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Empty Streets of Hong Kong

Posted by on Nov 30, 2010 in Featured, Music, Personal, Travel

Empty Streets of Hong Kong

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I was walking around the residential streets of Hong Kong last Thursday late at night.  It’s usually my thing.  I love walking around a new place, be curious, observe people and the streets and try to submerge myself into their culture.  I just appreciate the cool breeze in Hong Kong around winter time.  Our hotel stands a few meters away from the Harbor, bringing cooler chills.  For the first time this year, I wore boots, thick jacket, and gloves.  At first I thought my cough would worsen because of the cooler temperature, but it actually stopped.  It’s probably because I wasn’t sweating on my back anymore unlike in the Philippines.

Anyway, the view of the streets was awesome.  Empty streets that is and it made me calm and think about stuff.  I kept thinking how grateful I am to be where I am now and how lucky I am to have great people around me all the time.  I also kept wondering what I can do to move ahead.  The empty streets amazed me on how calming it can be.  It wasn’t exactly empty, just not crowded and discreet.  I was not scared of walking alone.

Sometimes, you get to appreciate a place when everyone else is sleeping.  You can take a closer look at the world they’ve built.  Sharing you the song that was on my mind while walking the streets of Hong Kong at over midnight. Smile

Late Night Alumni Empty Streets Lyrics

The city feels clean this time of night
Just empty streets
And me walking home
To clear my head

I know it came as no surprise
I’m affected more than I had guessed on what was said
If this love’s not meant to be
If the heart’s not ready to open
If we make it I won’t see it’s broken

If this love’s not meant to be
If the heart’s not ready to open
If we make it I won’t see how it’s broken

It’s the quiet time before the dawn
And I’m half past making sense of it
Was I wrong?
Should I claim to give it all
In a world where not much ever seems to last long

If this love’s not meant to be
If the heart’s not ready to open
If we make it I won’t see it’s broken

I stopped searching coz I found what I was looking for…

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ING Marathon 2010 Manila and NYC Marathon 2011

Posted by on Nov 30, 2010 in Run, Sports

ING Marathon 2010 Manila and NYC Marathon 2011

I was following the New York City NYC Marathon earlier this November and man, the race was packed with runners.  It would be awesome to experience running in another country!  I was having this conversation last weekend with DJ Chloe of Mellow 94.7.  We just talked about things we love like running and we were both dreaming of participating runs in other countries!

It’s pretty easy actually, you just need to research for runs in different countries and sign up.  Another way to run on another country is to join this year’s ING Run “Running 20” in Manila this December 11, 2010.  The runners who will participate the 20k run half marathon are eligible to join the raffle to join the next year’s ING New York City NYC Marathon 2011.  ING of course has always been NYC Marathon’s biggest sponsor. 


In celebration of 20 years in the Philippines, ING Bank in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, will hold a special running event to raise funds for the construction of 20 homes in Laguna.

ING Running 20 3K/5K/10K/20KM
December 11, 2010
Bonifacio Global City

Registration is at Php500 for 3K/5K/10K which includes race Kit, RFID tag, singlet and giveaways. Registration fee for 20K is PHP1,000 which includes Rrace Kit, RFID tag, singlet and giveaways, finisher’s shirt, finisher’s medal and the eligibility to NYC Marathon Raffle.


ING Running 20 / ING Run Registration here.

Contact them for more details or log on to www.habitat.org.ph.

Run for a worthy cause and together, let’s make a difference one home at a time!

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Ngong Ping 360 and Avenue of the Stars

Posted by on Nov 25, 2010 in Art & Photography, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Fashion, Featured, Hong Kong, Travel

Ngong Ping 360 and Avenue of the Stars

It was my first time riding the cable car going to Ngong Ping 360 village and the price of $219 for the crystal cable car (glass bottom) with 2 themed attractions (monkey story and Buddha story) was all worth it.  You get to ride the cable car for 25 minutes and you will pass by the harbor bay, the mountains, have a great view of the big buddha and the Hong Kong International Airport.

After going around City Gate outlet at Tung Chung, we headed off to Tsim Sha Tsui to catch the light show at the Avenue of the Stars by 8pm.  We waited at Deck n’ Beer and drank a huge class of Hoegaarden :)

*no time to edit photos… taken as is! and I have a huge pimple on my nose… no time to photoshop!














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Victoria Peak Hong Kong

Posted by on Nov 24, 2010 in Art & Photography, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Fashion, Featured, Hong Kong, Travel, Wardrobe

Victoria Peak Hong Kong

Day 2 in Hong Kong and we woke up late 😛 we roamed around central, tried out some awesome restaurants in Wellington street, shopped at H&M and went to Victoria Peak via the Peak Tram.  I swear, I could never get used to the 45 degree slope upwards and downwards (that’s what she said).  I still get scared with the height:P

Won’t go to details, will just update this post with awesome pictures that we took :)


It was very cold like 10 degrees Celsius on my estimate (or lower) and it was a bit windy so the wind was just very chilly. I should’ve brought a thicker coat.

To keep myself warm, I did some abs exercises on the bench – no really – I DID! 😛

It was a bit foggy.  We paid HKD 60 for a digital copy (CD) of this photo from one of the photographers scattered atop Victoria Peak


Queen’s Road traffic


“Bawal Magtinda Dito”


You don’t have to go to the Sky Terrace at the Peak to enjoy the view.  Just go on the top most floor of the mall, you will still see nicely of Hong Kong skyscrapers at night.  We tried to wait for the lights show.  It was fail.  You should really watch it at Avenue of the Stars.  You won’t appreciate it if you watch it from here.

 walking outside our hotel to take the Hong Kong Tram for only $2 HKD flat rate so nice!

Below the Peak Tram

Deep inside, I’m very nervous with the train going up at 45 degrees (my estimate)


Watching the Sunset atop the Sky Terrace was lovely.  It was very foggy though.  I love the reflection of the sun on the water.

Very happy :)


I wish I can jump off the top of Victoria Peak and fly like a Rocketeer :)





Atop the mall at the Peak


Nice Wallpaper


Reminds me of Britney Spears’ song “Sometimes” – great shot Vince :) Thank you


Getting really cold fast



The fishies wanna attack my feet… this is the first time I’ve bigger fishes for fish spa – tickled like hell!  I got used to it though 😛 very relaxing.  If you want to try this at the Peak, go inside the mall and look for “Water Fish” we got 30 mins for HKD 180 – PHP 1200 – EXPENSIVE I know, but very relaxing and my feet rested for a bit :)


Chinese area at the Peak :) Well-lit at night


Cam-whoring inside NYF

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Hong Kong 2010 Island Pacific Hotel Victoria Harbor View Day 1

Posted by on Nov 23, 2010 in Featured, Food, Hong Kong, Travel

Hong Kong 2010 Island Pacific Hotel Victoria Harbor View Day 1

Okay,  I really don’t know where to start 😛  I love Hong Kong – the food, the buses and trains, the skyscrapers and the hills… there is much to love here!  I went here last year at around May or June.  It was so humid at that time.  I heard that it starts to get cold around December and so I booked last week of November (coz I couldn’t find cheap flights to Hong Kong on December).

When in Hong Kong, don’t forget to ride the bus and sit at the front row of the top deck (their buses are double deck – two levels).

Hong Kong Day 1 - Island Pacific Hotel Victoria Harbor View (2) Hong Kong Day 1 - Island Pacific Hotel Victoria Harbor View (45)

Hong Kong Day 1 - Island Pacific Hotel Victoria Harbor View (41) Hong Kong Day 1 - Island Pacific Hotel Victoria Harbor View (10)

It’s like a cheap way to tour Hong Kong at night.  The information desk at the airport was very helpful and they assisted us how to get to our hotel easily.  The moment I mentioned my hotel, they just printed out something and voiala – instructions on how to go to our hotel via bus was automatically printed out.

On the paper instruction said:

Island Pacific Hotel

Address: 152 Connaught Road West, Hong Kong

Tel 2131 1188

Transportation from Airport to Island Pacific Hotel:

1. Take Bus A10

2. Alight at Bus Stop No. 4 – Centre street, Connaught Road West (this bus stop is around 50 meters away from the hotel only – very near!


Island Pacific Hotel Review

This hotel is fab!  I booked it through Agoda.com early in July.  It cost around Php 16,000 per night, but I got the reservation at 70% off.  We only had to pay Php 3,000++ per night :)  When I saw the hotel at night, it amazed me.  It was so tall, and decorated with fantastic lights.

Hong Kong Day 1 - Island Pacific Hotel Victoria Harbor View (14) Hong Kong Day 1 - Island Pacific Hotel Victoria Harbor View (19)

I originally booked a regular hotel room (facing the city).  I was so surprised and HAPPY that they upgraded my booking to a Deluxe Room – King size bed, top floor (25th) and overlooking the Victoria Harbor!!!  The view is amazing with the window glass from floor to ceiling!  I actually saw a big bird flying outside my window.  I was too late to grab my camera though. I would book here again if I come here to Hong Kong (again).  Most people on tripadvisor and other hotel review sites say that the hotel rooms are quite small and there is not enough space for closet and stuff.  While it might be true, it’s nt as very spacious as other hotels, it still (for me) is big enough for two people.

Hong Kong Day 1 - Island Pacific Hotel Victoria Harbor View (42) Hong Kong Day 1 - Island Pacific Hotel Victoria Harbor View (51)

I noticed right away that our hotel is in the residential area.  People say it’s far from everywhere, but really, it’s just two stations away from Hong Kong Central Station.  The bus stop is very near our place and the tramway at a walkable distance too (around 50 meters away from the hotel).

On the streets near our hotel, you will find Mannings, Watson’s, 7/11, McDonald’s, Chinese restaurants and a mall beside our hotel!  Sweet!

Chinese Restaurants

Hong Kong Day 1 - Island Pacific Hotel Victoria Harbor View (43) Hong Kong Day 1 - Island Pacific Hotel Victoria Harbor View (27)

Our area is quite residential and I don’t see a lot of tourists here.  I like it that way because this is how you will feel the locals with you around and you will see more of their culture.  I had an appreciation for staying in the residential area when I first stayed in a residential area in Singapore.  I really felt like I lived like one of them in 3 days.

Hong Kong Day 1 - Island Pacific Hotel Victoria Harbor View (39) Hong Kong Day 1 - Island Pacific Hotel Victoria Harbor View (52)

Like I said, most people around this area are locals.  Therefore, the Chinese local restaurants are all in Chinese!  I still asked for an English menu and thank goodness they had one!  The translations are very simple though.  You will find, Rice with meat, Rice with salty fish and meat, rice with chicken and duck feet etc…

Hong Kong Day 1 - Island Pacific Hotel Victoria Harbor View (12)

Their dimsum is very nice though! Both their siew mai (siomai) and char siew pao (asado siopao)

That’s about it for today.  Tomorrow, we’ll just go around Central and go to Victoria Peak :) I love that it’s cold, not humid and not raining! I’m so excited to go out!

See yah later!

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Christmas Gift Ideas from IMP Toy Store in Manila

Posted by on Nov 20, 2010 in Philippines, Promos

Christmas Gift Ideas from IMP Toy Store in Manila

Ola everyone Smile I don’t count how many days it is till Christmas but I can feel the holiday spirit everywhere.  The streets are all lit and Christmas songs are being played on the radio.  Here’s another Christmas Gift idea for your pamangkins and inaakak and even to your own child (if you have one).

If you are giving toys to children, make sure that it is also educational.  Bloco Toys would be a very good idea if you’re planning on buying an educational toy for a kid.

You are also lucky in time because the Bloco Toys from IMP are at P1000 off through Buyanihan.com … you can buy the Bloco Toy (set of 6 puzzles) for only P500.

Check out the video:

Remember to checkout http://buyanihan.com for great savings with your day-to-day shopping Smile



Unit 204, Nullah Building 122 Dona Consolation Bldg., Jupiter Street, Makati City (building beside Red Ribbon).

Tel. No.:

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April Boy and JC Regino New Music Video

Posted by on Nov 19, 2010 in Announcements, Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Featured, Movies & TV, Music, Pilipinas

April Boy and JC Regino New Music Video

April Boy Regino, the “idol” of the people, made his name immortal in the Filipino music industry with his trademark lyrical dance moves.  He went MIA for a while, but now, he’s back with a new single with son JC Regino.  The song “Di Nako Iibig Pang Muli” has been on the top list of radio stations’ countdowns and now, the official music video for the single is out Smile

Yours truly is on the video too Smile with tongue out This video is directed by my friend Harold Soon along with his team from Indioboy.  I lurrrrrve the music video.  I love how both the classic and the urban hue come together to set the mood for this music video Smile with tongue out

Do check out the video and enjoy ^_^

Screenshots grabbed from the “Di Nako Iibig Pang Muli” music video:















Director: Harold Soon

DP: Pong Ignacio

AD: Dom Dycaico

PM: Adi Lopez

PD: Marco Ortiga, Gino Nacianceno

Editor/Colorist: Gali Te

Make-Up: Titin Hurtado

Girl: Hannah Villasis

PAs:  Gino Parma, Gali Te

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Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Giving Journal 2011

Posted by on Nov 16, 2010 in Advocacy, Career, Featured, Food, Life, Personal

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Giving Journal 2011

It’s the time of the year when every journal junkie is in search for the best planner they could ever have for the new year.  Choosing the right planner for you is crucial.  This, by itself motivates you to write more and to look at your progress more often.  It’s based on experience, if the journal is lovely, I write more and I stare at my handwriting all the time.  Call it vain, but listing down my tasks and putting a check on the things I accomplish is one BIG motivation to carry out my activities for the rest of the year.

I have already given you a preview of the Belle de Jour power planner 2011, and while many girls love this, our boys are left wishing they also have snazzy planners of their own (that’s not pink).  Well, they can choose to buy the Navi planner, or they can opt to buy the planner of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – one of the BDJ founders’ lifestyle partner.  CBTL has been very supportive of the BDJ girls since it started and they recently just launched a planner of their own.


The Giving Journal is a positive endeavor taken on by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® to raise awareness on the local advocacies they have been supporting.  Aside from bringing customers affordable daily indulgences, caring is clearly CBTL’s cup of tea.  A percentage of the total sales generated from the 2011 Give In To Giving campaign will be donated to the Real Life Foundation. Real Life is passionate about providing a better future for underprivileged Filipinos by giving them access to a good education and transforming their communities through community service. Through the Giving Journal, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf also wishes to inspire us to do our bit to give back each day. “By directly giving back to our most loyal customers like you through this planner, we also get the chance to inspire you to keep giving, every single day of the year.”


Want one? :) Here’s how to get your very own Giving Journal:

1.  A minimum single-receipt purchase of any Regular or Large sized Original Ice Blended, Frozen Swirl, or Coffee-based or Tea-based beverage qualifies you to get a stamp card. Each card consists of 24 boxes, with corresponding drink assignments. These are as follows:

– 1 Original Ice Blended (any flavor, regular or large)
– 1 Tea Latte (any flavor, regular or large)
– 1 Apple Caramel Ice Blended or Apple Pie Tea Latte (regular or large)
– Any 21 Regular or Large sized Original Ice Blended, Frozen Swirl, or Coffee-based or Tea-based beverage or Frozen Swirl

2.  Your stamp card must always be presented so that a box may be stamped whenever its corresponding product assignment is purchased.

3.  Once all 24 boxes are stamped and completed, you will be able to claim The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 2011 Giving Journal at any of their stores.


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Pilipinas Kay Ganda – The Philippines’ New Brand

Posted by on Nov 16, 2010 in Featured, Philippines, Pilipinas, Travel

Pilipinas Kay Ganda – The Philippines’ New Brand


Last night, I attended DOT’s launch of the Philippines’ new brand.  It sparked debates here and there, people not liking it generally.  And while most people are already pointing out what they don’t like about the new brand, let’s balance it out by enumerating the things I like about our new brand.

  • I love the fun and playful logo!  It is very catchy and it drives attention to it.  A head-turner I must say.  I hear comments saying it looks like a “Google Doodle” but hey, look at where Google is now Smile I really love the colors and it just shows how colorful our culture, people and places are.
  • The smile, coconut tree, tarsier, sun and the sea – they are all symbols of what Philippines is and at a simple glance, a foreigner would know what the Philippines is all about.
  • The use of the word “Kay Ganda” may sound like a TV show but it’s just to us locals.  If the “Umagang Kay Ganda” show was not conceptualized, then I probably think we wouldn’t think of it is a talk show.  It is just unnecessary word association.
  • The use of Filipino Word “Kay Ganda” might not relate to foreigners, but I think this is a conversation starter.  Foreigners would naturally ask what “Kay Ganda” means just as I asked my Malaysian friends what “Selamat Datang” means when I saw this Malay phrase it everywhere (airports, roads, tourist spots) when I toured Malaysia.  Now, that word is so stuck in my head.  It means “Welcome”. So I don’t think it would hurt using a local phrase on our logo – it shows pride for our language.  They have the translation in the logo itself anyway with a playful dictionary type of translating it.
  • So Beautiful – when you explain what “Kay Ganda” means – it translates to “So beautiful” and THAT’S IT.  I don’t think foreigners would think deeply and interpret it otherwise as beautiful girls only… and even if they do interpret it that way, SO WHAT?  It is true, Filipinas are really beautiful.

The Philippines is more than just a logo and a brand.  I lived here my whole life and I say  I am proud of our great culture, our sights and natural wonders here, our food and of course our people.  I worked for an international bank before and foreign counterparts from all over the world would have business trips here in the Philippines.  They would always say, everyone is always smiling.  And in our office, even with hectic month-end processes, they seem to feel less stressed compared to where their workplace abroad.

Here are photos of the Pilipinas Kay Ganda launch at Oceanic near SM Mall of Asia.  They gave us 3D glasses for a 3D presentation of the video.  It didn’t really made the crowd go WOW, but at least, slowly they are thinking of going digital and high tech.  We can do better and there’s more room for improvement.  They also had fireworks display synched with a performance of Ryan Cayabyab’s “Umagang Kay Ganda”.

Here are more links talking about our new brand:

Noemi Dado’s write-up on POC http://www.thepoc.net/commentaries/10257-country-branding-the-philippines.html

Anton Diaz’ suggestions on Our Awesome Planet http://www.ourawesomeplanet.com/awesome/2010/11/pilipinas-kay-ganda.html#more





Want to read something more cool?

Check out my post featuring 10 bloggers from Malaysia who travelled Northern Luzon, Philippines.  Backpacking, with style!

Road Trip Patapat

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Why Sebastian Vettel Won the 2010 F1 Drivers World Championship

Posted by on Nov 15, 2010 in Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Featured, Formula 1, Sports

Why Sebastian Vettel Won the 2010 F1 Drivers World Championship

First of all, I am a big fan of Fernando Alonso, and I Lewis Hamilton is the drive a least like.  This year though, I have been noticing Sebastian Vettel.  He was quiet and people were not really eyeing on him to be the champion this year to be honest.  Their eyes were on Mark Webber and Alonso… Actually they were hoping for Lewis Hamilton too get the championship title again but I don’t care about him Smile with tongue out

Anyway, Sebastian Vettel never had the pressure the other drivers have and he was just playing it cool.  The team probably assisted him well in his last race in Abu Dhabi by not mentioning too much that he is leading and he is winning!  Vettel said in one of his post-race interviews that he didn’t even realize he won championship not even when he saw the checkered flag.  He was just told by the team to bring the car home…

But seriously guys, I think Sebastian Vettel won driver’s championship for F1 2010 because he looked like Justin Bieber.


I knew he looked like someone else I know!!! IT IS THE YEAR OF THE BIEBERS!!!

I’m just kidding…

He won because his girlfriend’s name is Hannah.

Sebastian Vettel with gf Hanna Prater

Vettel and his girlfriend enjoying holiday in Sardinia, Italy. Smile

Having a girlfriend named “Hannah” is goodluck Smile with tongue out Lucky Vince Open-mouthed smile

I‘m just kidding again XD

Some say he just won because Alonso and Webber faltered (really bad), landing them 7th place.  I say, that’s bullcrap.  Sebastian Vettel worked hard for this and I’ve seen him gracefully crossing the checkered flag – he deserves this win!  CONGRATULATIONS!  It is Vettel’s time Smile and people say he’s lucky this time, well – good Karma follows him Smile

Sebastian Vettel broke the record of youngest driver ever to win the Formula 1 World Championship at age of 23 years and 134 days.  (OMG I’m older than him??? WHY?!?) He broke the record set by Lewis Hamilton in 2008 who won the title at 23 years, 301 days.  Fernando Alonso also was youngest champion in 2005 and this was the time he beat the legendary Schumacher.

I LOOOOVE F1!  Can’t wait for the next season.  I might put up a separate blog for it.  Coming up next… my tribute to Sebastian Vettel’s Fashion Style!!! OH YEAH!

If you want to view the final standings of the F1 Driver’s championship (result of F1 Abu Dhabi 2010), visit my favorite F1 blog.

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F1 Yas Marina Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2010 Live Coverage

Posted by on Nov 14, 2010 in Formula 1, Sports

F1 Yas Marina Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2010 Live Coverage

Ola!  I’m sorry not blogging too often about live coverage of F1 lately, it has been busy and I am worried some of my readers are not really into F1 so next season, I might separate F1 blogging on a separate blog Smile

In the meantime, it is the last and final grand prix for this year at the Yas Marina Track in Abu Dhabi.  4 drivers are contenders to the title as we speak.  Leading for now as Fernando Alonso (yaye!) but still, the result of the race tonight will affect the current standings.  There are many things that could happen tonight and the four contending champions are Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel.  Depending on their performance and the other drivers’ standings, one of the four will be champion.  I have a feeling Fernando Alonso will win this but, Lewis Hamilton might do risky moves just to make one final go at the championship title.  Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel are always kinda playing safe.  B

oth of the Red Bull drivers have very good performance this year, making Red Bull number 1 right now in the constructor’s championship.  McLaren Follows with Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button as their drivers.  Ferrari comes third this year with Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa.  I say, their car has been weak among the others and I was sad that they kinda put the blame on Kimi Raikkonen (the best driver for me ever) when he wasn’t performing well and fired him and replaced him with Fernando Alonso.

That was a recap of what happened really all year this F1 2010 season, now, follow the live coverage below via tweets and F1 Abu Dhabi online live stream video links that I will provide shortly – thanks to contributors hinting me where people can watch this online. 

Click “Play” to get updated.

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Nail-a-holics at SM Megamall

Posted by on Nov 13, 2010 in Beauty, Health, Uncategorized

Nail-a-holics at SM Megamall

I usually do my nails by myself because I simply just don’t want other people cleaning it.  I am so scared of the word “ingrown” since I was a kid because I hear my mom and aunts complain about it a lot.  They advice me never to have my nails done by anyone else, or at least, not to have the insides of my nails being taken out.  Okay, I know that was TMI Smile with tongue out  Sometimes though, I fail to make the most beautiful nails that I want.  I suck at putting nail polish on my nails and having someone to do it for you is quite relaxing indeed.

Like I said, I don’t trust just anyone to do my nails, except for a few salons around the metro.  One of them is Nail-a-holics and I keep coming back because of the great service, the cozy ambiance, the most hygenic procedures and the price is just right.

Nailaholics is a new nail salon and spa that’s spreading across the city offering a wide range of services from nail care, nail extensions, nail art, spa, massage, eyebrows extension (there is such a thing? XD), waxing and threading.  Nailaholics also aims to go beyond the outside beauty needs of the body as it also nourishes your inner soul’s health by providing a really cool and relaxing environment.  I enjoyed mostly the design of the shop.  It felt like I was transported from the mall to a totally different setting – like a beach rest house somewhere in Greece Smile

They also promote and practice internationally accepted Safety and Hygiene in all their procedures.  I always notice a lot of people coming in to get pampered even on the weekdays.  They have loyal customers who keep coming back.  I say, you try and find out for yourselves.

My favorite treatments are of course, the usual manicure and pedicure but I also love their foot reflexology.  It is a must try and I highly recommend it Smile  Especially if you walked around Megamall shopping your feet out, Nail-a-holics is a great pitstop for your tired feet.  Nail-a-holics is not just for girls.  The parafin treatment is one way to relax your feet and hand’s muscles and nerves by pouring hot wax on your skin.  Don’t worry, it shouldn’t burn you.  It will leave you with a therapeutic experience and the wax moisturizes your skin too.

The next thing that I want to try is nail art.  I always envy my dear friend Nikki’s artistic nails and sadly, I can’t put art on my nails on my own.  So, I think in my next visit, I shall try this!  Will let you know how it is, or better yet, find out for yourselves Open-mouthed smile

Nail-a-holics MegamallNail-a-holics MegamallNail-a-holics MegamallNail-a-holics MegamallNail-a-holics MegamallNail-a-holics MegamallNail-a-holics MegamallNail-a-holics MegamallNail-a-holics MegamallNail-a-holics Megamall

Nail-a-holics SM Megamall

5th Level Building B

Telephone No: (02) 914-0816

Nail-a-holics has many branches and you can visit depending on your location.  Do visit their official website for a complete list of their services and stores.

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Nike Cross Training Shoes: Fly Zoom Quick Sister

Posted by on Nov 13, 2010 in Run, Sports

Nike Cross Training Shoes: Fly Zoom Quick Sister

Believe it or not, I lost my running shoes.  I am not sure where I misplaced it.  I must have thrown it to the garbage bin because when I go to the gym, I wrap it in plastic.  I must have thought it was trash and threw it away @_@.  Anyway, it almost hindered me from achieving my goal – to finally get a gym membership.  I mean, how can you go to the gym without shoes?

Vince and I went to Vivere Salon in Robinson’s Place Ermita and while he was still getting his hair cut, I roamed around looking for shoes.  I got so excited of finally going to the gym and I bought these shoes even if it is a bit out of my budget.  I am not entirely sure, but they seem to sell shoes at the department store more cheaper than the one in a boutique.  I went to one and compared the prices, the boutique was selling it at Php 5,000 ++ while I bought this for only P 4,300.  It still supposedly is out of my budget but since I don’t want to have any excuse not to go to the gym and since I need a good shoes for training (running and gym) I decided to buy it in a snap!

The shoes are meant for training.  They shaped the foot sole to have diamond clusters for flexibility and adaptability to whatever activity I am conducting.  You can also plug in your Nike Plus if you have one and since I don’t have one, I am planning to buy Smile with tongue out I also have an iPod nano that supports Nike Plus with that application on the net so that definitely is on my to-buy list.

Here are the pictures of my unboxing Smile Oh, don’t mind the bunny… He was just trying to cam-whore with me.  He was hopping around while I was taking shots of me wearing the shoes so yeah… It’s nice to have some cute bunny as an accessory Smile

So, I was editing these photos when I noticed something:

Nike Fly Zoom Quick Sister (2) Nike Fly Zoom Quick Sister (2)

I was like… wait… does that number “5” mean it’s a size 5???

I don’t really know how they put those sizes on the boxes and what not but I was pretty sure I was a size 6!   Actually, 5 and a half to be exact, but I usually get the size 6. That explained why the shoes were a little bit uncomfortable.  I was so FRAZZLED then because I asked the sales clerk a thousand times if they were size 6 because it was a little bit tight on my feet!  I swear I remembered the sales clerk looking at the box to check and looked at me straight and said “yes maam, size 6 po ito” try no nalang ulit ito.

I tried it again, it fit just right like exactly right – no allowance or what not!

So I asked for him to give me a size 7 because I though, if size 6 for Nike is a bit small for me, then I must try the size 7!  And so I did, but guess what – size 7 was too big for me!!! and so, I asked again “Sir, are you sure this is a size 6?” – “Yes maam, size 6 po.  Luluwag pa naman po yan mam.”

I am really sure I was size 6 and when he said it was, I believed him… I mean I did not expect him to lie or what not!  And so, I paid for it ~_~’ yadda yadda yadda…

I was so erratic because it was such an inconvenience!  I had to go back again to the store and have it exchanged!  And you know how much of a pain in the ass it is here in the Philippines to exchange stuff.  But still, I know that wearing the wrong size could harm me so I drove all the way again…

The sales clerk who sold me the shoes wasn’t there.  Instead, other sales guys from Nike were there.  They confirmed – it is a size 5! @_@ I told them what happened and they were so apologetic.  I know it wasn’t their fault so I didn’t give them any attitude.  I was just happy that I could return it – thank GOODness!  Turns out, they didn’t have any stock of size 6 anymore!  I was a bit furious and I said “Bakit naman magsisinungaling yon sa akin?” (Why would he lie about the shoe size?)  I was a bit pissed because I wanted that design so bad but I can’t wear a size 5 nor a 7… and they didn’t refund neither.  I don’t know if you can actually do – well there was a little bit of “fraud” there right?  I was fooled!  Therefore, the contract of sale is supposedly did not happen … but I was at fault to because one condition for the contract to be null is that the other party (me) exercised due diligence to make sure the sale was legit.  I didn’t check for myself what size it was! Sad smile

(sorry about that, the accountant in me is coming out… we studied some law units and contracts are included)

anyway, I had to exchange it with another item.  I didn’t mind.  I just want my shoes. I really liked the design of this one, but I like the design of the new shoes I bought too!  I liked it more because I like the contrast of colors and it had a little bit of platform base (about half an inch) that would make me look taller Smile with tongue out It was more expensive than this one too *haiz* so I had to make extra payment

That will be my next blog post so check it out again Smile

So guys, remember to check the size of the shoes yourselves!  Check both shoes Smile you don’t want the other to be smaller or bigger than the other one, do you?

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Masas – A Taste for Filipino Cuisine at Greenbelt

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Masas – A Taste for Filipino Cuisine at Greenbelt

I clearly haven’t gone around Manila quite enough yet to say that I am an expert blogger in the Metro.  I was born and raised in the City of Smiles Bacolod and just moved here in Manila to develop my career.  With the many restaurants here and there, I missed something special in my life but I am very glad that I now have tasted quite yet another authentic Filipino Cuisine at its best.

It was my first time to dine at Masas and it happened just recently.  Masas is well known for a very traditional Filipino taste that everyone loves.  Traditional in a sense that you can say to your tourist friends that this is “authentic” Filipino Cuisine.  This is how Filipino food should taste like.



Masas has been around for a while and I was very happy to land my tummy into this genuine place.  The staff was very helpful and kind and they served us with their highly recommended dishes.


My particular favorite is the Kare Kare.  They made the Kare Kare in a way that you don’t need to put bagoong (shrimp paste) on it.  The flavor is just so nice and what I like is that there were lots of meat inside to enjoy.


Their best seller is the Crispy Pata which serves 4-5 persons.  The outside part of the meat is very crispy but the inside is very tender.  What I like most about their Crispy Pata is that it is not very oily.


Their steamed pla-pla was surprisingly very good.  I usually don’t like ordering fish on any restaurants here in Manila because I am a bit biased that my province, Bacolod, has the best tasting fishes and seafood in the country.  But, I was wrong, the pla-pla was cooked in a way my mother would cook it (and you know how I love my mother’s cooking!).


This is their Buko Pancit.  The noodle strands are made of buko.  I know it might sound weird but when you taste it, you wouldn’t even think it’s buko.  It tasted like the original pancit we enjoy – but better and healthier!  I really enjoyed this adventurous dish!

buyanihan-com-first-group-buying-philippines-masas-restaurant-greenbelt-05 (1)

They also had the Sinigang with the right kind of “sour” I was looking for and even the meat of the sinigang soup is so tasty that I didn’t need to put any more seasoning.


Masas Filipino Cuisine


Unit 105 Greenbelt 2, Ayala Center, Makati City

Telephone Nos.:
489-0084 / 757-40-30 to 31

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Google Hannah

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Google Hannah

Sometimes, I just randomly check my feedjit stats just to see where the people that land on my blog come from.  I was surprised at what I saw…



Someone was searching for the word “hannah” online and it landed on my site.


Then I checked Google Canada and found out that when you search for “Hannah” my blog comes out on the first page of the SERPS XD



Of course, Hannah Montanta is the #1 in the search result but woot! page 1? can’t complain!  My blog also comes out on Page 1 (#4) if you search for “Hannah” in Google Philippines out of 57 million results! *Faints*


If you search for “Hannah” on Google.com, my blog will come out in Page 2 Smile with tongue out can’t complain… STILL!

When I started blogging, I “Googled” my name… and found that the only result is from the website of Philippine Regulations Commission and Manila Bulletin’s… This was when I passed my CPA board exam Smile with tongue out

I just want to thank you guys for always dropping by my site Smile I love all the mails I’ve gotten from you.  Thanks to friends and family who support me in this cyber world I am in.

Try to Google (or Yahoo or Bing) your name too… or if you don’t want that… Google your crushes not the ex-es! stalker mode!

Say, I haven’t slept yet because I slept too much yesterday… I’m just not sleepy.  I was planning on hypnotizing myself to sleep but then it’s 6am!  DJ Vince G is on air and I will listen to mellow 94.7 Smile

Good morning everyone!

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Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011

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Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011

I have been receiving comments from people asking me about the new Belle De Jour Planner 2011.  Friends want to know what’s inside the new Belle De Jour Power Planner 2011.

I’m telling you straight-on… They keep on making better and better planners!  and HELL YEAH!!! Belle de Jour Planner still rocks!  I love the new and better paper they use, the new design and the new stuff they added to guide all of us busy ladies.  I also noticed that they got more coupons and nice deals too Smile I have used their planner for years and it has helped me getting things aligned.  It even motivates me to keep going and finish what I have started.  Gaah! That’s always my weakness… I start something, and I never finish it.  With the design of the planner (both aesthetically and the layout) it will sure keep you in track of all your doings.

It’s also always enjoyable writing on it and I can’t wait for 2011 to arrive because I want to write on it already!!!

If you want your own Belle De Jour Planner now, you can order online through BDJ website and get 5% off early bird promo ‘till November 30, 2010!

Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 01Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 02

I had mine with the Double Wire Binding, but you can also choose get the Book-style binding Smile

Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 12

This is where you keep track of your daily things.

It has the usual reminders of Holidays and events.  It has time lightly put on the side for those who need to block of certain times for certain meetings and tasks.  And if you’re more of a free-writer, that’s why they kept the font light Smile

Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 17

They have a coupon holder and a separate additional handy notebook for more essential stuff.

Here’s what it looks like inside:

Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 19

It has a project planner – really helpful to keep track of your progress!

Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 20

You have space for notes too!  Bring this if you have a meeting with some important people.  This will impress them more that you jot down notes about the meeting Smile

Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 23Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 24

and what I love – emergency business cards that you can give away!

It always happens to me – forgetting my cards on very important events!


Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 04

The Buy-One-Take-One deals are back!

I love these new additions – the Cash Flow Tracker and the Bills Tracker!  It’s for all you independent women out there Smile

Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 15

Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 14

Of course, they have more stuff in the planner that would keep you organized.

Here are more photos of what’s inside.  Feel Free to browse Smile

Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 16Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 18Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 21Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 22Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 03Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 05Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 06Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 07Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 08Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 09Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 10Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 11Inside the Belle De Jour Planner 2011 13


Thanks Telly for asking about the other Belle de Jour planner.  That reminded me I forgot to post about the other more personalized Planners fit for you.  I ordered the Navi planner last year and it’s like a travel planner/diary.  It layout of the pages looked like the previous Starbucks planner way back in 2005 and 2006.  I am still using it now

Preview of the Navi Planner 2010 (Navi for Navigator).  I haven’t seen the 2011 Navi but I think it would look bit the same :)

There you go, a sneak peek of what I write in my journal 😛

more photos:

There have other planners they offer:

BDJ 2011 Power Planner (Book-Style Binding)

BDJ 2011 Power Planner (Double-Wire Binding)

Campus BDJ

Navi 2011 Power Planner

BDJ Favorites (Birthday List + Gift-giving guide + Address Book)

BDJ Basics (Project Planner + Monthly Calendar + Notes)

BDJ Chronicles (Forget-me-not Pages + Notes Pages)


Dr. Mom (Health Journal For your Child) – although I want to buy this to track my health lol

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Online Shopping for Whooga Ugg Boots

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Online Shopping for Whooga Ugg Boots

Living in a tropical island like the Philippines, everyday fashion style is limited to wearing comfortable and breathable clothing.  We don’t really wear boots on a casual sunny day.  We don’t wear coats a lot because obviously you would look ridiculous wearing trench coats, stylish boots, colorful scarves and cute beret on a sunny weather all year long.

Not unless you are a blogger of course and you cam-whore a lot then you can do all the photo shoots all you want in your own house.  Just don’t go outside looking like a Blair Waldorf in autumn though.

Another excuse to wear cute layers of clothing is if you go out of the country to a much cooler place.  It’s autumn somewhere in the world and autumn fashion is in!!!

I will be going to Hong Kong last week of November and I heard it’s going to be cold around that time.  I am trying to look for cute and comfy boots that I can use.  The last time I was in Hong Kong, I swear my legs hurt because of the constant walking, shopping and sight seeing.  I want my footwear to be really comfortable while I tour around.

I found this beauty online and I am planning to buy this!!!


It’s a pink Tall Sand Whooga Ugg boots

I looked for fashion bloggers owning one and I found Sequin Magazin‘s cute photo.



You can also wear it high up ^_^

I’ve been to Victoria Peak in Hong Kong at night and it’s really cold there even in summer.  I would need these to warm my feet like no other.  Whooga Ugg boots are constructed 100% merino fleece (ThermoFleece)

Win Whooga Ugg boots

Whooga UK is running a giveaway to everyone that signs up to their newsletterAll you have to do is to go to their website here and subscribe to their newsletter! Smile They draw boots for the winners at the end of each month and it’s open to everyone in all countries Smile If you can’t wait to get one on your own and you don’t want to wait for the raffle draw (like me), you can use the coupon code 791FLAIR.

Happy online shopping everyone!

It’s getting cold everywhere <3

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Dear Dad

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Dear Dad

I wish you never smoked.  You never would have had lung cancer and you would still be here with me now. 


I  never would have had weak lungs Sad smile


Since I was a kid, my lungs have always been my problem.  I’m writing this letter now because I can’t sleep at 3am – coughing my dry lungs out Sad smile

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Birthday Dinner at Antonio’s Restaurant Tagaytay

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Birthday Dinner at Antonio’s Restaurant Tagaytay

In my earlier posts, I mentioned that I’m iffy about celebrating my birthday lately because I feel that I am getting old!   I just turned a quarter of a hundred and I am now transitioning into a next stage in my life!  Change is always scary and uncertain but quite refreshing at times.  I have always reminded people not to expect too much on things they can’t control and in life, there are many variables.  Good ones and bad ones that make the equation of life challenging but fun.  Bad things happen from time to time, and I think that as I mature, I start not to worry too much on things I can not change anymore.

There’s this saying:

Losers live in the past. Winners learn from the past and enjoy working in the present toward the future.”

… and of course, to enjoy today as a gift – that’s why they call it “present”

Vince and I celebrated both our birthdays together on the 28th in Tagaytay.  We just wanted things simple this time.  We feel so happy that we got to go to many places together this year, did a lot of adventure together and on our birth anniversaries, we just wanted a nice quiet dinner at probably one of the best place to dine in Tagaytay.  I wasn’t even in the mood to take photos and stuff like that.  But, I’m a true-blooded blogger and during the middle of our meal, I took my camera out and took photos @_@.  I mean, the whole point is to preserve the memory and share it, right?

You need to make reservations when you want to dine here.  We went here on a Thursday night, clearly not a lot of customers unlike the weekends.  I am not sure if they accept walk-ins even if they have available tables, but to be sure, just call them up.

I’ve been in Manila for a while now and I haven’t gone up to dine at Antonio’s yet so it was both Vince and my first time at Antonio’s.  Don’t worry if you don’t understand what they have on the menu, just kindly ask from the server who would gladly assist you on the menu.  Don’t be shy asking for best sellers and their chef’s recommendations.

I wasn’t really paying attention much to what we ordered like I usually do when we dine out.  I thought, I wanted to relax and just have a normal dining experience.  But, the blogger in me just can’t be tamed, and right now, I decided to finally blog about it Smile with tongue out So, forgive me if I forgot some details on this blog post.  I’m sure to visit Antonio’s again next time anyway. Smile

Halloween-2010-Pokeman-Trainer-Ash-Pikachu-Big-Fish-Cream-Party 003

Chateaubriand with salad, soup, bread, main course with siding and dessert

For our meal, we ordered Chateau Briand / Chateaubriand which is good for two.  Chateaubriand is actually a recipe and not a cut of meat.  I am not really sure which part of the meat the steak was but surely it’s either tenderloin or sirloin.  The meat was BIG and was wrapped around with Bacon.  You have the option to have it wrapped with a vegetable instead (I forgot what, maybe asparagus).  The meat was very tender!  Since Vince loves rice, he ordered that as his siding.  I love potatoes however so I ordered Gnocchi Potato as my siding and this is by far the best prepared potato siding I have ever tasted! It included a really nice vegetable salad, soup, bread, main course (steak) and dessert.  We ordered a really nice Pomelo / Pineapple juice half karaf.  The whole meal cost us a little around 2,000 each Smile You might say expensive, but for fine dining it’s really not bad.  You really get your money’s worth with the nice ambiance, the service and the great food!

The server told us that Chateaubriand was only available on October and it is the chef’s recommendation too!  Too bad October’s over Sad smile not sure when they will put it back on the menu.  Oh well, you can still try their Angus beef which is so good and their Antonio’s Trio sampler if you want to try three different cuts at once.

Antonio’s Restaurant Tagaytay

Purok 138, Brgy. Neogan, Tagaytay, Cavite, PH

Telephone: +63.46.4130975, +63.918.8992866

Fine Dining

Budget per person: P2,000++

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