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (58)

Rolls Royce anyone?

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (17)

They said that real travel photographers don’t only take landscape photos and stuff, but they also take photos of the locals and other people.

So, I’m trying to be a real one lol.  Hence, I also have a series of photos of spectators like I did before here.

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (19)

I saw this posh pretty little girl and I can’t help but take my camera and capture her Smile

A young F1 fan Smile

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (64)

3 Bros… young F1 fans

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (22)

Amazed by the Marina Bay Sands

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (24)

This was taken on Saturday’s Qualifying.  When it’s Sunday race day, this grandstand is Jammed!

I just realized, you can watch F1 from a boat or a yacht!  Do they sell tickets from this angle? lol

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (25)

Lucky one, his job is to shoot F1 cars live all over the world!


Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (29)


Good thing I brought my 70-300 zoom lens!  I was so far from him.  The major change they had for this year was to issue a limited number of wristbands that will give you access to the Fan Zone area.

It’s like a VIP section.  It’s free but you have to line up for the access. T_T

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (30)

Another angle of Daughtry Smile

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (32)

Renault F1 car Singapore Grand Prix 2010

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (34)

Force India Singapore GP 2010

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (37)

Michael Schumacher!!!

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (38)

Another Renault car.  It’s not hard to take photos of the Renault car, it’s so photogenic.  It reflects more light than any other cars and my pictures with it are always clear.

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (51)

Fernando Alonso of Ferrari zooming in front of me at the Signapore Grand Prix!

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (53)

Fence-less photo of the Red Bull car.  They are pretty strong this year!  So far, they are leading the constructor’s championship title.

Grand Prix Season Singapore - Day 2 Formula 1 (54)

Felipe Massa who didn’t make it well with the Qualifying.

More Photos!

I would like to say thanks to the friends who helped me win the Rev and Rave contest: Mica, Jehz, Ada, Kristel, Angela, Stephen and of course Vince Smile You guys rock!!!

Also thanking Singapore Airlines, Singapore Tourism Board and Stratworks and all the Rev and Rave partners for making this all possible Smile Thanking also Nick who drove us around Singapore  (Through STB) Smile thanks so much that was the most enjoyable Singapore stay ever!


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Live Blogging: F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010

Posted by on Sep 25, 2010 in Formula 1, Singapore, Travel

I’m in Singapore now watching the F1 Singapore GP LIVE!  You can watch the Singapore Grand Prix 2010 via Television through Star Sports and online via different channels.


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Singapore F1 2010 Day 1 Photos

Posted by on Sep 25, 2010 in Art & Photography, Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Formula 1, Music, Singapore, Sports, Travel

Singapore F1 2010 Day 1 Photos

First of all, I would like to say thanks to the friends who helped me win the Rev and Rave contest: Mica, Jehz, Ada, Kristel, Angela, Stephen and of course Vince Smile You guys rock!!!alt

altAlso thanking Singapore Airlines, Singapore Tourism Board and Stratworks and all the Rev and Rave partners for making this all possible Smile I go to Singapore over and over again to cover the F1 race here and so far, I can say, this is the best year for me ever! I was surprised because I thought they will only give me walkabout tickets. But, when I dropped by Swissotel to pick up my tickets, I almost fainted seeing that my F1 passes are for the Stamford Grandstand! It costs around SGD 898 (Php 30,000). I love the fact that I would be able to take more photos of the F1 cars at a different angle Smile I help the F1 fans and my readers choose the best seats for them and right now, I can comment about the Stamford Grandstand as well!

Here are the photos of Day one with quick descriptions if you click on the picture Smile

*photographed using Nikon D40 and 70-300mm G Nikkor lens (yes, I photograph using a manual lens) 😀

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 1 (68)

My tickets! This time I’m seated on the Stamford Grandstand worth SGD 898 (PHP 30,000)

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 1 (69)

This is Vince’s Ticket c/o Globe Philippines worth SGD 598 (PHP 20,000)

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 1 (59)

Accidentally found a nice church somewhere.

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 1 (56)

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 1 (54) F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 1 (53)

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 1 (52)

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 1 (50)

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 1 (49)

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 1 (48)

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 1 (40)

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 1 (53)

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 1 (33)

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 1 (45)

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 1 (41)

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 1 (89)

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 1 (32)

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 1 (28)

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 1 (24)

Missy Elliot

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 1 (77)

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 1 (78)

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 1 (11)

And these are my Stamford Grandstand tickets ^_^

Thank you Singapore Tourism Board

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 1 (7)

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 1 (4)

Had a hard time untying and tying these back on Airport inspection lol

Mobile Blogging :P Ready for F1 Action!  - From Joyeye Mobile

Thank You Singapore Airlines for the best flying experience ever!

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Non-Animated Pokemon Movie: Pokemon Apocalypse Trailer

Posted by on Sep 22, 2010 in Featured, Gaming, Tech Chic

Non-Animated Pokemon Movie: Pokemon Apocalypse Trailer

I play Pokemon…

Seriously, I do…

No kidding!  I memorize all the Pokemon in the Pokedex!

Why don’t you believe me!?!

Hey, wanna trade your Pikachu for my Snorlax? Smile with tongue out

Haha, seriously guys, I am a Pokemon trainer Smile I know Vince always brags that he’s a Pokemon trainer on his speaking engagements but he’s just a poser… I am the real Pokemon trainer.  I used to battle my Pokemon with my other officemate who  also has one… wait… that doesn’t sound quite nice lol.  Crap, I am getting influenced by Vince’s bad green jokes ~_~’

Anyway, moving on… There’s a new Pokemon Black and White that is out on the market now!  They just started selling last September 22, 2010 and most stores in Japan selling it are sold out and millions of people preordered it.  Pokemon is a big business man… If you haven’t played it yet, where on Earth have you been?  Us Pokemon trainers have traveled from Veridian City to Lavender Town and many places more… Seriously guys, you’re stuck in the real world.  Sometimes you need to escape the real world and train Pokemon like us Smile with tongue out

I am such an addict of Pokemon games and collecting them.  Gotta catch them all right? haha!

Since this Pokemon Black & White craze is still… well, CRAZY!!! Some people created a trailer of Pokemon Apocalypse.  Don’t ask me if this movie is legit or not.  I don’t care, it’s just so entertaining.  It’s a good production too Smile Awesome… I would have just hoped they used child characters though and not adults like that.


Anyway, here’s the trailer…

Enjoy the Pokemon Apocalypse movie trailer!

Prepare or Trouble…

Make it Double!


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Flair Photography on Action and Fitness Magazine (Total Fitness)

Posted by on Sep 19, 2010 in Announcements, Art & Photography, Sports

Flair Photography on Action and Fitness Magazine (Total Fitness)

This is another backlog Smile with tongue out But, I still want to blog about it anyway.  I kinda stopped pursuing my passion for photography.  I got discouraged because I don’t have enough moolah to buy enough gears for my photography.  But, what the heck.  Looking back, I realized I didn’t need those for now.  The camera that I currently have, and my passion and eye for photography are all that I got and I belive it is quite enough to bring out lovely photos.

Here are some of my reef walking photos that got published on A&F Magazine (Action and Fitness Magazine, which they soon will rebrand as Total Fitness Magazine).


This is the first time that I had my photography published on a magazine Smile

I have another photo that got published on CNBC Business magazine in London Smile with tongue out

The underwater photos were captured using my Panasonic Lumix TZ5.  Sadly, this camera is dead now.  It got drowned with salt water on one of my surfing trips Sad smile

I loved that camera so much.  Click here to know why.

If you want to buy this camera, I suggest you buy the newer versions TZ10 and latest TZ12.  TZ12 is super new and I’m not sure if it is being sold here in the Philippines yet.



This is the cover of the September 2009 Anniversary Issue of Action and Fitness magazine.


It featured the sporty Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford.

They are re-launching Action and Fitness magazine this September 2010 on their supposedly 5th year anniversary and rebranding the magazine as “Total Fitness”.

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UNO Magazine Features

Posted by on Sep 19, 2010 in Announcements, blogging, Featured

UNO Magazine Features

This post is super delayed, but I have to blog about it anyway Smile with tongue out I was featured together with other 20 bloggers on UNO’s October 2009 issue.  At that time, my project form London was already live, I just got back from Singapore (twice) to cover for F1 Singapore and attend the Nuffnang Blog Awards and I just submitted my resignation letter.  Hence, it was a super hectic month.  OMG, I almost forgot… It was the month of my birthday too!

Now, when I said I was featured in UNO, I got this reaction from friends and colleagues –>  alt

Don’t worry, I wasn’t half naked or anything… at least not yet Smile with tongue out


Zoom in…


The text reads:

Hannah’s claim to fame is to look sweet, while still being able to gorge on a meal of steamed pig’s brain and cow testicles.  Men, take note.



Here’s another feature last July 2010.  UNO Magazine had a special edition where they didn’t use much text on the magazine.  We guided the readers on how to use the magazine well Open-mouthed smile


Oh yeah… she still got it! I love this cover!

Anyway, you will see FlairCandy blog layout on one of its pages Smile with tongue out


okay, there’s a little bit of a typo error on my name 😛 but that’s fine 😉


Ooh! check it out! When In Manila got featured too!

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Penang Food Trip

Posted by on Sep 12, 2010 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Featured, Food, Malaysia, Travel

Penang Food Trip

This is a continuation of my Penang-KL trip.

I got so tired from jet-setting.  My ears got really wonky and I got so sleepy.  So, after eating some nice char siew fan (adobo rice), I just slept.  I was awoken by the sound of my phone ringing.

It was Angeline :)  Angeline and Satkuru picked me up with Ed at our Hotel and drove us around Gurney drive before meeting the other Penangites.  It was 6pm then but there was still sunshine.  7pm, there was still sunshine.

Thanks to Chee Hsien, Willaz and Nasi Lemak restaurant for helping me identify the food.  I got poor memory and I couldn’t remember the names of every food I ate Laughing out loud

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (24)

My first nai cha (milk tea) of the day.  This was actually the milk tea I had for lunch.  I love going around Asia because they have lots of milk tea everywhere.  It always helps when I order something spicy.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (25)

my favorite Char Siew Fan (Adobo Rice)

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (153)

7pm but there’s still sun.  You can check the map.  Geographically speaking Philippines is on the more Eastern Part but Malaysia follows the same time as us.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (154)

Sorry, it’s a little bit underexposed.  I really didn’t edit much and besides, I don’t know how to Photoshop Smile with tongue out

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (155)

I got tips from everyone I know, even Filipinos who have been to Penang, that street food in Penang is the best.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (156)

so street food it is…

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (158)

not sure what this is but it might be pig kidney

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (159)

It gives Khoay Zhiap its authentic salty but soury flavor I believe Smile with tongue out

Khoay Zhiap is only found n Penang and Lasker said, they only prepare it like weekends.  Perfect timing for me Open-mouthed smile

Khoay Zhiap is like our soup number 5

If you don’t know what soup number 5 is… it’s like sinigang or nilaga with cow testicles Smile with tongue out

I know I have eaten the weirdest things *faints*

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (160)

This is the Khoay Zhiap soup Open-mouthed smile not bad tasting.  You can also opt to have it with rice and I like rice better Smile yummy loh, but not for those with high uric acid.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (161)

Char Kway Teow (CKT) My favorite noodles of all time!  Spicy is good.  It’s not the best CKT if it’s not spicy Smile with tongue out

It’s flat noodles with egg and bean sprouts.  They also put usually shrimp and other veggies.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (162)

mehhh… I forgot what this is called but according to the owner of Nasi Lemak’s resto here in the Philippines, this is Cheng Tng.  It’s just water and ice with some fruit syrup.  Lychee and beans and other sweet things are in it too Open-mouthed smile

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (163)

I gulped this and ate the fruits when the CKT got really spicy Open-mouthed smile

You know, I’m very sensitive with spicy food.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (164)

Chicken Feet Smile We call this “adidas” in the Philippines because it has like three lines lol

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (165)

Curry Puff! It’s like empanada but it’s very big like the size of a Calzone.  They have more meat and potatoes though and really spicy.  But don’t worry, if I can take the spice, you will too Smile YUMMY!

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (167)

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (168)

Food Place in Gurney Drive.  A lot of people are here.  Locals usually eat here more often than refined restaurants.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (169)

The cuttlefish – so big!

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (170)

I got lychee ice which is made of real fresh lychee fruit and juice extracts.  Yummy!  I don’t know why we don’t have these here.

The green one is umbra (according to Willaz) it’s a fruit as well.  I think we have the same fruit here in the Philippines but I forgot what.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (172)Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (173)

This is Kuih Kosui, Kueh Nyonya.  It’s like pandan rice thingy with coconut shreddings Open-mouthed smile It’s like our own kuchinta but made into a ball Open-mouthed smile

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (174)

oh yes! they have their own version of Taho and this is the sweetest thing!  They call it Taufu fah

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (175)

This is the Fried Popiah, kinda like Lumpia

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (176)

Kaya Kuih (not sure) but it’s sticky rice.  One of the ingredients is supposedly a flower that causes the blueish color.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (177)

Ooooh! Pasembur!

It’s really spicy but it’s definitely yummy!  It’s a salad made of shredded cucumber, Chinese Turnip (hong kuak), potatpoes, bean curd (taukua), bean sprouts, prawn fritters (hae chi) and sliced boiled egg.  The spicy sauce is made out of sweet potatoes.  They know how to create and invent very good food ^_^   It’s also called Mamak Rojak or Cheh Hoo depending on which version of food this is (Indian or Chinese).

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (49)

More milk tea and

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (50)

another vrsion of CKT I ate near our hotel… yummy! I’m telling you, I’m craving for one right now gaah!

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (51)

Chili bits you’re supposed to put on CKT if you want it to be spicier lol

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (66)

oh yaye! What’s this burger doing in this blog post? oh well, you gotta McD everywhere once in a while Smile with tongue out

Till the next blog post Smile

Next time, KL time baby!

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Beautiful Sights Georgetown in Penang Malaysia

Posted by on Sep 11, 2010 in Featured, Malaysia, Travel, Wardrobe

Beautiful Sights Georgetown in Penang Malaysia

We arrived at Penang at around 7 am and we haven’t had any nice decent sleep.  We were supposed to walk around Georgetown and take pictures.  But we were really tired and sleepy so we just took these pictures while riding the bus hoping to walk around the city in the afternoon.  But we slept whole afternoon lol so we never got to have another walk. I know I haven’t captured everything in photos but Georgetown is really lovely and very rich in culture.  Georgetown Penang looks like our Vigan’s Calle Crisologo where old houses are preserved.  The only difference is Georgetown’s architecture looks more English or British and our Calle Crisologo looks more Spanish.  They also had cobbled roads like the one in Calle Grisologo Smile Anyway, here’s the best of my bus photos Open-mouthed smile

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (10)

Kapitan Kling Mosque in Jalan Kapitan Kling

Tourists should be properly attired when entering the Mosque but I don’t know what is proper or not.  I never went inside anyway Sad smile

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (11)

Another view of the Kapitan Kling Mosque

They also use the word “Kapitan” and I researched about the meaning.  “Kapitan Keling” means headman.

What I find really nice about this Mosque is the ocher yellow façade around the posts.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (12)

This was just a random photo and according to Willaz:

“I know they sell medicine and bird’s nest and many more.. but i couldnt recall the name!”

Smile with tongue out

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (13)

“Berhenti” I think means stop lol

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (14)

Loveyly street with tourists walking around Open-mouthed smile I would really love to go back here and walk.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (15)

Old structures.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (18)

Thanks for Willaz who tried to help me identify some landmarks.

this is the clock tower roundabout near the Esplanade

This is the Clock Tower, Pesiaran King Edward

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (20)

Tanjung City Marina, Pengkalan Weld

I think this is where cruise ships dock

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (21)

There are lots of worship places here.  Mosques, Chinese Temples and churches

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (22)

This is just some ruins I found while walking from the bus stop to

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (26)

Another colorful temple just near our hotel.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (31)

Komtar Tower.  Tallest structure in Penang.

It’s just 2 blocks away from our hotel.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (32)

We also rode a free bus that supposedly will take you around Open-mouthed smile

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (33)

This is the Hop on, Hop off bus Open-mouthed smile

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (152)

Another Chinese Temple in Jalan Sungai Ujong.

I wanted to go inside and do pai pai and ask questions, but I won’t understand Dhinese Smile with tongue out

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (53)

I loved walking around the streets of Penang.  It’s a friendly neighborhood.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (54)

Some Market

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (55)

You need to take pictures of signs of streets and places once in a while Open-mouthed smile

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (56)

Penang expressway

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (57)

Penang bridge to mainland Malaysia via Butterworth Open-mouthed smile

Till the next set of pictures.

This time it’s Penang food *yums*

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Touchdown Malaysia: Penang and KL

Posted by on Sep 10, 2010 in Featured, Malaysia, Travel

Touchdown Malaysia: Penang and KL

I have been to KL a year ago and it was my first time traveling  outside the Philippines alone.  I was only there for about exactly 48 hours (2 days) and I just had little time to stroll around.  I only went around Subang, Klang for some Bah Kut Teh,  KLCC to take my picture with the Petronas Towers and south to Melaka.

I have heard of the yummy Penang Island Smile with tongue out *drools* The first few people I got to know in Malaysia were in Penang and now I’d love to call them friends Smile And if you may ask where I got to have many friends in Malaysia, it’s all because of this. Open-mouthed smile I really love these guys.  I know that I’ve only gotten to know most of them online, but I feel like I’ve known them for years.  They also came by the Philippines to say Hello Smile I blogged all about it here.  Actually, I just realized… I blogged a lot about them.  Pretty much, they have influenced me a lot I guess when it comes to blogging.  They were also the first blogger friends I had. Nerd smile

Okay lah, time to blog about me and Ed’s jet-setting adventure to Penang and KL!

Ed and I booked tickets like a year ago Laughing out loud Why? Coz they were only for Php 621 (to and fro KL).  Cebu Pacific went ZERO fare and I believe this has been the most inexpensive ticket I have ever bought!  A few days after, Air Asia went super sale too!  And so we bought tickets from KL to Penang.  They were selling a ticket each for only RM 19 all in (RM 19 = Php 266 – ish). BINGO!

After a year…

(well almost)

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (133)

I was on my car on the way to NAIA 3 and look at the weather… @_@

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (135)

At the airport… I got hungry so I ate a little bit of unique donuts from Mister Donut.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (136)

I got lazy taking pictures of myself.  Also, at that time, I felt ugly so no pictures la la la… Smile with tongue out

anyway, I took pictures of these tips I found on Smiles magazine Open-mouthed smile

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (137)

This one too… I was planning on following this but… I got lazy and tired too because I brought some work with me while on vacation.

We left NAIA 3 at around 10-ish (can’t remember well)

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (4)

and… touchdown LCCT yaye!  It was around 1:30 am then

Ed was busy checking stuff via LCCT’s wifi.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (5)

We got sooooooo hungry and it was so bad for both our diet

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (6)

I still felt ugly but what the heck… *click* Embarrassed smile

I ate a cheeseburger meal by the way which cost RM 11 (P 160) @_@

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (7)

Ed ate Spicy Chicken burger thingy… It was so spicy he was sweating like crazy XD

We had to wait for 5 hours for our next flight to Penang.

Tune Hotels is just nearby and had I known they had a 3-hour resting promo thingy then I would have booked a room and slept.

But, I didn’t know that so we waited at LCCT *faints*

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (139)

Of course after 4 hours of waiting I got hungry again and ate something… Chrysanthemum tea is my favorite tea of all time and I love the Iced tea better!

I don’t know why but I can’t seem to find Chrysanthemum teas here in the Philippines so I often buy them when I’m abroad.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (140)

I didn’t know what was wrapped in this banana leaf when I bought it and I was surprised –

It’s Nasi Lemak wee! (bought everything at RM 10 or Php P145) @_@ expensive!

Nasi Lemak is like their favorite breakfast meal consisted of Rice steamed with coconut oil.

On the side are anchovies (Dilis) and shrimp paste (kinda like bagoong with tomato sauce and chili)

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (141)

Oh yaye boarding time!

I guess we were so tired by then that we got grumpy over AirAsia.  There were around 20 planes on dock and we had a hard time looking for our own plane.

We almost went to the wrong plane which was supposed to go to Johor Bahru (south of Malaysia near Signapore).

We spent like around 30 minutes looking for the plane.  It wasn’t only me and Ed, the entirety of us passengers got lost lol

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (142)

haaaaa… finally we found ze plane to Penang!

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (143)

okay I look so demn tired at this time as you can see but I can still manage to smile as always Open-mouthed smile

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (145)

In flight Open-mouthed smile Beautiful sunrise ^_^

I seem to notice that sunrise and sunsets are more colorful in the Island of Penang

they also call it “Pearl of the Orient”

and as you know, the Philippines is also “Pearl of the Orient”

no wonder I can relate so much with the people in Penang Open-mouthed smile

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (148)

Touchdown Penang!

We were supposed to take a cab as Satkuru suggested which should only cost about RM 60 – RM 70 I believe ( I can’t remember)

But, we were a little bit adventurous and we took the bus for only RM 2.70

We took the bus 401 which should take us to the Jetty port Bus station which is on the rightmost part of the map below Open-mouthed smile

Jetty means we’re near Georgetown (near TuneHotels)

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (149)

When we arrived to Jetty, we took another bus (Bus 101 Php 1.3) that took us directly to Tune hotels.

So, if ever you’re visiting Penang and you’re on a budget, and you’re wondering how to get from Penang International Airport to Tune Hotels (tunehotels.com)

then, just follow what we did. Open-mouthed smile Bus 401 to Jetty Port.  Another bus 101 to Tunes Open-mouthed smile

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (8)

So how many hours now no sleep ah?

I still managed to flash a smile for the camera


Open-mouthed smile

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Grand Prix Singapore Season Freebies

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Grand Prix Singapore Season Freebies

To all you going to Singapore to witness the *ONLY* F1 night race then here’s more good news baby!

Complimentary visits to Singapore Museums

Ho Ho Ho! Check it out!  I know some people might not dig museums but hey, it’s free mate!  Singapore is very diverse in culture and once you enter Museums, you will discover not only the culture of Singapore but also the culture of people who came to stay Smile Now I really don’t know what I’m talking about because I haven’t been to any of these museums myself even if I’ve been to Singapore like 3 times.  So, feel free to prove me wrong yah?  Or better yet, I get lucky and be sent to Singapore myself so that I can enjoy this freebie with you Open-mouthed smile If you are already a Formula one ticket holder, you will enjoy complimentary entry to all the local museums from September 24 – 26, 2010.

National Museum of Singapore

Peranakan Museum

Singapore Art Museum and 8Q sam

Singapore Philatelic Museum

Asian Civilisations Museum

Free Entry and 1-for-1 drinks at Zouk

ZOMGosh! I haven’t gone TGST TGST TGST outside the Philippines so hell yeah! I’m going to this one fow shyo!  That’s if I’m going lol.  But for all of you going to Singapore to watch the Grand Prix and you are a Singapore GP Formula 1 ticket holder then you are in LUCK!

As part of the Grand Prix Season Singapore 2010, highly renowned DJs Martin Solveig (France) and Tiga (Canada) will make appearances at Zouk and spin tracks to which you can party the night away with.  Greatly anticipated and returning to Singapore again after a successful ZoukOut 2009, these are nights at Zouk that you won’t want to miss.  Also attend the Special Closing Party at Velvet Underground on Sunday 26 September, with a special guest DJ spinning. And upon presentation of valid Formula One tickets, you’ll enjoy:

• Free entry to Velvet Underground for the first 500 ticket holders on Thursday 23 September and Sunday 26 September

• 1-for-1 for all loose drinks at Wine Bar throughout the entire Grand Prix Season Singapore 2010.


Free Entry for First 50 Ticketholders at the Butter Factory

Like I said, party time!

Party the night away post-race at The Butter Factory this Grand Prix Season Singapore 2010. The first 50 ticketholders for the nights of 24 and 25 September will enjoy free entry.

Boogie throughout the evening with hip hop and RnB, and watch a B boy dance battle on the night of 25 September in the Bump Room. Or flash your Fash and dance to electro-house and rock-tronica remixes. Make your way down to the Butter Factory this coming September to party like there’s no tomorrow.

Indulge in a Spa Esprit Experience

and hey!  Singapore is a place of walking and shopping… Believe me, if you tour around, you’ll carry stuff from shopping and walk a lot!  You need some pampering in the island. Smile

Visit the spa and experience a day of pampering by choosing one of the complimentary sessions with a purchase of any 90-minute massage:

(1) A complimentary session of our revolutionary Plump Up Filler Facial (U.P. S$200)
(2) A complimentary scrub session using our handmade Strawberry Sugar Scrub or invigorating Tea Tree Scrub

Tanglin Village, 8D Dempsey Road (S)249672
Tel: (65) 6479 0070

Terms and conditions here.

Now, all these information I just grabbed from YourSignapore.com so do visit the site if you want more information!


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Make-Up Workshop with Ria Redor

Posted by on Sep 8, 2010 in Beauty

Make-Up Workshop with Ria Redor

Hey guys Smile Ria did my make-up with one of my shoots before Smile She has been doing this her whole life I believe.

These are just some of her trainings and I believe her portfolio has grown over the years and she has a handful of experience in this art.  In short, she’s popular Winking smile

– La Salle College International (Artistic Makeup) by RB Chanco

– MAC Cosmetics (Makeup Techniques) by John Stapleton – MAC Senior Makeup Artist, based in Hollywood

– MAC Cosmetics Bridal Workshop by Erika Saenz – MAC Senior Trainer

– MAC Cosmetics Training with Mikee

– Airbrush Training in Hongkong

– Also worked as a guest Makeup Artist for MAC Cosmetics

Click here to view her official website and compare before and after pictures.

Click here to go to her blog and be informed about her tips about makeup. :D

Event: 360 Beauty Make-Up Class / Workshop in Manila Philippines

Date: Oct 2, 2010

Time: 9am to 5pm

Venue: New Horizon Hotel

Learn the essentials of skin care, skin and face profiling, makeup application from natural to glam look, contouring and everything you need to know from Professional Makeup Artist, Ria Redor. Plus learn quick hairstyling tips from the experts all in one uber fun workshop!

Registration fee: PHP 3,500*, inclusive of:

–          Makeup Palette and Basic Brushes for take home

–          AM/PM Snacks and Lunch

–          Free-flowing coffee

–          Handouts

–          Notepad and Pens

–          Makeup and Skin Care Samplers

–          Other Tools

–          Certificate of Completion

–          Register before September 1 and get PHP500 off

–          Limited slots available!

Register now at [email protected] or visit: www.360beauty.multiply.com www.riaredor01.multiply.com

HERE is the registration LINK: https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?hl=en&formkey=dExuX284TnZkVUJjQjlOQWJkS1JlTkE6MQ#gid=0

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Another Doodle: Google Balls made Google Logo Loco

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Another Doodle: Google Balls made Google Logo Loco

We all know Google changes its Logo design once in a while and we know this mainly as “Google Doodle.”  Unfortunately though not a lot of people catch this especially when they are directed to their local Google pages.  Anyway, here’s the video for you guys who missed it. Smile with tongue out

Random questions in my head would be:

1.  How many balls are there?  Is there any significance?

2.  Why are the balls afraid of the mouse?

3.  Why is it addicting?

It clearly distracts us from our work Rolling on the floor laughing They are creating great Doodles now.  Not only are they putting up images alone, they also installed within the homepage a pacman game before on the game’s anniversary.


If you want to play, you can visit this url: http://www.google.com/pacman/

Of course, I just realized that flaircandy.com is also distracting you from your work by encouraging you to play. Angry smile I have more game tricks for you… Do you want to play Gameboy on your Nokia e63 and e71? oh I just know how Smile with tongue out I even played pokemon gold on my Sony Ericsson P900i before Open-mouthed smile If you want to know how, just email me… I’m just lazy to make a blog post because I want to play Smile with tongue out


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World’s Shortest Man

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World’s Shortest Man

… I still feel fine with my height of 4’11” (5’1” if I feel like it).

and the advantage is that I never have to worry about “low overhead signs…

except this one which gave me a really big bump in the head ~_~


and as for the World’s Shortest Man on the whole planet (at least in this universe)

World's Shortest Man Is Just 70cm Tall ...

He’s only 70cm Tall

and thanks to Google’s online calculator…



His name is Edward Nino Hernandez and he weighs only 10kg

He said he feels unique and he likes it…

the only time that bothers him is when people felt the need to touch him or pick him up

more about him here.

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Ice-Watch Launch in Manila Philippines

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Ice-Watch Launch in Manila Philippines

Ice Watch just launched here in Manila on September 1, 2010.  It’s pretty much a new watch brand born in the year 2007 and designed in Belgium.  The brand’s designers are Jean-Pierre Lutgen (who I personally met and have photos with *see below*), Polly Yu and Christy So.  The theme “Change. You Can.” has been inspiration of the designers as it came to life when they started to create a wide variety of watches that suit every lifestyle and every attitude.

Ice-Watch has been known for a wide variety of innovative designs in affordable prices, allowing more options and freedom to change and match.  Personally, I find the designs very sleek and simple yet elegantly colorful enough to make my whole get-up stand out!  They have over 20 different collections using different  colors and materials that made it hard for me to pick at least one favorite watch from the entire set!

It would be a perfect gift for your loved ones too as the watches are very affordable.  I thought of buying Vince one because I noticed that he doesn’t seem to wear any watch at all and that the designs are meant for him since he’s a cool DJ, surfer, skater and many more Smile with tongue out I think the watches match his attitude Rolling on the floor laughing Lucky me I won a watch in an auction at the launch!  They gave us play money with the invites and we got to participate in the auction…

Guess what I got!!!

Ice Watch (11)

It’s the Classic Green Ice-Watch!!!

Ice Watch (22)Ice Watch (26)Ice Watch (27)

Ice Watch (28)

RJ Ledesma hosted the Ice-Watch Launch at C3

Ice Watch (29)

I LURRRVE the packaging! It is designed to be collected as well…

I want to make a Megatron out of all the Ice-Watch cases

Ice Watch (3)

Models made their way on the ramp

Ice Watch (5)

The Classic Pastel Collection are very playful!

Ice Watch (7)

Ice-Watch World Philippines!

The Ice-Watch World Collection is inspired by the World Cup that happened this year…

I love the Philippine design Smile It’s really simple and they only made 200 of these…

The other World design that I love is the Finland Ice-Watch World!  Kimi Raikkonen is from Finland woot!


OMG look at that!!! It’s so BEAUTIFUL! Like it’s made of Ice!

I think though that I might need to go to Finland to get these

Or maybe… possibly, I can order this online! 

Ice Watch (8)

The Ice-Watch event was graced by Jean-Pierre Lutgen himself

Ice Watch (14)

and here’s my picture with him

Ice Watch (31)

Bloggers in the background ^_^

Ice Watch (36)

ooh la la

Ice Watch (12)

Me and Abby, Thanks for inviting us!

Ice Watch (13)

Here is the darling I won at the auction!

Ice Watch (40)

Me claiming my amore

I got the watch by participating in the auction and used up Php 5000 of my play money Open-mouthed smile

Ice Watch (15)

The Neon Collection Open-mouthed smile

Ice Watch (16)

The Ice-Watch World Collection – Philippines

Ice Watch (18)

the Stone collection! *yums*

Anyway, you can check out more designs from their different collections on their official website below.


Ice-Watch Stores in the Philippines

  • TriNoMa Mall
  • Rustan’s Gateway Mall
  • Urban Time, SM Annex
  • Rustan’s Tower, Shangri-la Plaza
  • Rustan’s Makati City
  • Alabant Town Center
  • Rustan’s Alabang Town Center
  • Rustan’s Cebu
  • Watch Central, SM Tarlac City
  • JSM Collection – Cagayan De Oro
  • Gaisano Mall – Davao City
  • Robinson’s Mall – Bacolod City (opens September 2010)

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Photo Shoot for the New Blog Layout!

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Photo Shoot for the New Blog Layout!

Check it out guys… I believe you have noticed the new layout of my blog FlairCandy.com  Smile I have been planning this since January 2010!  But I didn’t have any really nice pictures to update the background.  So, first things first, I though of having a photo shoot!  Who says photo shoots are only for magazines and billboard ads?  If you want one, you can actually have one.  All you have to do is to find a photographer, a studio, and a makeup artist (If you don’t know how to do your own makeup).  I actually know of some people who just do the photo shoot by themselves and it actually looks great!

Thank you so much to Vince for introducing me to Garvin who did the photo shoot.  Garvin also thought of the techie, candy concept Smile Check the awesome pictures below… I love it!!! Big thanks also to Char who did my hair and make-up despite the busy business day!  Thanks for making me look really pretty Char Smile And of course, thank you to Jehz for combining the photos and made a whole new layout!  He did it only overnight!  I have no doubt for this guy’s eye for creativity and art!

Photographed byGarvin Yao

Hair and Make-up by: Charlene Tan

8 arms

Techie – 8 arms

This picture is WOW!  This is how I’d look like with 8 arms which I wish I have with all the things I do today.  8 arms would come handy while surfing too! Smile with tongue out


I love the shoes… bought that from Singapore.  (I forgot the name of the shop).  I usually don’t care about brands, as long as I love it, I’ll take it *rawr*


I was supposed to lick the lollipop but it didn’t look nice lol


and because my boyfriend wanted some bikini photos @_@


hmm… wet look Smile with tongue out love the make-up! and I love the detail of droplets near my eyes ^_^


ooh la la… last but not the least… Chocolate Candy!

So, do your own photo shoots yah? Don’t wait for magazines and TV shows to invite you.  If you would want to get a hold Garvin and Char, you can check out their contact details below.

Garvin Yao


If you’re interested to get Garvin for photo shoots, just drop a note here.

Charlene Tan



[email protected]

For makeup bookings: +63.922.824.2758 ,  +63.927.275.3927

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On a plane from KL to Manila…

I was writing an article for my blog flaircandy.com and I was looking for a word that would describe my brain being drained of anything intellectual because of not sleeping straight since I left the Philippines.

The word “Zonked” just came to my mind.  It sounded right and I though it would best describe how I feel… I wrote the next sentence, but I couldn’t move on because I realized that I have not used nor heard (consciously) of the word “Zonked” before.  Since I wanted to impress someone for this article that I was writing, I played safe and replaced the word “Zonked.”

I checked my twitter a little bit and I saw Kristel tweeting about Josh Hartnet.

In the airplane… I was supposed to watch LOST… but even with my ear phones plugged in,I still couldn’t hear the audio well… So, I looked for other movies that I can watch… I started watching Wicker Part before and I figured I will continue watching it now (then was not probably the right time to watch Wicker Park).

Then, I was like… oooh, it’s Josh Hartnet, what a coincidence…

Then at the middle of the movie… he used the word *zonked*

la la la… wierd

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When It’s Traffic

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When It’s Traffic

I do what I do best…


Warning: Do not cam-whore when driving!

Only cam-whore on the car when

1. you’re on the passenger seat

2. the driver is not disturbed by your cam-whore activity

3. or when the car stops

No Photoshop (coz I dunno how to ~_~), only make-up but not too much





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