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Another Doodle: Google Balls made Google Logo Loco

Posted by on Sep 7, 2010 in Tech Chic | 4 comments

We all know Google changes its Logo design once in a while and we know this mainly as “Google Doodle.”  Unfortunately though not a lot of people catch this especially when they are directed to their local Google pages.  Anyway, here’s the video for you guys who missed it. Smile with tongue out

Random questions in my head would be:

1.  How many balls are there?  Is there any significance?

2.  Why are the balls afraid of the mouse?

3.  Why is it addicting?

It clearly distracts us from our work Rolling on the floor laughing They are creating great Doodles now.  Not only are they putting up images alone, they also installed within the homepage a pacman game before on the game’s anniversary.


If you want to play, you can visit this url: http://www.google.com/pacman/

Of course, I just realized that flaircandy.com is also distracting you from your work by encouraging you to play. Angry smile I have more game tricks for you… Do you want to play Gameboy on your Nokia e63 and e71? oh I just know how Smile with tongue out I even played pokemon gold on my Sony Ericsson P900i before Open-mouthed smile If you want to know how, just email me… I’m just lazy to make a blog post because I want to play Smile with tongue out



  1. Google Doodle!

    One of my most favorite ones is when Dilbert (the comic strip about satirical office environment humor, my favorite) appeared there. And fortunately, Google still has it, here:

    (Laugh at your boss while pretending to work.)

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