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UNO Magazine Features

Posted by on Sep 19, 2010 in Announcements, blogging, Featured | 2 comments

This post is super delayed, but I have to blog about it anyway Smile with tongue out I was featured together with other 20 bloggers on UNO’s October 2009 issue.  At that time, my project form London was already live, I just got back from Singapore (twice) to cover for F1 Singapore and attend the Nuffnang Blog Awards and I just submitted my resignation letter.  Hence, it was a super hectic month.  OMG, I almost forgot… It was the month of my birthday too!

Now, when I said I was featured in UNO, I got this reaction from friends and colleagues –>  alt

Don’t worry, I wasn’t half naked or anything… at least not yet Smile with tongue out


Zoom in…


The text reads:

Hannah’s claim to fame is to look sweet, while still being able to gorge on a meal of steamed pig’s brain and cow testicles.  Men, take note.



Here’s another feature last July 2010.  UNO Magazine had a special edition where they didn’t use much text on the magazine.  We guided the readers on how to use the magazine well Open-mouthed smile


Oh yeah… she still got it! I love this cover!

Anyway, you will see FlairCandy blog layout on one of its pages Smile with tongue out


okay, there’s a little bit of a typo error on my name 😛 but that’s fine 😉


Ooh! check it out! When In Manila got featured too!


  1. not yet talaga.. baka next ikaw na cover dude! Wooooot! andyan din pala ako sa UNO, natutulog.. O__o hehehe


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