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Confidence with Wacoal

Posted by on Oct 26, 2010 in Art & Photography, Fashion, Featured, Life, Personal

Confidence with Wacoal

One of the biggest, most obvious physical change in my body when I was transitioning from being a teeny bopper to a lady is my chest.  It changed my life!  On fifth grade, I had my first sign of transition – menstruation!   I think I was the first among my classmates that had one and because of that, I had a bump on my chest earlier than the rest of them.  I thought it wasn’t normal and I slouched forever trying to hide it.  It affected my confidence too because I remember being teased a lot about it.  It was so noticeable I struggled to hide it from all people!

I know I’m not alone in this dilemma.  Many girls out there in their “developing” teen stages are too shy out to ask even their parents to help them determine their bra size.  I doubt if even the parents know how to do this.  I know my mom doesn’t (no offense mom if you’re reading Smile with tongue out).  Anyway, I ended up wearing the wrong size of bra for many years.


Here are signs you’re wearing the wrong bra:

1. Back of the bra rides up
2. Centre lifts away from the breastbone (means cup is too small)
3. Sagging breasts
4. Straps dig into shoulders
5. Band pinches in at sides
6. Discomfort
7. Breast spillage (when breasts push up, over cups)
8. Uni-boob (when breasts are squished in so tight that two appear as one)

If you wear the wrong size bra, it can affect your shape, posture, health and comfort.  Finding the right size on the other hand will give you more confidence, improve your shape and posture, you’ll feel good and less tired.

Loving Wacoal

I discovered Wacoal when it was recommended to me by my aunt a few years ago.  I think it’s in our family’s genes to have a gifted chest.  My main problem was: (1) I have a bigger bust size but (2) I am very petite.  It was so hard for me to find the right support and the perfect fit.  It took me years to finally find something that complements my natural figure, supports my body for easy and comfortable movement and  maintain my body’s ideal proportion and silhouette.  More importantly, it gave me the confidence to stand up straight and not slouch and sulk like the world hates me.

Wacoal has a comprehensive set of bra collection that is designed to address women’s bra problems.  They also have a shape collection of long bras and girdles that are essential tools to create the ideal silhouette.  Wearing these will instantly improve your body’s proportion and appearance.  If all of a sudden, you have a High School reunion and you want to be in shape but don’t have the time to starve yourself or stuff like that, then you can try getting one of these from their shape collection.


Speaking of Bra and Confidence

I just had 2 new sets of underwear from Wacoal and I thought it would be fun to have a mini-shoot wearing underwear that makes me feel good and confident, inside and out.  I know people don’t see what underwear you’re wearing, but your body doesn’t lie and if you’re wearing an uncomfortable bra, it will show.

I shot using my Nikon D40 and kit lens.  That’s it.  Thanks to Vince for taking my photos and to BlueWater Day spa for letting me use their studio for a quick shoot!

Wacoal 03

Wacoal 06

Wacoal 07

Wacoal Philippines
Sorci Age
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Basketball Court

Posted by on Oct 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

Basketball Court

Basketball courts remind me of cheerleading practices back in the day… Damn I miss those days :) If only I can be a professional cheerleader here in the Philippines like in the US. I don’t even have a photo wearing my cheering skirt huhu.

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My First Brazilian Wax

Posted by on Oct 24, 2010 in Beauty, Featured, Health, Promos

My First Brazilian Wax
Lay Bare Waxing Salon

Last year, my Belle de Jour Planner had a coupon giving me a FREE Brazilian wax!  I was supposed to try it, but I chickened out.  I mean, I saw that part in Miss Congeniality where they stripped her off her own bush… Her scream was heard for miles lol.

So, I went to Lay Bare to try some of their services.  I got the eyebrow threading first because I usually have it done on salons.  For the waxing part, I tried the leg waxing first and ZOMG, virtually NO PAIN at all!  It felt just like they stuck a scotch tape on my leg then removed it.  It was nothing really.  Then, I decided to try to go all out and try the Brazilian waxing!


Before anything else, it is highly recommended not to take any caffeine before waxing because caffeine stimulates your nervous system.  Let’s just say I felt sleepy in the morning and I took a cup from Starbucks right before I went to Lay Bare.  The leg wax really did not hurt at all.  Not a pinch Smile

So, there you go… I was ready to take the Brazilian…  It hurts more if you shave (and I do) so fml.  Can’t do anything about it.  I already committed to doing it so I was just like fark it, LET’S DO THIS!

I won’t lie and won’t say that it didn’t hurt for me.  It was okay in some areas, but there are a few areas where I had to hold my breath and gush out a faint *OUCH* haha… but, the pain is tolerable and the staff is really helpful in distracting pain.  I just chose the bare Brazilian (no design at all).  But, you can choose too from different designs like square, rectangle – even a heart!

But you know what, right after it, it felt really nice and smooth!  It’s a really nice feeling compared to shaving.  Shaving makes the skin more rough and the texture more rugged.  Taking the hair out from the roots is just plain awesome, and you’ll be hair free for 2 weeks Smile I didn’t know I could feel as smooth as I was 20 years ago – JUST LIKE THAT!  It’s so neat and I love it!  I am already a fan and I picture myself coming back there every 6 weeks for the wax.  It’s so affordable too!  That’s why I’m so happy discovering this thing!  They do all hair stuff too like threading, underarm waxing and stuff like that Smile Lay Bare uses cold wax and not those ones you see with patches and stuff that REALLLY STICK TO YOUR SKIN.  So do check out their website…


Do You Want to Try it?

You don’t have to be a girl to try it you know… Guys also get Brazilian wax like DJ Tony Toni.  I heard him say on the radio that he goes Brazilian.  Anyway, for girls having all the hair problems in the world, I really suggest you try waxing.  Lay Bare’s staff are also professionals and you don’t really need to be shy.

If you do want to try it then it’s the perfect time to avail of Buyanihan.com ’s new deal of the week!

Given the extremely delicate nature of body hair removal, utmost privacy and comfort are guaranteed in all salons with their acrylic bead curtains, private cubicles and reclining beds. Simple interiors, natural accents, lime and bamboo color schemes enhance that non-intimidating setting that discriminating customers look for.


Lay Bare is noted for its Cold Wax service.  Cold wax, which comes in different strips sizes, is easier to use than hot wax. They are less painful to remove since they don’t stick as strongly as hot wax on the skin.


All branches use cold sugar wax jelly made from natural ingredients that have bleaching, moisturizing and exfoliating properties: sugar, kalamansi and honey. Sugar water is water-soluble thus it’s easy to clean up with just water. Continued cold waxing leads to lighter, smoother skin. Hair re-growth is finer and sparser.

Buyanihan Deal: 50% OFF Lay Bare Package

Buyanihan Deal: 50% OFF! For only P275 get all 3 special waxing services (legs, underarm and eyebrow) from Laybare Waxing Salon. (P550 value)


Lay Bare Salon offers cold waxing services only

Professional, discreet waxing technicians

Cold wax procedure leaves you hair free for at least 2 weeks

Cold wax ingredients have bleaching, exfoliating and moisturizing properties

Good for all genders. So buy many coupons to last you for 6 months. Hair grows back again, you know.


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ACER Android Smartphones Launch

Posted by on Oct 24, 2010 in Events, Pilipinas, Tech Chic

ACER Android Smartphones Launch

ACER just launched their latest Android Smartphones in Manila at Icon Club at Hotel Intercontinental last October 22, 2010.  They also introduced to the public their new endorser Derek Ramsay.  ACER believed that their laptop brands were made for mobility and so, they took the next step.  They launched a line of 4 smartphones which you will see below Smile

But first, check out this video interview of Derek Ramsay sharing his thoughts as the new face of ACER.

Acer Smartphone Launch with Derek Ramsay

ACER Smartphone Highlights

ACER beTouch E130

  • querty keypad
  • Android experience
  • 3G (HSDPA) and WiFi
  • has GPS
  • extra-long battery life
  • built-in Google apps
  • Roadsync mails and calendars
  • sharp 2.6” QVGA touchscreen


ACER beTouch E400

  • Slim design
  • Exchangeable battery covers
  • HD video streaming on youtube
  • Android clair 2.1
  • 600MHz processor Qualcomm 7227
  • 3G (HSDPA) and WiFi
  • GPS / A-GPS


ACER Liquid E

  • High-impact graphics
  • 5.0 megapixels
  • 3G (HSDPA) and WiFi
  • GPS / A-GPS
  • Android Éclair 2.1
  • 768MHz processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 8250


ACER Liquid E Ferrari

– pretty much same specs as the ACER Liquid.  The only difference is the design.

– since they pretty much built the ACER Liquid E for speed, they decided to have a special edition ACER Liquid E Ferrari


More details about the specs here.

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Posted by on Oct 23, 2010 in Life, Personal


Self-pity is a way of paying attention to oneself, albeit negatively; it is a means self-soothing or self-nurturing.

– Just got that description out of Wikipedia.

Apparently, it’s attempting to gain something out of yourself, then you fail.  It’s like you helped yourself a lot of times to get someone’s attention, to get a job done and to get things done even just for yourself then you FAIL.

It’s like going on a diet and exercising over and over again, but you don’t get any skinnier.  It’s like trying to be good in public speaking, but every time you try to speak in front of people, you stutter.  You practiced your speech all night long, you looked stupid talking to yourself in the mirror as you try to practice your lines – then you froze in the middle of your sentence.

I think self pity happens when you did the best that you can, you gave all your heart out and you gave enough hard work anyone ever could ever expect of you – and then you FAIL.

no wonder there are a lot of “emo” people in the world…

It’s easy to fall trap into this world with your own self.  A replica of you trying to bring you down and discourage you to try even harder.

Everyone must have experienced this too.  It’s just a matter of facing it or probably just not taking ourselves way to seriously.

I have a friend who took the board exam – and she FAILed.  She took it again… then she failed AGAIN.  She took it one more time, and failed.  On her 5th attempt to pass the board exam – she PASSED.

Was she ever down?  did she feel really bad about herself… OF COURSE!   But she didn’t let this little devil shadow of her own self take control of her.

If you really want something (and you’re honest that you really want it), and you try and believe – you will get it.

Sometimes, it’s just also nice getting help from other people.  People who are sensitive enough to think you need a little push are a blessing.  But if people don’t help you, – HELP YOURSELF!

That’s one lesson I can share to you all… Don’t count on other people.  You can’t control them, and definitely forcing them is not a solution.  It’s nice to get some help from people if they offer.  But if none, DO IT YOURSELF.  Trust yourself to get things done on your own.  You don’t have to need anyone.  You have to “need” yourself first.

Well, I guess that’s it for “emo” nights.  This is just a story of a girl who’s trying to get over being “down” a lot, that’s why she created this blog so that she can feel good about herself.  Most of the time you will see me smiling.  But there are nights where I feel drained and vulnerable.  Like I won’t even know if I would regret posting this blog post.

(I don’t make sense anymore do I?)

Anyway, looking forward to halloween! Smile

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Belle De Jour 2011 Power Planner Winner

Posted by on Oct 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

Belle De Jour 2011 Power Planner Winner


I am so happy reading all of your entries and I can’t help but celebrate with you virtually!  I must say, I really enjoyed reading all of the entries and it made me realize that there are a lot of things worth celebrating for!  Everyone is indeed a winner.

Here’s a virtual toast to all of us celebrating the goodness of life and all the challenges that made us stronger!

For the winner of the Belle De Jour 2011 Power Planner, I picked the answer that struck me most, inspired me and I bet will inspire many women in the world Smile  She gave out a very powerful message that instantly made me feel good about myself.  I want to quote her entry and share it to more people.

I guess one thing that I realized in my life that is worth celebrating is my womaninity. It is one thing being a mom and wife in this day and age, and quite another to still be your own unique self after the tags (teacher/ driver/ yaya/ companion/ cook/ cheerleader/ financial analyst/ quack doctor/ masseur etc.) has been attached to your name. It is because of the fact that I am a woman that I tackle all these humongous tasks and more with sassiness and flair, even adding to them my own brand of individuality.

I know for a fact that I am more than my place in my family, my job and my other responsibilities. I am that pink streak in the clouds that is more promising than the silver lining. I am that pink cotton candy in this big “circus” called life that makes it all sweet and dandy. I am that hot pink neon sign that radiates brightness and happiness all around me. I am that pink ribbon on your chest that makes you aware and involved in causes that affect not just me but a hundred or so ladies. I am me, a woman. And that is more than enough reason to celebrate.=)

– Blanca Dela Cruz

Congratulations Blanca!

(please check your email)


Let’s continue to inspire Smile


See you at the Belle De Jour Launch 2011 on Sunday, October 24, 2010!


Belle De Jour Fair 2010: Paint the Town Pink


See you at the 2011 BDJ Power Planner Launch and Scuola della Guioia Fundraiser! Get ready for Belle de Jour’s biggest launch yet! This is the FIRST TIME the 2011 BDJ Power Planner will be made available to the public! BDJ will host a Mardi Gras themed festivities and booths, as they match it with various activities and talks from beauty and fashion experts.

Date: October 24, 2010 (Sunday)

Time: 2pm – 9pm

Venue: Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, Fort Area (Shuttle Bus details below / 60 slots per trip)

Entrance: Php 50 (for walk-ins)

                    Php 30 (for pre-registered BDJ Girls)

100% of Entrance Proceeds will go to Scuola della Guioia

Scuola della Gioia Photo1

Activities and Belle De Jour Planner Discounted price

For this day only!

Free Fortune-Telling, Photo booths, Free Facials from Clarity, Free Cocktail Drinks from The Bar, and you can shop till you drop on items from BDJ Lifestyle brands!

You can get 20% off on your BDJ Planner!! All BDJ Fair attendees can buy the 2011 BDJ Power Planner for only Php480! Yes, you read that right! Your fabulous power planner is made more affordable and packed with the special pages and discount coupons that you love!

Get a chance to win a Free BDJ 2011 Power Planners and many more special prizes from our lifestyle brands! TO WIN! — Play an active role in the fair’s festivities. Pre-register in any of the activities. Please note each activity is limited to certain number of slots =) First come first served.

Check out Belle De Jour’s official website for more details on the event:  http://belledejourpowerplanner.com/09/events.php?id=11

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The Power of the Internet – Business Edition

Posted by on Oct 21, 2010 in Announcements, blogging, Business & Finance, Education

The Power of the Internet – Business Edition


The Power of the Internet

BUSINESS EDITION (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and how they can help your business)

This class is designed for traditional brick and mortar entrepreneurs who have yet to understand or harness the power of the internet. A beginners class for internet marketing.

From free marketing online to handling customer complaints, we tackle everything a business needs to know about the internet like: Blogs, Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, Online Branding, Internet Marketing, Google tools, SEO and more!

Some question whether or not they can afford to send people to this class, but with the mass media power and broadcasting of the internet able to send out negative ideals about your product / service / brand / company, the real question is “Can you afford NOT to take this class?”

The class will be taught by Vince Golangco, a web enthusiast who hosts the show “Tek Tok TV” (Tech Talk TV) on the Global News Network (GNN). Vince is also the editor and creative director of WhenInManila.com, the blog that won the #1 Emerging Influential Blog Award for 2010. Vince’s experience with online marketing has made him a sought after consultant and media powerhouse.

SIGN UP NOW TO GET THE EARLY BIRD RATES (valid until Oct 31 only). Limited seating.

Call “The One School” to save your seat:

Phone Number 817-4396

Class Dates: November 13 & 20 (Saturdays)  9am – 6pm The One School CHED and TESDA accredited 55 Paseo de Roxas Avenue, Makati City Phone: 817-4391 http://www.theoneschool.org/

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Please Like This Post on Facebook

Posted by on Oct 19, 2010 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Movies & TV

Please Like This Post on Facebook


I just came home from watching “The Social Network”

Thanks to PLDT and Nuffnang for the advanced screening of this movie that I wanted to watch so much!

97% Rating on Rotten Tomatoes


The movie did not have any CGI at all or any other special effects or what not, it’s all just a story about how our favorite social network “Facebook” was born.  A guy had to get dumped to create this website that changed 500 million peoples lives.  I’ve read reviews and comments about the movie and they said although the movie is not entirely factual, Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg’s character was reasonably accurate.  I love the script and I love the acting.  Good job David Fincher!


and Ooh la la… it has been a while since I’ve watched Disney Channel and I remembered seeing this girl Brenda Song…



She’s that rich girl in Zack and Cody.

I was surprised to see her growing up and getting sexier in the movie Social Network!

She definitely grew boobs.

I’ve been trying to find screen caps of her sexiness in the movie but this is the best one I got.


So, just watch the movie yah? if you want to see her transition Smile


Anyway, check out the trailer of Social Network.

The Official Soundtrack of Social Network is “Creep” by Scala And Kolacny Brothers – a cover from the original version of Radiohead

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BlueWater Day Spa Run Photos

Posted by on Oct 19, 2010 in Celebrities, Events, Philippines, Run, Sports

BlueWater Day Spa Run Photos

These are all photos from the Bluewater Day Spa run last October 17, 2010.  Just in case people are looking for Bluewater Day spa run Photos or Bluewater Day Spa run pictures then I’m good to share these with you.  I only used my W760i camera phone coz I was using this while I was running :)

Sam Milby looks hotter in person :)

Check out my Phail running moment running 10k here.

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Running 10k

Posted by on Oct 18, 2010 in Events, Featured, Fitness, Health, Run, Sports

Running 10k

Officially I ran:

5k – Saving Sights for the Children of RBI, my first run ever (34 mins)


10k – Miles for Smiles (01:22:27)


I couldn’t even believe I made it! *faints* look at that happy face on the finish line!



just recently, I ran the BlueWater Day spa run for 10k again.

and here’s my PHAIL story…

We arrived just on time but I was not familiar with parking lots during the run at that time so it took us a while before we could properly park.  I drank lots of fluids 30 mins before the race and because of that, I felt the need to pee!!! I have a peanut bladder and I hate that I have to deal with it all the time grr!  There was a line in the portalets (not sure how you spell it, those portable toilets).

And so I though, I’d ask people for other toilets.  I saw the booth of Easy Phamax wheat grass and drank a tiny cup of wheat grass juice to fuel up my run!

Just then, I heard the countdown…




(what the) ?


holy crap, it’s the 10k countdown…

so I rushed to the starting line and ran without even thinking of a solution of what to do with my bladder.

I was so distracted while I was running my first 100 steps @_@ and so I asked the marshals if there is any toilet that I can pass by.  I was sure they wouldn’t know anything about toilets in the course track and that was exactly their reply.

I wanted to stop running and come back to where the booths are and pee and not join the race anymore, but I don’t know why I still kept running.  I think I ran 1 km when I realized it was too late to go back.  I realized that the track will pass by seaside!  and so, I thought of the many restaurants there.

*AHA* !!!  I will pee in one of those restos!

AHA my FACE!!! It was 6am and all of them are closed!!! EPIC PHAILNESS!!! I DIEEEEEE LEH!

I kept running because if I need to go back, I would need to run back anyway. HUHU!

I still kept asking people around for restrooms because I was hell desperate!  Finally, I saw a Police officer on a motorcycle and asked him if he knew any toilet nearby.  “Ah, yes maam, we have a toilet in our Police station”, he said.  YAYE! I ran towards their office which was located somewhere in the seaside restos.  I took me to a creepy corner.  Creepy because it was only me, and him… I realized then, that I was in a dangerous situation.  This place, people wouldn’t know I’m here… *gulps* and so I tried to be very sharp on every detail and how I thought about how I would run and how I would punch him if ever he’ll do something sleezy.  Good thing a lady police officer was there too and long story short, I was able to pee!

I finished the race at 1:28:49 … I didn’t beat my record like I hoped I would but I was only behind for 6 minutes.  I think my peepee time stalled me for 15 minutes because I had to stop by all the marshalls and ask for the restroom.

I’m still happy I made it before 1:30…


One lesson learned… DON’T be late, arrive at the runs early especially if you’re not familiar with parking.

and… PEE first!

BTW, If you’re looking for the Blue Water Day Spa run results, it’s here.

‘Till the next run!

*photo credits to Cheryl


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Belle De Jour 2011 Planner Contest

Posted by on Oct 16, 2010 in Contests, Events, Featured, Promos

Belle De Jour 2011 Planner Contest

Hey girls!  It’s time again for the launching of my favorite planner in the World (no exaggeration)!  I have been using Belle De Jour since 2007 and I am giving away a Belle De Jour 2011 planner to one lucky winner!  Smile

Belle De Jour Planner 2011 Contest

Contest Mechanics:

1.  Answer the question “What have you realized in your life that is worth celebrating for?” in the comment section below

You need to use the word “Pink” in your answer.

2.  Make sure you leave a valid e-mail on the comment form below


3.  The best, most creative answer will get one (1) Belle De Jour 2011 Planner!

4.   Also, don’t forget to “Like” the FlairCandy and Belle De Jour Facebook page.

* Contest runs now and ends on October 21, 2010.  I will announce the winner on Oct. 22, 2010.

Have fun and good luck!

Belle De Jour Fair 2010: Paint the Town Pink


See you at the 2011 BDJ Power Planner Launch and Scuola della Guioia Fundraiser! Get ready for Belle de Jour’s biggest launch yet! This is the FIRST TIME the 2011 BDJ Power Planner will be made available to the public! BDJ will host a Mardi Gras themed festivities and booths, as they match it with various activities and talks from beauty and fashion experts.

Date: October 24, 2010 (Sunday)

Time: 2pm – 9pm

Venue: Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, Fort Area (Shuttle Bus details below / 60 slots per trip)

Entrance: Php 50 (for walk-ins)

Php 30 (for pre-registered BDJ Girls)

100% of Entrance Proceeds will go to Scuola della Guioia

Scuola della Gioia Photo1

Activities and Belle De Jour Planner Discounted price

For this day only!

Free Fortune-Telling, Photo booths, Free Facials from Clarity, Free Cocktail Drinks from The Bar, and you can shop till you drop on items from BDJ Lifestyle brands!

You can get 20% off on your BDJ Planner!! All BDJ Fair attendees can buy the 2011 BDJ Power Planner for only Php480! Yes, you read that right! Your fabulous power planner is made more affordable and packed with the special pages and discount coupons that you love!

Get a chance to win a Free BDJ 2011 Power Planners and many more special prizes from our lifestyle brands! TO WIN! — Play an active role in the fair’s festivities. Pre-register in any of the following activities below. Please note each activity is limited to certain number of slots =) First come first served.

Check out Belle De Jour’s official website for more details on the event:  http://belledejourpowerplanner.com/09/events.php?id=11

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Sony 3D World – Capturing Moments in 3D

Posted by on Oct 13, 2010 in Events, Featured, Tech Chic

Sony 3D World – Capturing Moments in 3D

Sony proudly presented to the Philippines their extensive suite of revolutionary 3D entertainment and content creation solutions at the Republiq Super Club, Resorts World New Port City last October 5, 2010.  When we arrived at the event, everything was in 3D.  They had knockout lights and sounds show using black light and neon lights that was very awesome.  I couldn’t capture it well enough though because of the low light condition, and if I put flash on it, it wouldn’t look the same.  Anyway, check out the photos later at the bottom of this blog post.



The first product in line for 3D is of course Television.  Sony’s new BRAVIA line includes 3D viewing pleasure with two network models – BRAVIA NX810 and NX710.  Users can easily go on a 3D journey by connecting the TV to the 3D Sync Transmitter and putting on Sony Active Shutter 3D glasses.  Even in 2D, the TV still displays in high definition video processor with BRAVIA Engine 3 and Dynamic Edge LED backlighting and Motionflow technology of up to 200Hz, resulting in incredibly sharp images, smooth motion and ultra high contrast of over 1,000,000:1.

This set also features Wi-Fi integrated BRAVIA TVs that allows you to stream videos online like YouTube and browse through their Internet widgets like Twitter and Facebook.

Of course, when pared by the full cinema package BDV-E970W and BDV-E370 and Sony’s Blu-ray 3D Home Theatre System then this should be a grand experience in your living room.

I wish I can have one myself!!! and play video games (especially Gran Turismo 5) on High Def!

Sony 3D Event (3)

Speaking of Gaming!

Gaming is now going 3D!  The 3D BRAVIA TVs are supported by a rapidly increasing variety of 3D content.  Sony also announced the availability of 3D Blu-ray firmware updates for 3D-ready Sony Blu-ray players and PlayStation 3 (PS3) consoles.

Sony 3D Event (7)

Capturing Images in 3D

3D imaging transforms fashion as it gives new dimension to style and flair

Sony also demonstrates how its latest range of Sony Alpha clip_image006 DSLR cameras (clip_image006[1] 33 and 55; clip_image007 NEX-3 and clip_image007[1] NEX-5) and Cyber-shot TX9 easily produce 3D panoramic shots, both portrait and landscape, with its exclusive 3D Sweep Panorama function. This easy-to-use function allows users to simply sweep the camera in a horizontal or vertical direction to capture impressive, ultra-wide panorama shots in 3D that can be viewed on any compatible LCD TV that supports 3D viewing via HDMI.

The 3D experience is further enhanced with Sweep Multi View. When activated, the camera simultaneously shoots and stores 15 images from different viewpoints, creating three-dimensional visuals. Users can view images with 3D visual effects on the camera screen immediately after shooting by tilting the camera.


Cyber-shot DSC-TX9


Cyber-shot DSC-T99


Sony Philippines unveiled two new clip_image0029 cameras, the clip_image0021055 (SLT-A55V) and clip_image0021133 (SLT-A33), which adopt Sony’s newly-developed Translucent Mirror Technology, achieving the highest-level performance for both still image and movie recording.

3D Sweep Panorama and Geotagging

Apart from Translucent Mirror Technology, the clip_image0022455 camera features 3D Sweep Panorama mode, which when activated, allows photographers to capture impressive, ultra-wide panoramic photos in 3D by simply sweeping the camera in a horizontal direction. These photos can then be viewed on any compatible LCD TV that supports 3D viewing via HDMI.

The Champion!

A few months back, they announced their new endorser – The Champion Manny Pacquiao!

The dominance and unchallenged superiority of Sony’s 3D World has captured the commitment of a Filipino icon of might and strength – none other than the People’s Champ, Manny Pacquiao. His partnership with Sony Philippines asserts not only their supremacy in their respective fields, but also their shared commitment to the value of bridging imagination and action, vision into concrete reality.

oh, and Manny Pacquiao appeared on the event in 3D

Sony 3D Event (16)

He couldn’t be at the event physically because he was training in Baguio for his fight on November.  So, Sony still made the best out of their technology by spending some awesome money on filming Manny Pacquiao to appear 3D on their 3D Projector screen.  I don’t know how they filmed it, but I can imagine it to be a bit complicated… I mean the editing and the processing and stuff.

Sony 3D Event (4)

Sony 3D Event (8)

Sony 3D Event (9)

Sony 3D Event (19)

Sony 3D Event (13)

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Google Chrome Launch in Manila

Posted by on Oct 11, 2010 in Featured, Tech Chic

Google Chrome Launch in Manila

I’ve been using multiple browsers for a while and of course Google Chrome has been a favorite because of its simplicity.  The moment I heard that Google had a browser about a year ago (or more ?) I immediately downloaded it and gave it a try.  It was once a Beta, and last September 30, 2010, they officially launched Google Chrome here in Manila.

Their introductory video was quite interesting.  They asked random people what a browser is and 98 % (ish) didn’t know or had the wrong notion about a browser.  Most of them said “Browser? – GOOGLE!”  They confuse browsers and search engines ~_~  I’m saying this because I’m a geek lol.  But, do you really know what a browser is yourself?

So, if you don’t know what a browser is yet, check out this video made by Google.  Which is nice because they  still gave people a choice on what browser to use and they’re not hardcore selling “Use Google Chrome coz it’s the best.”  — They didn’t do that.

The Google Chrome Launch at People’s Palace

People’s Palace is one of my favorite restaurants.  They serve Asian Cuisine, mostly Thai.  I happily entered the restaurant and I was surprised to see tons of candies!

Google Chrome Launch in People's Palace Manila (1)Google Chrome Launch in People's Palace Manila (4)

Google Chrome Launch in People's Palace Manila (6)Google Chrome Launch in People's Palace Manila (7)

gummy bears and m n’ ms

Google Chrome Launch in People's Palace Manila (2)They also had Google Chrome cookies that I though looks like a Pokeball Smile with tongue out

It’s yummy too!  I regret that I only took one home Sad smile

Google Chrome Talking Points

Here is the summary of what the speaker talked about on the launch of Google Chrome.

1.  Speed.  Do Everything Fast.

They explained that Google Chrome was built to be fast with JavaScript engine V8 that speeds up web applications.

2.  Stability.

Kill the tab, not the browser.  Tabs are isolated from each other so that one tab can’t drag the whole browser down.  If a tab crashes, the browser and the rest of the tabs remain intact, allowing you to carry on doing what you’re doing.  In addition, because each tab runs in its own process, Google Chrome can take additional steps to protect your computer from malicious sites that try to leave malware on your computer or steal your personal information.

3.  Search.

Search and browse the internet all from one box.  They made it easier to search the internet, get to the sites you want to visit, and re-find pages you’ve already visited all from the address bar.

4.  Stay in control.

Use Google Chrome’s settings features to protect your privacy online.  You can view, re-visit pages, and delete your surfing history.  To browse the web without storing a record on your computer, click the page menu and select “new incognito window”.  This helps if you log-in to your bank accounts and delicate online transactions on internet cafes.

5.  Make it yours.

Google Chrome is open source.  This just means that developers can easily use the underlying technology in Google Chrome to create their own browser.

Google Chrome Tips and Tricks for a better experience

They also shared some stuff you can do to maximize Google Chrome.

1.  Google Chrome extensions.

I didn’t even know you can use extensions O_o.  You can actually book flights on Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific, catch up on news with ABS-CBN, GMA and PEP/Spot.ph, look up forex rates with Banco De Oro and many more in a single click, without ever leaving the webpage you’re currently on.  I hope this helps in booking promo fares for Cebu Pacific if their website crashes due to tons of traffic.  There are over 1,000 extensions in the Chrome gallery to choose from, including ten made especially for Filipino users.  Other extensions include Ayos Dito, Carlos Celdran has his own extension, MMDA, Pinoy Exchange and Smart Bro.

image image

Check out other cool extensions here.

2.  Personalize Chrome with Philippine themes.

You can choose from twelve specially created themes by local top designers and personalities including graphic design studio Team Manila, AJ Dimarucot, Aranaz Bags, renowned comic book artist Arnold Arre, Carlos Celdran, Corey Cruz, Dan Matutina, Drew Europeo, Electrolychee, Karen Gosingan, Paul Guadalupe, Yabang Pinoy and the School of Fashion and the Arts.


You can now use our very own Pinoy artists’ designs for your Google Chrome Themes here.

3.  Others.

Others are using omnibox, Incognito Mode, Chrome’s translate bar, new tab page, tabbing to search, session restore, instant bookmarks and Bookmark sync.


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Lingerie Fashion Show at the House of Vanita

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Lingerie Fashion Show at the House of Vanita

If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

Quite true, lingerie makes things interesting.  I mean, even if people I meet everyday don’t see the underwear that I’m wearing, I still feel more confident about myself and you will see it with the way I  walk, talk and smile.  So, in times when you see me and you say “Hannah, you’re blooming” and you can’t figure out what changed in me or something, (whispers) that probably means I’m wearing some nice underwear Smile with tongue out You may call it Vanity, but if you know me, you’ll remember that to me – Vanity is not a sin.  Vanity is a virtue. Vanity means being pleased with oneself and you do all means to take care of your own body.  Laziness, for me, is the ultimate sin for yourself.  Being lazy to take care of your own self is not acceptable Smile But of course, anything with the extremes is not nice so don’t wear lacy underwear just to please yourself when you are out hiking in the mountains!

Speaking of lingerie…

I got an invite to model for a lingerie fashion show by Vanita you know how I love to experience new things all the time so I happily accepted!   Vanita is a luxury lingerie and swimwear brand especially designed for the Filipina.  Vanita’s designer is Fabiola Marin from Italy who also designed for Victoria’s Secret.  They just launched their main collection late last year which my friend Jake happened to blog about. (btw, Jake is a girl lol)

I hesitated to join at first because of my surgical scar on my left boob.  But, what the heck, thank goodness concealers were invented!  I was invited a month before the show and I swore to go on a diet and to shape-up fast… But it was an epic fail because I went to Malaysia twice and to Singapore too and you know how food tripping in these countries is a must!  In a span of one month I gained more pounds than I can spare.  5-8 pounds baby! EPIC FAIL of my CENTURY!!!

I never thought of backing out though, I would rather embrace my curves… Post the pictures on my blog (as you can see below) and send a message to my readers that it’s okay to have some fat in your body – we need it anyway!  And don’t be shy if you have a few extra stuff around, I do too!!! and I am REAL!

But this is also the beginning of my journey to keeping my figure fit and fab!  I committed to dance again and I did it.  I think it’s time to set a new goal for me.  My gastritis makes it hard for me to go on a diet because I can’t be hungry.  I need to munch on food all the time.  Antacids and other medicines don’t help.  In order to compensate, I must exercise regularly.  Sitting on the chair, editing photos and being stuck in traffic 3 hours a day doesn’t help.  So, I’m joining more runs and I am about to enroll for a gym membership and to continue my dance classes!  I’m also thinking of drinking wheat grass to help my tummy and my digestion process.  It sucks to have a suckie tummy Sad smile fml much!

It’s my birth anniversary soon and I just can’t help but think that I am ageing!  and I want to keep my body fab so here we go!  good luck to me and my journey to fitness.  I will absolutely update you guys on what my fitness plan is and share my nutritional diet plan and will let you know if it works.  You will see in the pictures lol.  and I don’t Photoshop, so what you see is what you get.

The Vanita Lingerie Fashion Show

The theme is inspired by Italian Cinema and Opera. I really loved the theme!!! It was so chic and I love how they transformed us all into beautiful belles Smile I loved how the hair stylist (didn’t catch his name Sad smile) designed our hairs and how we got glammed up with a very elegant look by makeup artist Ana Isip.  I have never felt so special in my entire life walking on the ramp without my clothes on Laughing out loud.  It was something different for me, something I’ve never done yet but is definitely in my to-do-list-before-I-die.  Thank you so much to the House of Vanita for fulfilling one of my never-have-I-imagined-it-would-become-a-reality item.

I also enjoyed spending time with the girls Vicky, Alex, Helga, Henzel, Aby and Shanna!  We were all sharing stories on what we did to diet and all other girly stuff!  Cam-whoring with each other was also a big highlight and learning how to work our abs the last minute was Vicky’s genius idea  ^_^. I will post behind-the-scenes in another post Smile

Also thanking friends who came Smile Earth, Michelle, Mike, Cheryl and Philip and of course to Vince for taking all of these photos.  To the ladies, did you like the collection rin ba?  I super like the wedding corsette but won’t need that anytime soon lol.  What were your favorites?

House of Vanita - Blogger's Lingerie Fashion Show (2)

House of Vanita - Blogger's Lingerie Fashion Show (27)

House of Vanita - Blogger's Lingerie Fashion Show (42)

House of Vanita - Blogger's Lingerie Fashion Show (53)

House of Vanita - Blogger's Lingerie Fashion Show (54)

So happy to see Earth!  She’s looking fab! You should have walked the ramp with us!

House of Vanita - Blogger's Lingerie Fashion Show (55)

Same goes out to Michelle.  You should walk the ramp next time!

House of Vanita - Blogger's Lingerie Fashion Show (56)


House of Vanita - Blogger's Lingerie Fashion Show (64)

House of Vanita

Website: http://houseofvanita.com

Address:  19F, Citibank Center, Paseo de Roxas corner Villar st., Makati City

Prices of Lingerie sets start from Php 1,200.

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Day 3 of the F1 Singapore Grand Prix Race!

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Day 3 of the F1 Singapore Grand Prix Race!

This is it! It’s Day 3 of the F1 races and Day 3 Sunday was the most exciting one because it’s the race day!

I have witnessed the 2008 and 2009 Singapore Grand Prix and I must say, 2010 is the best race ever.  Many say that Singapore Grand Prix is boring because there’s not much of overtaking.  I beg to disagree because this year, Singapore Tourism Board gave me great tickets to the Stamford Grandstand worth 30k bucks and I witnessed a lot of overtaking there!

I posted photos of Michael Schumacher and Nick Heidfeld’s accident right in front of me.  Nick Heidfeld’s car got bumped on the safety barricades at the circuit’s walls and Michael Schumacher spun almost a 360 degrees, pointing him to a wrong direction.  Michael Schumacher was lucky  not to have any major issues on his car but Nick’ Heidfeld’s crash on the walls caused a substantial damage to his car, leading him out of the race.

Hamilton also had an accident near our grandstand and I saw a lot of non-fans cheering… I cheered with them!  I am not really a Lewis Hamilton fan.  I am a fan of his girlfriend though – Nicole Scharzinger, who had always been with him in the races.  He was caught on camera taking photos of Hamilton riding the F1 car before the race with a DSLR.  I forgot what brand she’s using lol.

I also attached photos of other cars overtaking each other.  I got lucky with my Grandstand tickets.  I am so glad that this year, I got the chance to experience being seated at the Padang Grandstand and Stamford Grandstand.  This gave me better knowledge on the best seats for everyone who’s asking me about the Singapore Grand Prix.  Padang Grandstand, worth 20k bucks is good if you want to be close to the hawker food center and the concert grounds.  Stamford Grandstands is a 5-8 minute walk from Padang Grandstand (a bit farther from the food and the concert ground) but Turn 7 and 8 is along this grandstand and this is usually where cars take the opportunity to overtake!

I would like to say thanks to the friends who helped me win the Rev and Rave contest: Mica, Jehz, Ada, Kristel, Angela, Stephen and of course Vince Smile You guys rock!!!

Also thanking Singapore Airlines, Singapore Tourism Board and Stratworks and all the Rev and Rave partners for making this all possible Smile Thanking also Nick who drove us around Singapore  (Through STB) Smile thanks so much that was the most enjoyable Singapore stay ever!


Friendly, Chill and Cool F1 Fan (strangers) who keep offering to take our photos for us Smile

That’s what I love about Singapore GP, locals and tourists are friendly Smile They are all in a good mood.

F1 Signapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 3 Qualifying (3)

Got a chance to take photos with Michael Schumacher’s vintage car that will take him around the circuit during the F1 driver’s parade

Vince isn’t really an F1 fan.  But when he heard the first F1 car zoomed in front of him, he was instantly converted!

Of course he knows the legendary Michael Schumacher!

F1 Signapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 3 Qualifying (15)

Stamford Grandstands and the Stamford Grandstand suite above.  (I don’t know how much the suites cost)

F1 Signapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 3 Qualifying (26)

Me on the upper most left part of the Stamford Grandstand.

This spot is great for photographers!  It’s nearest Turn 7!  There were also two seats that aren’t numbered (meaning, it’s assigned to no one technically)

So, I arrived early, and claimed the seat for myself lol.

F1 Signapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 3 Qualifying (32)

aww <3 Cute Sebastian Vettel who placed 2nd on the race

look a the F1 crew, they’re also taking photos of the drivers lol

F1 Signapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 3 Qualifying (58)

Lewis Hamilton

F1 Signapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 3 Qualifying (14)

Michael Schumacher!

I can’t believe my card suddenly went full!  So I had to quickly erase some photos to make room for Schumi!

The back is all I got Sad smile

F1 Signapore Grand Prix 2010 - Day 3 Qualifying (23)

Fernando Alonso! F1 Singapore Grand Prix winner!  He had a perfect race!

Perfect race meaning he had the Pole position at the grid and he was never overtaken and he also had the fastest time in the practice.


This is what I was talking about earlier.  Michael Schumacher spinning.


Nick Heidfeld’s car being towed.


Heikki Kovalainen’s car caught with fire.

I wuz like OMG!!! It’s the first time I’ve seen a fire while watching F1 (live or on TV)!!!


and of course, my all-time favorite driver in his invisible F1 car, zooming at 1000kph… The people barely noticed him because he was as fast as Superman, as you can see in the picture Smile with tongue out


Nick, a local from Singapore drove us around our entire stay and took out to party at the Power Station and to Geylang for some buns… not the kind of buns you green minded folks are thinking of, but buns like Siew Pao (siopao), beef kway teow and many more!

Also next to come is my luxurious experience traveling with Singapore Airlines Smile

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I had this random thought while making another blog post earlier.  It’s all about the evil word Insecurity.

To me, a girl gets insecure the moment she starts to feel that she’s no longer special.

It’s all subjective though, it’s all about her feelings.  To the guy, she might still be his beloved princess with all the love in the world, but she doesn’t feel it.  There may be reasons why.  Maybe the guy is just to busy.  It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love her anymore or that he’s with someone else.  The guy might just be plain friendly with other girls.  she just can’t handle it and compare herself to these other girls.  She starts to notice little things that would suggest her guy doesn’t like to be with her anymore.  Then they fight and the basis is all speculation.  It’s a mess.

I flew Singapore Airlines to Singapore and I really enjoyed the flight with lots of movies I can choose from.  I watched this movie “Chloe.”  I recommend everyone to watch it.  Girls can relate, and the guys don’t usually like the Drama genre but they will love the girl-on-girl scene with Amanda Seyfried and Julian Moore.


Can’t put the rest of the screen caps here lol.

The movie’s tagline is “If the one you love was lying to you, how far would you go to find out the truth?”  Chloe is all about this doctor (Julian Moore) who hired an escort to seduce her husband, whom she suspects of cheating.  Not to give you spoilers but it just all boils down to her getting insecure for well a lot of reasons.  This movie is just an example of how insecurity can ruin a relationship… tsk tsk tsk…

There’s also a popular saying “No one can make you feel insecure without your permission.” – I say, easier said than done.  Everybody goes through this phase.  So what do you do now?  Just remind yourself constantly that no one really cares!   If you feel fat, or thin as a chopstick or fugly or ugly or if you feel like you’re so stupid or that you have embarrassed yourself in public, or that this girl has a prettier face, nicer skin etc… People don’t care, so you shouldn’t bother entertaining ridiculous and unnecessary judgment from your own self.

Insecurity is a b*tch and it’s up to you how you treat it.  Do you let it consume you?  If you do, they always make things worse for you.  Insecurity is never helpful.

Women don’t understand why men can be such insensitive human beings and guys just don’t get why a girl get’s too emotional with all the drama.  Well, just a word of advice to men who want to avoid drama, do all you can to make her feel special.  That’s all that is.  Buy flowers occasionally for no reason, just to remind her you care.  If you do miss dates or anything like that, make sure you make up for it Smile and don’t entertain too many ladies especially when she’s around.  No matter how secure the girl is with herself, she will no longer feel special and the rest is history Smile with tongue out

Whoah, I haven’t written very personally lately.  I just thought of putting my thoughts on writing and share it to you guys.  At least my thinking brain can give some light on those who can relate.  What do you think?  Let me know yah?!? You can argue with me just let me know what you think of this evil word.

Well, that’s all for tonight… Ta-ta!

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